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Bugs and pests Keep your carpets flea free

Submitted by Irene

Keep your carpets flea free by sprinkling plain borax around the carpet and working in with a broom. Kills live fleas and eggs by dehydration. Totally safe for pets and children. Lasts for the whole season.

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Borax is Poison Comments By: Raine on 2006-12-07
Borax is poison, so it would be dangerous to allow children and pets to walk on or touch anything that has borax on it. They could ingest it and it doesn't take much. 5 Grm is enough to kill your child. Kids touch things, walk barefooted, put their fingers in their mouths, babies crawl, pets lay on the floor and of course cats lick/groom themselves.Food Standards Australia and New Zealand 11th October 2006: Symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and death. If children swallow 5-10g of borax it can cause shock and death. I wouldn't use it unless you sprinkled it where you needed to then left the house for a few hours THEN vaccum it up BEFORE letting kids or pets in. Only mho of course.

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