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I once saw a brilliant tip for removing a ring. Take a length of string and wrap it tight around your knuckle about 20 turns. Now thread the end of the string through the ring and slowly pull the string. It will ease the ring off your finger as the string unwinds.

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Works Great Comments By: Erin Rose on 2004-07-15
I had a broken wrist and begged him not to cut off my ring. So he said he could try one thing and Thread the Thread worked. Only he used dental floss.
My ring screwed off like a regular screw.

pain Comments By: anon on 2004-07-16
My ring is stuck, and just after myu knuckle it's swollen very bad and the thread hurts

TipKing says:- Perhaps you should wait a little while for the swelling to go down. Placing ice around the knuckle will reduce swelling. Have a read through the other tips as one of them may be better for you. Better still seek medical advice if it really, really is stuck.

it works Comments By: jeff on 2004-08-14
I can't believe it, but this actually works. It was painful but the ring came off.
This really works! Comments By: anon on 2004-08-27
I used dental floss to wrap around my knuckle. Then I twisted the ring while working it forward. The floss compresses the knuckle and the skin to make the finger more slim.

The ring then has something to grip onto like threads of a screw. It hurt a little bit, but the good news is, I don't have to have my ring sawed off.

Lubricate too Comments By: MikeH on 2004-09-11
Worked, but the string slipped when it got to my knuckle, and I had to pull the ring really hard to get it off. If I had put lotion, soap, etc. on my finger, it would have been a breeze. Used Dental Floss - the flat kind.
The ring is off! Comments By: Mom-to-Be on 2004-11-03
I don't know if "ease" is the right word for how the thread will remove the ring...mine hurt so bad I cried. But my rings are OFF and that's all that matters -- at 9 months pregnant I am way too emotional to have had my wedding ring cut off! :)
This soooooo works Comments By: Anon on 2006-08-19
I borrowed my sisters ring and it got stuck on my finger. This tip works better if you put lotion on though
Next time I'll try string FIRST! Comments By: Anon on 2006-12-26
My seven year old daughter got her pinky ring stuck on her middle finger. By the time she came to me for help (after midnight!), her finger was swollen around the ring. I thought nothing would work in this case. First tried vegetable oil, but the ring was too tight to twist at all. Next tried the saran wrap tip, but couldn't get it to stay tight enough because of all the vegetable oil. Then tried this tip. Didn't have dental floss, but found some stretchy elastic string from my daughter's candy necklace. Wrapped the finger right in front of the ring in tight, close loops without overlapping. Amazing! The ring was able to twist over the string (yes, like a screw as somebody mentioned before). I didn't pull on the string, but I did repeat the wrapping as the ring moved up the finger (which was still very fat). Don't believe any method is painless (my daughter was whimpering loudly), but at least this was relatively quick.
I can't believe this works, but it does. Comments By: Anon on 2007-08-27
I used this last night to remove my engagement ring, which no longer fits comfortably after my pregnancy (until I lose the baby weight, hopefully), and which I stupidly stuck on my finger thinking that I could wear it again. I have oddly shaped ring fingers, which are fat just under the knuckle, but are skinny at the bottom, making it hard to remove a ring if it's stuck there. I tried this method, using dental floss and also hand lotion as lubrication, and the ring came off pretty quickly, but not without pain. The top of my finger lost circulation and turned purple for a bit, but only until the ring came off.
nothing worked!! Comments By: Tina on 2008-04-27
I tried everything... I mean EVERYTHING, all that happened was that my finger got more and more swollen...finally I went to the fire station and it took 4 fighters to get the ring off my finger. Obviously they had to cut the ring open. Thank god it wasn't one of my valuable rings.
tip: if u have tried a few things and see that it didn't work ..don't go through the pain just go to the fire station and it will be out in less then 2 mins.

Thanks - it worked! Comments By: Anon on 2008-12-17
My left ring finger has a swollen knuckle, and though my ring wasn't tight on the finger itself, I couldn't get it over the knuckle. Tried detergent and oil, but it wouldn't budge. Then I sprayed glass cleaner (not Windex but similar) on the ring and finger and started twisting it steadily. After a moment of some pain, it came off over the knuckle. I'm impressed!
it works!!!!! Comments By: anon on 2009-07-19
i managed to get a pointy spikey flower shaped ring on my finger, this is a fantastic way of getting it off. hurts for a moment but much less than if you were just to pull it

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