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Stuck ring on finger Window cleaner

Submitted by Eunice Cira

I keep a small plastic bottle of window cleaner in my purse. Whe a ring gets stuck, I spray the cleaner & it removes the ring every time. This tip was given to me by a jeweler because window cleaner doesn't "gunk" up diamonds etc.

Visitors comments

Brilliant Comments By: Graham Olive on 2004-08-18
The ring had been on my finger for 27 years. I had lost the stone and had given up hope of tying to remove it without cutting. This worked within 2 minutes. Thank you
window cleaner Comments By: lwn on 2004-09-07
Pregnant with swollen fingers and with a wedding band that would not budge, I used the glass cleaner and it works! I had tried other things for days and this is the only one that worked.
Fantastic - really works! Comments By: Henna on 2006-11-01
This worked immediately!! I was starting to panic as my finger kept swelling... and nothing else had worked. Thank you!
Where do I buy Windex Comments By: Margaret Murphy on 2009-09-01
Have read all your handy hints and would like to try this product

TipKing says: It is a US brandname for window cleaner

ring stuck fast Comments By: Lesley on 2010-02-18
a combination worked for me hand above head lots of window cleaner and wrapping string above ring on the third attempt success thanks so much.

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