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Onions. The amazing properties of onions

An onion can provide many natural benefits. Read on for some truly amazing properties of the humble onion:

  • If you have been stung by a bee or mosquito. Cut an onion in half and hold it on the sting. It will take the pain away, and cool the sting.

  • The onion is also great for an earache, just slice it in half and put it over the ear hole. Leave it there for a half an hour at a time or till the pain subsides.

  • An onion can also help your sinus' drainage. It is a natural decongestant. Just make some onion juice, you do this by slicing up slices of and onion and put sugar in it. 1-2 tbl spoons, let set for 1/2 hour till juice forms and spoon it out. Swallow, it is not too bad. One onion can be juiced many times. This is a great tip for a pregnant woman who has a cold and can't take medicine.

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