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Exfoliate your hands. Tip to exfoliate your hands

Submitted by Anne

To get the best results from your hand creams, the hands need to be exfoliated, so that the creams you apply really sink into the skin.

To exfoliate the hands, put about one tablespoon of white petroleum jelly and two teaspoons of sugar into the palm of the hand. Mix well, making sure you rub the backs of the hands and wrist. Do this for about one minute, then wash the hands well. They will now feel like velvet. Do this about every week to ten days.

Then use a good hand cream and you will find it absorbs much better because you have got rid of all the dead skin cells.

Visitors comments

Great tip-Thanks!!!! Comments By: Dottie on 2004-12-22
Well, I was a little leary of exfoliating my hands, as here in CO the weather is sooo dry! My hands were cracked and hurt a lot because of wearing latex gloves almost constantly at work and the dry cold wind here. Ouch! I tried this tip and my hands feel sooo nice! Tho I need to add here, have the soap ready,right next to you as when you go to wash it off, the petroleum jelly stays! My hands feel great & I will continue this for several weeks. Thanks again!
good Comments By: aljeanne on 2010-08-14
thxxxxxxx...u make my hand so beautiful

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