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Bugs and pests Keeping ants away

Submitted by Cheryl

To keep ants away and out of your home, it helps to keep the children from eating in the living room, in their bedrooms - or anywhere away from the kitchen.

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Horrible advice Comments By: Liana on 2005-09-05
this is dumb. you cant stop kids from sneaking snacks in the bedrooms. plus if you have ants, you have ants. where you eat is not a factor. ???? submit better tips please.

Fair Comments By: Raine on 2006-12-07
While it is ideal NOT to have children or adults eat anywhere but in the kitchen/dining room, they will eat in other parts of the house and ants will enter your home no matter where you eat. I tried peppermint oil and it seemed to work - dabbing little dots of it where you can see them coming in - and if you don't have the oil, fresh mint leaves, steeped in boiling water till you see the water turn green, let cool, strain it then put in a spray bottle and spray where you see ants. I actually used peppermint toothpaste once as I didn't have any oil left. (a big glob of the paste in hot water and disolved then sprayed)
Nonsense Comments By: Steve Gibbin on 2007-07-07
I've never heard such rubbish. I don't have kids and my house is clean, yet I have ants and was looking for some sensible advice

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