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Removing sticking plasters and the sticky residue

Remove sticking plasters ( Band-Aid )without the usual discomfort by rubbing the plaster with baby oil, and then allow it to soak in for 10 minutes.

The plaster will come off easily and painlessly.


If you are left with a residue of gum where the plaster used to be try rubbing a little olive oil onto the residue. It will loosen it and you will be able to rub it off.


After removing sticking plaster, remove the sticky mark by coating with petroleum jelly and leaving for a few minutes before rinsing off. Another method is to use cotton wool dipped in surgical or methylated spirit, or nail varnish remover.

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Removing sticking plaster Comments By: rob on 2008-11-11
Thankyou so much for the advice to remove the plaster using baby oil.
The easiest way to remover plasters! Comments By: Hana Freeedman on 2008-11-28
mywipe plaster wipe gently remove the plaster and residue without discomfort. www.mywipe.co.uk check it out, it contains essential oils, so similar concept to the baby oil method, but contains other ingredients that work magic!

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