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Ink on Polished Fingernails? Remove ink from painted nails

Having spent great effort applying nail polish to your nails you will want to keep them looking their best. Have you been working the next day only to get ink on your beautifully polished nails?

Well before you dash for the nail polish remover and laboriously re-paint your nails have a try at the following. Dab some toothpaste the white variety (Not Gel) on a paper towel and work it into the nail. If you rub for a couple of minutes you will find that the ink just disappears.

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SO GLAD THIS WORKED Comments By: Christina Red Nails on 2011-06-17
Perfectly manicured red nails don't look good when one nail has black ink on it - darn pen! I found this tip and it worked! The nail was a little dull but the shine returned when I washed my hands. Thanks!

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