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Hot Flushes in the Menopause

Submitted by Dorothy Diane

If you are going through the menopause and get very hot at night, Simply keep turnimg over your continental quilt, So the outside becomes the cold inside, this can be repeated throughout the night and will always be cold, and thus keep you comfortable.

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ice bags Comments By: Anon on 2005-05-23
I usually put 2 frozen ice bags between my pillow and sheet. When I get 2 hot on my head I just flip the pillow over. The ice bags are usually still frozen in the morning. You can also use the ice bags on the back of your neck and sleep on it or just cool down any where you like. Stay cool.
Santa has no idea Comments By: Mom of twelve on 2006-11-07
Nothing worked on my 24-7 hot flashes till I tryed bio identical progestrone cream.
But you can't get it in your kitchen cuboard it's not cheap but it could make it a safer place for the near inhabitants .

this works and is proven Comments By: Anon on 2007-12-30
for hot flashes take the natural herb called "black cohosh". over the counter hormone therapy like estroven is putting it in their pills. Black Cohosh does work, I've been using it for years. When I get a hot flash I take one (up to 3 a day). I only take them when I need it and its not very often anymore. I've gone through menopause twice (once chemically induced) and the other natural and if it werent for the black cohosh I would have gone nuts!
Hot Flashes Comments By: Joy on 2008-04-11
Rub vicks vaper rub on the back of your neck and between your shoulder blades.
DO his before going to bed for a great night sleep.
I'm 51 and live by it.

Estroven!! Comments By: bjache on 2010-07-19
Are you people nuts?? Turn over a quilt? Ice? Vicks? For petesake had you taken better care of yourself from the onset you wouldnt be having this problem to begin with - Black Cohose and daily! And get yourself educated and early!
Vivelle Dot - bio identical estrodiol Comments By: Allie on 2011-07-26
I became surgically menopausal 3 years ago, and was given a patch...doesn't go thru the digestive system, so no liver effects and can take a lower dose than oral estrogens. Weaned myself down to a minimal dose - keeps the head clear and hot flashes at bay!

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