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Bugs and pests Squirrels digging in garden pots

Submitted by Kibber

To keep the squirrels or rabbits from digging up your garden you can buy dried fox urine and sprinkle it in the garden, but it's 3.50 for a small envelope. Instead I had my husband urinate in a jar and sprinkled it in my garden. Vola, no more digging. Ask any hunter and he/she will tell you that you never urinate in the woods or the deer won't come near the smell of human urine. Male urine works better because of the hormones, male cats are attracted to hormones in femle urine.

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ummm.... Comments By: Pandemonium on 2005-07-02
wouldn't used cat litter be a bit more socially acceptable?

TipKing says: Great idea!


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