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Five Hints for Choosing Cell Service

You are on the go and need to keep in touch with work, the children, your spouse, the sitter and everyone in general � so you have made the decision to purchase a cell phone. A cell phone is going to allow you to reach out and contact anyone anytime you need, no matter where you are. A cellular phone is also going to allow your family, friends, relatives, and coworkers to get in touch with you as needed as well. 

Going through the cell phone advertisements online, how are you going to determine what plan is right for you? I have gotten a few hints together to help you sort through all of this. While some of these hints might fit your situation, others hints may be best. However, one thing is important, never sign a contract, or sign up for service that you are not very comfortable with as this could be something that you have to �work with� and �deal with� for a few months to come. 

One thing you need to do is grab a sheet of paper. Write down all the reasons why you feel you need a cellular phone. Is it to keep in touch with others? Are you on the go a lot? Will you be able to save time? Will you talk to others more? No matter why you think you need a cellular phone, this is where you should be writing it down. 

Now that you have a listing of why you need a cellular phone, think about what else you are going to want or need your cellular phone to do. Do you need service in very remote areas? Do you need email or graphics of any type? Add these requirements to your cellular phone listing of wants and needs. Do not forget to put down on this list what you want to spend on a cellular plan. It is important to have a budget and stick to you budget. There is no sense in signing up for a service plan that is going to cost your twice as much as what you can afford. 

Now you are ready to start your research. There are many cellular plans and service contracts that you can view online but to find the best service agreements you are going to have to look at the companies that are located in your own area. Why should you consider working with a company in your local area? Because of service and convenience. 

When you sign up for a cellular service, the company that is located where you live is going to provide you with the ability to know what coverage areas you want best. The local company is going to be able to provide you with customer service when you walk through the door, you do not have to wait for something to be shipped out to you. When you need a replacement phone, repairs, or accessories, everything is at the tips of your fingers when you walk through the door � you do not have to wait on hold to get answers. 

What you can do to find and compare local service providers is to look to your yellow pages. The cellular companies that are listed in your yellow pages usually are found online. You will need to compare what is offer to what is on your listing of needs. Don�t settle for a service contract that doesn�t meet your needs even if it is a great price. 

You can compare all types of contracts for one year, two years, or three years. It is important to keep in mind that your needs right now might not be what you need in three years, so only getting the service agreement that you feel most comfortable with will be best. 

If you are only purchasing a phone online, you are most likely going to find the deal that is going to be better than what is in the store. Often if you print out what you see online, and take it to the store where you are going to get your service agreement, you can get the same price on the same phone without having to pay the shipping too!

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