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Dandelions. Herbal uses of dandelions

Here are a few ideas for the herbal use of dandelions:

Caution Do not use dandelions that have been treated with herbicides, as may be the case with roadside growth. Pick only those that are at least 25ft/7.6m from sprayed areas.

Natural drink Clean and dry a handful of dandelion roots and then roast them in a warm oven until they turn dark brown. Grind them up and brew into a coffee-like drink. You can percolate the grounds in the same way as you would coffee, using 1 teaspoon per 8fl oz/ 225 ml of water.

Salad greens Use tender young dandelion shoots for vitamin-rich salads. Be aware that after the flowers form, the greens become too bitter to eat.

Tonic Infuse 2 teaspoons dried dandelion leaves in 8fl oz/225ml boiling water; strain and sip the tonic slowly before a meal. It can work as an appetite stimulant.

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Just thought you'd like to know... Comments By: CR on 2006-05-09
Before you go spraying your yard to get rid of this amazing plant, you should know that the dandelion is wonderful for rejuvenating and cleansing your liver which will ultimately help aid weight loss.

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