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Jeans. Ways to recycle a pair of jeans

Here are a few ways to recycle a pair of jeans

Draught excluder Cut off both legs and then cut each in half lengthwise. Make all four halves into tubes and then stuff them with rags or kapok. Sew up the ends and use the tubes to block out winter draughts.

Shoe bag Cut 18in off the bottom of one leg. Sew up one end of this piece and hem the other so it can take a drawstring (or simply cut holes to hold a string). Thread a piece of cord around the top with a safety pin and pull tight.

Patches Save pieces of tattered jeans to use as patches on a pair that's still worth saving.

Cushion Cut off one leg, hem the raw edges and then tie one end tightly with decorative cord. Stuff the leg with old tights or some other filler, and then close the other end with a matching piece of cord.

Tripod holder Cut one leg off a pair of jeans and then sew up the bottom and attach a shoulder strap.

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