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Arthritis. A natural remedy with stinging nettle leaves

Submitted by Eric

For permanent relief from swollen, painful joints, rub the affected parts with stinging nettle leaves. This might seem painful when you do it, but no more so than that caused by the arthritis.

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ouch Comments By: sophia on 2006-03-23
im sorry but i wouldnt even try this remedy have you? and where did you find this? i mean causing your self such grief and it may no even work i hope for thoses who are brave enough to try this it works for but i for one am far to scared.
Stinging nettle relief Comments By: David on 2008-11-19
I accidentally found that nettles help the pain of arthritis when I knelt on some the other day. I was gardening and keen to pull out some weeds but didn't notice what I was kneeling on. The nettles were in contct with my skin (through thin trousers) for 3 or 4 minutes. That afternoon my knee was showing the effects of lots of stings but that evening I was able to walk up stairs much more easily than I have done for several years! I will be stinging the other knee next week and look forward to it!

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