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Ladders. Ways to recycle old ladders

Here are a few ways to recycle old ladders

Decorative arch Make a covered archway through a garden path by placing two old ladders opposite each other, screwing them to posts that have been fixed firmly into the ground. Place a third ladder across the top, binding it securely to the two upright ladders with a strong cord.

Trellis Or use an old ladder (preferably one with rounded rungs) as a trellis to support climbing plants.

Utensil holder Tie a thin but sturdy rope around the rungs of a short length of old ladder. Screw two metal eyes into the ceiling, using expanding wall plugs to ensure a firm fit, and thread the rope through them to hang the ladder from the ceiling. Suspend your pots and pans from the ladder, placing them on hooks attached to the various rungs.

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