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Nosebleeds. Here is some advice for a nose bleed nosebleed

A bleeding nose is quite a common ailment. The bleeding usually comes from an area just inside the nose  that has a lot of delicate blood vessels. It is not usually caused by high blood pressure, although nosebleeds are more common in adults with raised blood pressure.

Although seldom serious, nosebleeds can very occasionally be life-threatening, usually in older patients. They are more common in people taking anticoagulants (blood-thinning drugs) or aspirin.

Nosebleed can almost always be controlled by pinching the nostrils firmly together for five minutes and breathing through the mouth. Pressure maintained for this length of time will allow the blood to clot, and the bleeding is unlikely to recur unless the site is disturbed.

If you fail to control the bleeding this way then another method is to hold some ice onto the bridge of the nose. This can help to release the inflammation.

I used to suffer with nose bleeds constantly during my teenage years and I found that if I leaned over a sink and let it bleed for a few minutes it would stop of it's own accord. I would keep the cold water running to wash away the blood and moisten a towel and place it on my brow.

If you are at all concerned about your nose bleeds then do speak to your doctor.

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