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Eggshell. Ways to recycle eggshells

Here are a few great ideas for recycling eggshells:

Mini funnel Poke a hole in half an eggshell, then pour the liquid through it into a container.

Blown eggs Poke a small hole in both ends of an egg (the hole at one end should be slightly larger than the other). Then with your lips at the smaller hole, gently but firmly blow out the contents. Leave the shell to dry, and then paint and decorate it with scraps of material or sequins. To use as a Christmas tree decoration, attach a ribbon or string to one end.

Planter Fill half an eggshell with soil, moisten it with water and then plant a seed. Support the shell in an egg box.

Fertilizer Sprinkle crushed eggshells around garden plants to discourage slugs. Toss any extra eggshells into the compost heap for the same reason.

Pot scrubber When cleaning pots and pans while camping, a handful of broken eggshells is a good substitute for steel wool.

Mosaic Paint the inside and outside of eggshells a variety of colors, and then crush them in a paper bag. Draw a picture on cloth or paper and spread slightly diluted white glue over it; sprinkle appropriately colored shells over the glue. Protect your picture with several coats of acrylic sealer.

Garden aid Sprinkle freshly planted seeds with crushed eggshells to mark the rows; they may also help to keep the birds, slugs and snails away.

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