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Odor. Tips to remove Odor from clothes

Odors in fabrics will come from a wide variety of things. If you have odor in fabrics, closets full of clothes, items stored in the attic or basement you will find that normal odors will be removed from the fabrics and clothing by laundering them as directed on their tags.

Visitors comments

Waste of my Time Comments By: Marlene on 2006-06-22
I was hoping for something more helpful than "read the tag".
Duh!!! Comments By: sherry on 2006-07-03
we all know to wash the clothes. That is where common sense kicks in. This tip was made for the villiage idiot! I wouldn't even rate it a one if I had a choice/
Useless Comments By: amanda on 2006-08-14
Gosh! "Read the tag and wash the clothes." Why didn't I think of that???
How stupid Comments By: Anon on 2007-05-05
Even a lazy teenager can do that much. How useless!!!!!!!!!!
Waste of Internet space! Comments By: LaRue on 2007-07-10
No kidding!! Read the tag, thanks for stupid suggestion, I would have never guessed that one.
worst one yet Comments By: Khaos on 2009-04-19
I think now that we evolved from neadratrals that being able to read was a everyday part of life for all of us now get wit the times give more usful tips thats some thing my 3 year old would say
TIP? Comments By: Jen on 2010-02-11
Read the tag and wash accordingly is not really a tip--this is simply common sense

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