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Organize Your Laundry Room

Do you have a space in your home that is dedicated just to your laundry?  Have you even noticed how much of a mess this room or area can be?  You can get your laundry room organized and it is just going to take a bit of patience and perseverance to get your space organized so you can find everything and your task of doing the laundry goes much faster.

One of the first things you need to do when organizing your laundry room will be to take out everything that does belong.  The broken cars, books, games and other items that get left around the house and some how make it into your laundry room.  The seasonal items that are sometimes stored in your laundry should go to the attic.  All the shoes, coats and umbrellas need to be stored in closets near the doors and not in your laundry. 

Wow look at that � now that you have taken two hours and put all the other items that are in your laundry in the rooms where they belong your space is starting to look pretty good� but we are not finished here yet.

First lets take a look at where your laundry detergent, fabric softener and stain cleaners all are and how they are stored.  It they are just sitting on top of your dryer all the time this is really going to be taking up lots of your space.  The back of your washer or dryer is a great space to build a shelf.  A shelf that is just big enough going across that it will blend in with the top of the dryer washer, yet just wide enough so that a bottle of bleach or detergent will fit on it and still be out of your way. This could be a wire shelf that will let liquids drip through or any small wooden shelf that fits the area.

Now that you have the top of the dryer cleared off, what about the hangers, and the shelving where your hanging clothes go while you are putting all the clothes on hangers.  If you have hangers on the floor, in a basket or sitting on a counter, you need to make it a habit that who ever brings hangers in, put them on the rod where they belong. 

When you are hanging clothes after drying them you can easily see the type of hanger that you need and can hang clothes faster.  You won�t have to grab a hanger and pull on it until the others let it loose from a big tangled mess when your hangers are always hung up.

Make your laundry chores simpler by having your children or others in the house take care of hanging their own hangers, taking their clothes from the rack once or twice a week. 

Keep your laundry room looking great and make it a welcoming work area when you keep all the rest of that stuff out of your laundry. If it is being stored for another season, put it in the attic.  If the curtains are washed and dried, have them hung up.  Don�t leave curtains or other clothing in your laundry room taking up space just hang them on a hanger, put a garbage bag over them and put them in storage in the attic or in the basement.

The laundry room that is on the first floor of the home is often a �catch all area� that you can keep cleaned up by clearing it out.  If you have the room, a small cabinet where you can store all your extra laundry cleaning items is going to be a welcoming space for storage.  Sometimes when items are on sale we will buy more than we need and keeping it out of site is a big part of keeping your laundry looking organized and together.

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