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Pressure point to Get rid of hiccups!

Submitted by Sandy

I found this in a reflexogy book. There's a pressure point in the crevis between your nose and upper lip. Press here with your finger for about 30 sec. It works evertime. Any time I tell anyone to do this they laugh, but are totally amazed when it works.

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This doesn't work!! Comments By: Anon on 2004-08-25
We tried it so many times at so many differnet angles, it never worked.
TRIED AND IT WORKED! Comments By: John on 2004-08-31
I've had the hiccups for almost three days (and still going) and I could get it to stop for 15-20 minutes about 1 out of 20 attempts of other methods. This method works everytime the first time, though it would only last 15-20 minutes like all other methods, but at least it is more successful.
This works Comments By: Rick on 2004-09-02
Had the hiccups for over an hour....very annoying and frustrating! Tried this method and it worked the first time! Sweet!!
woo! Comments By: Lindsey on 2004-09-16
Wow, I had some really annoying hiccups and just pressed and now they are gone! I can sleep now!
It definitely works...thanks! Comments By: Jenny Craig on 2004-09-28
I was just experiencing severe hiccups, and I decided to go online to see how to get rid of them. I then stumbled upon this site and tried the pressure point exercise out of curiousity, and it worked. They are now gone! Thanks!!!
yay Comments By: jaw on 2004-10-12
worked great for me :-)
The Pressure Point Relieved my Hiccups!!! Comments By: Brandie on 2004-10-18
I was sitting at work and had the worst hiccups ever. I decided to go online and look up how to get rid of them. I came upon this and decided to try it and it has worked so far. Thanks.
Awesome Comments By: mikey on 2004-10-19
worked for me
Ha Ha Ha Comments By: sssss on 2004-10-25
your right I started to giggle when I tried it but it worked
WHEW Comments By: JIM on 2004-11-02
WOW Comments By: Bible Babe on 2004-11-03
Thanks! My upper lip hurts a little but it beats having the hiccups!
It works! Comments By: SDahl on 2004-11-03
I usually use a ts. of sugar, but am at work. I work in a library that is usually pretty quiet so I was embarrassed to be so loud. Tried your method, and it worked right away. Wait until I tell my little boy. He'll love it!
too funny Comments By: SAMANTHA on 2004-11-29
My son asked me look up how to get rid of hiccups. I found this tip. We tried it a few minutes ago. AND IT WORKED. TOO FUNNY.

no way Comments By: Domenic on 2004-12-17
it just wont stop! please make it stop!!!
thx! Comments By: me on 2004-12-23
i was having a hiccups and it was bothering me soo bad. so i went on google and read your thing and tried it and it worked! then i ran upstairs and told my sister. thx now i dont have to hiccup
greatest healer ive ever seen. Comments By: patrick jay on 2004-12-25
it worked immediatly I was amazed and relieved. I cant wait for one of my friendss to get the hiccups,I might make some money.
give it a try Comments By: steve on 2005-01-08
it actually works.. my fiance did it to me and they stopped instantiously. try it for yourself
NO WAY! Comments By: Kristen on 2005-01-19
Didn't help me one bit!
THEY ARE GONE!!! Comments By: Robyn on 2005-01-22
I was desperate and it worked like a charm! I'm a teacher and look forward to using this with my students.
worked! Comments By: kaz on 2005-01-23
i have had painful hiccups for the last hour. worked first time...ta very much!

this is amazing Comments By: btsoom42 on 2005-02-09
had hic ups for 2 days. worked first try.
Pressure points work a treat!! Comments By: Benedick on 2005-03-08
I found your site thru google I've had hiccups for more than 1 hour. This tip worked a treat. What a relief!! I can go to sleep now.

WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!!!!!! Comments By: Ashley Glover on 2005-03-25
I had hiccups so I looked for "treatment" and this one worked! Thanks for the tip!
Cured Comments By: Eric is Cured..... on 2005-03-25
My husband tried this and it worked... He cussed for 45 minutes. Went on this sight tried it and it worked instantly. He even tried Ts. sugar, water and breath holding. Its a miracle.....
Holy Moly Comments By: JV on 2005-04-03
It worked. I had the hiccups for 3 days and bingo this worked. Thank you!!!
dudeski Comments By: joe on 2005-04-19
I had the Hiccups for 2day now and this worked right away... guess I shouldn't have drunk so much rum.
Worked for me!! Comments By: JILL on 2005-04-23
I was pressing in the wrong spot at first. I was beginning to think that it was just a hoax, but when I moved my finger down lower, it was only seconds before they were gone completely!!
Holy Hiccups Batman!! Comments By: Kendayho on 2005-04-28
This is amazing! I thought it was BS, but it worked right away!!
sux Comments By: skye on 2005-05-15
this totally sux i have had the hiccups all day and they wont go away this didnt help!!!!!!!!!11
You're dreamin...... Comments By: Antia Dickick on 2005-05-19
I done that and it didn't work....let me see pickles used to work, eat about 2 or three pickles but after I ate something else they came back, been about 4 hrs now, tried holding my breathe but, it felt like the back of my head was gonna explode, I'm gonna go try some water and see if it approves. Haven't had hiccups like this in a long time.
i have a better one Comments By: Darren on 2005-06-07
my tip is this. fill a med glass with cold water put a straw in it. Then plug your ears with your thumbs and your nose with your pinkys and drink through the staw the whole glass. Works every time for me.
AWESOME!!! Comments By: Kelsey on 2005-07-21
This solution is a miracle. I didn't actually read the whole thing the first time, but I pressed on the pressure point for about 5 sec. and WALA! hiccups gone! Thanks so much!
worked..... with one little other step Comments By: Jeremy on 2005-08-08
it worked... but first i had 2 do it in the back (hurts!)
MIRACLE Comments By: anon on 2005-08-11
It worked great on me. Thank you so much.
Great Comments By: Tamika on 2005-09-28
I can't believe it worked! I just knew it wouldn't, but it did Thanks!
Dian't work Comments By: Diana on 2005-10-31
It didn't work for me.
Worked Comments By: William on 2005-11-14
Wow , actually worked , im amazed.
this is amazing Comments By: jeremy on 2005-11-28
ive had them for about 5 hours now and i tried this and they went away. this is seriously kind of scary.
Sup!!! Comments By: kirkk on 2005-12-07
Didn;t work but nice try i'm not sure if i found the right spot
oh my goodness!!!!!!! Comments By: Emily on 2005-12-25
I have had hiicups all day today as a result of eating an apple to fast, tried everything possible without success, then i came across this website and idea HEY PRESTO!!! It REALLY WORKS!!! Totally Amazing!! Cheers..
THANK YOU!!!! Comments By: CURED on 2006-01-12



Awesome cure!!!!!! Comments By: Ty on 2006-02-02
I hate the hiccups. I had them all day at school today. My teacher told me to go get a drink of water. I still had them when I went home. Mom got on the net and found this cure. It is awesome. I will tell my teacher.
Boo Comments By: Mandy on 2006-02-11
Why am I still hiccuping?
DID NOT WORK :( Comments By: SARAH on 2006-04-01
still feeling it Comments By: Bonnny on 2006-04-05
it works but i can still sorta feel it
bad Comments By: hannah on 2006-06-22
this didnt work at all i tried everything and it didnt work so i guess i will have the hiccups for ever that sucks
Cool Comments By: joshua hensley on 2006-07-11
Well, holding breath has a 25% chance... drinking water has never done anything for me. Effectively, I punched my father in the stomach one time at the dinner table because I was getting annoyed by his hiccups. That worked...
Just tried to use this method on my wife and it worked! Wow... honestly though, I think it is the concentration that helps.. u focusing. Not the pressure point itself... that is just my theory!

very good Comments By: Chris on 2006-08-06
GENIUS!!!!! worked straight away!!!
Thanks!!! Comments By: Jessica on 2006-08-16
help please had hiccups for years, miserable life Comments By: Sue Pearse on 2006-08-16
A Member of my group has had hiccups for over 20 years, has tried many, many things, drugs, tests the lot. He STILL has them and it's making his life a total misery, we need URGENT HELP PLEASE?

TipKing says: There are over 60 suggestions for getting rid of hiccups on the TipKing site. However there is no saying that they will work

worked like a charm Comments By: anon on 2006-08-17
was sleeping had the hiccups, then woke up drank water 3 times still had the hiccups, then tried the pressure point and it worked , thank you so much
It worked ! Comments By: Marsha on 2006-08-19
I got the hiccups and they started to hurt! I went online to find a cure, tried this method for about 1min. and it really worked. The area is called the Philtrum, I used my thumb for greater coverage and pressed hard.
your great Comments By: j. crane on 2006-08-20
im on a night shift and could not get rid of hiccups so i tried it and it worked straight away! amazing!
It really works! Comments By: Connie on 2006-08-28
I had the hiccups and they were getting very annoying, I tried this and it worked !
Beats All Others Comments By: jacob on 2006-08-30
I have Tried Every remedy i could find. The pressure point was the only one that worked. Tnks for the great tip.
Pressure points FTW! Comments By: Rod Rocks on 2006-09-13
Oh yeah!

Pressure points for the win! This really works. Thanks alot!

didn't work!!! Comments By: Anon on 2006-10-17
I was hopeful, but unfortunately this didn't work for me. I am still stuck with hiccups. ANNOYING.
It worked!!!!!! Comments By: Heather on 2006-10-25
Hurray! It really worked. thank you! ^_^
THEY W0NT G0 AWAy! Comments By: LEASE on 2006-11-02
S0rry i tried 5 times. it didnt work!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
worked for now Comments By: Tina on 2006-11-03
worked for me for now. i constantly get hiccups when um.. a certain thing happens so hopefully that isn't what is causing my hiccups but the pressure point did work for now thanks
YEAAA BOOYYY!!!! Comments By: YEAAA BOOYYY!!!! on 2006-12-06
worked the first time....but u have to push hard and up towards ur nose...kinda hurts but thats how u know its working
too wierd Comments By: Kelly on 2006-12-14
worked immediatly, i looked up on the internet on how to get rid of them and this was the first site i pulled up....tried it and now they are gone...awsome!!!
BULL Comments By: BMcL on 2007-01-07
It does not work I tried it for about 5 mins and never did it work
No Way Comments By: clay on 2007-01-28
I tried it like over fifty times it isnt working !!!!!!!!! WHAT CAN I DO !!!!! so ANoying
Can't Believe It! Comments By: Lisa on 2007-03-22
I was about to go crazy with the hiccups and couldn't sleep and then I tried this and they stopped immediately.
HOLY COW IT WORKS!!!! Comments By: Danny on 2007-04-23
I can't even explain it but it worked. Thanks
hiccups Comments By: jd on 2007-05-10
i tryed the presure point just abuve the lip and i have to say it worked right away thank you 4 all the help, i hatte them and u helped me to love them now....smile
Holy #^4" it friggin' works!!! Comments By: Gina on 2007-06-15
I'm sitting here scared that they are going to come back, but so far so good. I was trying everything I could think of and my friend suggested to look on line & whallah...they are miracuously gone! I am absolutely shocked!!!
Im Frustrated Comments By: Natalie on 2007-06-29
I am so upset because for some reason I can't get rid of these stupid, retarted, idiotic, hiccups!!
WAHOO Comments By: Rozamon on 2007-07-13
First time it didn't work and I wasn't impressed but I must just not have had the right place coz I tried it again and it worked!! COOL AS xx
Holy WOW!!! Comments By: jarad on 2007-07-20
Ive had the hiccups for 25 hours now. minus the time i was sleeping. But this really did work. I held my finger there and i hiccuped 1 time while it was there and then presto they were gone. i felt like i was going to do hiccup when i was done but none came out... Thank you to whoever found this ot..
Finally, Relief! Comments By: Steven on 2007-08-08
I was 30 minites from finally just going to the emergency room as the opening in my mouth was so small and the the hiccups were getting worse and worse as time went on, but this worked! Thanks!!!!!!!
Worked after 60 seconds Comments By: Andrew on 2007-09-10
It didn't work at first, but then I kept pushing, and they've been gone for 3 mintues now. If they come back though, I'll write it
wowwww Comments By: amber on 2007-09-15
it worked really well, i dont know if that was the right spot but it sure works
WHOA Comments By: Hiccup McGee on 2007-09-24
When I get the hiccups i get them really bad, for hours and the really hard ones where it hurts after awhile and i looked up how to get rid of hiccups and found this! all i can say is WHOA that did the trick... now im waiting to see how long it will last... Thanks for the Tip!
it works Comments By: Angalinea on 2007-09-25
it is cool it relly works i love it


My baby thanks you! Comments By: Kayte on 2007-09-28
My poor daughter(almost 6 weeks old now) gets hiccups all the time and nothing helps...I just tried this and although she hated me doing it they stopped a minute after!
it works Comments By: Deven on 2007-10-09
my g/f has really bad bouts of hiccups ..usualy lasts ALL day off and on
she tried this and it works right off th bat

this is for real!! Comments By: lucy c on 2007-10-10
I had my doubts, but this got rid of my hiccups instantly. Thank you so much!!
This Actually Works Comments By: Mark on 2007-10-15
That is brilliant, it didn't work at first as i thought i was in the wrong place to i put my whole finger pushed down from the bottom of my nose to the top of my lip with a good force of pressure and counted to 30 in my head, it actually worked. i felt as if i needed to hiccup again but i didn't.
SCARY Comments By: HICCUPLESS on 2007-10-17
nope Comments By: ginger on 2007-10-21
Wish it worked, but no. Help!
Hiccups no more Comments By: Michael on 2007-10-25
I tried and it worked. I was really surprised. Thank you so much for the advice.
wowzer Comments By: amanda on 2007-10-29
I cant believe it. I haven't had the hiccups in years and then all of a sudden it starts. I looked up remedies on the internet and this one worked. I counted for 30 second and they are gone. un be lievable!!!!!!
it worked Comments By: emily on 2007-11-02
wow, no more hiccups, after i tried sugar, water, bread, breathing techniques


I cant belive it Comments By: baller g on 2007-11-09
i held my breath and tried this technique for 30 sec. this actually worked
hicup removal Comments By: James in Kelowna on 2007-11-14
After trying two or three other techniques, this website was stumbled on.Well, it worked! Thanks for the tip!
ace Comments By: anon on 2007-11-14
this works like a treat!!!!!!
yay! Comments By: Anon on 2007-11-16
I'm shocked. It totally worked! Thanks.
FN SWEET Comments By: THA WillumZ on 2007-11-17
i thought this pressure point was like everything else i had tried....water, swallowing, sugar, holding breath, being scared, putting a finger in my BUTT (J/J LOL) but i figured id give it a go and sure enough 10 seconds into pressing on the right spot and S.O.B. it worked. THANK YOUUUUU UNBELIEVABLY MUCH....HICCUPS FREAKIN SUCCCKKKKKK!!!!
didnt work really well Comments By: Mike on 2007-11-17
scroll down to darrens idea worked like a champ...and this..well it worked for about a minute otherwise it didnt work at all for me
Shocking! Comments By: Bee on 2007-11-25
I've had rather painful hiccups for a couple of days now, and my normal cure of hanging upside down over the arm of the couch was only working for a few minutes. I tried this and they went away. Definitely remembering THIS tip.
So stupid - But it Works Comments By: Precious Lilly White on 2007-11-25
yup. sittin in the library, and they were buggin me
did it.
looked stupid.
and it worked!

woah! Comments By: jenn on 2007-11-26
i had to try it a few different times but in the end it worked, you just have to be really relaxed! amazing!
WOW! Comments By: Nadine on 2007-11-26
I'm shocked! I had just gotten the hicccups at work. I just drank 5 glasses of water, and nothing happened. I tried tons of other tricks too. I went on line, found your tip... Presto! -thanks
Yes!! IT WORKS!! Comments By: TINA on 2007-11-29
Amazing Comments By: brittney on 2007-11-30
This really worked for my co-worker, he had the hicups for about 25 min after finding this a had him push on the pressure point and within seconds they were gone!!
Impressive Comments By: Larry David on 2007-12-02
Pretty good, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good!
aint pressure points ment to hurt Comments By: jjjj on 2007-12-05
i always thought pressur epoints were ment to hurt but this didnt but i got rid of them
NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT Comments By: relieved on 2007-12-05
WORKS GREAT!!! No other cure like it. Everyone should give this one a try. Had hicups over an hour and tried many on this page. This one worked first time in under 30 seconds.. Amazing and thank you for sharing...
WORKS GREAT !!! Comments By: Char on 2007-12-06
I had hiccups for about an hour tried everything else and this worked just as u said
THANKS !!!!!!

nope Comments By: anon on 2007-12-06
didn't work for me.
OH MY GOODNESS IT WORKED Comments By: devin on 2007-12-08
i had the hiccups for a very long time. from like 12 in the afternoon to 1 at night and i serached to see what gets rid of hiccups and this brilliant idea worked. THANK YOU, TO WHOEVER CAME UP WITH THIS AWSOME IDEA.
right away Comments By: Anon on 2007-12-10
I cannot believe it worked.. I was like..yeah whatever..what do I loose anyway..tried..there you go! well so far..if they come back I know what to do.

I STILL HAVE THE HICCUPS!! Comments By: Katya on 2007-12-13
This pressure point thing DON'T work get your facts straight!!!

This Isn't Working!!!!!!! Comments By: Annoyed on 2007-12-15
I have tryed this hundreds of times and It's not working, honey.That reflexogy book is lying to you.
NO WAY HOSAY!! Comments By: disturbed and relieved on 2007-12-18
this didnt work 4 me. it relieved my hiccups 4 not a lot of pain. but they were stil there. then i read a comment about the other thing about plugging ur nose and ur ears, and is really did work. take my advice, use wat i did. plug ur nose and ur ears! it really works! trust me!
IT WORKED Comments By: Jocelyn on 2007-12-19
WOO HOOO HOO HOOOO!!! O YEEEEAAAAHH! These hiccups are GOOONE BABY! thanks man, thanks!
woooooweeeee Comments By: kevin on 2007-12-23
drink to much budlight got the hicups and now there gone woooooo thanks google
hiiiiii Comments By: Doug on 2007-12-26
my hicups hurt me like hell wat can i do?
Amazed, and relieved!!!! Comments By: Keith on 2007-12-28
Thought this was kinda stupid at first, but after aprox 25 seconds, they went away, and didn't come back! Thank you for whoever shared this tip!!

Understand this: It may or may not work with EVERYONE. So, if it doesn't work for you, don't assume it will not work period, because obviously it DOES with with MOST people..

noooppeeee Comments By: nancy on 2007-12-31
ive had them off and on for a day so far and i tried it and whoaaa! IT DIDN'T WORK! grrrr.
Worked Comments By: Anon on 2008-01-02
tried it, worked first time!
Worked for Me! Comments By: Megan on 2008-01-02
This technique worked for me! I had the annoying case of hiccups that just would not go away after about a half an hour (so not as bad as some cases, just annoying). However, I am not sure if reading this or actually doing this action helped to stop them. Either way, I'm glad i read it for future hiccup cases! Thanks! :)
Wow Comments By: paige on 2008-01-02
It works like a charm !
Hip Hiccup Horray!!!!!!!! Comments By: Karen on 2008-01-07
I got online to find "the cure" It worked before I could finish reading the page.
WOOT! Comments By: Crimson Spectre on 2008-01-10
Aw man. I was ready to throw up because my hiccups were so violent. This worked right away! THANK YOU!!!!
Worked for Me Yea! Comments By: Ally on 2008-01-13
worked like a charm!
Doesnt Work For Some People Comments By: Travis Pond (age 14) on 2008-01-13
This actually doesnt work for most people. I tried it and it had no affect. The Reason you have hiccups is becus you dont have enough oxygen in your brain. Trying deep breaths will work
Worked on my 2 year old Comments By: Peyton on 2008-01-14
Wow. Who would have have thought. Worked on my 2 year old. Thanks!!
Really works Comments By: Spencer on 2008-01-15
I had the hiccups allllllllllll day!!!
I was asking everyone for cures. THIS REALLY WORKS! =)

WHOA!!!! Comments By: anon on 2008-01-20
WOW! Comments By: Liz on 2008-01-22
I really wanted to go back to sleep... now I can!
I can't believe it... Comments By: KM on 2008-01-25
I came, I saw, I pressed and BAM... GONE
I can't believe it. But it worked!

WOW!!! Comments By: Anon on 2008-01-27
the first time it didn't work but the second time it did!!! totally amazing!!!
This works for real Comments By: L.Williams on 2008-02-01
i had the hiccups all day long seen this did it waited a few minutes and jump on the bandwagon
WOW Comments By: Tori on 2008-02-03
When I first read this, I will admit, I laughed...very hard. However when i did it, It worked. almost instantly. thank you!
omg Comments By: SPOILED on 2008-02-06
that was scary...It actually worked!!! I wonder how someone came upon this solution like what would make them press the spot under their nose??
OMG! Thank you! Comments By: JBH on 2008-02-08
I was having violent hiccups that hurt and found this and yes, it did work, IMMEDIATELY!!
ugh Comments By: kelsey on 2008-02-08
i cant get rid of them! i tried this multiple times!! UGHHH
It actually worked. Comments By: Kendra on 2008-02-11
Lol. I had hiccups from drinking Diet Coke too fast and I read this and laughed and then decided to try it and it actually worked. Thanks. :]
IT WORKED Comments By: Ryan on 2008-02-18
Where is the pressure point?? Comments By: Yamina on 2008-02-20
i have had hiccups for about 4 hours on and off.
loud and painfull ones.
and im looking to find something to get rid of them.
but i dont know where this pressure point is..... maybee you should explain beter???

Worked like a charm Comments By: Anon on 2008-02-27
I can;t believe it! I cant believe it, it work immediately. Nice advice...
Fantastic. Comments By: Nicole on 2008-03-07
Amazing. Nothing usually works my hiccups, they usually go away by themselves, but this worked!

I think it was that you are concentrating on the pressure, that you aren't thinking about the hiccups and they go away.

Placebo Effect Comments By: Anon on 2008-03-06
The placebo effect must be very strong for a lot of you. It had no impact on my hiccups.
IT WORKED! NO LIE! Comments By: TARA on 2008-03-07

liar Comments By: frustrated on 2008-03-25
I just tried it...
Do you have to apply a certain amount of pressure, or what?!

works great Comments By: grace on 2008-04-01
this thing works good
Compnay project Comments By: Stephanie on 2008-04-02
My co-worker had the hiccups and could not get rid of them. I google it, found this website, everyone laughed but the co-worker tried it and well it worked! Thanks
OMG THANKYOU Comments By: the now very happy charlotte on 2008-04-02
Excellent Comments By: Lily on 2008-04-07
Worked right away (: Thank you so much.
nice Comments By: simon on 2008-04-09
HOLY MOLY... Comments By: Varuna Jenkins on 2008-04-10
it worked instantly..i drank water and ate bread slowly...but nothing worked..and this worked in 2 seconds


I'm Cured!!!!!!! Comments By: Anon on 2008-04-16
I tried everything. Then I saw this one and tried it. IT WORKS!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!
But now I'm farting...

really worked Comments By: laulom on 2008-04-19
i cant believe this worked, but i am not sure if it was the beer or pressure point, i have to say the pressure point. thanks
IF IT DIDN'T WORK TRY.......... Comments By: Alex on 2008-04-21
I had them for 8 hours straight!!
This DOES work but....Make sure u FOCUS when you are doing this. The first 2 times it did not work, then I concentrated and it's all about concentration. GOOD LUCK =)

I don't know where the pressure point is! Comments By: BLAH. on 2008-04-22
I can't find it, I mean I followed your instructions or I'm that stupid, I believe it's numero 2. HAHA
It worked for me Comments By: Suzanne on 2008-04-25
Was hiccuping for about 20 min, googled, found this, pressed and presto- all gone. Great tip, will pass it along
with a little extra help Comments By: chal on 2008-04-26
eat a tsp of sugar, dry. breath in all the way and hold your breath and use this pressure point until you can't hold your breath anymore. works great.
wow Comments By: anon on 2008-04-30
worked great for me, thanks!
NO WAY! Comments By: T_N on 2008-05-01
this dosent work we tried it multiple times!
This is Rad Comments By: Haley on 2008-05-01
I had really bad hiccups at work and needed a solution, found this on the internet and they went away instantly!!!
THANK YOU!!! Comments By: Cai on 2008-05-05
I was sitting at work with the hiccups for about 20 minutes and finally decided to look up a cure. All I can say is THANK YOU. It worked immediately!! =) Yay!!
thanks hiccup guy Comments By: Hailey on 2008-05-09
I'm 7 years old and my daddy told me what to do and it worked. Thanks
Amazing Comments By: Shannon on 2008-05-09
Worked for me instantly!! Thanks so much!
WOW!! IT DID WORK! Comments By: MIA on 2008-05-15
Yay Comments By: J on 2008-05-19
It worked for me!
wow! Comments By: anon on 2008-05-22
I just tried it and I don't have anymore hiccups!! Wait till I tell my boyfriend! Lol
wow Comments By: skierdude94 on 2008-05-21
omg it actually works i was skeptical as first but wow they're gone thx
This really works but u have to... Comments By: Wayne on 2008-05-21
hold the right spot. The pressure point is directly over your top lip. About 1 centimeter. I had huccuos for two days. I tried Ginger ale tea water holding my breath laying upside down. This is thee only technique that worked. Remember directly over your top lip!!!
oh yeah! Comments By: lottie! on 2008-05-21
im sat in a very quiest office had them for about 20-30 mins....
did this and it worked stright away! thankyou you saved me from being sick!

Thank you Oh Great Healer!!! Comments By: Booya on 2008-05-22
It worked instantly.
Awesome! Comments By: Scabs on 2008-05-24
This is amzing! I have to remeber this one.
didn't really work Comments By: kelly on 2008-05-26
i hate it sooooooooooooooooooo much cause it does NOT at all i wish i could get rid of them and i have had them since this morning
THANK YOU! Comments By: Hannah Johnson on 2008-05-28
I've had the hiccups on and off today and they really started to hurt. My mom found your trick and it worked for me. Thank you so much!
Nope Comments By: Cooter Brown on 2008-05-31
Doesn't do nothing for getting rid of hicups. I have hicups everyday at somepoint for at least 1hr, and I have tried this more than once and it doesn't work.
Rubbish Comments By: Joe Bloggs on 2008-06-02
Tried this on a random girl in my class and she is still hiccuping as loud as she ever was!
Sorry Comments By: Kunitchi Wah on 2008-06-04
I didn't work! IDK... Maybe i did it wrong!
This did not work Comments By: Jeff on 2008-06-05
This sucked and now my upper lip hurts
it works Comments By: Meredith on 2008-06-04
sitting at work..couldn't quit therefore couldn't talk.. soooo i got on here and tried and it worked..
boo it didn't work a waste of time Comments By: anaon on 2008-06-04
this didn'y work it was a waste of my time
Worked.. but wait. Comments By: Kali on 2008-06-04
So i had a little trouble trying to find this "pressure point"... i guess you could say it was a random guess and check. The whole time i felt like my hiccups were never going to stop and that this is dumb. I eventually found "the spot" or a spot that i guess was the point. But i sat here and wondered, suppose it is all in my head and that i thought it would work so it did. IS THERE ANY PROOOOF? not to me. but thanks for the tip,,, cause i feel alot better than my every 10 seconds hiccups that at the point they quit were going on a good 25 minute run. Thanks much.
Weheyy! Comments By: Milly on 2008-06-16
I've had hiccups for 3 hours pretty much non stop and it started to hurt mychest.
this worked straight away thankyou so much :]

I got rid of the hicups Comments By: Tina on 2008-06-08
What a brill method, tried and tested.......
AWESOME Comments By: Ry on 2008-06-10
Actually worked, can't beleive i never heard of it!!!
IT WORKED OMG Comments By: sonja on 2008-06-11
my dad gets realy bad hiccups that last 3 weeks or so and i told him ur brillant method and it worked the first time every time he was so happy now he dosent have to wait 3 weeks for his hiccups to stop.how can i ever re-pay u !!!! for all that want to try believe me and my dad... it works like magic!!!!!
THIS IS SOO BOGUS! Comments By: ADRIANA on 2008-06-12
Can't believe this worked! WTF?!! Comments By: LZ on 2008-06-13
I have had the hiccups for the past hour. Thougt this was CRAZY and all!!! Tried it and it worked!!! I can't believe it!! I must have tried everything else before this!!! Thought it was BS!!! It really works, but you have to find just the right spot here!!
omg wow Comments By: beckz on 2008-06-18
bloody hell it worked .. iv had hiccups for the last hour and half and i tried this and they've gone .. its a bloody miracle
IT WORKS Comments By: PC on 2008-06-20
but another method is when you feel a hiccup in your throat, swallow your spit, it works, but sometyms ppl can never notice hicups so your method is better lol
its doesnt work ! ): Comments By: Soph on 2008-06-24
i tried this over 4 times and no results, you should be ashamed!
Thanks a bunch! Comments By: =] on 2008-06-24
It worked! I've had them since noon and now they're gone (it's 11pm by the way). It was so simple.. wow. I expected to get told to stand on my head or something.
YAY Comments By: anon on 2008-06-26
it worked... amazing!
didnt work made them worse Comments By: becca on 2008-06-28
it didnt work it made them worse :)
WOAH! Comments By: anonymous on 2008-06-28
I was totally skeptical but then i tried it and it totally worked the very first time!!! Omg thank you SOOO much! I always get horrible hiccups and now i wont have to anymore! It worked right away even after i tried every other cure!!! Thanks!!!
So far so good!! Comments By: RF Johns on 2008-06-28
Yeah I laughed at first, but it worked!
wow it really worked Comments By: chloe fisher on 2008-06-30
wow when i tried it it didnt work the second time it didnt work but h=then the third time i done it it finally work it was giving my throuat a soar one it wasnt nice i had it untill the 10th night to try it but lukally i finally done thanks that was cool yay but my sisters hasnt cured yet she was so angry it didnt work the 10th day but it worked the 11th day
i didnt work Comments By: paige on 2008-06-30
im so angry it didnt worked but it did for my sisterits un fair it wasnt nice to keep it my sister chloe typed one to say that hers worked its not fair.
well likely it cures before my siter chloes hiccups its not fair i really want it to cure please help me.
thank you.

i really cant belive it Comments By: roxy on 2008-06-30
its so cool it cured i cant belive that it was the first time i done it i went on line and it really cured but the water was disgusting and when i tried gugling but i choked so i mist it out but likely it dosent work when i drink the water what was ushame but it was ok
oh man! Comments By: Banana on 2008-06-30
I think that this is the only method where you can laugh and cure hiccups at the same time! It is so funny but i love it! thanks for creating peace on earth
Worked for me ... amazing Comments By: Bob on 2008-07-02
Had them all day today, did it just now and it worked ... amazing!
o.m.g. Comments By: emilee on 2008-07-08
omg this is amazing!!!
it worked.
i tried all sorts of breathing cures and everything and this worked!!!
the first time!
this is amazing.

It worked after the 3rd try! Comments By: Ashley on 2008-07-05
I'm at work and normally I can get rid of hiccups by holding my breath, but they were not going away this time and the office phone kept ringing so I found your site and tried it and I guess I wasn't pushing down on the right spot but finally I pushed more so on my upper lip and took slow, big, deep breaths and they are gone! Its neat how things work. Thanks!
I had my doubts... Comments By: Donna on 2008-07-05
OH MY GOODNESS....I have had the hiccups twice today, and I was so aggreviated, and I went online, and I saw this one....I had serious doubts, but I was willing to try anything...and I couldnt believe it, but I promise it worked...I am not saying it works for everyone, but It sure did for me....Thanks for posting this remedy
it worked! thank you! Comments By: Bobbo on 2008-07-05
I had a big meal and had horrible hiccups with indigestion! I used my two index fingers and it worked! THANKS!!!
worked! Comments By: amanda on 2008-07-06
so amazing. im cured!
lmfao Comments By: Hustlin Holmes on 2008-07-07
how the the gheycups did that work!? lol idk but imma have to charge next time some1 around me needs a quick reemdy!
DONT WASTE YOUR TIME! Comments By: stupid on 2008-07-09
WOW..thats weird Comments By: Tiffany on 2008-07-10
Im at work and i had the hiccups so i got online, found this, tried it, and it WORKED..lol i felt stupid but hey there gone!
Omgaa Mamamia Comments By: Kay on 2008-07-10
I have had the hiccups SIX times today and it would take 20min for them to go away but this worked. First I had my finger to high then i put it on my upper lip and it worked. I am so happy. Thanx!!
Woah! Comments By: D on 2008-07-13
I didn't think that would work, but it did!
Hey Comments By: Becku on 2008-07-13
I got drunk and had hiccups for about 2 hours
As soon as I did this it stopped!! :D
I think it was becuase I beleive it would work :D
Thankyou so much!!

Can't Believe It!!!! Comments By: Suzi on 2008-07-15
I've had the hiccups on and off for the past 2 days and I just tried this and YES IT WORKS!!!! I had to do it a few times and didn't get it right until I read the comment about doing it up and towards your nose kinda hard. Yeah it was uncomfortable, but the are gone so I don't care!
... Comments By: Moosaffle on 2008-07-15
After four hours of hiccuping I feel the only way for me to resolve this calamity is suicide. I bid you all good luck and farewell.
Great honey. thx. Comments By: Giri on 2008-07-16
I suffered it for almost 5 hours. And tried many methods found on internet. finally, ur method worked for me. Thanks lot & lol.

the hiccups Comments By: kaylee on 2008-07-23
i had the hiccups out of nowhere and its ben going on for quit while its weird lol ha ha ha
OMG Comments By: Alex on 2008-07-20
AT LAAAAAAAAAAAST!!! Comments By: Anon on 2008-07-22
My wife usually gets the hiccups after drinking anything bubbly, so tonight during our romantic dinner, after her first sip of sparkling apple cider, we were both greatly dismayed when her hiccups began... they usually last for hours and keep her up all night... desperate, we turned to the world wide web and WOWDEWOW! I didn't think there was anything to this, but after about 20 seconds, they just disapppeared! Thank you internet.
Thanks!! Comments By: Jasmine on 2008-07-24
I had bad case at work just now. Got online and saw this. I thought, "Yeah, right." Worked immediately!!!
It worked :) Comments By: Jade on 2008-07-29
i had hiccups ALL day, this was the first method i tried to get rid of them and its worked!
thanks :D

it works!! Comments By: student on 2008-07-29
I started to do it n was like wtf its not working...put them i put pressure just on the middle n low n behold...NO MORE HICCUPS thanks!!
Hiccups Comments By: Alex on 2008-07-30
Amazing it worked!!!! i am going to tell everyone i ever meet with hiccups that fact!!

Thank you!

OMGG Comments By: anon on 2008-07-31
woww. i just had the hiccups for like 3 hours and they were starting to get really annoying so i looked up how to get rid of them and i cant believe this actually worked like im still amazed by that.
i cant get them to stop! Comments By: mandy on 2008-08-01
i dont know where to press and i still have the hiccups!
It's in your head! Comments By: Zoe on 2008-08-01
The reason the pressure point works for only some people is because you beleive it will. For example the other day my friend had hiccups and somebody said say cabbage and she did and they disappeared this is because they caught her off guard.
Didn't Work Comments By: Samantha on 2008-08-03
it didn't work at all
Worked (: Comments By: Charlotte on 2008-08-09
It worked first time.
Amazed (:

I'm calling it B/S Comments By: Terry on 2008-08-07
I've had em for over 36hrs now and this along with all the other methods is B/S. good luck to everyone else.
DIDNT WORK Comments By: goffer on 2008-08-10
same as title :P
Worked for me! Comments By: Anna on 2008-08-12
Yep! Totally worked, instant relief. At first, it didn't work because I don't think I was pressing in the right spot. But yeah, now I can drink water without spurting it out of my nose because of 'mammoth' hiccups. Kudos to you for a great tip! : )
Joelewillickers Comments By: nowayjose on 2008-08-12
Thanx its a lot less calories than sugar :)
amazing... Comments By: kevin on 2008-08-14
wow....that is all i have to say..
Placebo. Comments By: Anon on 2008-08-14
Its called the placebo effect.
OH MY FREAKIN GOSH!!! Comments By: Crystal-n-Pete on 2008-08-20
that's so wierd...my bf had the hiccups for a day straight and we were going insane! we looked up cures and found this, he tried it for about 20 seconds and gave up..had like two more hiccups and then MIRACLE!! they were gone! it really DOES work!! so wierd.. thanks!!!
SOUND Comments By: John on 2008-08-23
pretty decent methos yas av got here worked a treat maybe try pushin harder if u cant get rid of them the boney bit between ur nostrels. god knows why it works! doesnt have anything to do with your diaphram
ha! Comments By: NEL on 2008-08-21
do the pressure point and hold your breath for about 15 seconds. You will hiccup once or twice at the beginning but by the time you are on your 14th second (holding your breath) you'll realize that you need to breath in... after that, hiccup's gone!
wowwowowowoow Comments By: deinse on 2008-08-23
thanks it works!!!!! your awesome!!
:[ Comments By: shmam on 2008-08-25
Worked once Comments By: Kris on 2008-08-27
I have cancer so the Chemo medican gives the the worst case of hickups in the world and nonthing works. I tried this once and it worked but the 2nd time it didn't. Still worth trying for normal poeple though
THANK YOU!!! Comments By: adriana on 2008-08-28
omg this totally works thank you!!!!
Are you kidding me!! Comments By: Nate on 2008-08-29
Between upper gumms and upper teeth, worked.
no Comments By: carl on 2008-09-02
didnt work for me
it workeddd! :) Comments By: erin on 2008-09-03
To make this work, you have to think "Oh my god.. it's working! My hiccups are gone! It actually works!" while you are pressing the "pressure point". If you think that it won't work, it won't. You have to tell your body that the hiccups are gone.
WOW Comments By: Mikey on 2008-09-04
I just tried it and at first it didnt work but i kept it there for like 30 seconds like you said and they went away. Thanks a million!

Go Steelers!

worked for me Comments By: amanda on 2008-09-06
i just pressed right under my nose and right away they went away
thanks Comments By: simon on 2008-09-07
had hiccuops for over an hour

tried this and it worked , woo hoooo

didn't work Comments By: djs on 2008-09-08
ive has the hiccups and tried this and it didn't work. is there actually a presise point to press or just anywhere between the bottom of the nose and the top of the lip;
Another Method Comments By: Nate on 2008-09-09
Bill Nye the science guy always says to take 10-20 sips of water straight to get your ablodubglotta back to normal. I usually hold my breath when I do this. It's supposed to get your brains connection with the door thing that swings open and shut when you breath and swallow.
YES! Comments By: Malachi Murphy on 2008-09-10
Freakin Sweet, this method really works. I had hiccups for 2 hours and tried this and it worked!
oh my gosh, thank you!!!!!!!! Comments By: Samantha on 2008-09-13
I had hiccups all morning. I mean BAD and it was hurting... and i just pushed in that little crevice part between my nose and my lip.... and they're gone! that's so cool!!
Worked Great! Comments By: ttambboc on 2008-09-13
I applied the pressure point to my wife after she could not get rid of her hiccups and it worked great.
Nice! ^-~ Comments By: Criston on 2008-09-14
Just did this for a few seconds and they have gone, had the hiccups all day .. feel like an idiot not knowing such knowledge!
OMG IT WORKED! Comments By: shagufta on 2008-09-14
Hubby was suffering so i suggested he try thie, he did but wasnt concentrating so i did it and it worked!! thanks!!!
My tip Comments By: Annaliese on 2008-09-20
here is my tip:
get someone to stand in front of you and have them say, I want you to hiccup for me, and then stare at each other for about 30-45 seconds and Ta Da they are gone!

This always works Comments By: Blumia on 2008-09-20
Make yourself throw up always works
Wow It Worked :) Comments By: Kirstyy on 2008-09-24
It worked i havent been well the last few days and it started to make me feel sick :) Thanks!
OMG...that's freakyyy!!! Comments By: Shannon on 2008-09-25
That def worked in two seconds. For those that say it didn't work, you might not have been pressing in the right area..take two dingers at the bottom corners of your nose on your lip
Wow Comments By: steve on 2008-09-26
I tried the glass of water, holding my breathe, eating a piece of dry bread and nothing worked. Until i pressed my finger against my upper lip. It work. thanks
READ THIS IF IT DOESN'T WORK FOR YOU!! Comments By: DB on 2008-10-01
When I first tried, I was pressing right above my top lip. Tried it three times, and it didn't work.

Then, I stuck two fingers in my mouth.. and put pressure right on my gum above my two big teeth. It worked instantly!

Worked on the second go! Comments By: Anon on 2008-09-29
When I tried this the first time it didnt work so I though it was total BS. But then I tried again where I pushed my top lip with two fingers for 30 seconds and they have stopped! I can still kinda feel them inside but the point is they have no stopped. I will use this method all the time its great :D
READ THIS IF IT DOESN'T WORK FOR YOU!! Comments By: DB on 2008-10-01
When I first tried, I was pressing right above my top lip. Tried it three times, and it didn't work.

Then, I stuck two fingers in my mouth.. and put pressure right on my gum above my two big teeth. It worked instantly!

didnt work Comments By: jay and beccie on 2008-10-01
this is a rubbish method it really doesn't work!!
YAY Comments By: Andy on 2008-10-01
good effort it works
This really does work! Comments By: CHARLOTTE on 2008-10-01
Thank youuu!!
Btw if it didn't work for you,
you were probably thinking negative or pressing too hard..
ALSO the more times you try,
the less likely it is to work..
Give it a go anyways,
it always works for me :]

Another Idea Comments By: Katie on 2008-10-03
Just cover your hears with your hands (you don't necessarily have to plug them) and wonder to yourself "Why am I covering my ears?" Sounds stupid, but it works.
eeee Comments By: blazed on 2008-10-04
awesome. i always get hiccups.
now they're gone.
eee, thanks.
some stupid person told me to swallow a spoon full of sugar. that does not work.
and tastes frikkin' nasty

OMG!!! Comments By: melissa on 2008-10-09
I cannot belive that this really works. I have been trying to study but had really painfull hiccups for the last 20 minute. I tried everything, holding my breath, drink a glass of water in everyway imaginable. I then got fed up, found this site and hey presto. Thank you. Now i want hiccups again so i can try it again! lol
Screw the pressure points Comments By: Geraldine the second on 2008-10-09
just read through the comments.
It got rid of mine xD

This doesn't work!!! Comments By: Jennifer on 2008-10-09
I tried several times it doesn't work new method please!
This doesn't work i have a new method!!! Comments By: Jennifer on 2008-10-09
So this doesn't work but i found on another site to just take long deep breaths for about 20 seconds and they are gone. it just worked for me 20 seconds ago i had hiccups now i don't. AMAZING!!!
p.s. the rating is for my way

Im suprised that it worked Comments By: Angelica on 2008-10-11
This actually worked. now every time i have the hiccups ill deff try it again.
works Comments By: Jenna on 2008-10-14
oh yeah it works
OMG WOW Comments By: Bryony on 2008-10-14
This actually worked for me. I was sitting down drinking my cup of tea, and felt so uncomfortable with my hiccups. Then I found this, and thought it wouldn't work, and what do you know...IT WORKED! I love you! lol
Pressure Point = 0, Peanut Butter = 10 Comments By: Steven R on 2008-10-17
I tried the pressure point for 15 minutes, absolutely no effect, tried all different angles, different pressures, different fingers, slightly different points, nothing.

I waited another 2 minutes... still hiccuping as before.

Then I ate one spoonful of Peanut butter... hiccups completely gone instantly.

no no Comments By: erin on 2008-10-17
tried so hard! didn't work!
Great...It worked for me as well. Comments By: ken on 2008-10-18
I am very thankful...people truely need people to be happy. Helping each other is our greatest asset. Thank you internet as well.
HURRAY Comments By: Gingerbread WeeWee on 2008-10-19


yeah Comments By: kaitlin on 2008-10-20
i had the hiccups for about 45 min and then i did this and they were gone
wow.. Comments By: Kiri on 2008-10-23
im so weirded out. I had hiccups and the 'drink a glass of water" didn't work, nor did 'hold your breathe"

i held the pressure point for less than 30 seconds...
and they're gone.

i'm amazed

You May Be Skeptical - But This Really Works Comments By: Sarah Kenney on 2008-10-25
I got the hiccups quite suddenly in the middle of the night and hated the prospect of lying awake for hours waiting out my hiccups. Thinking that there has to be some sort of scientific cure for them by now, I looked it up on the internet. After a minute or two I found this suggestion for curing hiccups. Seeing all of the positive responses, I decided to try it. I sat up in bed, applied pressure to the indention between my nose and upper lip. Within 10 seconds the hiccups were completely gone. The feeling of putting pressure there helps to regulate your breathing - I don't know if it's the breathing, nerve stimulation, or sheer concentration that gets rid of the hiccups. Whatever it is, it worked like a charm. It sounds too simple of a cure to actually work, but it does. Maybe not everyone will have luck with it, but it looks like the majority of us did.
It doesn't work, or else we're doing it wrong.... Comments By: Audrey on 2008-10-26
My Dad has had hiccups for 2 days and tried pressing this area of his upper lip, but no difference!!!!!!! arghh he says
wow... Comments By: Georgia on 2008-10-27
Ha! What a bunch of bull I thought, then I tried it for myself, and voila!

My partner always takes the mic' out of me for getting hiccups all the time. Thats about to change :)


you gotta be kidding me! it worked! Comments By: ashley in san diego california us on 2008-11-01
Okay, so me and my mom were freaking out trying to get rid of my newborn nieces severe hiccups and didn't know what to do. Frustrated and worried, I started looking up remedies via my G1. I got everything from swallowing dry sugar to gulping water sideways. Nothing that could be used for a newborn. I was losing hope when I stumbled upon this site. I read the remedy aloud to my mom, and she followed my insturction and in less than 10 seconds it worked!!! AMAZING
Works!!!! Comments By: Hiccup-Less on 2008-10-29
I kept on hiccuping today at work, so I did what I usually do. Which is drink water while my head is down. By, the way this usually worked for me. Today however was a different day. I kept hiccuping even after I had drank water twice. I got really annoying so I went online, found you tip and now I'm all good. Thanks very much!!!!
Real Talk!!! Comments By: YeaH on 2008-10-29
Im at wk now (at a call center), on the phone with customers w/ hiccups. Did it..it was gone and hasn't come back yet and like 2 hrs...I'm a believer : ()
THANKS Comments By: Free on 2008-10-31
I had the hiccups and got online to see how I could get read of them. I ran acrost your page and it really worked! Thank You So Much!!!
Huh? Comments By: Talulah Grace on 2008-11-01
Why duz this work? It is hilarious tho, i was laughing for ages... hehehe
this method sucks Comments By: annoymous on 2008-11-02
i tried it loads of times all different ways but it never worked it just made them worse. they really annoying me now lol
yay Comments By: taylor on 2008-11-13
it does work :D.
youre probably not doing it right.

it kinda works Comments By: Slim Silvers on 2008-11-02
but so does having a bit of a tug, or pressing a penny against a wall for 48.9 seconds. it all works. anything you can concentrate on. i cured myself just by looking for a cure, once i went on google and started looking, the hiccups went!! its all in the mind!!
It Worked Mate!!!! Thanks Comments By: Samir on 2008-11-03
Itz amazing. It worked. Thanks.
Gobsmacked! Comments By: Anon on 2008-11-05
Absolutely amazed this worked - my son had hiccupped for 2 hours and he tried this.............and hey, no more hiccups - fantastic!!! Thanks :O)
It Worked! Comments By: Morthon on 2008-11-05
I can't believe it! Thanks!
tried doesn't work Comments By: EL PATRON on 2008-11-11
i tried 4 times and its still doing it so abviously it doesn't work
eeer,. Comments By: Paige on 2008-11-13
Third time lucky.
Are you kidding me? Comments By: Anon on 2008-11-13
I am number one thousand people who read this and commented? This can't be serious. It might work, but there can't be that many serious hiccup-ers to post that many comments...
healed! Comments By: mark on 2008-11-15
i had hiccups for 3 days it was really started to get on my nervs found this site quality finger under the nose works lol thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cant stop the hics Comments By: Dave on 2008-11-15
Didn't work for me!!
Works so far! Comments By: Angi on 2008-11-15
I tried holding my breath which didn't work. I tried this and it worked right away. Only has been 5 minutes, but I feel MUCH better! I am going to have to look into more accupressure points now!
IT WORKED Comments By: KAREN on 2008-11-16
Cant make it work Comments By: asefhg on 2008-11-17
i can imagine it working but it wont for me- im at school and have rugbynext lesson so i need to get rid of them!
Yay TY; Hiccups Be Gone!!!! Comments By: Anon on 2008-11-18
My hiccups are gone thanks to you :D
I had read about the sugar thing and didn't feel like it was necessary; I am so grateful you were able to help

How cool! Comments By: Phil on 2008-11-22
Got a bout of indigestion which lead to a bad case of hiccups. Was having them about every five minutes. Tried this for 30 seconds -- worked like a charm! Thanks!
Cool Comments By: Anon on 2008-11-23
I had realy painful hiccups and tried this and it worked first time
This trick is great Comments By: brad on 2008-11-24
I cant believed it work, no joke, i just had a drink, after a meal, an ran about a lil, thn i starting gettin hiccups, i couldnt get rid o them , 15 hours later still there, thnk thats big, i had them for 3 weeks solid, luckily it was in the holidays, i search all over and fount this site, this pressure point is amazing and i will surely never forget it thanks
OMG IT WORKS!!! :D Comments By: Anon on 2008-11-26
OK, whoa, it works! Thank you soo much! Gosh, it's such a relief to get rid of them! lol :D
WOW!! IT WORKS INSTANTLY!!! Comments By: Nicole B. on 2008-12-03
I had hiccups for like 15 minutes. I read this, did it and they went away IMMEDIATELY!!! I almost wish I had them again so I could do it again!!!!
Yep, it works!! Comments By: Klair on 2008-12-01
I have a heck of a time getting rid of my hiccups and they usually return within the same day. The pressure point worked the first time, lets see if it keeps the re-occurrence from coming back.
nOpe! Comments By: diana on 2008-12-01
nooo it didnt work i hate hiccups!!!
i tried it also in many positions but nothing .!! awww now my upper lip hurts =[...
please helpp me!!!

OMGG Comments By: Stephanie on 2008-12-02
It Works Me And MY Mate Had The Hickups And I Typed It In On Gooogle And Found This And We Started Laffing COz It Actulley Works And YEs I No I CArnt Spell
YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Happy Person on 2008-12-02
This really worked I was SOOOOOOOO happy!!!
Eheh.....I can't wait till I get them again.

WOW! LOL Comments By: tayza on 2008-12-06
omg. I dint think it would work but it really did!. it took me two tries, but I got it. I tried it on my baby sis because she had it......how annoying

Excellent Remedy To Cure The Original hiccough Comments By: Dr. Malhotra Singh on 2008-12-06
I found this very useful and i will pass this on and the professional scientifically known "hiccough". The term "hiccup" is also used to describe a small and unrepeated aberration in an otherwise consistent pattern.
hey Comments By: kathy on 2008-12-08
Unbelivable!! Comments By: BWFC on 2008-12-10
Couldnt find the right spot at first but wen i found it it worked straight away, nice one!! BTW you have to press fairly hard or it doesnt work.
aghhhhhhhhhh Comments By: aim on 2008-12-11
doesnt work
Finnaly found the cure Comments By: Leah on 2008-12-09
My husband had several bouts with hiccups and i even asked the local pharmicist, who was clueless! well he got them again and i googled cures to hiccups and found this site down the page below swallowing sugar and a rack of non-cure cures, i think google should make this the first site scratch that the only site for curing hiccups.
have had for threelong days Comments By: mark ramsbotham on 2008-12-14
my wifeheld pressure point for 3o seconds very hrd worked first time maybe is all in my head but has been 5 minsand havent come back. thanks
Thank you so much , The pressure point didnt work Comments By: Huemanbing on 2008-12-12
The pressure point didnt work but I read someones comment about plugging your nose and ears at the same time. It worked ,, 17 hours of hiccups gone.
OMG IT WORKED Comments By: jacob on 2008-12-16
like it said i laughed and tried it..... IT WORKED so try it
Amazing Comments By: Ivan on 2008-12-15
I haven't been able to sleep from my hiccups, I tried this trick andnit worked instantly! Thank u so kch for sharing!
Thanks Comments By: Paul on 2008-12-17
Wow work even before 30 seconds and still going strong...Thank You
OMG it worked!!! Comments By: Jayde on 2008-12-19
WOW!!! I cant believe this worked!!! how simple. il pass this on!! thanks. xx<3
AMAZING Comments By: Melissa on 2008-12-23
This is amazing! Ive just had some really apinful hiccups fr the past hour and i tried your mathod and they went straight away! Thankyou
Didn't work Comments By: kristal27 on 2008-12-24
We helled the presure point really hard and it didn't wotk. Now im stuck with the hicupps.Thanx any way.
ill be damned Comments By: will on 2008-12-24
ive had these damn things for 2 days now tryed laying down last night and i was gettin so mad for hours i sat there.went to work all day lookin like a jack ass everyone thought i was hammered,just got home came online and found this after one last hiccup when i put my finger there bang gone.... i plan on makin bets i can take there hiccups away :D
it mighta worked Comments By: Samantha Tippie on 2008-12-24
i was slowley eating a piece of white bread(i got it offa different site) and i came to this site i pressed the pressure point and my hiccups stopped a few seconds later but i dont know which one worked
We tried Everything Comments By: Vonee on 2008-12-28
My hubby had been hiccuping all night
and all the next day..I tried every
thing I knew to help him get over them
Nothing was working..I found your site
and he tried the pressure point and it worked !!!
God Bless
Releived wife

Worked! Comments By: Anon on 2008-12-29
worked first time tyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
This works! THANKS!!! Comments By: Clint on 2008-12-29
I had a case of hiccups that would not go away, no matter what I tried. It was driving me crazy. After a google search, I found your site on line. Your suggestion sounded pretty dubious, but I tried it, and the hiccups stopped immediately. I don't know the physiology behind this, but it's quite amazing. You've saved me from quite a bit of discomfort. Many, many thanks.
Awesomeness in a can Comments By: No longer hiccupy Zero on 2008-12-29
THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! I was actually starting to feel sick from hiccups and this worked after like ten seconds first time, awesome *hugggggg* <3
Nope. Comments By: Staci on 2008-12-29
IT didn't work for me :(
UHMMM this sucks Comments By: Crysie on 2009-01-02
YEA so this pressure point thing.. did nothing to me.. i tried it, held my finger on there for 30 minutes.. didnt work.. then i tried it again but held my finger in the same spot longer.. still didnt work.. so i had my boyfriend do it.. and it STILL didnt work. after that i ate a tsp. of sugar.. and bam, they were gone.

so i guess this method works from some people.. and doesnt for others.. i think it depends.

Hiccup Master Comments By: Dr. Quief on 2009-01-27
The United States thanks you for your advanced top secret information i tried it and it didnt work but then i did it again and it did wow. I guess you Brits aint that bad!!!
Look For It! Comments By: Ailidh on 2009-01-28
It worked on me but i had to try really hard to find the spot, its worth it though!
Works!! Comments By: thick dick 9 on 2009-01-31
This is genius!
IT WORKED! Comments By: Bobo Condren on 2009-01-16
Really works...but to this at the same time Comments By: Rebecca on 2009-01-17
Use your thumb and push up toward your nose AND hold your breath at the same time. My daughter has had the hiccups for hours. Was ready to drown her!!! Tried holding breath alone, sugar, scaring her, drinking water. We tried your trick (with a minor addition) AND IT WORKED!!!
THIS ISN'T STUPID AND IT WORKED!! Comments By: 2345670 on 2009-01-18
I saw all these other stupid ideas like having a table spoon of sugar and gargling. i didn't want to do that and so i did this. it worked! and thank god because my hiccups hurt!
THIS ISN'T STUPID AND IT WORKED!! Comments By: not my name on 2009-01-18
I saw all these other stupid ideas like having a table spoon of sugar and gargling. i didn't want to do that and so i did this. it worked! and thank god because my hiccups hurt!
IT WORKED! Comments By: rob on 2009-01-24
ha! had them since about 18:00 till 23:00 got so fed up looked this up on the internet, and it actually worked! amazing!
WOW Comments By: Charlotte on 2009-01-30
it worked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now they are gone woooooooooo

Nope Comments By: I-O- on 2009-01-03
1. Not explained well, at all.
2. Doesn't work.
3. It's not funny.

Amazing! Comments By: Anon on 2009-01-04
Worked right away! thanks!
Yay Comments By: Tomie G on 2009-01-05
Worked Very Well Thank You
tyhankls Comments By: eeeee on 2009-01-05
it worked i pressed right under the nose and it worked but when i tried lower it didnt so you have to find your spot when i found it it worked right away
thank you! Comments By: jamie on 2009-01-07
it worked straight away for me, thank you! :]
OMG thank you! Comments By: Ely on 2009-01-07
It worked within seconds thank you so much!
I'M IN SHOCK!! Comments By: Lauren on 2009-01-07
I found that very difficult to believe when I read it but it actually works!!! As long as you find the pressure point first time there shouldn't be a problem. I CAN'T BELIEVE I'VE BEEN SUFFERING FOR SO LONG!!! haha! Love it!!
Thank you! Comments By: Anon on 2009-01-07
I hardly ever get the hiccups but just got them there and this method worked! Thanks so much!
WOW! Comments By: Ashley on 2009-01-08
Oh my God I hate hiccups and I have had them for two days straight and I did that and It REALLY works. Hey thanks!
Ah-mazin! Comments By: elmtree1712 on 2009-01-09
I really didnt think this would work but it totally did once I stuck with it!
For all of you suffering the dreaded drunken hiccups this REALLY works if you try a few different places around your general nose area - its grrrrreat!
Try it and you wont be disappointed, I assure you!
Well done mr pressure point drunken pants :P

OH MY GOD!! Comments By: Mark on 2009-01-11
Had hiccups all day and was going so mad i decided to look on google and found this
30 seconds later they had gone , Now i think i must be mad or something

Good tip! Comments By: Scarah on 2009-01-13
Worked for me...Thanks!
yay Comments By: hannah on 2009-01-13
omg god it worked lol
Worked Comments By: Kristina on 2009-01-13
Worked me!!
This point didn't work, but found another that did... Comments By: lalalalala on 2009-01-15
The upper lip point didn't work. But...

Try this point. The poster actually put up a pic so you'll know where to press


Worked for me immediately.

thats awesome Comments By: Agamemnon on 2009-02-03
It worked the first time i tried
Works...man...hats off Comments By: Pushkar Bendre on 2009-02-09
Dude this worked...

Thanks.. Sandy.... u saved the day

OMG THIS REALLY WORKED Comments By: SHAUNA on 2009-02-11
Awesome!!!!!! Comments By: Lucas from IL on 2009-02-15
I was kinda skeptic at first. Tried it once and when it started to work i laughed and they came back. Try 2 it worked like a charm. THANK YOU!!!!
it sucks Comments By: Brittany on 2009-02-16
Didnt work for me i have had them for 2 days and still going
NOT WORKING! Comments By: Anon. on 2009-02-19
This does not work, I tried it forever. I use a tspn of sugar. THAT works.
AMAZING. . . Somehting "FINALLY" Worked Comments By: DIDII on 2009-02-20
Ive been Hiccuping for over 4hrs. Ive tried holding my breath, drinkng gulps of water, drinkng soda to make myself burp, eatting peanut butter, my kids even tried scareing me, also tickleing me like crazy. nothing seemed to work my chest had started hurting so bad that i didnt even wanna breath any more. then finally my uncle texd me and mentioned this method and told me to look it up. so i did and as soon as i tried it my hiccups stoped. i waited 25minutes just to make sure, but they havent came back yet. so for myself this was a grest idea and i will pass it on to my friends and family if needed. thank you god bless.
WOW Comments By: AMAZING on 2009-02-21
Holy $&@# Comments By: vanessa on 2009-02-23
Wow it really does work!!!!
GREAT DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Duckey on 2009-02-24
I worked and I feel so much better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it works! Comments By: penelope on 2009-02-24
this is insane! i'd never heard of this.. but my girlfriend had the hiccups for about 2 hours, so i googled how to get rid of them, and this came up.. so we tried it, and it worked like a charm! crazy! we had to do it for a total of 30 seconds, so don't cheat the time! amazing!
hiccups Comments By: Bill Gates on 2009-02-25
i had hiccups for 3 weeks and it finally went last night after trying this soulution
Comments By: adamski on 2009-02-26
no way i can't believe this actually worked straight away aswell :L
l o v e Comments By: rachel on 2009-02-28
i lve you ive had drunk hiccup s 4 ages and never heard of this and it worked

yay Comments By: charlie withers on 2009-02-27
had the most painfull hiccups ever
and usually they last a few hours at least

searched google how to stop them and found this
worked straight away
thanks :)

AMAZING... literally was googling for a remedy Comments By: nate on 2009-02-27
THIS WORKED no joke i had the hiccups for over a day now and looked stupid doing it but they went AWAY.... thank god to whoever thought of this technique.!
Finally found it! Comments By: Beasley2001 on 2009-02-27
At first I think I was pressing in the wrong place...cause nothing happened after about 2 minutes. Then I kept reading and noticed someone said to press closer up towards the nose. I moved my thumb there...pushed hard and hiccuped once and that was it...Took about 5 seconds. This is REALLY amazing! I've had the hiccups for almost 2 hours now! Thank God!
after4 days straight and no sleep thank GOD for sandy Comments By: david on 2009-03-04
so far so good
Wow!!! Comments By: Jay-Miami,FL on 2009-03-06
it took me a couple of tries to find the pressure point. But once I found it Wow!! My hiccups when away. I also thought it was a hoax but keep pressing around ur upper lip and you will get it. Thank you a lot!!
Sugar method got annoyingg so i triedd thiss Comments By: Bitchhh Pleassee on 2009-03-07
i gett the hiccupss every tuesday nightt.... ( getss anoying) they lastt for at leasttt 1 hourr or moree... I gett so frustratedd... so i dicided to look up an easy cure. I found takes a few packeges of sugar ( the little typeu get in resterants...) but ppl thought i was weirdd taking little packegess of sugar 2 school... so i looked for another method.. I found this it works in 15 seconds for me!!! i wass so happy...
thank you Comments By: grace on 2009-03-09
thank you that wont like a charm
hiccups Comments By: dancresswwell on 2009-03-13
tried it until my skin becaume soren my lip bbecame numb not a chance of em stopping......old wifes tale i reckon!!
it didnt work for me :/ Comments By: mckenna on 2009-03-13
i dont know if i wasnt pressing in the right spot or what... but i couldnt get rid of them :/
This technique worked for me!!!! Comments By: Rob on 2009-03-13
I just had a serious bout of the hiccups after eating some dry bread whilst slouching almost with my chin on my chest. I had them really bad and was bringing up acid and bile with every hiccup, I tried all the usual methods (holding breath, circular breathing drinking etc) and nothing worked. I tried this and within 30-40 seconds they were gone.


Worked Comments By: Derek on 2009-03-14
Had hickups for over 2 and half hours and tried other things like holding breath, soda, and other things but this worked first try
Hic-ups! Comments By: Spam on 2009-03-15
Hicups were driving me mad, making me feel sick & giving me a head ache. So i looked this up on the internet as i was going out of my mind. IT WORKED!!!! I was GOBSMACKED. THANK YOU!!!
IT WORKED!!!!! Comments By: Allison Gingerich on 2009-03-16
It got rid of them right away!!!!
YAY! Comments By: Sarah on 2009-03-16
I've had on and off hiccups (the real loud and painful ones) for a couple of hours. Tried this and it worked!!!!
Thank you Thank you Thank you Comments By: Gen on 2009-03-17
What a great tip! I'm certainly going to look into reflexology a bit more now! Thanks!
Yeehah! Comments By: jstead on 2009-03-17
That is SO great - it worked! I've been sitting here for over an hour with the hiccups. I tried all sorts of things - nothing worked. But then I saw this post about pushing on a pressure point between the nose and upper lid. Two mintues later - I'm cured! Yeehaw! thank you!
HORAYYY !!!! Comments By: Joanna on 2009-03-21
My 6 yr old niece gets hiccups often and its usually so hard to get rid of them, we tried lots of things, and I hated seeing the disappointment on her face after they didnt work; but this worked on the first try, and she waS amused and smiling the whole 30 secs. it was a bonding moment for us, kinda silly but still great, thanks a lot Sandy you are a gem :-)
It worked lol Comments By: savy on 2009-03-20
very sceptical at first but omg it actually worked. woohoooo, i can actually have a drink without spluttering it everywhere when i have a well timed hiccup!!
Want to know more!!! Comments By: ramrock007 on 2009-03-22

In INDIA it is assumed that if u get HICCUPS than some one is missing you. But DOCTORS are definetly not going to belive this so inorder to make us feel their knowledge they introduce their own complex term's to all the easy thing's, By which they feel they are smart and because of which we think they have lost their mind. The medical word for hiccups, singultus, is a perfect example.
Want to know more watch this link: http://www.bukisa.com/articles/47902_why-do-we-get-hiccups-how-can-we-get-rid-of-them

worked here Comments By: jason on 2009-03-20
Had the hiccups all day. right before bed used the pressure point technique it has seemed to work so far, amazing.
oh wow! Comments By: DOUG on 2009-03-24
it worked for me!
Hiccups Comments By: Andrea on 2009-03-28
I've just had the most painful hiccups for about an hour. Tried this and it worked first time. Thank you very, very, very much :D

it sometimes works.. not every time though.... Comments By: anon on 2009-03-28
i tried it about two days ago... it worked
then, today i tries it.... it didnt work.

i have a better trick... Comments By: tess on 2009-03-28
close your eyes and look up.
while you are looking up, think of a squarrel for 7 seconds.

WOW ! totalLy sh0cked! Comments By: ashley on 2009-03-30
wow, i've had the hickups all day,to the point where i was getting a really bad headache from them..i tried everything and nothing would work.. when i tried this i thought it wouldnt work, but it did! im amazed.idont understand how that workss but thanks so much! :D
Worked for me! Comments By: Zack on 2009-04-06
Awesome how it worked. Thanks a lot for the tip. I had monster hiccups, and this put him to sleep.
thank god they r gone Comments By: Teresa on 2009-04-07
ive tried everything and this of all things worked. im so happy.
anger!!! Comments By: anon on 2009-04-08
It didnt work for me and i couldnt sleep so overslept and missed my flight to ireland
OMG Comments By: Annie on 2009-04-11
I had the hiccups for over two hours. I got sick and tired of trying everything else. I googled and found this. OMG it worked! Thanks. I can go to bed now.
WOW! Comments By: Brook on 2009-04-17
It worked!!! Nothing else was getting rid of them, I laughed when I first did it thinking "Wow I must look stupid" then they were gone!
DOESN'T WORK Comments By: Aius on 2009-04-17
its rulez Comments By: bob on 2009-04-24
i love u
Thinks works every single time!! Comments By: Jen on 2009-04-24
Okay, bend over and drink water!! I had hiccups for two weeks and it just went away!
thanx where thnx is due Comments By: soul reaper on 2009-04-24
bravo bravo. amazing, nothing short of actually putting more external stimulants into my system the pressure point method worked...now only if we could perfect the Kiss of the Dragon
it works Comments By: josh on 2009-05-01
it worked for me i did the sugar and all the shit but this def worked if u follow it correctly which i don't see how you couldn't
best bit of advice ever Comments By: lisa on 2009-05-02
My husband has had hiccups all day getting v painful. Looked on the internet what to do. This was the first thing he tried....worked . THANKYOU.
Didnt work:( Comments By: Katie Middleditch on 2009-05-02
grrr it didnt work and ive had them for about an hour grr >:(
awful, Comments By: Anon on 2009-05-04
didn't work at all. fake.
I cant believe it worked!! Comments By: prego with the hics! on 2009-05-04
Everyone always tells me to drink H2O upside down, but all that ever gets me is water in my nose... but this worked instantly!! Thank you!!
wow Comments By: kk on 2009-05-09
it has worked thank you
Fantastic Comments By: Andy on 2009-05-09
Can't believe it. It worked first time. Can't stop smiling now!
IT WORKED Comments By: Katy on 2009-05-18
Im just sat at my desk at work, get a can of coke after my first mouthful i start hipcuping Done the same as everyone else came on line for help. Done this twice first time didnt know where to hold it lol. Second time i pressed quite hard and breathed slowly. They are actually GONE. Cant believe it. Gotta tell everyone.
Also... Comments By: anon on 2009-05-21
Also works for sneezes. It's bad to hold in sneezes but sometimes you're somewhere where it'd be better to put it off. Use this pressure point when you feel the sneeze coming on and you won't sneeze at that time.
wow! Comments By: anon on 2009-06-03
i had a real badcase of the things and i was hicuping for nearly 4 hours! i got really anoyed i had tried holding my breath and swallowing upside down and all that malarki when i finaly decided to look it up when i found this! worked first time! now i use it every time i get hiccupps! thanx xx :)
IT WORKED!!!!!!!!1 Comments By: betty on 2009-06-11
thanks so much it really worked ty ty tyyyyyyyyy
NICE ONE! Comments By: Andy on 2009-06-14
Ive been sat with my mate for the whole morning with him making the most horendous noises! Now hes cured! Sorted!
Golly molly! Comments By: Samantha on 2009-06-15
this hasnt worked! currently have had hiccups for half an hour and tryed this one but didnt work after applying pressure for well over 3 mins and still hiccuping away!
omg it acturely works !! Comments By: lacie on 2009-06-18
i looked up hw to get rid of hiccups and tryed this tip and it work i was quite surpised didnt know this was a way to stop hippcups
wow Comments By: colin on 2009-06-25
thats great......and it works, that tips worth its weight in gold!!!
this defenitely dont work Comments By: anon on 2009-06-26
i tried it 16 times and nothing happened
It actually worked?! Comments By: Mared on 2009-06-28
I caaaaan't believe it! I've had really painful hiccups all day and they were getting really bad when I found this website. I really can't believe this worked! How random! xD
nope Comments By: Brooke on 2009-06-28
It looks like for many people that it did work and a few it did not. It did not work for me. I guess it depends who you are. If a person has or doesnt have something in there body then it does or does not work. It just depends.For me,i tried many times and it did not work. For some others it did on their first try.
didnt work grr! Comments By: frank's friend on 2009-06-30
i tried nd it got better then got worse!! i still have them now!
worked after 3rd try Comments By: Taylor on 2009-07-09
I think I wasn't pressing hard enough...it took 3 tries, but it finally worked.
Yeah it works! Comments By: Dave on 2009-07-18
Wow this works, I am amazed.

I pressed between my top lip and my nose, but pushing up on the bottom of my nose and within 90 seconds they are gone!!!

That's so damn cool!

i had the hiccups and did this even though i looked even more ridculous than normal. BUT IT WORKED. first of all i would like to thank Sandy for submitting this tip and also Mr Google for helping me find out this crucial ground breaking tip.

Thank you sooo much.

omg i am soooooooo impressed Comments By: kat on 2009-08-18
i was online trying to find a cure to get rid of my hiccups because they were annoying me soooooo much and i tried this and it actually worked i couldnt believe it i am soooo impressed right now and happy now my hiccups av gone :)
For those still with Hiccups.... Comments By: Mandi on 2009-08-18
The only thing that works for me is the pressure point behind the jaw and below the ear. For those who still need help, give it a shot.
It's gone! Comments By: Anonymous on 2009-08-22
Thank You! It actually worked!
Just because it doesn't work for everyone doesn't invalidate it Comments By: Bmore Guy on 2009-08-30
Works for me every time. People are different but it's worth seeing if this works for you. Costs nothing and if it works it's quick.
It Works!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: joannej on 2009-09-19
This may make you look silly but it actually works....... Thanks :)
All I can say is....WOW! Comments By: MarkS on 2009-09-24
I am at work and my hiccup just started and, based on experience, I know it is going to take a while and will be annoying. So i googled immediately and landed on this page. I heard about how putting pressure above your eyebrows to get rid of hiccups and I actually suggested to someone and witnessed how he got rid of the hiccups that way. But this one I was able to try myself and it worked the first time. Thank you!
awesome Comments By: anon on 2009-10-11
hey it works i would breathe and not hiccup at all. this might just work more often than i thought. this is the best method i have ever tried!!!!!
Wow Comments By: All across the nation on 2009-10-31
Amazing it worked!
THANKSSS Comments By: Anon on 2009-11-19
i was just having the hiccups and i know of other pressure points that work to cure the hiccup - on ur hand and neck, but their really really hard to find. I was looking for another one and found this and this tooootally worked the first time around. I was so surprised. Thanks so much because the hiccups were starting to hurt.
worked Comments By: s on 2009-11-21
worked within 2 minutes of applied pressure. thank you!
HOW!!! Comments By: Ryan Barker on 2009-11-30
how does this work? ive tried everything and i tried this once and now their gone!!!! i love this trick!!!
works great and just about every time Comments By: ben on 2009-12-04
This really works for me and being a teacher i've had about 20+ kids try it since i learned about it and it has worked for every single one of them. try it
YOWW it WORKED!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Anon on 2009-12-09
wow, i had it since the beginning of the day at school which is about 8:30 am i think anyway, it really worked right when i tried it.
Thanx!!! - From Clara Comments By: Clara on 2009-12-19
I Tried to sing but i kept going HICCUP HICCUP! - And That annoyed me SO MUCH!!
So i used ur theory and it WORKED!
Now Everytime i have hiccups at skool im gonna do that theory =]] Thanx!

TRY THIS !!!! !!!! !!!!!! !!!!!! Comments By: jimi on 2009-12-21
Pressure point didnt work unfortunately maybe next time :(, somehow ive managed to get the hiccups 4times in 1day, highly annoying, only thing seems 2 work is fingers in your ears as well as sticking your toungue out as far as you can for 30secs. sounds a bit mad but it DEFINATELY works : ) TRY IT.:) happy hiccuping.
I love the TipKing, hes always right! Comments By: Joe on 2009-12-24
i swear i was like OMG!! it was amazing. i honestly dod not expect it to work but it did. try it, its amazing
i already knew this Comments By: Emory on 2009-12-25
i already knew this but it works like a charm dont care what they say rock on!
iit worked wiv the thumb not the finger ! Comments By: tacha on 2009-12-26
omg u said put your finger but i put my thumb and it worked !!!
It Worked :) Comments By: Chloe :)) on 2009-12-29
Thats so random xD Im gunna tell all my friends :)
yeyyyyyyyy!!! Comments By: makhaskoun on 2010-01-02
yeyyyy it really worked! :D
Worked Comments By: GillyBean on 2010-01-02
allright worked after a few goes thanks!
yeah it worked Comments By: paul on 2010-01-04
learned about this pressure point in self defend to prevent bitting, never know it works with hiccups
rubbish Comments By: lewis on 2010-01-08
we tried 20 times and it never worked i think tipking is rubbish
Worked! Comments By: Anon on 2010-01-12
It actually worked...
ima do this from now on instead of holding my breath

YEAHHH!! Comments By: Sedona on 2010-01-19
i tried it and it worked thankyou!! :)
AMAZING!!!!! Comments By: Dishcloot on 2010-01-20
I dont believe it i hat hiccups with a passion and i shall use this in the future
Woah!!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-02-06
This actually works after 1st try amazing!!! :)
Yes! Comments By: Believer on 2010-02-28
Score!!!! Sandy. You just became my favorite person ever!!
Thankyou! Comments By: Paulina on 2010-03-03
I have had painful hiccups all day on and off. This was sooo helpful and worked right away! THANKYOU :-)
yep Comments By: Anon on 2010-03-10
i had the hickups in class, did this, and they were gone!!!!! thanks 4 the tip!!!
Another way... Comments By: It's-a-meee! on 2010-03-10
For those who it didn't work for try this: fill up a glass with cold water, bend over so your head is up side down, and drink from the glass, using your upper lip as you would usually use your lower lip. It works for me:)
doesnt work at all Comments By: junior on 2010-03-28
this only gives you pain you should eat a tbspn of peanut butter with some sugar mixed. it is not only yummy but gets ri of them
4 god sake Comments By: end on 2010-04-01
Flippin heck, still got them. heard there was away by blocking your ears and drinking water. Im on my own, hmmmm...
it worked for my hubby Comments By: sara b on 2010-04-03
Hubby couldn't sleep with his hiccups tried everything did a Google search found this tried it on hubby worked like it said thanks we can sleep!
FINALLYY Comments By: ANON on 2010-04-20
truly amazed Comments By: ROMPE2010 on 2010-04-24
haha so it might be the simplest of things but it really really worked! and i swore it wasnt goin to but it is 3 30 am cant sleep have had em for over four hours like constantly and now there gone! your awesome thanks so much !
this works!! Comments By: Mrs ST Choudhury on 2010-04-25
hey thanks for the tip...i get annoying hiccupus for ages and so loud too!

this totally worked straight away!


it works Comments By: kevin on 2010-04-26
i cant believe thats worked took me a couple of trys to find the right postion but once i did just like that my hicups where gone thamks alot !!!
I do not believe it worked! Comments By: Anon on 2010-05-09
I was still hiccupping at 25 seconds, but after 30 they stopped!
Hiccups Comments By: Deb on 2010-05-12
It works! Brilliant.
it worked for me Comments By: Amy on 2010-05-18
i got the hiccups when i got up to get ice cream and i thought maybe a sign but i drank three bottles 16.9 oz of water x3 is a lot of water and it didnt work....got online found this and i did it as soon as i read where the point was and it really work intsently dont know if it was just a mirlce or the decided to stop dont know but will def try again. thank god!
Unbelievable! It really works. Comments By: Melissa on 2010-05-24
you MUST try this! It completely got rid of my hiccups. The water crap doesn't work for me, but THIS does!! I can't believe how something so simple and odd can be so effective. :D
cured every time Comments By: Lottie on 2010-05-24
get a glass of water, bend right forward, head towards the ground and drink the water from the opposite side of the glass you normally drink from, sip constantly till the glass is empty, your hiccups will be gone
BULL Comments By: Ben on 2010-05-30
It didn't work. I tried it all and every angle you could and it didn't work. What bull...
THANKYOU Comments By: mb on 2010-06-06
omg i thought id never get rid of them thankyou!!!!
Great Idea! Comments By: Little B. on 2010-06-17
Wow, works like magic! I was skeptical since I continued to hiccup although my finger was in position...then they were gone just as suddenly as they came on! I'm all about the reflexology stuff so this was great. Thanks for putting this tip out there :)
shit don't work Comments By: mike f on 2010-06-24
I did it 5 times for 2 mins straight and it doesn't work whoever says it does needs to be slapped........... A COLD GLASS OF WATER AND A BUTTER KNIFE WORKS GOOD TRY IT
Hooray Comments By: Maddie casey on 2010-06-30
I had a savere case of the hiccups and I tried everything. Then I came here and thought that this was dumb but I was desprate I Reyes it and it worked
YESS! Comments By: Reiner on 2010-07-27
I thought it wouldnt work but after reading this I was real surprised this is awesome!
waste of time Comments By: dr.matthews on 2010-07-31
I keep fainting when I get hiccups and this method does not work-it only works for some people because having hiccups is involuntary spasm of the diaphragm and the only real cure is to get your breathing back to normal and some people forget they have hiccups while doing the pressure point thing which is why it works because they subconsciously calm down. In some more rare cases-which can go on for days, there is an actual breathing problem so the hiccups are worse and last for longer.
hmmm Comments By: Janie on 2010-08-02
Just reading your site cured them.
Top-Dog Comments By: smithy on 2010-08-16
Worked first time maybe a sycological thing but 100% works ty man
Worked 1st Time Comments By: Carrie on 2010-08-14
Was very dubious, but my sisters hiccups were very annoying! She tried it and it worked 1st time instantly! Weird but true!
so far so good Comments By: Paul W on 2010-08-22
I ve drink water all day, held my breath nothing worked.But this seems to be working I havent had a hiccup in 5min which is great. Thank you
does not work for me!!!!!!! Comments By: hickup joe on 2010-08-29
Did not work! 2 days of these darn things! I'll try anything. Now my lip hurts too! THANKS!
This worked for me, but I'm amazed at all the negative comments! Comments By: Carrie on 2010-09-11
This does work if you are in tune with your body and know how to apply the right pressure on the pressure point. Also, in a lot of the negative posts the people are saying they are holding it there for 30 minutes, etc. That should tell you if they cannot follow directions then they probably aren't a reliable source. Last but not least, some of the posts are just pure ignorant. Just because something doesn't work for you, doesn't mean it is fake! Think about modern Medicine - some medicines don't work for some people because of many factors. Please think before you post people!
worth persevering with Comments By: lady lambchop on 2010-09-14
i was getting pretty frustrated with my hiccups this morning as they were so violent i couldnt get on with my work. it took me awhile to find the right pressure point but after about six goes it finally worked, don't give up too soon folks! good luck to ya
Yay! Comments By: Carla on 2010-09-19
It worked! Amazing!
THIS FREAKIN WORKS!!!!!! Comments By: adam on 2010-09-28
I did it once i used my knuckle and pressed hard on the area and it got rid of it completely!!!!!!!!! this is like magic or something i really didnt expect it to work but it did! I hiccuped every 6 seconds and right when i did it they completely stopped! cool!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow Comments By: Miriah on 2010-09-30
This actually works. I thought it was silly at first, but my hiccups did in ffact go away! I'm so happy
ANOTHER WAY TO CURE HICCUPS... Comments By: Sheryl on 2010-10-23
With two fingers from both hands...apply pressure JUST above the eyebrow line for about 30 seconds. Maybe this will work for the those that can't get the other method to work. But this way works for me, my son, and a friend of mine.
Helped my father Comments By: Anon on 2010-10-31
My father came home drunk one night and had hic ups from 6 oclock and it was already 9:30 i accidently stumbled onto this page and i tryed it out. it had worked. and he stopped hiccuping. thank you so much.
Not for me Comments By: Richy on 2010-11-02
I had hiccups for a total of 2 days, and although they went away in that time, they also came back 10 times. I was worried they would never go away. It was embarrasing and getting painful. Unfortnately this did not work for me and it seems I just had tp let them run their course. I have a lot more sympathy for people with hiccups after my experience though.
it worked!!!!!!! Comments By: Tammi on 2010-11-18
I can't believe it, i tried it on my two year old son and it worked, even though he really didn't want to sit there with my finger between his nose and upper lip. Ha ha. Great tip, thank you:)
it worked!!!!!!! Comments By: Martina on 2010-11-18
I cant believe it, my two year old son does not have the hiccups anymore:) Great tip, thanks:)
Impressed! Comments By: Anon on 2010-11-19
I didn't believe this would work but I gave it a shot. Unbelievable! You just relieved me of my annoying hiccups I had all day! Nothing else worked till I read about this!! Thank you!!
Not So Much... Comments By: Anonymous on 2010-11-21
This method did not work for me. Although I tried it many times, it did not work. It is the 6th time I have had them today. They can be very bothersome...
Hiccups be gone! Comments By: charles P on 2010-11-29
I thank U 3x for emphasis. Had the hiccups off an on for 2 days. Today was the worse. I could'nt hold a conversation without the H/U's interfering. "I am a free man talking bout it."
Magic! Comments By: Anon on 2010-12-04
I couldn't get to sleep and my chest hurt form my hiccups, so I tried this, doubting it would work, and it totally did! I'm spreading the word!
THE 15 SECONDS UNHICCUPER Comments By: Kevin on 2010-12-18
Didn't work... but.... Comments By: SAvAgE on 2010-12-21
This didn't work for me but I tried another cure that worked in a few seconds. Just touch the back of your throat with a finger. The gag reflex will stop the hiccups in seconds.
2 year old with major hiccups. Comments By: carissa on 2011-01-06
Tried it for maybe 15-20 seconds and they're GONE completely!!! UNREAL. HAHA
Better solution Comments By: Harold on 2011-02-07
Have someone cover your ears and while they do, drink a full glass of water. Works a treat.


wow Comments By: anon on 2011-02-24
i had hiccups and i clicked on this site now there gone :D (bookmarked)
OMG! Comments By: River on 2011-03-16
Took 3 goes to get the pressure point right (just at the bottom of the nose) but seemed to work for me too... maybe the giggles is what did it LOL
Thank god ! Comments By: Danielle on 2011-03-20
Thanks to your tip my irritating hiccups which I've had all day have gone! :-)
No pain and Gain Comments By: Jose on 2011-03-21
I got hickups at work today and after 10 minutes, they were driving me crazy, so I googled how to get rid of them and this site came up. Followed the instructions and they are all gone now. And I didn't have to press hard at all, so there's no need to drill your finger into your flesh, just enough pressure to fill my teeth inside my mouth. Good luck to all and thanks for the tip =)
wow im so amazed Comments By: loz on 2011-04-02
wow i am so amazed , i had realy bad hiccups so i went on the net and found this website and it worked thanks so much !!!!!!!!!!!
Success! Comments By: Andrea on 2011-04-27
My son has the worst hiccups! When I was pregnant with him, he would hiccup. Ugh!! Now he is 13 and tonight I googled this site and was able to stop his hiccups while we are out to dinner. Wonderful!!
god bless u Comments By: seema on 2011-07-15
omg!! it worked in first attempt only.gutz plz try it.itz wonderful.god bless u for this.. :)
AMAZING IT WORKED Comments By: Ashleigh on 2011-08-26

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