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Stop your hens eating their own eggs

Submitted by Marlene

Stop your hens eating their own eggs by finding out which nest the offending hen uses. Take one or more of its eggs and 'blow' it.

Then fill it with a mixture of another egg plus pepper and carefully pour it back into the original 'blown' egg. Seal the end with wax to stop the contents ozzing out.

Put this egg into the nest where the offending chicken lays. When eaten it will put the hen off eating eggs for life.

Visitors comments

Great idea Comments By: Sue on 2007-04-21
I think this might work!! I've just "blown" an egg and I have added black pepper AND curry powder to the contents. I will get a small syringe from the Vet and put it all back in tomorrow. In the meantime, I have left the egg contents to get nice and rotten. Can't wait to see if this works.
are you sure? Comments By: anon on 2009-04-12
Just tried this.

The hens gobbled up all the yolk and pepper quite happily. Do I need to add a lot of pepper?

I've been thinking Comments By: Anon on 2009-09-01
a lot of diffrent sites have been saying to use rotten eggs but i was thinking that once they peck it and break it open it would stink up the hen house. wouldint it?? and your advice seems like a lot of work.
egg-eating hens Comments By: Greg Glendell on 2009-11-06
you need to *know* that the 'bait' you put in a egg to put off the hen from eating eggs, is *really distastfull* to hens. Birds have no ability to taste hot things like curry/pepper etc.
stop hens eating eggs Comments By: vennesa on 2010-11-28
i just blew out some eggs and filled them with dish wash liquid... see how they like that!!!!!!

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