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Head lice down under using listerine

Submitted by Jude

I am 39 and have just discovered I have lice! I have treated my daughter's hair too - she was riddled with the little sods - about 12 adult lice and hundreds and hundreds of nits. I first smothered her hair in conditioner and left it for several hours. Then i rinsed it in listerine and left it for an hour. After than i rinses it in white vinegar and let it soak for a couple of hours. Then I rinsed it and combed with a metal brush for 3 hours. Then I put more conditioner and listerine on and rinsed it off and dried it before bed.

Tomorrow I will nit pick again and comb because it is so easy to miss them. While I was combing, some hatched! It is a big problem in school going kids in Aus. I hate them so much and can't believe nobody has invented a product that gets rid of lice and nits without all the fuss. I will dye my hair tomorrow and nit pick. I have done a similar but not as lengthy treatment on my hair.

Good night from Australia and good luck to all. One day lice and nits will burn in hell!!

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