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Bugs and pests Keep snakes out of your yard

Submitted by nancy

If you are troubled with snakes in your garden or yard try this tip.

Throw moth balls around your garden or yard and even under your house, snakes will not cross them.

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Good tip Comments By: Lynn Byfield on 2005-06-09
Since I started doing that I hadn't seen a snake in my yard.
snakes Comments By: anon on 2005-10-05
I tried the sulfer AND mothballs, it ran the snakes into my house... all our neighbors are finding them in their homes as well. I can't sleep at night thinking about them getting into bed with my kids. We have the entire house reeking of mothballs, but still we find the skins in the attic, behind our washer. I was told not to worry, they are only garter snakes and won't hurt anyone, We have seen a huge black snake crawl into our attic, over 6 feet long, and another one that was a silvery greenish white that was HUGE crawl into a place between our floor and wall. The sulpher and mothballs help if u put them into your house first, then in the yard, but once they're in the house, the only thing I can think of is to hunt them up and kill them
Snakes Comments By: Donna C. on 2005-07-22
If snakes are within a wood pile or something and you throw in moth balls the snakes will stay in that area. Also, some types of snakes will cross the mothballs. Its best to sprinkle sulfer all around the areas that you don't want a snake.
Mothballs do work! Comments By: Aymee on 2006-09-04
I have a strong phobia of snakes and living in the south ... we have plenty of them ... and poisonous too. I have steadely used mothballs to repel snakes and this has been a lot more effective and less expensive than the commercial "snake-away" product ... also gardening lyme works well to create a circumference and keep snakes out ... it's of utmost importance to make sure there are no snakes already inside the area to be treated because they will stay inside.

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