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Help my colors have run laundry advice

If your laundry has turned pink or blue because you've added a garment of the wrong color by mistake, follow this hint. Remove the offending article, and put all of the affected items back into the machine.

Immediately run the washing machine through another complete wash cycle. Quick action may be enough to wash the color out.

For whites, RIT Dye makes a Color Remover which works wonders for returning items to white. Beware that it turns everything to white, so only wash items in the Color Remover if you are expecting solid white items in return.

Visitors comments

almost Comments By: Kristie on 2004-08-23
I tried this... it helped some but not enough to save the clothes on its own but it was a good start!
I'm just glad I'm not the only one... Comments By: Kristie on 2006-11-28
This is the second time I've accidently done this. What an idiot I am! Oye. Im keeping my fingers crossed. I'm trying this, I added some vinegar because well its supposed to have magical powers. Wish me luck.

I noticed the other comment was from a Kristie too... I wonder if its the name :o)

rit dye Comments By: joane on 2009-01-10
where could i bye this

Clothes turned blue from washing wrong items together Comments By: Jody on 2009-07-06
I bought Rit color remover at A.C.Moore craft store in the same department where they sell the Rit dye. My white capris are in the wash now going through their last rinse. I hope it works!

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