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Bugs and pests How to kill poison tolerate cockroachs

Submitted by LadyWildChild

Put rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. When you see roachs shoot them with alcohol, they die immediately. The alcohol evaporates quickly and is safe to use in cooking area.

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roachs tonic Comments By: EEEKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on 2004-12-14
Yeah if dump the bottle on them! I've tryed it and the babies barely die when only misted. I squirted a half sized bug an he stopped tempoarily an ran off till I doused him with about 10 shots an then I think I drowned him.
EEWwwwwww! Comments By: Michelle on 2005-09-13
I tried this tip......The lil bugger turned and grinned at me then waved bye..Needless to say it Didnt work!
Kaiser's cure!!!!! Comments By: Horst Kaiser on 2005-11-01
We live in Germany and let me tell you, I spray good ol' MR.CLEAN. Yup,give them a blast and they wont last. Works on most bugs that I find in our home.YAA- HOOOO. Also cleans, go figure!!
what kind of alcahol? Comments By: paul c. on 2005-12-09
i tried the rubbing alachol, the 98% kind. Hate to tell you this but it worked as good as water. So i tried something much more drastic ... acid. Metal pie tin with a metal block in the middle ... bait it ... set it in a safe place with about a sixthteenth of an inch of acid in the pan ... works great.

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