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Floor polish. Make your own Self-buffing floor polish

Use this polish on resilient floor coverings as it dries to a shine without polishing and isn't as slippery as a waxed floor.

To make around 2 pints/1.15 liters

  • 1 pint 12 floz/910ml denatured alcohol
  • 4 tablespoons gum arabic
  • 2 floz/60ml turpentine or white spirit
  • 16 tablespoons orange shellac

Place all the ingredients in a bucket and stir until the gum arabic dissolves. To use, wash the floor and then apply the polish with a cloth, sponge or mop. Leave it to dry for 1 hour before walking on it. After 2-3 applications, strip the old layers off with hot water and detergent and start afresh. Store the polish in a tightly covered jar.

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