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Cockroaches. Solve a Cockroach problem Pests tips

You can get rid of those cockroaches in and around your home using one of the following great tips:

  • If your home is infested with cockroaches you can use a mixture of baking soda and powdered sugar to keep cockroaches away.  Sprinkle the mxture behind your appliances, under cabinets and anywhere they you have been seeing cockroaches where your pets and children can't get at it.

  • Mixing oatmeal, plaster of paris and flour together and spreading this powder around your home where you see cockroaches will keep them away.

  • This is a bait recipe that you can use inside and outside of the home to kill off cockroaches. Using baby jar lids, or similar small metal lids, pour a mixture of boric acid and sugar into the lids and place them in spaces where your children and pets cannot reach. Under the fridge, under the sinks, in cracks in the wall, in the attic and in the basement as well as places outside where you see cockroaches most often - and this will kill off the cockroaches that are attracted to and that eat this mixture.

    You can also sprinkle this mixture in crevices and, if building or remodeling, between walls before putting up plaster board.

    Caution: Keep mixture away from children and pets. If ingested in large quantities, or even in small amounts over several days, boric acid can be harmful.

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