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Citrus fruit peelings. Ways to recycle Citrus fruit peelings

Here are a few ideas to recycle citrus fruit peelings

Bird feeder Place a suet-birdseed mixture in an empty orange or grapefruit half; suspend the rind cup from a tree in the garden with string.

Saucepan cleaner Clean a blackened aluminum saucepan by boiling water and citrus rinds in it. If it is still discolored, rub it with a steel-wool pad.
Tea flavoring Add citrus peel to tea leaves while they're brewing, or put several small strips in a cup of just-boiled water with a tea bag.

Nail grooming Press nail tips into the pithy side of a lemon rind to clean them after doing dirty chores.

Potpourri Add rinds to simmering cinnamon and cloves to fill your home with a wonderful aroma.

Aromatic bags Put small string bags filled with orange or lemon peel in drawers and cupboards.

Cutting board freshener Rub a lemon rind over your cutting board to clean and deodorize it.

Fireplace freshener Add some dried citrus rinds to the fire as they burn they will give off a spicy fragrance.

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fire-lighters Comments By: Julian Hartnoll on 2010-09-02
The best possible use for orange peels is to use them as fire-lighters. Just try squeezing a fresh peel over a candle and watch the juice from the pith ignite. So to make a good firelighter dry your peels for couple of weeks and then place then in the kindling before starting a fire.

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