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Get a ring off your finger wih windex

To get a ring off your finger spray windex on the ring and then slip it off. Windex is better than lotions because it doesn't damage the stones. As a bonus the ring is shiny afterwards.

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If you need a ring off quick do this! Comments By: Teresa on 2004-08-09
My finger had swollen and my thick wedding band was stuck.

I tried ice but it made the ring shrink too. I tried holding my hand above my head to stop the blood flow until my whole arm was asleep. Evan oil lubricant. Nothing worked until I used window cleaner, which I was very sceptical about.

It worked in a flash and now my finger is saved from certain death!

Thank you!

Glass Cleaner Works!!! Comments By: Dee Dee on 2004-12-04
My wedding band got tight after drinking tonic water and started to turn my finger purple. I tried cold water too but the ring got smaller too! Then I tried the glass cleaner and instead of just pullng it off I twisted the ring down my finger - it worked great!!
With panic setting in - Windex gets a WIN! Comments By: Jeff L. on 2005-01-26
I too tried everything, arm over head, lotions/oils, and just as my purple finger got me panic-stricken...I saw your tip on Windex, and it twisted right off!! THANKS!!
Windex works for a stuck ring on a finger! Comments By: holly on 2005-02-01
I tried soap, ice, floss, and someone else pulling on it! The only thing that worked was WINDEX!!! Who would have thought! Thanks for the tip!!!
It works! Comments By: Darcy on 2005-03-04
Gotta say, didn't really believe the tip until I read all the responses. Definitely tried the lotion, soap, oil, ice options as well. The windex worked -- I'm converted.
My Fat Greek Wedding Comments By: Gene on 2005-03-05
I thought it was just a line in the movie, but Windex does work for everything. I just proposed to my girlfriend last night and she was determined to make the ring I got her fit.

She got it on but couldn get it off. Of course we started with the usual dishwashing liquid and cold water to no avail. We tried the glass cleaner at first and nothing happened. we thought we had to have "Windex" brand. Not so, We were doing 2 things wrong the first time..

The first thing we did wrong we squirted her finger one or two times. make sure you give your finger at least 4 or 5 shots and second "be patient" slowly but surely work the ring off. It worked so good the ring slid right off her finger and on to the floor. That was hardest part; we couldnt find the ring once it slipped off. It all worked out and we are headed to the jewlers now to get it sized properly

save your butter for cookies Comments By: Anon on 2005-04-23
I'm 38 weeks pregnant and my wedding band wouldn't come off after holding it above my head, cold water, butter, soap and olive oil (polyunsaturated!)The glass cleaner worked after squirting my finger at least ten times and working it over my knuckle bit by bit. Thank you
Unbelievable!!! Comments By: JM on 2005-04-29
As I sprayed on the Windex, I could tell it was going to work. It was incredible. It still took a few minutes to work the rings off and it hurt a bit and my finger was very red - BUT it was totally worth it.
dont waste your time!!!! Comments By: ronda champney on 2005-05-02
i also tried eveything and it totally works i tried on my moms wedding ring and it wouldnt come off i was ready to go 2 the hosptal and get it cut off but isaw this and tried it and it litterally inly took a minute to get off butelavate it and ice it for 5 - 10 min. and keep your hand elevated to take it off
A++++++++++++++++ Comments By: Sceptical at first... on 2005-05-27
My husband did not think his ring was going to come off...he was ready to cut it off with some pliers, then like always I got online to do some research and sure enough we ran across this and YES IT WORKED, be patient and have someone spray while you wiggle it off, we sprayed like 10 times...oh and it was not WINDEX, it was window cleaner in an aerosal can...
windex it worked Comments By: dee on 2005-06-05
omg windex saved my life my wedding band was really stuck i was about to go to the hospital...spray your fingers alot alot and twist and move up knuckle part might hurt but keep twisting and tugging...this works
I cant believe it came off!!! Comments By: Laura on 2005-06-10
OMG it hurt so bad and was turning purple and super swollen!! I had to squirt it over and over and over again with the windex. It was just the generic kind. I kept thinking it wasnt going to work, but I kept trying. It finally worked, I dont know how!!!

Thanks for the tip!

Not so much Comments By: Laura G. on 2006-01-10
My wedding band got stuck on my right index finger. Usually there's no problem, but I fell asleep with it on. And I swell a bit in my sleep. I tried lotion, liquid hand soap, hair conditioner... Then I tried the Windex idea. Believe me, I tried.

In the end, it was Bath and Body Works Antibacterial Moisturizing Handsoap that did it for me. It's hand soap with the consistency of lotion. Windex was not the solution for me.

Thank God! Comments By: Anon on 2006-01-28
I just got engaged and when the sized me they sized me too small so the ring was completely stuck and swallen. I iced it up and held my arm over my head forever and nothing. The windex worked with twisting, it hurt but it was worth it. I am getting it cleaned up and resized on Monday.
What a Lifesaver! Comments By: Deidre on 2006-06-27
I had tried all of the usual advice..soap, lotion, oil, ice and elevate, but nothing was working. I set up a doctors appt. I was getting very paniked. I read the Windex idea and thought..No Way! So, I would try anything at this point. It hurt. but I kept twisting it and kept it elevated and I sprayed probably 20 times, and IT WORKED!! Relief!! I called my doctors office and gave them the advice too!Thank you!
Windex gave me an idea! Comments By: Michelle Richards on 2006-09-15
I tried my ring on a bigger finger, got it stuck but I didnt have any window cleaner. So i thought about wat does a similar job. I looked through the cleaning cuboard and saw Mr. Sheen ordinary funature polish. Worked a treat! (Long Sigh) Im so glad its off!!!!!!!!!!
I am More Than Relieved! Comments By: Jujubee on 2007-04-30
It took me about 45 minutes (and eventually a pain pill). I really thought I would break my finger before the ring FINALLY came off. I'm having surgery in 2 days, so I had to take off all my rings....tyvm. I'm in heaven now.
I heard this trick before from my jeweler but I forgot all about it. I'm a changed woman now! (Maybe I shouldn't have gained SO much weight after my wedding!) Thank You AGAIN!!!

AMAZING Comments By: Angelkysses on 2007-07-05
I thought no way could windex remove a ring that had been stuck on for months. I tried everything from oil, soap and lotions. Nothing work until I sprayed 2-3 squirts of windex on my finger and withthin 3-4 twists it was off.... Totally amazing
It totally worked I thought I was going to pull my finger off! Comments By: Christi on 2007-07-12
OMG the windex thing worked!!! I read a bunch of entires about it but I was sceptical. I kept my finger above my head while doing it to reduce the swelling and so I couldn't look at it and chicken out half way through. It hurt like an SOB but I did it! Thanks Windex and the internet!
GLASS CLEANER WORKS TOO Comments By: monica on 2007-08-08
I didn't have any windex but I did have a generic Glass cleaner, I squirted my finger like 10 times and it came right off, I didn't even have to pull that hard, Earlier I tried ice and soap and my finger was turning purple and was soo swollen.

HURT SO BAD... but off!!! Comments By: prof on 2007-08-08
Surgery is tomorrow am. Doc wanted ring off or prepare for cut off. Wedding ring had been on 27 years this Oct. A LOT of Windex with elevation and more twisting and more spray but was off in under 5 minutes. SKEPTICAL BUT NO LONGER. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
This is best tip ever! Comments By: Andrea on 2007-08-20
I'd tried olive oil, butter, and soap-to no avail. Tried about 10 sprays of generic window cleaner and slowly but surely, my ring came off!!
Fantastic! Comments By: Carolyn on 2007-11-12
Am 34 weeks pregnant and engagement and wedding ring were truly stuck! Ater 10 squirts of glass cleaner and 10 minutes of twisting both rings were off. Be patient - this will really work.
ring removal Comments By: Anon on 2007-11-24
I used window cleaner to try and remove a ring and after 15mins of turning and frequent spraying the ring came off. I would highly recommend this method compared to using cold water and soap as the ring will also get smaller.
No... Comments By: JS on 2007-12-07
Wow, i wonder how it worked for all of you because it did not work for me. I tried for a whole hour using exact directions. Lo and behold the ring is still on my damn finger....
Windex does work Comments By: Elli on 2008-02-18
My wedding ring made my finger red and itchy... which led to swelling. My rings were killing my finger, i read this site and tried the windex thing, and the rings just slid off...and it didnt hurt to pull at them..amazing
HOORAY!!!!! Comments By: narelle on 2008-03-15
Windex, glass cleaner, works a treat!! I had tryed hand cream, soap, then i read this and tryed glass cleaner and it work straight away, amazing. I wonder why? and I wonder who thought of windex?????
Window Clean??? Comments By: Ellen on 2008-03-26
It was 6am when she woke me up and my daughters finger was turning purple. She's only twelve years old and I could tell she was starting to panic. To be honest, so was I. I've had rings stuck, but never had my fingers turn color like this. We tried all the other stuff too (oil, ice, soap, etc) nothing worked. Thought I'd check the internet before we went to ER or fire department when I saw the windex solution. For us it worked better if I sprayed constantly and she twisted. It was stuck over the knuckly part for a good stressful few minutes and the end of her finger turning a very deep purple. That when I was thinking "oh crap, what have I done to my child" I should have just taken her to the ER, but I pretended to her that all was fine and I wasn't worried a bit. We sprayed constantly, as she said it was less painful when it was completely wet with spray. It seemed much longer, but I think it took a good 5-7 minutes. She said it hurt a lot when it was over the knuckle and because I was nervous about the color, I almost told her to stop and push it back on, but I did notice we had gotten further then before. DONT GIVE UP - KEEP TWISTING THROUGH THE DISCOMFORT AND SPRAY SPRAY SPRAY! It worked for us Thank you :)
glass cleaner Comments By: Alisha on 2008-03-31
it does work i juss googled my problem an fount dis site an juss got my ring off finally!!

thanks 4 sharing

WINDEX..... Who would have known? Comments By: Hanani on 2008-04-24
I have been trying to get my three stone diamond ring off of my finger for about 6 months. I have had the ring for several years and recently gained about 60 lbs in a short period of time. The ring fit okay (just a little tight) down by the hand, but when it came to the area around my knuckle..NO WAY!!!!!!! I would spend an hour every couple of weeks trying different things to try to get the ring off, untill it hurt so bad, or I got so mad I would just give up!. Well it finally dawned on me to "Google" it, and lo and behold I found this site and read all of the comments. I thought, yep, I am going to be one of the very very few that it does not work for. I came out of the office full speed ahead to the cabinet where we keep all the cleaning supplies, loudly stating has anybody seen the WINDEX, Do we have any WINDEX?.....Etc......Long story short my ring is off! This really does work. I was very sckeptical too, but what is it going to hurt just try it out, you'll be glad you did. :)
Looking for something to help my wife take of a stuck ring Comments By: Pedro on 2008-05-09
I was looking for a solution on removing a ring that had been on for so long it couldn't come off. My idea was to find some cutter that could snap the ring off. When I read about the Windex solution my wife could not believe me because she had tried everything, except Windex. It worked immediately. Thanks for the tip.
Amazing! Miracle! Comments By: Michelle on 2008-05-13
I gained weight with my pregnancy and have not lost enough to get my ring off. I wore my ring for 2 years b/c my finger was too fat to get it off. I was finally determined to get my wedding rings off so my finger could breathe, when I came to this site and realized windex is a miracle. At first my ring went up a little ways toward my knuckle and I thought there was no way it was going to get past my knuckle. So I went and got some ice. After a couple of seconds with the ice I tried twisting my ring off again and kept applying windex. It didn't take too long to come off after that. I am so impressed! Why didn't I do this 2 years ago?
Windex Worked! Saved my sanity! Comments By: Jon on 2008-06-07
I was getting really scared about my fat finger. I couldn't get the ring off using Crisco or anything else. I sprayed on lots of Windex and after some twisting and turning it came off! I'm so happy! Thanks!
Grin and bare it....it's worth it!!! Comments By: Megan on 2008-06-18
Tried the string, ice, lotion, oil, soap and nothing but pain and a very red finger. But I sprayed my finger, tugged a little, sprayed a little more and just continued to pull and it came off! Spray as you go if you have an especially hard time with getting it off and the red finger with a pulse of it's own will surely agree with you.
Windex Shined! Comments By: Dee on 2008-07-21
My ring had been stuck on my finger for 4 hours. Needless to say, my finger was red, swollen, and begining to throb. My daughter told me to search the Internet for a solution. When I read the comments posted here, I knew I came to the right place. I had tried everything...just like everyone else. So, I figured I would try the Windex. Believe me, it worked just like it said. About 10 squirts and a few twists later...Windex Shined (And I did not use a brand name either). Thanks for the help.
Windex works Comments By: anon on 2008-07-27
My ring seemed very stuck on my finger and probably had been for a long time. One night I woke up and could not get it off. I tried the cold ice water, but it actually made the ring tighter. I tried petroleum jelly, lotion,and soap. I read about using windex even an off brand. It worked. I held my hand above my head for a few minutes. Then I kept squriting the finger with windex . I used a pad that you use to unscrew a lid to grasp the ring. I just kept twisting and pulling. It hurt some but it made more progress than ever before. It finaly came off. Thank goodness. I was tempted to go to the ER at 10pm to get it cut off.
Yahoo...success! Comments By: Sara Duke on 2008-07-30
Thanks to this website I got the ring off! Thank you, thank you!!
does not work Comments By: anon on 2008-08-11
I dont see how you guys and gals got this to work, I still have the wedding band on my finger and it wont come off. i even soaked my finger in window cleaner.
booz and pliers Comments By: Anon on 2008-08-14
it didnt work but a couple beers and a tool set did
Nope--not for everyone! Comments By: st on 2008-08-29
Did nothing for me....I am starting my starvation diet right now--that is my only option! :(
Worked for me! Comments By: Kathie on 2008-09-24
Thank you so much, this worked for me. I squirted the ring, my finger, and the skin underneath the ring, and with a slight twist and pull the ring came right off.
I am AMAZED!!!! Comments By: michelle on 2008-09-30
I am pregnant and have been trying to get my wedding ring off for a couple of days- tried EVERYTHING- or so I thought- until I googled my dilema! My finger was so swollen that it was red and purple and i could barely bend it- i couldn't sleep because of the pain! After I read about the Windex trick- I elevated my arm for 10 min. and then generously sprayed my finger with Windex, twisted the ring, cried from the pain and then unbelievably it came off! I am still in shock- I thought for sure I was minutes away from going to the hospital to have it cut off! I don't know why this worked when nothing else did- but i will be forever grateful!
I'm a believer! Comments By: April on 2008-10-07
I didn't believe any of you!! lol I had 2 rings stuck on my ring finger after gaining weight. They were becoming increasingly uncomfortable plus I'm having surgery in a couple weeks. I just got both off with Windex. It didn't even take that long or hurt that bad. Made a believer out of me. Thank you all.
Thank You ! Comments By: Emma24 on 2008-10-23
My husband bought me a beautiful engagement ring and it was to small, but of course I just had to put it on. BIG MISTAKE ! I couldnt take it off, I tried everything soap, gel, oil, and lotion. Finally I decided to look it up online and I couldnt believe there was info on it. So I came here and thought windex how is that going to work but I tried for like an hour. And no luck ! I was so mad I thought for sure I was going to have it cut off. My finger was swollen and purple for 2 days. After my finger returned to normal I decided to try again. OMG! It actually worked it to about 10min to get it off and hurt like hell! But its OFF! Thank you so much ! Dont Give Up!
Windex + WD40 + Water = Success! Comments By: Greg on 2008-10-26
Same story as many: weight gain = tight ring. Found this website. Unsuccessful with just Windex, then tried WD-40 just to see. Not much luck. Rinsed hand under water, and the combination turned into grease on my finger -- and the ring slipped right off. (Well, it was a bit painful over the bottom knuckle, but it came off.) I suspect it was the WD-40 and water combination that made the grease, but I did have Windex on my hand, too, so I'm posting the whole recipe.
IT WORKED!!! Comments By: Tara on 2008-11-04
I'm 36 weeks pregnant and I wanted to wear my wedding ring to my dad's wedding. I have been taking it on and off for a few months now. Well this time it was a squeez to get on and was not at all coming off. I did the ice, lotion, spit, soap, things too. I woke up this morning from my finger throbbing. So I went to my best friend Google.

I tried everything else, why not this. I sprayed a folded up paper towel a few times, pressed it on my finger for not even 5 seconds and my ring moved up to my knuckle!!! Then a few more times and it came right off! It was amazing.

Great combination- Windex & WD40 Comments By: Laura Britton on 2008-11-04
I tried everything like the others have-soaking my finger for 15 mins in cold water, soap, lotion, Aleve. I decided to try Windex as my last hope. After 35 minutes of spraying Windex and WD40 on my finger and twisting ring on my finger. I finally got my wedding ring off my finger. After a couple of minutes of spraying and twisting I would dip my finger into cold water and that seemed to help with the pain/swelling as well. Thanks again for the tips. I was a a non-believer at first but now I am SOLD on the idea of using Windex.
Jewelry Cleaner Comments By: Thankful on 2008-11-16
I was scheduled to have surgery and was told I needed to remove all jewelry. One of my rings was given to me by my late mother and I was distraught at the idea of having to get it cut off my fat finger. I decided to do a Google search to see if I could find any tips on getting a ring off a finger and I found this site. I didn't have Windex but I did have jewelry cleaner. I drenched my finger in the stuff and my ring was off in less than 5 minutes. Praise God.
Hurts like hell but worth it!! Comments By: Mrs. Nelson on 2008-12-15
i just gave birth a little over a month ago and decided to try my rings on. Well they went on a little tough but then got stuck!! I tried soap and water..um..oil..lotion and the combinations and nothing worked. I saw that many people tried windex so I told my husband to help me with it and it FINALLY CAME OFF. Next to childbirth it was the worst ever but its off with only minor scrapes to my finger. Unfortunately, I have the wedding band on too and all that tugging made the swelling worse so we'll have to get that off too. :(
worked for me! Comments By: Anon on 2009-01-21
i was skeptical as well but after unsuccessful attempts with everything from soap to oils to ky, i tried the windex and sure enough it worked!
Cant believe this worked!! Comments By: Lea on 2009-01-31
My cousin went to sleep and woke up her whole finger was purple!!! we thought we were going have to go to the e.r my dad couldnt find his ring cutter. The windex worked in like 45 seconds OMG!!!!!
AMAZING Comments By: Joan V. on 2009-01-13
After reading all the reviews I decided to give it a go and to my disbelief the ring was off in under 5 minutes. My husband wouldn't have any part in it so I even did it myself. It took some patience but it worked and I still can't believe it. The ring's been stuck for 6 years! THANKS!
OMG! It took a while, but... Comments By: m.c. on 2009-02-19
I finally got the ring off! I knew i shouldn't have put it on, but I did. In order to get your ring off, keep saturating your finger in the window cleaner, DO NOT let your finger get a little bit dry!! Keeping it elevated is a good idea as well. Your finger can turn scary colors, but be persistent, and don't give up. My finger is no worse for the wear, so good luck with yours!!
did not work, Comments By: Kaelyn on 2009-04-11
I too tried everything i could think of. I used lotion, I used ice and salt , I used vaseline , And more but my finger did not turn blue and it only cut off my circulation. But my nuckle is swollen and all the products maide my ring tighter. (mood ring). Then i saw this windex tip and it still DID NOT work. So the ring is still on my finger but if it gets worse im going to the hospital
It worked without a doubt Comments By: Tera on 2009-04-18
I went through all the advice and decided to try this last. It worked in less then a minute
windex & wd 40 Comments By: smiley on 2009-04-30
HOLY MOLLY- i had a ring stuckon my finger i too tried the ice trick,it didnt work ..then i came on line and tried the windex.. tugging .. pulling soaking it in a bowl filled, nothing, then iwent down te basement and gotmy husband's wd 40 .s0payed it and tugged , nothing i put it back into the windex, then tweisting it it was loosening upup i put it under the cold wateras some1 said for the swelling and i kept twisiting going back and fourth with the combination of the windex and cold water and wd 40 i finially got it off but it took about an hr..i was fraid to tellmy husband becuz i have rings on every finger some have 2 and i didnt want him to ask me to take the rest offhe knows nothing and im glad ..lol...so the ring finger is swelled and ugly but i threw the stupid thing way - it was a cheap one any way ..lol..like they said dont give up keep doing the combination under cold water does help too.. as the beatles say " twist and shout " but dont shout too loud lol gl
NOTHING WORKED...NOT EVEN WINDEX Comments By: Mindy on 2009-05-13
I went ring shopping last weekend and tried on a few that were snug. Then we bought one. It was kinda snug but I could get it on and off. The next day I put it on and now 3 days later after trying everything I can't get it off. My finger is now swollen. I have iced it taken a water pill, ibuprofen, I have used soap, olive oil, vegetable oil, lotion, KY and windex. IT IS NOT COMING OFF! I guess I'll give it a couple more days without messing with it then I'm going to the jewelers to have it cut off and resized.
worked in a flash Comments By: Molly on 2009-05-28
Been trying for months, this worked w/in 4 seconds
EXCELLENT!!! Comments By: Emma on 2009-06-12
After reading the majority of comments, I was suprised to hear that window cleaner would be the product to get the ring off of my finger. Upon trying this method out, it worked a treat. Thanks for the excellent tip!!
windex works Comments By: Melanie on 2009-06-15
I am 3 mos pregnant and noticed my wedding ring finger hurting a bit and some dry peeling spots so figured it was only going to get worse, and should try to remove. I iced it in cold water, but heard that shrinks the ring too, so tried windex, it was off in a few mins! Yea! Now I have to figure out if I want to risk wearing them on chain, or tuck them safely until later....anyway, just happy they came off safe.
IT WORKED!!! Comments By: Maria on 2009-08-13
It took 2 minutes of spraying and twisting and pulling but it came right off!!! We're so happy not to have to cut the ring off! Thanks for the tip!
WINDEX WORKS! Comments By: Alfredo on 2009-08-21
Thanks for suggesting windex! It took five seconds to get my ring off my fat finger!
Windex just like the Dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding Comments By: Eileen on 2009-09-16
Ring stuck and the water, oils, liq soaps did nothing but swell the knuckle. Read the windex tip and got it off in < 5 minutes after 2 "Stuck" days. Thanks everyone
Ice water & glass cleaner worked! Comments By: Komala on 2009-09-27
My ring gos stuck on my ring finger a few hours after I put it on. I tried soap, lotion, ice water, oil & even the string method! Nothing worked of coz. I saw the windex solution but here in Singapore there's isn't a windex brand so I used a ordinary glass cleaner which is ammonium based & it worked. I had to place my finger in ice cold water & at the same time spraying the cleaner on my finger & keep twisting it around. i did this way simultaneously for a good 5 mins & the stubborn ring was off! Remember to elevate your hand too!
Black Finger Comments By: Barbara on 2009-12-05
I didn't even recognize it was stuck, but my finger felt funny. upon turning my hand over, all I saw was black!! I was in the shower and grabbed the baby oil and twisted and twisted--off it came in about 5 minutes. So if you are out of window cleaner, try baby oil. I was relieved to hear others say their finger was different colors- purple to black- didn't know whether to go to ER or not, but now since reading here, I will wait and check it out in the morning!!
Regular Window Cleaner did the trick... Comments By: SFB on 2009-12-16
As I didn't have the posh stuff at home. I would definitely give the finger in question a bit of a rest if you have been going at it with alternatives beforehand to let the swelling go down as much as possible and to minimise the pain. It did work - again wiggling as opposed to twisting.
excellent tip Comments By: Randy on 2009-12-18
I have tried just about everything soaps,lotions and creams. finally after several years I decided to google this today. glad I did, I was skeptical but figured what did I have to lose. Thanks for the tip should have googled this years ago.
OMG IT REALLY WOKS!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: esta on 2009-12-25
I woke up in the middle of the night and my finger was so swollen and my ring stuck at the bottom> i tried ice, soap, lotion....name it,till i googled and tried windex. with about 5/10 pain i managed to pull it off.Thank God
Wow it worked but hurt Comments By: becca on 2010-01-04
THIS DEF. WORKED.I never believe an of these things. I got my ring off in 2 minutes. I had a lot of twisting and pain but it is off now! You just have to be able to take the pain and keep your finger wet. don't let it dry or it wont budge over your knuckle.
Panic and Purple but relief Comments By: stepdcamp on 2010-01-08
I was at work and put my engagement ring on the right hand. Immediately I knew it was a mistake!! I tried pulling it off and it swole up immediately. I came across this article, I iced, elevated and left it alone for 2 HOURS. After I soaked my finger in a cup of ice and water it was totally numb, I went to the bathroom with an entire bottle of windex, used the liquid soap and had some lotion, it began to budge but when I found it was getting stuck sprayed tons of windex, applied the soap and had to pull while I was twisting. I got hung up on the knuckle but I was halfway and my finger was swelling again and turning purple, I kept going and as long as you have good lube you can get it off it may take a little time. I was in the bathroom a total of 10 minutes. My finger was swollen and not able to bend after but I think the fact that it was numb from the ice really helped. Great tip, it saved me, I was in tears at my desk!
7 minutes til Heavan!!! Comments By: Nicole on 2010-02-13
I tried everything: soap, olive oil, ice water, shampoo...all I got was the most swollen finger and complete throbing pain. Read about the Windex and we ran to Home Depot to get it...! Started spraying like there was no tomorrow and twisting and pulling! Can't say it felt good...it was the most horrible pain you can imagine and after panic set in and amputation vision passed by my brain, I sprayed, twisted and pulled and after about 7 minutes that ring came off! I am a true believer in Windex... :)
stupid mood ring Comments By: Mariah on 2010-02-27
i woke up this morning and had a look at my hand, and i tried to take off my ring and it wouldnt come off.i had went to this water park and they had an arcade to i won tickets and got a mood ring...but the mood ring i had wasnt just the mood ring, it was the type that turned on top and stayed on my finger underneth the spinning part.well i licked my finger and it didnt work, i put lotion on it and it didnt work, but usually when i put lotion on it , it comes off.......but not this time so i started freaking out and decided to go and try butter but it still didnt work. so i looked up on the internet and found some ideas buut none of them worked, but then i tried the windex idea and it didnt work the first 3 times, but i got furious and tried it one more time and it hurt, but i came off and i was so happy, i thought i was gonna heve to get it cut off.But now i know to take my rings off before i go to sleep... thanks!
OMG Thank you so much Comments By: Suzanne Warburton on 2010-03-15
I was a lot smaller 2 years back when I got engaged and married. Next month I need an operation where I need to take off me rings.
It was awfully sore twisting them, and I don't know if we have windex in New Zealand but my ajax glass cleaner did the trick.
I borrowed another idea as well of putting my hand over my head also. My finger went a bit purple. But it was off in minutes so no damage.
Again thank you :-)

windex miracle!!!! Comments By: Anthony on 2010-03-19
My wife was so worried that she could not take out the ring out of her finger, she tried every trick she knew but to no avail. I was even ready to cut it if i have to,then somehow i google it and i found this tip, wow i am so amzed, after applying windex it came off in 4 minutes to be precise, thanks to everybody who post the tips that helps people like us..
STUCK RINGS Comments By: Lynne on 2010-03-30
I'm another who can confirm that the glass cleaner does work. My Mum just passed away and I was wearing her wedding ring as well as my own 3 rings. My finger swelled and they became well and truly stuck and painful. I got on the net and saw your tip. I used a generic glass cleaner. Just soaked my hand in cold water for a few minutes, gave the finger about 4-5 shots with the cleaner and voila it was off. I must admit it was painful and my knuckle is red and swollen, but it was well worth it. Thanks for the tip!
Wouldn't have believed it!!!! Comments By: E. Ridley on 2010-04-18
I've just got my ring off with Windolene. Finger still throbbing and a bit swollen but the ring came off in about 2 minutes. Thank Goodness for the internet. I've been trying to get this blasted ring off my finger for 2 painful days!!
Windex works!!!! Comments By: Nas on 2010-05-01
My engagement ring has been stuck for the last couple of months every since a gained some pounds. Every time I attempted to twist it off, the flesh above the indentation would swell up. Tried Saran wrap, soapy water, lotion, cooking oil, everything!

Finally bought some Windex, and it worked like a charm! Spritzed my finger completely - abt 4 - 5 spritzes, and tried to twist it off. The first couple of seconds felt like it was going to get stuck, but I continued to twist, and voila, less than 15 seconds, it was out!!!

Keep in mind that you may face an initial resistance to the twisting, but persevere - it's sure to work!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you... Comments By: Amy on 2010-05-05
My finger was really swollen, I tryed lotion cookin spray dental floss, and my finger just kept swelling larger and larger. Did the windex and it came off within seconds, just keep twisting. Can't belive it.
Didn't believe but IT WORKED Comments By: Amy on 2010-06-01
I went today to get my wedding band cut off. I couldn't get it off for almost a year due to pregnancy swelling and gaining weight prior to pregnancy. The jeweler told me to try Windex and it worked! It didn't work for my engagement ring, though, only for the wedding band.
WINDEX WORKED LIKE A CHARM!! Comments By: M. Heki on 2010-06-10
My wedding ring has got too tight but I couldn't slide it off and it made me really nervous. I tried a few squirts of windex and it wasn't enough. I just tried about 10-15 squirts on my finger and it slid right off. HIP HIP HOORAY! I am so excited. Now I get it resized!
patience is key Comments By: my finger's finally free! on 2010-06-11
My finger was very swollen after many attempts to remove the ring with other products - soap, lotion, olive oil - and even one attempt earlier in the day with Windex. The part below my bottom knuckle was so swollen that it was larger in circumference than the ring itself! I thought getting it off was physically impossible, but as a last desperate attempt before going to the hospital, I held my arm above my head for ten minutes, then held it above my head for an additional five minutes while clutching an ice pack, and then proceeded to spray my finger with Windex while keeping it above my head. (I actually relocated to the shower for this part because the Windex drips) The key for me was to twist the ring VERY SLOWLY and spray often. It did hurt and my finger did start to turn blue, especially when I got to the most swollen part of my finger, but I kept trying. I also found it was less painful and more effective to twist the ring just a little bit in each direction, back and forth, rather than in a complete circle. I think it took about 10 minutes , a third of the bottle of Windex and lots of slow, tiny twists, but the ring did come off! I think my first attempt with the Windex failed only because I was panicky, only sprayed it a couple of times and pulled too hard expecting the ring to slide off right away.
Windex worked for me! Comments By: Grateful on 2010-06-25
It took A LOT of sprays and a whole lot of twisting and pulling but the ring came off in about 10 minutes. Thank you for the tip!
Didn't work - Face Cleanser Did Comments By: Caz on 2010-06-26
My fingers swelled up overnight with the heat and the 2 rings I had on one of my fingers were stuck. I couldn't leave them as I was riding that morning. I tried the cold water & windex & the wd40 ideas. But they didn't work - there just wasn't enought lubrication from them especially as no one was around to help spray extra. I finally tried one of my cream face cleansers and with a bit of patience & a pause to add more cleanser when twisting over the knuckle area it worked!! Yea!! :)
Windex I love you Comments By: Dee on 2010-07-04
I had my wedding rings on for 46 years. I had gained weight and as a result my rings became harder to remove. A combo of weight gain and swelling from the heat my rings became impossible to remove. My circlation was being cut off. I tried everything I could think of. I thought I would have to have them cut off. I read about trying Windex and after many squirts and lots of pain I was finally able to pull them off. THANK YOU WINDEX I would recommend this solution to anyone.
*phew* Comments By: Slife on 2010-07-10
I tried to get my ring off a few weeks ago, assuming it would come off if I tried hard enough, and it didn't! I just found out I need to have surgery next week and I was terrified of having it cut off. I found this tip and gave it a go. I soaked it in cold water for a while first and then sprayed with Windex. At first, it wasn't coming off and I started to panic. I got it about halfway, sprayed it again and it slipped right off. *phew* I feel so much better knowing I won't have to have it cut!
Quick and easy Comments By: stuck on 2010-07-25
I have gained quite a bit of weight since I got married and my finger had gotten so big that it was larger than my ring. the ring was starting to dig into my finger so i knew i needed to get it off but couldn't lose weight fast enough. i held my hand above my head for about 10 min and then put it under cold running water and then got my wife to spray it with windex as i twisted it. had it off in less than a minute and i was really skeptical. i had tried the tape and string and they didn't work. tight over the knuckle but it comes off, just make sure you keep spraying the windex on the ring and your finger so that its completely covered in it. now gotta lose some weight!
Works Wonders Comments By: Meme on 2010-08-06
I am 39 weeks pregnant and my fingers had swollen up and I started to panic! I tried lotion and baby oil to get my class ring off and it didn't work. I was at the point of trying to find something to cut it off but then i decided to look up on the internet for suggestions and found out about Windex. Luckly i had some and went at tried it asap.I saturated my whole finger w/ windex and twisted my ring up my finger, it hurt but it took about 2 mins to get off. I was relieved, i didnt think it would work!
Very stupid advice Comments By: Ringless on 2010-08-19
If your ring won't come off with lotion/twisting, it won't with this. It's ridiculous to think it would. I tried, and I didn't even come close. If your finger is wider than the band, you have no option but to seek medical help. Thanks for nothing.
Oh my gosh! It really does work! Comments By: Lisa Marie on 2010-09-10
My wedding band was feeling a bit snug after 24 yrs. of marriageok, I probably gained a few pounds. I have always had little puggy pads on my fingers, but I could usually get it off when needed with some lotion. NOT this time. I used the Windex a few times during the day, with my finger getting swollen and making it worse. After reading the comments by others about being persistent, I just kept spraying as it was stuck below the knuckle. There was enough swollen below the ring at this point that it gave me hope. IT WORKED! I am a believer!
Jammed finger in window -thought knuckle was broken Comments By: anon on 2010-10-09
I slammed the window on my hand (don't ask) and my finger started turning black and blue. After two or three days of swollen throbbing finger was looking on the internet for advice on where to go to get ring cut off and came across the windex solution. Thought I had nothing to lose so held my hand above heart for ten minutes, sprayed windex and with a LOT of tugging it worked. My finger is swollen and throbbing, but ring-free!
Windex really works??? Comments By: Amanda on 2010-10-20
I had put on a ring on my pinky finger last night, and it was a little small. I fell asleep, and woke up in the morning to a hugely swollen, deep red, throbbing finger. I ran to the bathroom, where I tried hand sanitizer, cold water, even spitting on it! When nothing worked, I went to school and went to the nurses office to see if she could remove it. We tried lotion, ice, oil, Vaseline, hand soap, everything! Sadly, we had to go to the Welding Class and have it cut off because my poor finger was turning purple and black. It never dawned on me to use Windex, I was too busy panicking cause I thought I was gonna lose my finger. I am getting my ring fixed this week. After reading how this worked for all these people, I will most definitely recommend this solution! Thanks in advance!
After an hour and 4 beers to kill the pain, it worked! Comments By: Rebecca Nagy on 2010-11-07
I hurt my finger lobstering and after waiting almost 3 weeks for the swelling to go down, it never did. It only got worse, to the point that I woke up this morning with a cold ring finger because my finger had swollen over my wedding set.

I tried everything, ice water, 800 mg of ibuprofen, Hemorrhoidal cream to reduce inflammation and add lubricant; I mean, I tried everything. I was going to go to the doctor tomorrow if windex didn't work.

I have to say, it wasn't easy and the pain was unbearable, but after an hour of spraying Windex, wrapping my finger in Saran wrap, and holding it above my head... and probably the most important ingredient 4 beers for pain relief, I finally got determined, started twisting and gritting my teeth (my knuckle was still sore from the orginal injury), I finally got it off!

I, as well as my family did a happy dance! My rings are tucked away in my jewelry box and circulation has been restored to my finger.

Thank you so much for this website... at minimum it saved me a doctor bill and at maximum, saved my finger. I am a medical transcriptionist... my fingers are my livelihood! Thank you!

Thought I Could But I Can't Comments By: Red on 2010-11-26
Have been gaining weight and gaining weight and have not been able to get my wedding rings off for over a month now ... actually weigh more now than when pregnant ... read the 92 comments, 90 of them success stories ... thought I could but I can't ... tried Windex and WD40 ... maybe I'm not twisting and pulling hard enough ... or maybe my finger is fatter than other people's ... happy for those of you it worked for ... and I feel for one poster who said their ring had been stuck for six years.
Windex and Prayer Worked!! Comments By: Katherine Phillips on 2010-11-26
I have a 3 band wedding ring set. It went on easy...coming off was another thing!! I went to the web and found this about getting rings off with Windex. My finger was very swollen and I was willing to try anything. After 10 minutes of Windex and lots of prayer all 3 of the rings came off!! I would recommend this to anyone.
IT'S A MIRACLE! Comments By: MG on 2010-12-13
I have been separated from my husband for a few months and thought I'd have to lose at least 10 or 15 pounds to get my ring off. When my sis-in-law first told me to try it, I thought she was nuts! But, I sprayed a lot of windex on my finder and it did not take long to twist the ring up and over my knuckle!! I am free!!!!!
I was skeptical but it worked Comments By: Anon on 2010-12-13
I had to get my ring off because the stone came out, I tried epsom salt thing that would draw out the fluid in my fat finger, I went on line and here was a whole list of windex tips, so I tried after about 15 minutes and several squirts of Windex, the ring finally came off, now my finger is back to normal again, I guess when the stone is put back in I will have to have that ring made larger, thank you Windex.
It really works! Comments By: M. Lee on 2010-12-26
Got a beautiful right-hand ring from my husband for Christmas, and although I could tell it was a little small, I put it on anyway. Dumb move. If you have to work to get a ring on, you'll really have to work to get it off!

I tried lotion, soap, shampoo, and conditioner, and all I managed to do was turn my finger purple. So I did a Google search and found the Windex tip. A few minutes of keeping my hand above my head, a few seconds of submerging my hand in cold water, and a lot of Windex and twisting, and the ring was off!

I learned my lesson and will be getting the ring sized tomorrow. :)

OMG Comments By: Jessica on 2011-01-01
I cant believe it. This truly works! I tried everything I could think of butter, soap, 3 different lotions, vaseline, elevation and more. Then I saw this tip, It works!I agree with most people; you have to be patient. Twisting as you gently pull. You may have to pour it over you ring and finger a few times
Best tip ever!

Magic Comments By: Roger on 2011-01-01
Using window cleaner, within one minute my wife's ring was off (temporarily!)
Didn't work for me. Comments By: Woodyg on 2011-01-28
I tried it and it just made the swelling worse, had to get in cut off, rubbish basically.
Must be something in the window cleaner solution Comments By: Rose on 2011-02-02
I had tried everything over 5 days to get my ring off to no avail. Creams,vasoline, butter, and nothing worked;then I read this tip,and got the window cleaner (Mr Muscle) and kept spraying my finger and twisting the ring at the same time. It was a relief when it finally twisted off after about 3 mins of twisting. Must be something definately in the spay that works .
hallelujah! Comments By: Navymomx3 on 2011-02-10
Got the ring off...much pain but also much success.
Thank God the ring is OFF!!!!! Comments By: chris -west deptford, new jersey on 2011-02-11
Tried everything-soap,ice,oils,etc. read the timeless tip and made my Friday night!!! Feels Great-thank you timeless tips
it's finally off Comments By: ringless in homer on 2011-02-20
Never, never thought it was going to work. Thought I would have to have it cut off. A little ice, a little window cleaner soaking and twisting and more ice.. 20 minutes later it wriggled free with some painful memories to reflect upon. And my husband had is doubts...
I can't believe it!!! Comments By: Anon on 2011-02-27
I tried everything to get my rings off...my finger was extremely swollen and they were cutting into my skin. I thought for sure I'd have to have them cut. But I tried the glass cleaner and they were off in seconds. INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!
wow! Comments By: Lynne on 2011-02-28
Thank you so much. Tesco window and glass cleaner did the job - hurt like hell though!!
Windex removed 3 rings for me! Comments By: Susan in Indiana on 2011-03-01
I had worn my wedding ring and engagement ring for the last 43 years, and about ten years ago, I forced my mother's engagement ring on top of them. That ring was 3 sizes smaller! It is hard to even put on. (I don't get any points for brilliance here.) Surgery looms and I had to get them off. Note well that at the time of my marriage I weighed 90 pounds; now I'm a grandma with 13.5 grandchildren and my weight has more than doubled!
It took ten minutes. I sprayed the Windex and grunted, groaned and finally screamed in pain, but my husband's job was to ignore all of that and just keep working on the rings.
It WORKED. I wouldn't have believed it could be done, but I highly recommend Windex. I'm keeping a small bottle of it in my first aid box.
Thank you all so much for the realistic and encouraging words!

It Worked!!!!! Comments By: Beth Tebe on 2011-03-14
I had my grandmother's wedding ring stuck on my finger. I too tried cold water, oil, soap. I felt trapped inside the ring. I used Melaleuca brand glass cleaner and it worked! Did take a bit of effort, didn't slip right off, but it's the only thing that worked! AND with Melaleuca there were no toxins like in Windex! So grateful for this suggestion!
Don't give up , it works ! Comments By: Danielle on 2011-03-15
My engagement ring was a size 3.75 , and I had gained a good 30lbs since then , 9 years ago. Lately I noticed my knuckle was swelling and itchy and no matter what remedy I tried the ring wouldnt budge over the knuckle . When I tried removing the ring the skin would bubble up making it impossible to make it's way off the finger. I went to 2 jewelers who both refused to cut the ring due to the fact it was so tight they feared they couldn't get the guard under the ring and safely remove it without cutting me. They reccomend I visit the fire department and have them cut it off .
The idea of having the fire department remove my wedding ring sounded terrifying and a bit embarrassing so I googled for ideas to remove the ring, and landed at this site. I sprayed the finger repeatedly with windex and kept twisting.. It wouldn't go over my knuckle .. After 2 failed attempts due to pain and cut off circulation I gave it a third shot.. Spraying and twisting , not giving up once it hit the knuckle, and kept at it , and finally the ring came off !

Windex Comments By: LC on 2011-03-29
Not for one minute did I think it would work....but it did!!!!!
The best tip I've ever had Comments By: STW on 2011-03-29
This worked after soap, oil, cold water and strength failed. Getting a ring off a swollen finger can be painful but this worked after a but of jigging. Thank you very much!
ahhh i feel like the worst daughter ever nothing worked Comments By: Katarina on 2011-04-08
last night i had been working on costimizing my class ring but when i came to the end it aske dmy for my ring size which i didnt know. so, n-my wounderful mom gave me my great grandmas ring (the one she where as a wedding ring)to try one it went on fairly but wouldnt come up over my freaking knuckle ugh i started last night at like 9 and finely gave up and went to bed woke up at 6 this morning and tried to get it off with soap and water and i have now tried lotion,soap and water, cool water ,warm water, ice , Windex ,elevating my arm for a while with ice and without,WD 40 ,taking ibprophine (sorry about spelling) oh yeah and flose.:( nothing has worked as you came imagine my finger is swollen and its not comeing off!ughh i feel stupid,crappy and like the worst daughter ever.My mom says "Hey Crap happens" and laughs yeah i dont think its funny so im going to the docters to get it cut off . wish me luck people. (i dont like docters)
thought this was a spoof, but it really works!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Heather on 2011-05-19
Ditto to all of the other statements. I tried everything else, was just about resigned to go and get my rings cut off. Tried the Windex and it's off! It took some twisting and it hurt but it only took 30 seconds and it came off!
WOW! It worked in a matter of seconds Comments By: Barbara on 2011-08-02
3 kids and several pounds later, my wedding rings were so tight on my finger they were beginning to hurt. I tried everything... string, ice, drinking lots of water and nothing worked. I read the Windex idea and had both rings off in less than 1 minute. INCREDIBLE! Saved me from having to have them cut.
JAMMED FINGER & OUT OF HOPE!!! AMAZED!!! Comments By: Sherryl on 2011-09-19
I have had a jammed finger for 8 weeks and my wedding ring has been stuck on ..the swelling was driving me crazy and I think the ring was stopping some healing due to circulation issues!! After reading the reviews about "don't stop even if ur finger turns blue,keep your hand in air, ice during" This took me 15 min. and I did start to panic and thought no way will it pass my huge knuckle and my finger is now very purple...I started to wiggle back n forth...yes it hurt like heck...THEN...IT HAPPENED ...OFF CAME THE RING! I walked around with my finger throbbing like no other for 5 minutes cussing and I have typed this with my right hand as my finger is still numb but starting to come back to life!!!! Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences! So happy it"s OFF :)! GOOD LUCK TO YOU AND BE STRONG !!
IT WORKS!!! Comments By: DBanks on 2011-10-25
I didn't have Windex, but I did have a generic Windex-like glass cleaner. I, like many of the people on this thread didn't actually believe it would work. The ring was so tight on my finger it had swollen due to lack of circulation, pulling on the ring just caused more of a bulge totally blocking the ring from coming off, but the glass cleaner did the trick. After about 3 to 5 pumps I was able to twist the ring downward on my finger without creating a bulge, 3 to 5 more pumps, and more twisting downward and off it came. I'm just AMAZED!

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