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Bugs and pests Keep cats off your garden

Submitted by Doug Hastings

I have tried every tip in the book to get rid of cats using parts of my garden for the toilet the only and best way is to put chicken wire about 4" of the ground tied to stakes to keep it of ground trust me it is cheap and it works stop wasting your money on sprays and powders

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nope Comments By: liana on 2005-09-05
My garden has always been enclosed in a chicken wire fence, and my neighbors cats still get in. If a cat wants in, he will get in, whether he claws under or jumps over. This is not a good tip.

Am I correct... Comments By: Janet in FL on 2009-01-15
I read this to mean to cover the bed with the chicken wire with it raised off the ground. The veggies, etc could grow through it right? My daughter and I were talking abou this earlier and that's what
we came up with to try. Then I got on line to look up some methods and here we are. Another way may be to put a sand pile on the other side of yard for them
to use. I'm going to try both.

Keep Cats off your garden Comments By: Geoff on 2009-06-01
Ive bought some rubber snakes from a party/joke shop about a pound each seems to be working

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