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Oven racks, stove racks. Clean stove and oven racks

When it comes to keeping your oven or stove racks clean generally speaking prevention is better than cure. Stopping a build up of grease will help. You can prevent grease build-up in your oven by frequently wiping it with vinegar.

I have a couple of tips for the effective cleaning of your oven and stove racks so read on:

The following was sent into the site:
I used to work for a cleaning team and this was quick and easy. To clean all that stuck on food off oven racks place them in a trash bag. Spray with oven cleaner and close bag for a couple of hours. Take them out and wipe clean. If they are really bad you might leave them over night. It was so easy. I clean them this way all the time now and tell all my friends. They can't believe how easy it is.

Another more unconventional way:
Place your oven or stove racks in the garden, on the grass, spray with a bit of your favorite cleaner and let the dew take care of the rest. There is something about a heavy dew and the mixture of letting your rack sit all night that makes them so easy to hose off and you are done! Be aware that this can damage your grass so do this somewhere out of sight.

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OVEN DOORS Comments By: PAUL PARRY on 2009-10-25
I am an oven cleaner and would like to know your views on removing and splitting the doors. I have experienced a few problems. There is a grey area between being an oven cleaner and an oven technician. This really concerns me so I would value your advice

Comments By: elisabeth on 2009-11-09
what problems did you have?

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