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Lemons. Amazing propertes of Lemons and lemon juice

The lemon is a truly remarkable fruit. It can be used for a multitude of conditions and ailments.
You can keep rheumatism in check by drinking plenty of homemade lemonade without sugar.

  • Headaches
    Next time you are suffering with a throbbing headache try rubbing your temples and forehead with a slice of lemon.

  • Sore Throat
    Make a mixture of Equal parts of honey, lemon juice and glycerin, taken frequently, l tsp (5ml) at a time, will relieve a sore throat.

  • Biliousness
    The juice of a lemon mixed with strong coffee can help reduce the feeling of biliousness.

  • Sea Sickness
    Pure strained lemon juice can help relieve the symptoms of sea-sickness.

  • Weight loss
    Help control your weight by taking the juice of a lemon in hot water every morning before breakfast.

  • Refreshing drink
    A cup of cold tea, with a slice of lemon, makes a refreshing drink.

  • Corns
    Rub corns morning and night with lemon and they will disappear.

  • Fish Bones
    If you swallow a fish-bone do not panic. Suck a piece of lemon slowly, the lemon juice will dissolve the bone.

  • Tartar
    Lemon juice will actually remove tartar (plaque). Drink a little lemon juice in a glass of hot water. This also makes a good mouthwash.

  • Dandruff
    You can control dandruff by rubbing lemon juice into the roots of the hair.

  • Freckles
    If you have freckles and would rather not, rub a little undiluted lemon juice over them every night and in a few weeks they should start to fade.

  • Warts 
    You can get rid of warts by rubbing them daily with lemon.

  • Chapped hands
    If you are suffering with chapped hands make a mixture of equal parts lemon juice, rose-water and glycerin. Apply to your sore hands for some comforting relief.

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