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Bugs and pests Wasps

Submitted by Franzipan

Keep them at bay with a clove of garlic. Slit the clove and hang it form your open window or in a room. You won't smell it but they will.

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wasp free summer Comments By: relieved mother on 2005-05-03
Thanks for this tip. I spent most of last summer chasing wasps around the house. This year my son may be able to play safely without his mum running around like a total fool.
wasps around hummingbird feeders Comments By: bird watcher on 2007-09-13
I like your idea about the garlic & wasps! Would hummingbirds or other animals be offended by the smell of the garlic?
Garlic wasps Comments By: Oldheart on 2011-08-20
Surely this would only work for vampire wasps! Seriously though, I think we're in for a waspy autumn. Find their nests by duting wasps with flour - use a tea-strainer isf you still have one) and watching where they go.

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