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Keep squirrels away from plants, bulbs and bird feeders

Squirrels are fun to watch. They are very ingenious and cunning on their quest for food. However their idea of food is not always what we have in mind. So here are a few ideas.

If squirrels are eating your young plants or bulbs then sprinkle some blood meal around the bulb or on the surface of the soil near the new plants. The squirrels will give them a wide birth.

To keep squirrels away from bird feeders. Add liberally a cheap brand of cayenne pepper to bird seed. Squirrels hate it.

I have also had the following tip sent into the site that could be very effective. To keep the squirrels or rabbits from digging up your garden you can buy dried fox urine and sprinkle it in the garden, but it can be costly for a small envelope. Instead I had my husband urinate in a jar and sprinkled it in my garden. Viola, no more digging. Ask any hunter and he/she will tell you that you never urinate in the woods or the deer won't come near the smell of human urine. Male urine works better because of the hormones, male cats are attracted to hormones in female urine.

Visitors comments

blood meal Comments By: janet on 2005-04-27
What is blood meal and where do you buy it?

TipKing says: Blood meal is a feed for plants and can be bought at garden/yard suppliers

Urine? Comments By: Tagezs on 2005-06-05
Urine will turn grass yellow. Won't fox urine or even human urine harm plants? Squirrels seem to be taking over my entire yard!
HUH! Comments By: Tiffani on 2007-06-13
Won't it start to stink with pee!
STINK? Comments By: racomast on 2009-04-12
I don't think so. My husband has been peeing in our backyard for 30 years, and it has never smelled like urine. We don't have a squirrel problem, either!
Squirrels and new plants Comments By: Debbie on 2009-06-08
I have heard that human hair also keeps the squirrels away from the yard. Can someone also let me know it if is true thank you.
help Comments By: al on 2010-04-03
we have tried all of the above,what plants do squirrels not like ?
Permanent Squirrel Remover Comments By: countrygurl on 2010-07-05
Love the tips EXCEPT for relocating them. People drop them off "in the country or down the road" which is where WE happen to live. We battle them enough. Sad to say the only "permanent solution" is to shoot them. A .22 works fine. If you feel this is inhumane I'm sorry. It is better to do this than poison them as that gets into the food chain. The hawks and owls clean up. We have taken other measures like putting the feeders up higher than their jump range, putting 6" inch sheet metal duct pipe around the posts and trimming and removing trees so they can't jump to the feeders. Now we can enjoy the squirrels on the ground and not on all our feeders. We used a combination of the above methods.
No Luck With Squirrel Comments By: Frustrated on 2011-03-17
I've tried red pepper, black pepper, cayenne, garlic, chili pepper, cinnamon, fox urine, bobcat urine, coyote urine, and coffee grounds with no luck. The squirrel continues to visit daily. He has ruined every single plant, now he just makes a mess with all the digging.

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