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Hangnail prevention and cure Stop picking

Picking at your cuticles can cause hangnail. Picking at your cuticles is a habit, just the same as nail biting and should be avoided.

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This is common sense, not a tip! Comments By: Anon on 2004-08-19
I didn't need a website to tell me this should be avoided!
Smarty Pants Comments By: Derek on 2005-10-30
Give the less-smart a chance! Some folks don't know and now they do!
Valid points Comments By: Slim on 2006-09-03
Valid point Anon, but I agree with Derek. Some folks overlook the painfully obvious,and need a reminder and/or enlightenment.
so what else Comments By: christina on 2006-11-29
I didn't want to look up this to know how to avoid the picking, i wanted a cure.

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