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Weak nails Stronger nails with Vaseline

Submitted by ness

Recently my nails have been cracking and breaking very easily. I started rubbing moitsuriser onto my nails and rubbing in well, and then covering with petroleum jelly (vaseline), I started this only 2 days ago and my nails are already twice as strong with hardly any cracks at all!

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I doubt Comments By: pat on 2004-08-07
I've tried it once but there was no effect.
This tip does not work Comments By: anon on 2004-11-25
I have tried this repeatedly, for long periods of time - and have seen no result!
ah ha ha ha . . . . .h aha hahahahah Comments By: Anon on 2005-02-26
It's always vaselinge and Baking soda for everything!!!
It works! Comments By: Lydia King on 2008-10-12
It actually works, I tried this 2 days ago (before I found this today) and it does actually work, I first heard this from my cousin (who hardly actually tells the truth), but it does work, I filled the side of my nail the other day 'cause it was peeling and it was a bit thin so I put some vaseline on it, and it actually helped!

So today I looked it up to see if it was true or not, and results show that a lot of people suggest it!

Actually...it DOES work... Comments By: SCT on 2009-10-26
If you use vaseline on your nails, twice a day for a week, you will notice a marked difference in the strength and appearance of your nails. The reality is vaseline just provides a level of moisture that most of us do not regularly give to our nails...
It absolutely works - rubbing it in twice/day! Comments By: Connie on 2010-10-24
I am 53 years old and my nails have always been dry, brittle and break over and over. I tired expensive formulas ans polish for periods of time and nothing worked. My cuticle were jagged last month and hurt. I trimmed them and appplied vaseline at morning and night. I left a blob of it under the length of my nails while I slept. In two weeks my nails are long, strong and they look healthy and awesome. Who new after all this years I wasted money on expensive polish that this inexpensive thing would work. Connie in Central Canada.

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