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Bugs and pests Getting rid of fleas in your house

Submitted by Caleb Jones

Sometimes the store bought fumigators only kill the hatched fleas but not the un-hatched eggs. If fumigating doesn't work try buying the all-purpose cleaning powder "Borax". Spread it over the carpet and furniture generously. Pound it into the carpet, corners and any other place with a broom for better penetration.

A facemask may be necessary to prevent inhaling the powder. Let it sit for a few hours. Then vacuum up.

The powder absorbs the flea's natural oils as the move around in it thus dehydrating them to death. It also dries up the eggs.

Visitors comments

Doesnt work Comments By: anon on 2005-07-26
My mother and I tried this tip and it doesnt work. We both did it to our houses for 2 weeks and nothing happened. We covered our carpets and our furniture and the fleas still were there. I suggest no one try this, you will be disappointed and have spent the money to buy something that has no other use.
borax and fleas Comments By: bcarrott on 2010-07-27
used this for a full 3 weeks vacuuming every day,then sprinkling liberally with borax after,no effect whatsoever,save your money!!!

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