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Get rid of unwanted cats in your garden

If you are troubled with unwanted cats in your garden or yard. It is said that it you cut a few lengths of black garden hose and place them around the garden the cats will stay away.

Well I am not to sure but give it a go.

The following was sent in by William Cline

To keep cats out of your flower bed, try spreading a box of cayenne pepper.

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Cats Detest This Comments By: John Cullum on 2006-03-15
Soak used tea bags in Jeyes Fluid and bury about 20 - 30mm under the soil around your plants. Cats can't stand it and the tea bags deteriorate as compost!
CAYENNE DOES NOT HELP Comments By: ANON on 2006-06-27
Cats in your gardens Comments By: Pam on 2007-03-05
I think if they are allowed to roam your yard, the Animal shelter should be made to pick them up. I have found nothing other than, live cages, and take them to animal shelter.
Cats in Gardens Comments By: Anon on 2007-04-08
I have read putting rose bush cuttings in your flower beds will deter cats... I have done this and it seems to have worked for me. Now I need help with dogs digging up flower beds.
Good Luck!!

to Pam Comments By: Anon on 2007-08-06
Just because you apparently dislike cats, doesn't give you the right to feel that all outside cats need to be sent to a shelter...you wouldn't say that the neighborhood kids that play in everyone elses yard but theirs need to be sent to an adoption agency now would you?

I have found that my own urine works well...cats are territorial just like dogs.

cats in the garden Comments By: anon on 2007-08-21
I find cats are an excuse for a pet, if your neighbors dog was fouling in your garden you would not tolerate it, so why should it be acceptable for cats to do so. Why should I pay a mortgage and maintain my garden just to let somebody else's "Pet" use it as a toilet. If you catch a cat fouling your lawn, you should be able to eradicate it like any other pest using any means possible.
cat problems Comments By: b.j. on 2007-10-22
i like cats. its just my dog does her business in our yard and cats should do theirs in their yard. if they are strays then they need to be picked up before they get hit by cars. if they were stray dogs the humane society would be they right away. it seems their are more stray cats than dogs.
Dear anon Comments By: Rob on 2007-11-04
Kids in the yard aren't crapping everywhere, neighbours cats are. Train them to crap in your yard if you like them so much

Why have a pet if you don't take care of them? Comments By: Anon on 2008-02-12
It's absolutely ridiculous that some of you would honestly think that it is okay to let your cats run through other people's yard and use it as a restroom. Besides the fact that cleaning up animal feces is disguisting, there are serious health ramifications, also. Suppose that a toddler picks up your cat's crap and eats it or a pregnant woman gardening catch toxoplasmosis and loses her baby. How can you honestly sit here and say that your cat's freedom is worth this? If I find your cat in my yard, it will be dropped off at the SPCA 50 miles from my home so that I will not have to worry about it anymore. Use some common sense!
CAT CRAP Comments By: richard on 2008-03-01
Grate some cold tar soap and spread it over your flower beds,the cats wont do their business there again as they hate the smell of the soap. It worked for me as I WAS ALWAYS GETTING CATS CRAPPING IN MY GARDEN
Unwanted cats in my garden Comments By: Georgie on 2008-03-15
I mean no harm to cats, I just am disappointed that my new garden smells like a toilet and that they dig up the plants after they finish. How do I deter them back to their homes?
NAPPIES FOR CATS! Comments By: Sharon on 2008-03-22
I was told a bottle of water would stop cats coming in our garden, sadly it does not work!

My Great Grandad got so sick of the problem of cats messing in his garden that he caught the cats and put mustard on their bum, and it worked! Although I think it is a bit extreme, I sort of know how he feels as the cats in our area all come and use our garden as a toilet. And not only that they mess outside our house. It is disgusting! And I am really sick of it. Why should I have to clear someone elses pets mess up. We have a little girl and having to check the garden for poo when we have no animals is really not on!

My daughter has invented a pretend cat called snowy who does not poo in the garden but actually uses the toilet. So all cat lovers out their train your cat or put a nappy on it!

Losers Comments By: Cat woman on 2008-03-24
Pellet gun
Argh! Comments By: Rose on 2008-04-03
My neighbour has 5 cats... not only do they use my garden as there toilet.. but they are ripping to shreds my wooden arches and shed!! They have ruined everything including the roof. The comments that people have put about using the garden as a toilet has helped, But i need help on how they stop using my garden as a scratch post! Thanx :)
back at Pam Comments By: Sick of it! on 2008-04-15
People should be just as responsible with their pets as they are with their children. I would not want my kids destroying your yard anymore than I would appreciate your animals in my garden.
cat poo Comments By: cat hater on 2008-04-26
well , i have tried most things to stop the damn things using my garden as a toilet , I now resort to chasing them off and hopefully they will get run over
Get a cat to get rid of cats? YOU ARE INSANE Comments By: Woodsman on 2011-06-27
The above is the MOST absurd advice I've ever heard of. Get your own cat to get rid of stray cats? That's like throwing gasoline on the fire. IDIOTS.

Here's some further clues for you cat-brained fools.

Trapping as a solution is a failed concept from Day-1.

Considering that there are now about 150 million feral-cats just in the USA alone, and 86 million pet-cats (60 million of which are still allowed to kill all wildlife), this means that the cat-population is already oversaturated for a long time now. There's only 311 million people in the USA. 2 cats now exist for every 3 people, from infant to senior. All thanks to those who outlawed destroying them in a faster, more efficient, often more-humane, and more cost-effective manner by shooting them. While they also promoted their slow, random-chance, inefficient, and failed trapping programs.

For example: I alone was able to completely rid my land and woods of all feral-cats by shooting them. Feral-cats had completely decimated the food-chain here, destroying not only all the prey that their cats disemboweled and tortured for their play-toys, but all the predators that depended on those animals for food, starving all native predators to death as well. (Now THERE'S *real* animal cruelty for you, caused by *all* cat-lovers!) Shooting cats on your land is perfectly legal where I live, and is even a more humane method when done right than agonizingly slow and terrorizing trapping methods and animal-shelter methods. One moment they are happily stalking some helpless animal to torture, the next they are dead and don't even know what happened. Making your land 100% cat-free is something that feral-cat advocates all put together haven't been able to solve nation-wide for 30-40 years. Here on my land, only 1 person in only 2 seasons was able to accomplished what they could not in all these decades. Why is that? It's time for you all to grow a spine and do what needs to be done.

Nobody wants more than 86 million cats for pets. Now take into consideration their exponential yearly growth-rate of x^5.4. An average litter of 5 new cats every 5-6 months. 2 cats can become 42 in only a year's time. Increasing at the rate of powers of 5.4 EVERY YEAR. No amount of people trapping them (if you could even get them all to enter traps), nor valuable resources (materials for traps, transport costs, vet costs, etc.), man-hours, nor money will ever catch up to their growth rate. You now have an ecological, human-health, animal-welfare, social, and financial disaster on your hands, ALL thanks to cat-lovers and TNR proponents. The faster that cats can be destroyed the better it MIGHT be. Even when using guns and having all stray and feral cats shot on-sight we might still not be able to catch up to their exponential population-growth rate. Not even until every last land animal (including humans) is gone from this earth, due to cats destroying the whole food-chain, with nothing but cannibalistic cats left walking the land. Just ask any TNR group how many cats they've trapped this year. They haven't even begun to scratch the surface of the problem that they are only exacerbating with their blatant lies.

Your best bet is to make cat-ownership AND care-taking of feral-cats a FELONY with hefty fines or prison sentences for anyone failing to comply until this problem that they created is brought under control by any and all means possible. Shoot-on-sight is, without a doubt, the fastest, most economical (0.3 cent to 3 cents per cat depending on ammo prices), and most effective method available. This is also the only method that doesn't endanger nor harass any other animals with non-discriminatory random-chance traps. Though avoid poisons if at all possible, that once entered into the food-chain, will go on to destroy more of the very wildlife that you are hoping to save from destruction by cats. Whatever you do though, please bury or incinerate the carcasses so all the deadly diseases that cats now carry won't go on to further infect the native wildlife, nor any other humans that might come in contact with them.

Here is an interesting post from someone who believed in all the lies she was told about TNR practices, found at http://blogs.smithsonianmag.com/science/2011/05/the-secret-lives-of-feral-cats/

"I have been battling a feral cat population explosion on my farmette for 7 years. TNR does not work, as the trapped and neutered cats do not keep new cats from moving in and adding kittens. I have trapped over 25 kittens, tamed them, and found homes for them, but every spring there are dozens more. I have spent countless dollars neutering females and males, but they just keep coming! I have few wild birds now, fewer snakes, and there are bunny parts all over my property (cats must not particularly like the back feet). I wish there was a birth-control feed available, since many of these feral cats don�t come near the traps even when hungry. I wish every pet owner would neuter their cats so that these colonies weren�t added to.
These are not happy feral cats, they frequently have infected eyes, worms, and are skinny and mangey. I don�t know what the answer is, but even in the country, a feral cat doesn�t live a secure, comfortable life.

Comment by Dawn Hawes � June 21, 2011 @ 9:38 am"

And YOU TOO can have a financially-stressed life ruled by cats and cat-lovers and have all your native wildlife destroyed JUST LIKE THIS if you also believe in TNR *LIES*.

this works for me Comments By: cats are useless on 2008-05-18
moth balls

I toss a few in my garden and they don't go near it.
Also, if you have the opportunity to see cats, a spray bottle with water aimed at them works. This may take a couple of times.

Alot of people don't know that cats have to be leashed the same as dogs. I don't come over and crap in your garden/yard, so keep your damn cat out of mine

poo! Comments By: c. monkey on 2008-05-19
Cats are obviously very stupid. Next doors cats were constantly using our garden as a toilet. One day our greyhound caught one and killed it, has its brother learnt? No chance. Now I have to check its not there before I let the greyhound out because I cant face going and tell the owners again. Hardly fair that we have to check out our own garden before using it.
next door cat attacking my dog Comments By: karen on 2008-06-15
i have a 3 year old german shepard dog who keeps getting attacked by the next door neighbours male cat, he spends all day winding my dog up and its driving me mad, my dogs nose is covered in scars from this bloody cat and i cant seem to deter this cat, i have sprayed water at it, shooed it off but still tries to get into my garden while my dog is sitting there, please can someone help as i feel i want to kill this bloody cat!!
Bloody cats Comments By: Lizzie on 2008-06-26
I loathe cats - probably close to a phobia - and am totally sick of them prowling my garden. It amazes me that animals kept as domestic pets are allowed to roam onto other people's properties. They are pests which cause damage and potentially spread disease (toxicara) and should, in my opinion, be treated in the same way as rats - with poison. Extreme I know, but my feelings about them are also extreme.
Gits Comments By: Yuri on 2008-06-27
I spent two days of backbreaking work clearing my front garden of weeds and grass tufts, putting membrane down, then bark chips. Only to find that it is now a giant toilet for two or more furry gits in the local. I have tried orange peel in the back garden section, and that seems to have work, so will be heading along the shops today to buy the biggest bags of oranges you can get, chopping them up like a frenzied nutter, and scattering them like a woman possessed. used to like cats, but not after removing numerous presents. I'm a single mum with two kids and can do without this hassle. Down with the fluffy gits. Round up the owners and make them clean the gardens!!! Yep, like they care.
Tired of Neighbor's Cats Spraying Our Property and Scratching Our Vehicles Comments By: G. C. on 2008-07-04
I love animals, BUT I am really extremely tired of our neighbors attitude "that cats will be cats." I attempted to speak to the lady next door about her cats, but, somehow, she thinks her cats have the right to pee all over our property, chase off the birds from our birdbath in the front yard, and scratch the **@@*@*!! out of our vehicles. My husband purchased a brand new $45,000 truck a couple of years ago and only had it about 3 weeks before her cats put scratches all down the side of it. Our dogs don't chase the cats for the reason that we keep the older dog in the house and the young dog in the back yard. (And, no, our house does not smell like pee. Our older dog is well-trained and is allowed to go out frequently. We do not allow him to run loose like our "wonderful" neighbors with the cats do). We do not allow either one of our dogs to run loose (and they are well-trained. Of course, we do not have a "cat problem" in the back yard (or the house) as we have a dog there. Cat Lovers would be the first to complain if we allowed our dogs to do what their cats do. I am at my wits end! The neighbors with the cats do not care about the destruction that their cats have caused to our property. They would not like it if our dogs destroyed their home. If they love their cats so much, then they need to keep them in their house since they "can't stop them from roaming because it is the feline's nature."
mouse traps Comments By: Richie on 2008-07-10
i was thinking about putting down loads of wooden mouse traps around the garden. Do you think that it would snap on the feet or nouses????
Unwanted cats in your garden Comments By: Reena on 2008-07-21
Here's something I've tried to keep cats out. Sprinkle hot pepper flakes (a spice) all over your garden. They don't like the smell or the taste when they lick their paws. It worked for me!
i want to kill the cat next door-help!! Comments By: karen on 2008-07-30
i am sick and tired of my next door neighbours cat not only free roaming my garden all day and all night,the cat attacks my dog daily on a regular basis,it rips my rubbish to shreds and leaves it all over my garden, it has also ruined 2 swimming pools i have brought my kids and i have had enough! i have spoke to the owners only to be told " i cant watch my cat all of the time" well i wont watch my dog when it accidently gets into her garden and eats her cat! wonder if she will complain then? i have tried everything with this cat and still it comes back,has anyone got any tips for me please? i dont let my animal roam around in other peoples garden so why the hell should cats be allowed to roam around in my garden, there should be a law brought out!!
i want revenge Comments By: ratking on 2008-08-06
in my close there's about 6 or 7 cat's every morning next to my front door there is a cat crap i cant leave my door open on hot day's or when im cooking i cant open the window cos its next to ny fronyt door and i dont wont fly's coming in off it. iv tried curry powder and dont wont to get rid of cat crap bye putting a massive lion turd there? and dont want to p##s in my front garden. i just want revenge!!! i'v even booted them when there in my garden and shot them with a bb gun they just come back, it's war. as u can tell i dont care for there heath. i have 4 pet rats maybe i should let them round people's front garden. Or go take a turd outside there house see if it ok with them. does anyone know how i can eradicate this problem permanently.
garanteed way of ridding yourself of the problem Comments By: peter on 2008-08-10
this tip works every time - borrow / buy an AK47 with a full mag of ammo, seems to do the trick with me!!
To Pam Comments By: ANON on 2008-08-25
Cats do roam and this does not give you the right to pick them up and take them to a shelter...there are ways that you can be humane and scare them off e.g. water. Maybe someone should trap you and put you in a cage and cart you off...!!!!
cat trap Comments By: cat killer on 2008-08-27
place a trap , in garden catch the bloody things , drive about 40-50 miles a drop the bloody thing off
Neighbor feeds stray cats Comments By: NJ homeowner on 2008-08-31
My neighbor feeds the stray cats in the neighborhood plus she has a few of her own. My front and back gardens are full of cat feces and urine. The smell is disgusting. We tried "critter ridder" and red pepper but to no avail. My next attempt will be moth balls. I don't want to confront her as she is a very kind and giving person but her love of animals goes too far.
cat fouling Comments By: jenny on 2008-09-15
i've tried water bottles, powder from b&q and citrus peel nothing works!! i'm trying to sort out my garden so my young daughter can play in it but can't get rid of the bloody cats there's about 12 on our estate that all use my garden help!!!
amazing Comments By: Clarissa on 2008-09-16
reading through the comments I am not surprised that the world is as it is. Total selfishness resulting in cruel solutions. Few people have said that they should try to negotiate with the owners and share a solution. Also cats bury their poo if there is poo on the surface there is something wrong. To the lady who daren't open her window has she thought of clearing it up so she can open her window and talking to her neighbour??
Why are you all so intent on destroying the animals?? What sort of people are you?

Cats...wat are they for? Comments By: The Cats Ass Whisperer on 2008-09-16
The only good thing a cat is for is to catch mice, apart from that they are useless, selfish smelly intolerable things! A kick in the arse keeps my neighbours cats at bay....and provides me with some much needed humour in this otherwise dreary life :)
Get a fish pond !!! Comments By: Anon on 2008-09-17
I found a cat in my fish pond after it tried to get the fish fell in and couldnt get out.....stupid thing, but i didnt have any bother with that one anymore!!!!
I have even found a cat in the house, now if i wanted a cat i would have got one! but the best thing to get rid would have to be a shot gun!!!!only joking, horrible smelly animals!

Cats Comments By: Jeff on 2008-09-19
Fill a <<<+++REMOVED BY TIPKING+++>>>...which would be great
the devils animal Comments By: claire on 2008-09-22
carpet rods :-) all the other stuff dont work...:-( it's a waist of time and money..and as for all you stupid people with cat's get a litter box!! you dont care about what us people has to go through maybe we should piss and SHIT in your garden and outside you're frontdoor..let you smell all the lovely smells we smell from you're bloody cats!!!
Amazing Comments By: Julie on 2008-09-24
To the girl that left the comment about people being selfish, I don't think so. I am tortured with a cat who chooses to come into my house and spray everywhere. I don't have grass, my property is all flags. I chose to put a little tree in a pot by my front door, the cat craps in it all the time and DOESN'T bury it. I have three young children so it is a health issue. If people can't control their cats, why should I have to put up with it. Its getting to the stage where I will harm the thing, as my patience is wearing thin. I am usually very tolerant but if you're having to clean up some other persons dirty animal crap on your property on a daily basis, it wears you down. What's more important, my kids health or some stinking animal that's not controlled?
cat owner Comments By: dermot on 2008-09-24
I own a cat myself and love him dearly, but I'm not too fond of his and other cats 'presents' for me in the garden...the smell is realy bad, but i suppose it's something I just have to get used too !!
shoot the owner Comments By: ANON on 2008-09-24
Shoot the owner of the bloody cat,then they wont be able to feed it.Therefore it should starve to death and die of natural causes.So you wont get into trouble with the RSPCA or the cat liberation army.
Had it with cats too Comments By: SickOfCats on 2008-09-25
To Clarissa & 'Anon' (and any other cat owners who think the comments here are 'selfish' or 'cruel) - your attitude is like most cat owners - you just don't care what damage your animals are doing to other peoples' property, or how much work or trouble or expense YOUR animal is causing someone else - but god forbid if they should dare to remove your precious kitty.

YOU are the ones who are being selfish by not caring at all about your neighbors & their right to enjoy their own property without YOUR pet destroying it constantly!

If you feel that your cat should be allowed to roam in my yard - fine. But then YOU take the RESPONSIBILITY for it, after all, it's YOUR cat, not mine! YOU come to my house several times a day, every day, and clean up any poop that your cat has left, YOU pay for the cleaners/deodorizers that I must use to remove the urine stench on my deck and outside furniture, YOU pay the replacement cost of plants and property that your cat has destroyed. It's not my cat - why should *I* keep cleaning up after it day in & day out?

If YOU, as the cat's owner, won't take TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY for what YOUR cat is doing to your neighbor's property - then you have no justification in saying that your neighbor shouldn't take the cat away so that it no longer causes trouble.

I should NOT have to clean up after SOMEONE ELSE'S pets every day!!! 'cats like to roam' - well, too bad - they shouldn't be allowed to roam freely through other people's yards, destroying everything and making an awful stinky mess. If you want to let your cat be outside, then fence your yard and add 'cat-fencing' along the top so that it must stay in your own yard. If you cannot be a RESPONSIBLE pet owner, and take proper care of your animal (i.e. - ideally keep it indoors where it is safe & where it will not bother other people), then you have no right to own an animal!

I dearly love animals - I'll even trap a mouse, rat, or snake or other 'pest' animal & release it in the wild away from people - I've even trapped a few small rattlesnakes & removed them from my yard, rather than killing them. But I'm fed up & SICK of these durn cats - spraying them with water only scares them away for the moment - they end up coming right back, pepper, oranges, etc can't be spread over every inch of my property, and doesn't seem to have much effect on them anyway.

I WILL start trapping the cats & removing them from my property. I've talked to the owners to no avail - they are pretty much like Clarissa and 'anon' - they don't see that it's a real problem, so they won't do anything - their cat's "rights to roam" are apparently more important than anything else.

I'm fed up & no longer will tolerate my property being ruined by SOMEONE ELSE'S so-called 'pets'. If they can't take genuine responsibility for the nasty beasts, then I'll do whatever I have to do to protect my property and get things back to where I can use my own deck, yard and garden again. If that means carting the beasts off to the shelter, or releasing them in the woods 20 miles away, so be it. But they will now be physically removed from my property as fast as I can catch them - this has gone on for several years now & I've had it.

I never thought I'd get to the point in my life where I actually hated any kind of animal, but I am starting to develop a genuine hatred and loathing for cats (and particularly their irresponsible SELFISH owners!)

flea drops Comments By: cat hater on 2008-09-27
get some nice cooked meat, chop it up small enough for cats to eat.
Mix in some dog flea drops (its deadly to cats) and sprinkle meat where you know the cats will find it.
It does kill.....so beware..you dont get caught.

MY CATS FOULS OTHER PEOPLE GARDENS Comments By: Anon on 2008-10-05
I own 2 cats, and they love the outdoors, they get very upset at staying in the whole day, and I know they roam other people's properties, I hate that too, and I do know that I would definitely get upset at other people's cats roaming my garden, what can I do to prevent them from doing this, someone mentioned cat-fencing, where can I get that, and if I fenced my garden, would they not simply go over the fence?
Don't Use Poison! Comments By: John on 2008-10-07
Please DO NOT leave poisoned bait around because you could end up killing something else like a bird etc.
Still looking for the best solution to keep the cats out though - they are NOT WELCOME!

Cat crap!!!! Comments By: Anon - UK on 2008-10-23
Cats crap stinks - they dont bury it and its usually waiting by my front door when i get home. i hate it with a passion and have got to the point where i would do just about anything to stop it. reading the comments across the web it seems that there isnt a simple solution - except killing the cats. this is something that id rather not have to resort to but if the crap on the doorstep carries on then who knows.

the owners should be more responsible for their cats, i wouldnt let my pet dog crap in someone elses garden. and when walking a dog its an offence to leave a turd if your dog lays one. you have to pick it up and dispose of it responsibly. it should be the same with cat owners. i dont want your cats crap!!!! if it carries on then all i can say is that their has been a few 'good' ideas at 'stopping' it from happening again on these comments.

I HATE CATS!!!!!! Comments By: Teresa on 2008-10-25
I used to like cats until I moved to our new house. It's like a bloody creche here. What is the purpose of a cat???? All they do is cry all bloody night long when we are trying to get some zzzzzzzz's. Then we have to face the stench of cat shit & piss in the morning. Their irresponsible owners don't give a damn even. Best thing to do is pick the crap up when it's dark and throw it over the neighbours garden. We've bought a black metal cat from e bay which is a really good deterrent. It's screwed to the front wall of the house. Well worth �6.99. It's so much fun too as the cats just stare at it for ages and then runs away shitting itself. Ha Ha. We still see the cats but they don't come near the house anymore. Cat owners keep your horrid animals in your own bloody properties. Why should we have to put up with your mess AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH
Driven to tears by cats! Comments By: Kay on 2008-11-08
I have lived with my husband and three small children in our home for 3 yrs with no problems. My husband built me some lovely raised beds and the children 8,6 and 3 and I grow our own veggies and berries all year round. A lady recently moved in across the road and brought 2 cats with her. Unfortunately it is my garden they like and they do their buisness here - inbetween our veg and salads. I am 8 months pregnant now and have worrryingly come into very close contact with cat mess many times weeding and harvesting. My children ahve been upset as their little crops have been unusable where cats have dug their buisness into their patchs. Tried Tea bags, water, hissing and chasing, sound devices. I am so upset that someone could be so inconsiderate to my children and unborn baby. She seems to see if I chase the cats off so she must see if they come in! Is there a law against taking them off? Im happy to politely warn the lady of my intention and confess to its whereabounce once it has been taken but I am not happy to allow it to go on. I am going to first ask the lady to remove its mess from my garden every time I find it or see it there though and see if she is willing. x
There should be laws on cats too! Comments By: A dog lover on 2008-11-15
I am so sick and tired of having to clean up my neighbors cats' crap. Sometimes I would spend hours scooping up their crap, hosing down the place and sprinkling the affected areas w/cat repellent powder from the pet store. I've already spent a lot of money on that plus my time. I've already talked to my neighbor but to no avail. There should be responsibility placed on cat owners'too. I have a dog and I can't let my dog run next door and poo in other peoples' front yard. If we can start charging cat owners for all the trouble their stinky cats are causing, I bet we won't really have this crap of a problem. Cat owners are the most irresponsible people in this world. The victims should start dumping cat crap in their owners' yards so they can start taking responsibility.
CAT MESS Comments By: MARY STONE on 2008-11-23

reply to you evil people Comments By: carol on 2008-12-02
what is tour problem? if all you have to worry about is a bit of cat shit in your garden then your long overdue a visit from disaster! GET A LIFE! muppets! suggesting such vile ways of dealing with such wonderful creatures as cats. go ahead with your plans but remember you reap what you sow in life. i have 6 cats and i love them all deeply and take good care of them. If anyone hurt them in anyway as some of you have suggested i would make your lives a misery. the only way to stop cats going to the toilet in your garden is to have a cat yourself. you never know you may just love it. anyway enjoy picking up the pooh cat haters and by the way never any pooh in my garden. just verbal crap on thi blog written by you xxx
Cats and the law Comments By: Neutron on 2008-12-21
Some states dependt inwhich country you live actual require cats to remain indoors, if they are caught outside you have the right to shoot it. If I where to kill someone or harm an animal I would be arrested and charged, so why can cats get away with murdering native wildlife? A responsible cat owner makes a cat run in their yard and makes sure that the cat can not get hit by cars, eat toxic plants or destroy the property of others,if we vadalised property we get charged. I love cats as long as it's an indoor cat, otherwise I catch them and take them to the shelter. For nothing works with ignorant pet owners believe me. I've been there and done that, the polite talking aproach to the heres the bill for the damaged property, even bags of poop handed to them. They dont care the only way is to catch and give to the shelter or to give it to a responsible pet owner.
Natural cat deterent, DOGS! Comments By: CatHater4Life on 2009-01-28
The best way to deter cats from invading your property is a few big, cat eating dogs. Get 2 or 3 dogs, install an invisible fence and the only cats you will ever see are the ones your dogs have cought. Its mother nature at its finest. There is always another animal that will take care of pests. If you have a mouse/rat problem get a cat, if you have a cat problem get a dog!
unwanted cats help Comments By: sammy on 2009-01-29
i have a problem of wild cats next door has cats n she feeds them everyday so they know where to feed now , i hate them the mother is pregnant again the authorities wont do anything as they know cats wonder and they dont want to take a domestic cat by mistake , i hate them they are crapping in my garden ,on my window sill i have kids who cant play in the back garden im pregnant and i cant be near their poo n its everywhere ,the get up in the engine of my jeep , i hate them i really want them gone , i tried to ask the neighbour not to feed them ,but she wont , if i had a gum id shoot the lot of em , can i poison them ,if it were a dog the warden would be out if it were a kid the parents would be told but why can we do nothing about nasty horrible cats , any advice that works please , i dont mind poisoning them , at this stage
Stepping stones! Comments By: P.B. on 2009-02-01
I have to come home to these vomit inducing stepping stones on my flat doorstep most days of the week for six months now. Its in an alcove and on concrete so whats his problem! Maybe dead people do come back as cats and its someone from my past seeking revenge! Its my postman I feel sorry for, he must think im a vile person living with it there all day. Im now going to sprinkle drawing pins leading up to my door and leave stepping stones for the postman so atleast he knows im trying for his sake lol. P.S ive tried warning messages but this cat is so thick he I dont think he can even read!
To anon Comments By: Lucy on 2009-01-10
Please don't insult the human race by comparing f...ing cats to children - get a life!
Cats still think they live here Comments By: Dog Lover on 2009-01-11
We bought a house and the sellers happened to build a new house right next door. So...when they moved into new house, unfortunately cats still thought this was their domain. While renovating, I actually came down with my yellow lab in the a.m. to let her out and was hissed at by a cat which scared me to death and my dog went crazy. Now it's finally nice where we live and want the windows open at night, but all I hear are the 3 cats fighting and screaming all night. Owner says, "I know, I'll never get another cat". Well, they only occasionally leave "presents" for us, but I now have fleas all over for the first time since having dogs for 15 years. Looking for humane ways to deter cats and encourage them to move with their owners. Thanks for letting me vent!
Unwanted Cats Comments By: bugsy on 2009-01-14
I also have unwanted cats that crap right by my front door which also is coved so it really stinks it up, we have caught about 3 cats and taken them to shelters and other places, we've spread red pepper, doesnt work. We've called the shelters to get control over the out of control cat population but they are overwhelmed with pets, ive talked to the neighbor and he has a "Its not my problem attitude",I have a five year old child who has been scratched by these nasty cats in our own yard, ive tried to go about this a nice way but they've left no other options so we recently tried powder glass so we'll see how they like that in their paws. Hope it works, ill let you guys know :)
20yrs of cats invading my garden and house!!! Comments By: Chazah Dawn on 2009-02-12
My husband and I have had cats roaming our garden and house for 20yrs. They have sneaked into our kitchen at night and ripped bags open with sliced bread inside and eaten some of it - we have had to throw the bread away. We now have to make sure that no windows are open at night even in the heat of summer. We have been frightened awake at anytime between 1:00am and 4:00am with cats fighting and making their eerie wailing outside our bedroom window hundreds of times. Every time it rains or we water our garden the smell of cat urine is overwhelming and spreads its sickening smell right thru the entire house. Its very embarrassing when we have visitors or guests staying and this happens, as we have to apologise to them and explain, and we don�t even have cats. Most of these cats are not owned but are strays [there are hundreds of them here]. And occasionally, one person/neighbour who thinks they are being kind to these animals by feeding them and then the cat population explodes and we are invaded even more than ever before. I am semi-invalid and have been very ill, so I rest a lot thru the day. Sometimes I cannot sleep at night thru aweful pain, so when I do get a good nights rest [which is often rare], its frightening and so frustrating and very annoying when there are cats outside our bedroom fighting at 3:00 in the morning, and my poor hubby still has to go to work! It also makes me feel more nausea�s to breathe in cat odour instead of clean fresh air in my own home. We are now seriously talking about getting some cat traps from the SPCA [which do not harm the cats] and dropping them off at the SPCA and let them deal with them. I think after 20 YEARS, we have given any owners plenty of time to do something about it � but nothing is done [and I guess its quite difficult to train a cat to stay inside its own territory when its in its nature to roam], but meanwhile, it has cost us a small fortune in remedies [that don�t work] and compromised my health even more.

Cat owners/lovers are very loud and pro-active about all this so-called cruelty � but thats because their cats usually don�t do these things in their own yards and houses but roam off and do these things in other peoples property. So they complain the loudest because they don�t have to put up with it. I cannot abide seeing animals suffer � but this has now escalated far beyond a joke and something seriously has to be done!

Brilliant Comments By: simone on 2009-02-13
Had a really good laugh reading this lot - it should be published
cats in garden.. Comments By: jean on 2009-02-15
There is a plant COLEUS CANINA. (scardity cat) this works as cats cant stand it. its only an annual so you need to keep the seeds.
People VS Cats !!!! Comments By: Joe on 2009-02-23
Reading all above I found people is harder to deal with not cats. I am here just to find a nice way to have a space with other living things like cats.
My thanks to the ones who gave an advice to help the situation in a human manner.

soak them with kettle water and bleach Comments By: davie on 2009-02-24
i dont believe that cats should be allowed outside unless there on a leash, if i find a cat in my garden, i boil the kettle and pour it into my water gun, i also add bleach, i dont want to kill the cat, i just aim to spray the cat in the eyes and blind it, the first cat i sprayed was a huge ginger cat, it let out such a huge screem, that i shaked, even though i done it from the bedroom window.
pet owners have a responsibility Comments By: davie on 2009-02-24
i have read alot of your comments and have to admit that i have only killed cats in my property,(less than 15 cats) but after listening to lazy cat owners i feel like trying to catch and trap all cats i see, but i wont do that because i dont want it to become an obsession, i realy wish that pet owners could accept responsibility for the animals they have adopted, if you buy a cat you should look after it.
cat poo Comments By: ANON2 on 2009-02-24
we used to live in a neighborhood where this lady from 2 blocks down would walk her dog. i watched her "everyday" stop her dog in my yard and ONLY MY YARD, to let him poop. I got so fed up with the constant stepping in or having to clean up the poop. I couldn't even walk to the mail box without stepping in HUGE piles. NOW i had a 130lb dog myself and i made sure that he didn't poop in other prople's yards. And if he just "couldn't make it" and he did i always came back with a bag and a shovel to clean my mess up.but this lady didn't. and i would even go and stand on my front porch and give her "evil" looks. she knew that i didn't like it. i would even start walking towards her at which time she would quickly leave. SO WHEN I CLEANED UP HER DOG'S MESS I WOULD PUT IT IN A PLASTIC BAG AND RETURN IT TO HER. NOTE POSTED "YOU FORGOT SOMETHING". i ALSO ALLOWED MY 130LB DOG TO LEAVE HER very large GIFTS. SINCE MY DOG WAS TRAINED, HE COULD POOP ON COMMAND!!!! She finally got the picture. If it was me, I would start returning the unwanted gifts. I have a cat and i keep him fed. now the neighbors' cats know where food is and are constantly eating my cat's food. If their owners would feed them i wouldn't have to chase them off all the time. it is madding!!! my cat is not even one yet. so he gets beat up a lot. OH! THE PELLET GUN WORKS GREAT. NEXT STEP RAT POISON!!!
Success at last! Comments By: BirdLover on 2009-02-25
After many failed attempts to get rid of next door's cats in our garden, I ended up using a cat scarer like the one at http://www.catscarer.co.uk - at first it wasn't effective, but eventually the cats got the message.

One of the more territorial ones still occasionally wanders in, but he's not around for long. Hopefully he'll stay away for good soon!

worse than the cats bloddy cat lovers aargh Comments By: trinity on 2009-03-13
I came onto this site to see if there was any harmless way of stopping my neighbours 2 cats using my front door as a litter tray!!! and i cannot believe the attitude of these cat lovers HUH i am enraged that they think its ok to allow there pets to roam and shXt everywhere !! i have 2 teenage boys and i know if they spat in the street or threw litter i would be held responsible for there actions with a fine (at least) so these so called pet lovers should be treated the same !! yesterday i had to walk past 6 cat poos to get to my house door now i sincerly hope anyone out there thinks thats ok ??? i have tried to be nice to the neighbours but they dont seem to care !! there is no legislation for cats so the wardens cant help me.... so yes i will now resort to badness nothing now would give me great pleasure than putting the flea drops or any other poision down !! enough is enough my children and i are more important to me than these filthy disgusting pests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
upset mother Comments By: dave on 2009-03-12
To all the cat lovers. My mother loves her garden and phoned me up in tears because some ones bloody cat her dug up her garden, and new plants. Cat lovers should get thier cats to do do it in thier own garden.
I have a dog and would never let in crap in my neighbours garden so why let a cat?

Damn Cats! Comments By: Anon on 2009-03-24
Loved reading the suggestions on here. Plan to try a few, but if no joy, I will be trapping the sods! We have a big garden and fed up of the buggers crapping everywhere. We don't have a dog cos I dont want to be scooping poop so why should I do it for someone else's animal, so when it comes to not being able to go out barefoot (in the Summer) in my own garden I get mad! Cannot believe the comments saying it is OKAY for cats to do this and to get a life. But I have kids and crap everywhere is not funny. I will be posting crap back to owners and see how funny they think it is when they have to pick it up.
Watch this space, I will report back once I find something that works 100%.

Cat Lovers Suck Comments By: Paul on 2009-04-03
I don't like Cat lovers, their animals creep into my garden crap in my veg bed, destroy the young plants and creep out again, I do not want a cat, I have a dog That I never let foul in my neighbours garden, when I take her for a walk I clear up after her every time. I have coverd all my raised beds with garden netting, yet the cats still manage to get in and mess in them. So to all the cat fans out there who think it is pefectly exceptable to allow cats to mess in other peoples gardens and think we should put up with it, I will quite happily bag up the dog mess and post it you so you know what it's like for your hand to come out covered in crap.
cats will be cats! Comments By: penny on 2009-04-12
use wire fence,or the plastice kind plants climb,just put it on top or an inch or two under the soil, they hate it.After a couple attempts they don't come back.eventually they stop trying.
Fed up Rae Comments By: Rae on 2009-04-17
big cats scare little cats. So therefore lion poo should work.
Solve the problem??? Comments By: Anon on 2009-04-19
Cats are teritorial so if you want rid of them buy a cat. You will no longer have crap in your garden and your cat will crap in others so you can get your ownback. Mabye not a way to rid the problem fully but at least you wont have to deal with it. =P
Loved this site Comments By: Mad Alf on 2009-04-20
I went on here to read solutions on getting rid of cats, but had more pleasure in reading peoples comments. Im not an animal lover and normally dont mean any harm to animals but the cat situation at my house is taking the mick now. I have a small phobia of cats and feel shut in as i dont have my doors open incase they wander into my home. I have 3 children and ensure that at all times they respect other people and their property so why are cats allowed to drive us mad. We are one of two houses that dont have cats out of a street of about 100 houses so what hope do i have in keeping them away. Is it illegal to catch the cats and take them to a shelter !!! Even if you dont find a solution that works from this site, it makes great reading :>
hilarious Comments By: vinni on 2009-04-23
Oh thank god. I thought I was going mad with hatred for cats in my garden. I see I am not alone. I have a pair of twins which sit waiting for birds and worst of all my visiting hedgehog which has been coming for a year. They eat the food I put out for him and have made him a nervous wreck. I hate cats. I have spent hundreds of pounds trying to deter them. They are the devils sperm in fur coats.
Permanent Solution Comments By: fed up on 2009-04-29
I have been dealing with a cat problem for about 3 months. Seems someone dropped their cat off in the woods behind my house. Now it was at my house all the time chasing my cat off to eat his food. I tried everything to get rid of it short of shooting the thing. Removing the food, chasing it off with pots and pans banging even using a low powered pellet gun. Nothing worked. It wouldn't leave. And I can't afford to feed both so one has to go. So I went and bought a live trap, caught the cat and took him to a no kill facility. Problem solved! The cat is gone without having to kill it. Now I still have the neighbor cats who come around occasionally. If they become a problem I know where they'll go....bye bye kittys.
Cat Owner Comments By: Geena on 2009-05-01
I have had several cats in my life...never do they mess in some-one elses garden.
The solution is quite simple....get a litter tray and keep cat in for a few weeks. They soon get used to it and from then only need access, via a cat flap, during periods of 'roaming'. I can say, in all honesty, that my cats come in from outside to use said litter try.
I still however, have the same problem as others with neighbourhood cats and can understand their feelings.
Some form of legislation is long overdue ref:laws on dog fouling.
And no, I am not a cat fanatic, I have also been a responsible dog owner, clearing up as I go.

I think cats should be allowed to go where they like! Comments By: charlie on 2009-05-01
Cats are wild it is in there NATURE to be like this. If you lived in say Africa and a cat came and had a crap on your garden would you go out there and run after it?
No don't think so!
Why carn't cats go outside why should they have to live indoors they are not dogs they nothing like dogs.
It is so impossible for a cat owner to keep a eye on where the cats go once they climb over fences. IT IS YOUR JOB TO PROTECT YOUR OWN GARDEN LIKE YOU WOULD YOUR HOUSE!!
I can see your all not animal lovers!!

Works for me Comments By: Julie on 2009-05-03
White pepper works in my borders. I've put a thick layer down in my border and they haven't been near!
Get This Comments By: frustrated on 2009-05-03
So, my boyfriend and I do NOT like cats. We are not animal haters, and don't want to harm them. BUT, we don't want them in our yard, on our cars, etc. Our dog is fenced in the back yard. My boyfriend's mother is a cat lover. She FEEDS the neighbors cats when she comes to OUR house!! He will say, "MOM, don't feed that damn cat. I don't want it hanging around here." She thinks they are hungry...she thinks every animal she sees is hungry and it's owners aren't feeding it! And, she is very sensitive. It wouldn't take much to hurt her feelings and her stay away for months...! So, when she leaves, I sweep up the food that she carries in her car and leaves on our deck and throw it away! He doesn't want mothballs all over the yard...we work very hard to have nice floewr beds, etc., and he doesn't want to see moth balls all over the place. (He owns the property). So, I don't know what to do. They drive our poor dog crazy. People should be able to own, or not own, any pet of their choosing. We choose not to own cats. We shouldn't have to deal with them climbing all over our cars, crapping in the flowers, etc. Not much we can do about his mother feeding them, it's not worth hurting her feelings (although it's extremely inconsiderate of her to feed them if you ask me). But, if I could put something down all over the yard that would make them stay away, food or not, that would be ideal...
cats Comments By: charlie on 2009-05-05
If you feed the cats in your garden then normally a cat would NOT poop where they eat so maybe feed the cats where they poop it might help but problem is you may get other creatures coming to eat it lol.
I would say don't hurt cats for pooping in your garden just try different things like white vinegar/pepper water bottles/ horse poop/orange peels etc and it might keep them away. I am very hurt by some of the comments made here, hurting cats for pooping in your garden. I think it is disgusting and you should have the law on you for doing such a cruel behaver. Animals where her before humans so they have just a right to be here as much as you. Maybe if you are nice to the cats they might not POOP in your garden maybe they are doing it on purgers!!

HELP Comments By: Marianne on 2009-05-06
I moved into a house 6 weeks ago and my next door neighbours have 5 cats. I have 2, 18 month golden retriever puppies & these cats are driving them crazy. These cats will not stop coming into the garden,use it as a giant toilet & dig up the plants. I've tried cat repellant spray, spraying water, plants to deter them, running at them, letting the dogs chase them, etc. ~ everything. They come over the brick wall from the neighbours. When I let the dogs out in the morning it's a full on chase & because the cats are panicking a few times it's been like "Tom & Jerry" ~ just back & forth. I've talked to my neighbours who don't seem that interested with comments like "well, it's nature & we never thought someone with dogs would move next door". They have a cat flap and the cats come & go at all hours. They've been outside staring through the glass at the dogs at midnight. I seem to be more worried about this then they are!!! I used to have a cat ~ so am not a "cat hater" ~ but at this rate I can see how people start to detest cats. I control my dogs & don't let them use anyone elses garden as their toilet. Any suggestions on what do to would be great ~ I will try anything!
To the comment by Amazing Comments By: Marianne on 2009-05-06
I have had a cat & now have 2 puppies. I have tried to talk to the neighbour about her 5 cats and doing something to try to make sure her cats don't get hurt,as well as to stop them from using my garden as their personal toilet. Both her & her husband's attitude was, "well it's nature if something happens". I am so worried that there is going to be a "blood bath" that I can't let the dogs out with out first checking the garden. So perhaps your comments that the owners being abused by the cats are selfish and should try to negotiate needs to be thought about ~ the cat owners just seem to shrug it all off and won't take responsility or try to come up with any solutions. Why is it the responsibiity of everyone else & not the owners?
I may have the answer! Comments By: Kevin Lewis on 2009-05-08
As a vegetarian, animal rights supporting animal lover, and many time pet owner, I can only feel shame about the way my neighbours' 20 - yes, twenty!- cats make me feel! I could never harm another sentient creature, but I'm at the end of my tether. My little boy has not been able to play in our back garden for years now, since I no longer have a dog on the property to scare them away. Why is it that cat owners so frequently feel the need to have so many animals? My guess is that cats are so rarely indoors, that increasing the number means that sometimes the owner is likely to have at least one pet around the house, thereby making them appear worthwhile to own! Mowing my lawn is like negotiating a minefield! I'll leave it to your imagination to picture the mess when I've inadvertently gone over a "little present" with the lawnmower; it's not pretty! I can't advocate hurting these animals for the reasons I've given, but I fully understand how people can reach the conclusion that they need a "once and for all solution" to the problem. So many cat owners seem oblivious to how unpleasant their "little angels" can be. My neighbours have seen me chasing away their cats back over the fence into their garden hundreds of times, but with no shame. I get on extremely well with my neighbours, and consider them to be my friends, but this problem goes on. I've tried: citrus peel, repellent sprays, mint (they crapped directly onto it!), motion sensor water sprays and sonic repellents, thorn bushes, lion urine (it rained the next day, what a waste of �6.99!), in fact I've done everything short of crapping in the garden myself to sort this problem, but to no avail. I feel myself being drawn to the nuclear option that I've devised: The clockwork Lemon. If you've seen the film or read the book of a similar name, I'm sure you'll recall the "aversion therapy" near the end. I intend to demonstrate to these cats just how anti-social their habits are by trapping them in a mesh cage, and p***ing on them for a day or so before releasing them- the unsubtle yellowing of the title of Burgess's masterpiece mirroring the fate of the individual cat- hopefully with their tails firmly between their legs! I'll make sure they connect their ordeal to my garden and me, by "showering" them in their numerous haunts on this side of the fence. This is likely to be a male-centric salve; a good aim being crucial! However, an escalation from a No1, to a No2 reprimand brings the ladies right back in there! And yes, that is what I mean! I know some people will find this cruel and unpleasant- I do too; but perhaps fighting fire with fire, so to speak, might be the push they require to have them explore pastures new! I'm putting this out for peer review in the hope that some brave/helpful/slightly deranged person might do the research to establish its efficacy for me, as although it strikes me as a potential solution worthy of further examination, I'm not sure if I have the fortitude to carry it through! One more midnight trip to my dustbin leading to a squidgy, underfoot encounter though, and I'll be sorely tempted! I'm just grateful that I'm not a sandal wearer with long toes!
And before anyone in the animal rights community (see, I didn't use brigade!) gets offended, this is almost homeopathic in its ideals: cats are territorial, I'm just being more territorial; cats are smart animals, I'm that bit smarter; I'm offended by the bodily waste of the cat, the cat will be slightly more offended by mine; I'll be happy when I've let him out, he's likely to be even happier!
I'm not some self-hating veggie, I just think that bad owners give a bad name to animals of all types; the animal knows no better. But until I can come up with something more prosaic, I think I might take to having the occasional wee on a caged pet! Sometimes revenge is a dish best served at body temperature!
I hope this is of some assistance to those suffering as I have been.

cat menace Comments By: Eve on 2009-05-12
I went on to this site genuinely needing advice to get rid of the cat cr-p in my garden. I don`t hve a cat and just the same as the others hve spent a lot of money trying to keep them out of my borders. However let me tell you, even though I understand, being in the same situation myself, tips not working, ruined garden gloves, endless bought cat repellent products which don`t work, I promise you I have not laughed so much for a long time. This is hilarious...I thought I was angry with the cat problem, and still am, but my sense of humour takes away most of that. Anyone want to contact Chevy Chase or someone similar?
Cooking For Cats Comments By: Brian Dale on 2009-05-15
simply boil sugar and water until almost caramelised and allow to cool slightly. Then add a mixture of the hottest chill peppers available and liquidise. Pour over effected areas on non porous surfaces as well as fencing.
Get ready with your camcorder and watch as cats step into sticky mixture and then automatically lick it off.
Send your footage to you've been framed and receive �250. Photocopy the cheque and post copies to all your friendly cat neighbours with a thank you letter.

Cats,cats,cats Comments By: Rina on 2009-05-15
To: Anon & Eve
I live in a complex with 163 houses and in about 160 of the houses there are cats. The only problem is that they are not in the houses. They roam around in all the small gardens and poo.. whereever they want to.
I have one small French Poodle that stays inside but have access to the garden. I pick up his poo everyday. It is dry and most of the time with no smell at all. Lately I had to start picking up some of the crap of the 160 cats. The smell is terrible and as I love animals I never thought I would start getting thoughts of murder. I just wish I can catch them redhanded. I would take a spade and hit them to a pulp. It is impossible to find the owners of these cats. I started HATING CATS. If I had a GENIE my one wish would be to get rid of all cats on earth.

use your brains! Comments By: CHOPSY on 2009-05-16
Have you ever thought that it's foxes doing the damage, not cats??!? Cats don't attack rubbish bags and foxes poo all over the place. Leave the cats alone!
My right!!!! Comments By: Sue on 2009-05-19
If my dog was to go onto a farmers land and worry his sheep then he has every right to shoot it. Why then can cats freely come into my garden and worry my racing pigeons (some of which are worth a damn side more than these scabby moggies). The only time I like to see these kitty's furry faces are either through cross hairs or looking out of my dogs backside!!!
i hate cats too! Comments By: caz on 2009-05-18
spent many an hour trawling the internet looking for suggestions on stopping those mo-fo's shi**ing in my back garden.this site has been hilarious!i live in a mid terrace victorian house with only a backyard for a garden.so its small.i also have a 2 year old so have made the best of out concrete yard with raised flower beds.we have 2 cats one side and 3 the other so as you can imagine shit everywhere!resorted to covering the beds with shingle which seems to have worked.we have a 5 froot wall all around which doesnt stop them from jumping in.i actually caught one perched on one of my flower pots squatting down for a shit. i mangaged to chase it off before it dumped! .I am considering pigeon spikes on the walls. you see them on ledges of buildings and bus depots to stop birds perching.has anyone else tried these?i love animals but have a hatred for cats.the are not pets they are pests.lock them up
Not everyone like s cats! Comments By: Anon on 2009-05-18
Thank goodness I am not alone in my dislike of cats pooping in my yard! the smell is terrible. When I have company the first thing they say is what is that awfully smell. They pee in my yard and then go home! I wish someone could tell me to make them stop. PLEASE
Cat and Dog Repellent by Liquid Fence Comments By: katkat on 2009-05-26
If you have a cat problem in your garden, just give a spray of this stuff. cats will not like the odor, nor will dogs. it is made with plant oils.
I hate cats Comments By: catpotato on 2009-05-31
I hate cats . I do I hate them.Pointless selfish sneaky creepy animals.You cant train them they are genuinely cruel to other animals. My neighbor has just got two rescue twats I mean cats and they have taken to crapping in my garden. Now my wife is alergic to them and so is my daughter so I do not really think the attitude of a big grin and "oh are they pooing in your garden? well they dont do it in mine". Its as though they have a inbuilt part of their brain that makes them think that people who dont like cats are the weird ones.My next move is a bb gun and sonic alarm. I keep a potato next to the microwave which i have named cat potato. Its my 5th cat potato. Happily the first 4 gave their lives by hurtling through the night sky at squatting snidey looking felines .Two direct hits I might add.

I have declared war on them.
to be fair the neighbors have bought me some pepper and spray but why should my garden smell of either cat crap or the fouls smelling stuff designed to keep them away. Its my garden i didnt ask for them to tresspass on my property they must be foiled

hilarious! Comments By: Emma on 2009-06-04
i love this site!! i live in nz and have recently moved house (and still having the same cat problems!) i am an animal lover but there is only a certain point of 'loving'you can extend yourself to before the hate starts kicking in! we have only lived here for a week and there is already three parcels along the driveway, and i would hate to think how many in our front garden! i was told pepper, didnt work, dis-solve it (orange based natural stain remover), didnt work and finally i just read cayenne pepper on here before, i have been needing to get rid of the box (my partner tries to sneak it into meals) so i happily sprinkled it everywhere turning the garden orange, came back inside, went out again to check and there was a damn ginger cat on the fence and a freshly dug over pile in the garden!!!! they Are too smart for their own good, i truly do hate cats now! they are evil and there is a grey one that sits on the neighbours garage watching me all day. This site has bought some humour to my horrible thoughts! i thought i was alone! i wouldnt go as far as killing them but does anyone have a suggestion or remedy that doesnt involve having to spend money?!
try this Comments By: mandi on 2009-06-06
my husband was sick and tired of clearing up cat pooh in the garden as not all cats bury their poo. he spoke to the neighbour who wasn't interested so now he just launches it straight over the fence into his garden. no warning or anything. once they were all outside in the garden when he tossed one over. when the neighbour confronted him my husband said - nowt to do with me mate you need to speak to your cat! my husband has been given lots of advice on how to rid the garden of cats permanently and i think it won't be long before he starts to put them into practice. I really don't care about you weird people that call yourself cat lovers. take a leaf out of a dog lovers book - buy a poop a scoop and start clearing up like normal well mannered people do! But thats why you have cats isn't it cos you are lazy lazy people!!!!
no help yet! Comments By: anone on 2009-06-09
I really enjoy reading all of the omments on our cat problem, but please how do you get rid of the little monsters. they have almost drove me crazy! How do i keep them out of my Yard?Just one fool prove way o stop them.
To all ignorant cat owners Comments By: Citizen on 2009-06-13
I can't believe some comments on this page! One lady compared a cat to children, another tried to convince us if the only problem we have is cats count your blessings. An animal is a pet, sorry people, its not a person. You own your pet. If your car hits my car, you pay for the damage. I concede that we do not have the right kill cats, I'd like too, but if I parked my car on your lawn you'd have it towed. Same with your cats, if its on my lawn, I'm going to get rid of it. the cat next door has crapped in the garden and my son ended up getting a serious eye infection. It has also scratched my cars hood so bad that if I want to ever sell it I'd have to repaint it. I want a new car but I can't get one. I don't want to pay 30,000 for a car to be scratch by a cat. Wake up and keep your cats in doors!
instant Comments By: jacbitch on 2009-06-11
12 guage instant cure and they make ok fertilizer. It's your cat! keep it in your control. Like my dog wandering around scaring your kids or you (He's 156lbs)?
cat despizer Comments By: wyatt on 2009-06-18
I am one that will love to kill cats if in my YARD. But before i put my gun in use i sometimes use water ballons by filling them with them with vinager they dont come back for a year . i also let my dog out and let him take care of it. . But if that dosent work i just pull the pellt gun out. any ways good luck to all the others that have the same problem. And ps any one else that likes cats are poor sap losers
People walking their dogs Comments By: sick of dog owners on 2009-06-20
What about the people that walk their dogs and let them crap in your yard, and then just continue walking leaving the crap behind! Stray dogs, stray cats are difficult to control, but a human way needs to be used if at all possible. But there is NO EXCUSE for these lazy dog owners to guide their dogs to crap in somebody elses yard! Let 'em crap in their own yard!!!!!
TRY THIS!! Comments By: Aleksandra on 2009-06-24
I bought "Critter Ridder" from home depot or lowes and it really works.
Get rid of them! Comments By: bonbon on 2009-06-28
I absalutely hate the cats scaring the birds away in my garden. So every time i see them i go mad and throw a box of stones at them. Just now my son threw a box of pegs and the cat jumped away into the road. Shame it didn't get run over.

Any way to get rid of them without scaring birds away too?

i had it with cats Comments By: lynn on 2009-06-30
every moring when i wake up and go outside i can smell cat shit by my front door i hate cats i wish i can poison them and i would if i could every day theres a pile and i mean a big pile of crap help i dont know what to do going crazy
CATS Comments By: ANON on 2009-07-06
I sincerely feel that cats should have licenses just as dogs do. If it touched the pocketbook of cat lovers they would have fewer of them. Also, more strict local laws governing situations that fall under nusiances. Our neighbor has 30 cats. I feel he has a real MENTAL problem. He will feed the cats and go without eating himself. There is something wrong with that picture. Our local Humane Society will not help at all. The brothers and sisters are breeding. He has a nice bunch of idiot cats. Finally, cat licensing would be more revenue for the state.
Cats in my garden.... Comments By: anon on 2009-07-10
Cayenne Pepper, Moth balls, $40+ of "Critter Ridder", & Vinegar, have done nothing to get rid of this one cat that insists on using my fron garden as its personal toilet. I cannot sit outside all day & night waiting to hose this stupid cat. Maybe I should turn the hose on the owner!!! If someone would be so kind....please run over the little @!&#. The only thing left is to trap "DAMIEN" the cat.....and let it out miles away. I am sick of cleaning up after someone else's animal. I am also amazed at the ignorance of some of the cat lovers on this site.
Cats in my garden.... Comments By: anon on 2009-07-10
Cayenne Pepper, Moth balls, $40+ of "Critter Ridder", & Vinegar, have done nothing to get rid of this one cat that insists on using my front garden as its personal toilet. I cannot sit outside all day & night waiting to hose this stupid cat. Maybe I should turn the hose on the owner!!! If someone would be so kind....please run over the little @!&#. The only thing left is to trap "DAMIEN" the cat.....and let it out miles away. I am sick of cleaning up after someone else's animal. I am also amazed at the ignorance of some of the cat lovers on this site.
best choice Comments By: lockey on 2009-07-31
i have read all of these comments and most of them have made me laugh, no offence meant to any one who has been writing them, but yeah ill get to my point, the best answer to get rid of cats and keep them from your garden is to fill up clear plastic bottles or clear glass jars with water and place them around your garden they may not be very attractive but i would choose them, to cat shit any day of the week.
This works! If you can stomach it (You'll be fine). Comments By: Kevin Lewis on 2009-07-31
I've tried my method above, and it seems to work! I was hoping someone would do the donkey work for me but alas, it fell to me! I'm telling you poor fellow sufferers out there, get a feral cat cage, bait it, and pee all over the aforementioned trapped moggy for a day or so before releasing it back to its grateful owner. I guarantee that either its dishevelled state and unpleasant aroma will deter the said cat lover from ever contemplating allowing their beloved angel out of their sight, or the psychological trauma that accompanies such a dousing will render said cat's willingness to roam free as nothing to the horror that awaits it in the wrong garden! If any cat is foolish enough to chance their luck again, I'll take my "correction" to the next level, and save a bowel movement for them to enjoy; as I've had to endure so many of theirs, it seems only fair! Trust me, it works! And it's oh so satisfying; I've never had such an enjoyable wee!
Kill the shitters Comments By: CAT-H8 on 2009-08-03
I HATE CATS. IF I COULD I WOULD SHOOT THEM. The cat lovers that don't see this as an issue must have extreemly disgusting personal hygiene themselves.
Ive got kids that play in my garden. Every time i plant a new plant the next morning there is cat shit under it or around it. God help the cats if I catch them. Im going to report my neigbour to the environmental health. Shes Got more than 9 cats. Theyve pisssed all over the outside communal (grassy) area. its dead. They shit in my front garden, they shit in my back gaden.. As its my property i have a right to defend it and my children from anything that causes harm and cat shit does. So you cat lovers can whine all night like your cats but you better hope that they come home in the morning.

Fed up with CATS Comments By: Maikel Bell on 2009-08-03
I'm absolutely fed up with all your pet cats hanging around in my yard. I can see up to three of them at any one time in the yard with at least 10 different cats crusing through the property during the day. They shit all through my gardens (scuffing up all the wood chips and stones so they have to be groomed constantly), shit on the lawns and NO THEY DON'T COVER IT UP! I get cat shit splattering everywhere when I do the lawns! They rip open my rubbish bags and scatter bones around the place, they get under my house, they wake me up all night with their fighting and mating right outside my bedroom window. They get on my car and scratch the paint. Most mornings I find one sitting on my outdoor table when I open the curtains licking itself and making itself right at home. I don't care what you cat lovers say, your filthy cat has no right to be in my yard doing whatever it pleases. Control your animals or deal with the consequences cause I ain't putting up with it anymore.
Toxoplasmosis Comments By: Boggle on 2009-08-14
Don't be too hard on the poor cat lovers - they are probably brain-damaged by infection with the same parasite their darling moggies are spreading around the neighbourhood. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toxoplasmosis
Paracetamol of course! Comments By: bonbon on 2009-08-14
After reading that Para tablets are harmful to that, that sounds like the key! It's the cheapest option as just 1 tablet can cause harm and hopefully discourage the monster from coming back. Maybe hide it in some pet food? If it's a big problem, put several bowls out with more tablets in them!

Now i can feed my feathered friends again.

Cat problems Comments By: Charles on 2009-08-18
well my neighbour has about 7cats and they keep having more and more kittens its driving me nuts,i cant walk in my garden without stepping in cat poo,i had a cat myself and i do love them but it was being attacked and mauled daily by my neighbours cats so i was forced to give him away,is there any way to prevent them from entering my property without having to harm them?also the cats seem to be very wild in nature so capturing isnt so simple .
I have tried everything Comments By: ben on 2009-08-24
I have also tried everything possible to get rid of my neighbours cat poo in my garden. When I moved in the cats were using the scrubby lawn as a stopping off ground as they were going home. Little pests. I love animals too but with a baby on the way, I dont want it showing daddy what its found in the border. The best thing I've found is a motion detecting water sprayer..works a treat until you forget its still on..or sprays next door neighbours fence..Still trying to find a humane solution, ..oh, I tried half filled plastic and glass bottles, the cat just crapped next to it and covered it over...time for the live bait trap I think.
Cats are vermins Comments By: Hannah on 2009-08-24
Yes, they absolutely are. My next door neighbor have about 12 of them and they keep multiplying. They are all over my roof, carport, car bonet, front & back garden, under my house, on top of my fence. Regardless how hard I try to keep my place clean, we always find cats feces and all the rest everyday. So, I look for solution. RSPCA and local council refuse to do anything about it due to "we don't have the resources for that, you need to..blah blah blah". So we're back to square one. I have been looking up for advices in the last year or so. These are what I got so far, thought I share them because I know how painful it is to go through the cat problems.
We can do the following :
1. Place plastic water bottles around the garden (does not work with all cats)
2. Nailing 2-inch PVC piping along top end of the fence
3. Nail sheets of tinfoil along the top end of the fence due to cats dislike seeing moving images, especially of a cat.
4. Sprinkle coffee grounds on garden beds, they are also good fertiliser.
5. Place 10 drops of a citrus-scented oil in 2 cups of water, then pouring it into a spray bottle. Spraying this mix where the cats often go.
6. Plant rue (a colorful plants) in your garden, cats hate the scent of this plant.
7. Run a thin piece of wire or string along top of garden fence like a tightrope. It needs to be fastened sothat it sits about 6-inches above the top of your fence.
8. Barb wires does not look pretty, but keeps the cats from climbing up your fence to get to your garden
9. Buy some motion-controlled sprinklers (costs a bit unfortunately) for your garden. Cats hate to be wet.
10. Plants cats hate are Geraniums, Marigolds and Petunias.

Hope one day we'll be able to enjoy our garden without having to pick up cat feces first.

Cat lovers, would you please think of these things first before having a cat. Thanks.

like a cat on a hot tin roof Comments By: Timmy no cats on 2009-08-25
I have found a bag of hot dried chilles works wonders, sprinkle them all over the lawn once a month for a few months and no more cats,job done
Caustic Soda works a treat, but.... Comments By: C on 2009-08-25
I was in hysterics reading through this, but also found my own "cat shitting in my garden prevention technique" after burning myself with caustic soda while unblocking the sink.
Sprinkle it where the cats been shitting and when he walks on it something happens, because three days later my kids advised me that the neighbours were crying because their cat had 'gone to heaven!' Sorry neighbours, but hopefully your other one won't shit in my garden!
I'm off now to enjoy some gardening! :)

bloody dirty cats Comments By: wendy webb on 2009-09-05
my neighbour has 4 cats and at least 2 poo on my front drive every day they do not cover it up they just do it and go, i`ve tried everything, i now let my dog out and tell her"cats" she races around making a lot of noise although she wouldn`t hurt them it deters them for a while, why can`t the owners get a dirt box then their bloody cats wouldn`t poo on my drive!!!!
Comments By: Pops on 2009-09-08
Firstly 'chopsy', you are the brainless one love because cats DO rip up rubbish bags, i witness them doing it. I'm not surprised that you say this though as in my experience it's only dimwits that own cats. Thank you everyone for not only a damn good chuckle but some excellent tips. I shall be choosing caustic soda. I'll soon find out which cats are using my flower tubs as a litter tray.
Sticky Cats Comments By: Desperate Cat Hater on 2009-09-08
Best quality Superglue and plenty of it. On Polythene over your door step - perfect for the little b------s.
Cats do damage...its not the fox!! Comments By: myle on 2009-09-11
Some pet lover has taken time to make a comment about foxes being the cause of ripped open rubbish sacks, fouling other people's gardens and paths and being a general nuisance! What planet do they live on? Foxes resemble nothing like the furry felines who have fouled my yard for over 4 years. Cats do all of the above and more...I have seen and smelt the evidence first hand and because of their ugly characteristics I hate all cats. They are the worst pets any abnormal person would ever want. If you own a cat, train it not to foul your neighbour's gardens, dig up flower beds and hang aroung their yard. Jeyes fluid, hot chilli pepper, black pepper, orange peel, water pistols, catapaults and any other object that will rid the damn things from coming into my front and back garden and stop the damn 'crying' noises they use to disturb me and my child shall be used forever!Just when I get rid of two from coming our way a new neighbour moves in with 3 moggies! yelp!! Shame we don't live in China. Cats are nasty especially if you don't own one but have to continuous deal with poo left around your home! Give me dog any day. At least they listen.
Cats im my garden get hurt lol lolol Comments By: Catkiller on 2009-09-16
I hate cats with passion.. and thankyou all you normal people with ideas of ridding this skanky smelly pests. To all you sad lonely cat lovers.. how about i get a dog and bring it around to yours for a shit everyday??? Think about it u stupid sad cat loving people!! Just remember this when you look at your cat, keep it out of my garden if u want to keep looking at it.. simples.. i will poison and shoot with my air rifle all cats visible.. Shit or no shit!!

I hate cats!! They should all be kept on a lead or in a hut like dogs or any other pet..!! Or they should all die. Im glad im doing my bit for society by eradiCATing these dirty things!!!

to all cat haters keep up the good work.. one day they will all be gone hopefully lol..

to all cat lovers, GET A LIFE. Coz only sad depressed people with no friends own cats for comfort.. i bet some of you even have other relations with your cats.. uuuuhhhhh u dirty people!!!

Exploding soil Comments By: David H on 2009-09-25
I like the idea of burying an inflated balloon and covering it with a thin layer of dry soil then wait for the next cats who wants to crap in my garden to scratch the soil.

I will try this but need to set up a cctv camera first to give me hours of pleasure watching the reruns.

Owners can't control their cats Comments By: Keith on 2009-10-03
As has been said before cats are foul and disgusting. I suffer cats defecating on my garden and they do not cover their pooh (Clarissa take note). I should be able to distribute their mess back to their owners but I am certain I would be prosecuted. I will try some other remedies suggested as most of the strays like Cat-u-pult do not work.Let's get rid of these pests (they are vermin in disguise) or their owners should pay compensation!!
Thank you all.. Comments By: Mo on 2009-10-03
Just chanced on this site searching for way to rid our garden of cats. Been here 6 weeks and have counted 12 different cats...have to clean all the c..p of the front lawn before I can mow it. Love all your comments, would try the gun, trap and rat poison if I dare..but more likely I'd get put in prison before a murderer... you made me laugh so much tho, really cheered me up to know that a lot of you have also thought it would be nice to get rid of them..permanently..
I agree with pam Comments By: sarah on 2009-10-05
I have a cat problem also so if i can get hold of the horrible sly over grown rat i will take it for a drive to the furthest shelter where it will hopefully die painfully. I have two toddlers where i caught 1 of them playing with cat crap which i throw back at my neighbour my child is ok this time so why should i keep my kids in when cats are let to roam
unwanted cats Comments By: anon on 2009-10-05
Just because you apparently dislike "cats, doesn't give you the right to feel that all outside cats need to be sent to a shelter...you wouldn't say that the neighborhood kids that play in everyone elses yard but theirs need to be sent to an adoption agency now" would you?

I find this comment stupid .kids dont go round sh#tting in other peoples gardens

cant beat em join em Comments By: leo on 2009-10-05
the best thing to do is get a cat yourself because Ive noticed that all cat owners don't have the problem with cat sh#t,In there own yard because there cats sh#t elsewhere
get rid of cats Comments By: G on 2009-10-06
3 words
this is what I'm going to do after trying all the powders and ultrasonic cr@p with poor results

Cats are VANDALS Comments By: Penny on 2009-10-09
Cat owners will never respect other peoples gardens.The police recently told me that We have every right to stop these beasts or humans from tresspassing in our garden.Recently I was actually ordered by the cat owning benefit sponges who live off other peoples tax money to "pass her her f.....g cat to her. I hate foul language, and said NO. I am allergic to those filthy worthless animals. I said It has NO right to be on my property and damage all our food, vegetables.This anti-social hooligan and rat eating cat lover actually told me that she was Glad our garden had been ruined by her cats and would ruin it even more.We cannot even get close to the edge of our garden which those Benefit Bandits are using a tip to dump their rubbish, before they get their violent mental dog to bark and shake the fence uncontrollably.
Some pins appeared on top of the fence and since then No RAT EATER problems, but then they chased after the rspca, and what right has the rspca to intereferE in other peoples fences? Rspca are not collecting the filthy rat eaters turds all over my garden, Nor compensating us for the destruction of our food, vegetables and chicken by those rat eaters. The Police have told me that I have every right to protect my home and garden and we shall do so. Obviously cat keepers don't care for their filthy disgusting cats, that's why they are on someone elses property.We know what we have to do.

cats, cats, cats, and more bloody cats Comments By: JJ on 2009-10-10
I have never had a problem with cats before until now. I recently moved to a fairly new housing estate where everyone has pets except me, as were having good weather I decided to some gardening but I wasn't prepared for what I would discover, the whole of my garden was covered in cat litter. I was fuming and didn't know what to do or where to start, I had used Jeyes in the pass to deterrent the foxes from ripping the rubbish so maybe this would work. Well it got rid of the smell but it not deterrent the cats, it seemed like I was cleaning up after them and I was attracting more and more of them. I tried black pepper, moth balls, citrus powder, bleach, bottles of water but nothing seemed to be working my only alternative was to address the issue to the owners, all I got was alot of abuse and threats that cats are free to go where they please and I should learn to live with it especially as I lived on a housing estate. Well I wasn't going to leave it as that, this made me more determined theses cats were not going to beat me as my children need to play safe and where else can they do that in their own back garden needless to mention the front as that was just as bad. What are we to do people as no one wants to be held accountable for the mess these cats are creating. Environmental health, animal warden, local council, owners, police etc., need I go on want to know or get involved. They are very quick to take action against dogs owners so why not cat owners. Cats kill birds, frogs, mice and bring them home and interfere in fish ponds along with digging up or rummaging through flowerbeds. I cant stress enough cats are a big nuisance and am beginning to hate them with a passionate which is a great shame as I grew up in a family of 1 cat and 3 dogs and never did these problems occur and pets were well trained, dogs were trained to fowl in the road and cats didn't like you to seem them mess and cover it up. Well cat owners be warned you wont be getting away with this lack of don't care attitude, I cant stop my cat from where it goes,this has gone on far too long people will be taking action to get the law changed. How much does it cost to buy a litter tray and train your cat to do its business there, instead in other peoples property as you clearly have no intention of clearing up after your so loved cats but you dont want any harm to come to them. There is only so much people are prepare to put up with, some of us spend a fortune on are gardens, properties etc and shouldnt have to spend extra to deterrent your unwanted cats who could come to harm. It is only fair that children, people, birds should be safe in their gardens, properties and be able to relax and enjoy the benefits of their labour without the frustrating of your annoy cats, stop and think about that. For you government offical its only a matter of time before cats start littering on the pavement.
Paracetamol (acetaminophen) Comments By: Pete on 2009-10-11
Paracetamol (acetaminophen) ie. Tylenol or Panadol is deadly to cats. Even a small amount (200mg) in a can of tuna or a meatball will cause all nine lives of kitty to expire promptly
Attention to ALL cat haters - please read Comments By: Cat Lover on 2009-10-18
I think the tip would work - the cat may think the black hoses are snakes!!At least it's not harmful.
I AM A CAT LOVER!! Cats rule. It's quite simple to avoid the problem of cat mess on your territory -

If I caught anyone deliberately hurting my cat, I'd hurt them.

Note to cat haters - the following tips do not require any cruelty whatsoever. So if you still need to hurt a cat - get some psychiactric help!

Ask yourselves: have the owners of these animals had them neutered? Do the cats have access to clean trays?

Responsible owners neuter their cat. This reduces the need for the cat to deposit their dung in neighbouring territories. The cat no longer needs to mark his/her territory (probably your garden)with poo.

Cat lovers should provide clean trays. If they do the cat will want to eliminate in these clean areas.

Lion poo available from zoos will scare cats away. Put some in the garden or where they eliminate most.

Cat statues make unwelcome 'visitor' cats uncomfortable.

Use eucalyptus oil or strong smelling plants in your garden to stop this behaviour!

If you find an unwanted cat in your garden make some noise. When the cat looks in your direction, stare at it. Staring is very threatening behaviour to a cat.

If you people have such a big problem with other folks cats fouling your territory, have a chat with your neighbours rather than taking your frustration out on the animals or even better YOU could move away!!

I stress that I do understand how people worry about the health hazard of cat mess to small children. I ask my nephew to wash his hands after playing with my cat.

I suppose that hurting or killing cats solves the problem? I'm no intellectual but I find the 'soloution' of hurting cats a little retarded. It's easier to kill a defenceless animal than to find an intelligent humane soloution. What a disgusting array of comments I find in the comments section. My cat was run over 12 years ago and it still hurts.

Anyone who makes cruel suggestions about how to deal with cats should be sectioned under the mental health act. I sincerely hope people are joking when they talk about hurting or killing other peoples pets. I have no problem using spray guns filled with plain water but <<++Removed by TipKing++>> or <<++Removed by TipKing++>>?

God help you evil folk. People who are cruel to animals should take a good look at how evil they are.

What a wonderful world it would be... just animals and animal lovers!! Get RID of all the scummy, worthless cruel people. Animal lovers rule, cruel people drool. My 3 year old cat never strays into neighbouring gardens and it's hard to get her to go outside anyway. Apart from my own cat, I am also foster mum to a stray who never messes in my garden - and she's feral.

Super Cat =( Comments By: Aaron on 2009-10-21
hello there is a cat from next door it does its buisness in my garden wont leave me or my family alone i have tryed chaseing it off/pushing it away/throwing cat poweder in its face this cat jsut does not leave my garden or family alone any1 got some ideas what i can do next before i shoot the darn thing thanks :D
irresponsible cat owners Comments By: Llanarth on 2009-10-23
The problem seems to be the cat owners. As many cat owners must be only too aware that their cats are leaving poo, presumably they are not leaving litter trays, which begs the question, should they have the cats in the first place?

Since it is the irresponsible cat owners who are inciting such hatred against cats, maybe cat lovers should turn their fury onto them, not the people with small children (such as me) who cannot let their children play in their own garden.

I for one (loved) cats, but am heartily fed up with all neighbour's cats pooing in the garden. Even if I wanted to approach the neighbour, I would have no idea who an earth these cats belong too!

I work through all the suggestions, working from the mildest to the strongest, although I won't resort to paracetamol or anything terminal, maybe cat lovers should turn their attention to the people who are neglecting to look after their cats properly!

Me again; the cat trapper! Comments By: Kevin Lewis on 2009-11-01
Hello again my siblings! I thought I'd return to this page to see if anyone had taken my previous advice, and found it as successful as I have. Sadly, nobody seems to have heeded my well intentioned words of wisdom. Get a cat trap people, it works a treat! And as I've said in my previous post, it has the added value of immense satisfaction. Buy a trap, the largest you can afford, because cats seem reticent to enter an area in which they feel constricted. You can probably pick up a second-hand one for a small outlay. Bait it with pungent foods - tuna appears to work best and is also cheap, and place it on the lawn so that the cat can feel earth under its paws. Don't put it in a corner as they like to feel they can escape at either end, then check it every day because I wouldn't advocate leaving them for too long; I am a vegetarian after all! Once trapped, move the caged "little darling" to a more secluded spot, before imbibing as much fluid as you dare, (I find cold lager goes through my system the quickest of all liquids). For those of you who have missed my previous posts, perhaps you can guess what I suggest you do next! I'll give you a moment...That's right, you evacuate your bladder directly onto the meshed cage containing your bitter foe, making sure the cat is looking at you, preferably cowering in a corner, before you take aim. Sadly, ladies may have to use a vessel of some description; I suggest a wide rimmed bowl! It loses its intimacy, but is a good second best! Believe me, I've led a full life, but I can think of only a few sights more satisfying than the horror on a cat's face as my urine streams toward it. And if you're willing to put in the hours, you can make it shudder each time you walk toward it, preparing yourself as it were for another dousing. And for the deluxe thrill, I suggest keeping the drenched victim for just one night; it has the tuna to eat (although it may now taste a little off), and will have had plenty of fluids, so it should be ok for 24 hours. I promise you'll not need to set your alarm for the next day! You'll wake up as excited as a 5 year old at Xmas, in the knowledge that you've got one last present; the most pungent, foetid wee of all is that "overnight brew". Run downstairs, and if your morning glory allows any accuracy, give it one last "hosing down" before releasing it to its loving home. The owners will wonder just what it's been rolling in all night, and why it doesn't want to go out again! Just looking at you will scare it witless. I have had a "multi-cat" problem for years, so I had the pleasure of two more visitors to my "feline gimp-cage" before they must have started gossiping and put the word around! Guess what? I still see them teetering along the fence, but they never seem too keen to land this side, and the poo problem seems to have disappeared. I almost wish I'd caught another one because I was hoping to have a lively curry, and see what nature produced the following morning, but after all this time of clearing up after them, I didn't particularly want to add to their mess! And a simple rinse with the hose afterwards leaves the cage in pristine working condition, and so I leave it in the garden just in case. Oh, and for the nostalgia! I think it's only fair that you should enjoy your neighbours cats too, especially after all you've done for them, don't you? I hope this helps.
Comments By: Kaye on 2009-11-02
Both my neighbours either side of my house own cats. I discovered that one of the cats had p+ssed on my 4 year old son's bed. I had washed his bedding but had to throw away 5 pillows. Of course I can't accuse either of them due to not knowing which cat had done the deed. I actually have had pet cats in the past until I found out that I was allergic. It�s bad enough that they are in the garden but NOW in my house too. What do you suggest i do?

Try Pest Stop Ultra Sonic Outdoor Pest Repeller. It cost almost �40 though :(


FAT LONELY CAT LOVERS Comments By: CAT HATER on 2009-11-11
To Carol & anyone else who lives at home with 6 cats. YOU GET A LIFE YOU SAD SACK OF SH?T!! I can't even begin to imagine what your house would smell like. You must have a riveting life to have to have 6 cats living with you to keep you company...LOSER! I feel extremely sorry for your neighbours! Anyone who owns a cat & lets it roam in other peoples yards need to take a good hard look at themselves! I have a 2 year old son & don't appreciate going out to MY backyard to play only to find a big smelly, hairy cat sh?t at the bottom my my stairs! If I wanted to walk around all day picking up cat shit, I would have a cat! The owners of these poor excuse' for an animal need to take responsibility, instead of showing blatant disregard, they must be so selfish! Cats are gross, feral, smelly & ugly creatures that shouldn't even exist.
Briliant comments By. SickOfCats Comments By: Rich without cats on 2009-12-05
I too am sick of cats using my garden as toilet.
Use spikey holly Comments By: Ois on 2009-12-12
Not widespread around our garden but we obviously have one feline fiend that likes to make his/her mark right outside our back door in a raised flower bed. Have used granules from the garden centre also orange peel. However now as a Festive gesture I've chopped quite a lot of prickly branches from our holly tree and placed them 4 metres around the offending area. This is not animal cruelty simply something any animal would encounter in the wild. No doubt 'it' will find an alternative close by location to use as its loo. So the fight continues.
Happy Christmas!!

hate cats Comments By: trigger on 2009-12-13
unbelieveable!!!! people defending there cats! the cats in our street have been scratching the hell out of our cars now to long . we have tried to tell the the owners politly about this but they just laugh and say get a life!! well we`ll see what they say when i dump their dead cat at their doorstep after i have shot it! these people let there cats damage peoples property and shit in peoples gardens and this is just not on. i will be feeding theses cats from now on , but i will be feeding them lead from a gun!! this should sort the propblem good and proper and then i`ll be laughing,
Have laughed so much in ages!!!!! Comments By: N/A on 2009-12-16
I would like to thank Carol for the comments that she wrote (copied in below). I have not laughed so much in ages....don't get me wrong i really hate cats, i mean come on what is the point of a cat that does nothing??? And you have 6 of the bloody things.....I bet your SINGLE!!!!! I think its you that needs to get a life.

***what is tour problem? if all you have to worry about is a bit of cat shit in your garden then your long overdue a visit from disaster! GET A LIFE! muppets! suggesting such vile ways of dealing with such wonderful creatures as cats. go ahead with your plans but remember you reap what you sow in life. i have 6 cats and i love them all deeply and take good care of them. If anyone hurt them in anyway as some of you have suggested i would make your lives a misery. the only way to stop cats going to the toilet in your garden is to have a cat yourself. you never know you may just love it. anyway enjoy picking up the pooh cat haters and by the way never any pooh in my garden. just verbal crap on thi blog written by you xxx

Claymore Comments By: Huw on 2009-12-23
Claymore mines leave a large hole, but the cat will never trouble you again!
It's a Done Deal ! Comments By: Done Deal on 2009-12-28
Not only has this brought me really deep,
satisfying belly laughs (LOL), but, I've
come to the conclusion that I refuse to spend monthly amounts of money to keep other people's cats off my car and out of my garden. <<++Removed by TipKing++>>

cat shit Comments By: absand on 2010-01-04
whoever said cats bury their poo is a load of crap!!cats round my way dont they just leave giant turds everywhere in my garden and its disgusting im pregnant so i cant remove it when its done i have to ask family or friends and its a joke. i am not a cat hater but im starting to change my mind i have to be careful not to tread in it as ive already done this several times and walked it into my carpet!!! my drive has chippings so the cats think its one big litter tray...cat owners its disgusting dont come on here defending them just do something about it keep them in? do whatever you have to do, why the fuck should i go round the block talking to all the catowners asking for a resolution?
sprinkle chilli powder Comments By: anon on 2010-01-11
to try to stop cats pooing in your gardens sprinkle chilli powder and egg shells over the soil/dirt
Cats taking over your property Comments By: oasis on 2010-01-14
I have a big black cat who has taken over my garden. I sprayed all flower beds with spray "Get off" next day it had not done its disgusting smelling business on my flower beds it done it on my doorstep this thing has an attitude problem, now it is war. It sits on my window ledge hissing at me. Who the hell calls these pets they are vermin.
My dogs have killed 2 cats in our garden. Comments By: Leon on 2010-01-17
I own Greyhounds and have recently moved to Brighton from Hackney. I took the time to dog proof my Garden and let them out when needed. At the house in Hackney Cats were not as stupid to come into the garden, so no dead cats. But in Brighton i have been here 3 months and have 2 dead cats on my conscience and also neighbours who will not speak to me. I do understand there greviences as if i never moved into the area there cats would not be dead. But as i keep trying to say to these people my dogs are never off the lead in public, i have spent a great deal on ensuring they cannot get out of the Garden. I will not put the dogs down as one cat owner tried tried to insist i do. I do have a cat free Garden now, I hope...
my cat hated orange peel Comments By: catpoostopper on 2010-01-19
my cat started pooing on patio and neighbours flowers, we put orange peel down and she instantly stopped doing it.
Ahhhhhhh! Comments By: grannyinthebox on 2010-01-22
Up until 3 months ago I had no idea just how bad it can get with cats. The house i bought had been empty for some time before i bought it and next doors cats had been using my front garden as a toilet. It has got so bad that i have had to block off my garden completely, to stop anyone (especially grandchildren) from going on there. My husband put up outside lights for xmas and both he and the ladder was covered in faeces. As for the people who say speak to the cat owners, the neighbours are horrible,everyone in the street has warned me about her but i still tried talking to her, did she give a dam, did she hell!! and so I began spending every waking hour thinking up terrible revenge against these cats, if any one had told me i would be in this much of a state over a bloody cat 3 months ago i would of laughed at them, all i can say is thank god for this sight, Ithought i was going mad! My house smells like a toilet every time i open my front door and I am dreading the summer. ALL CAT OWNERS OUT THERE, WHO DON!T GIVE A TOSS EVEN WHEN YOU DO TRY TO REASON WITH THEM I CHALLENGE YOU TO SPEND SOME TIME IN OUR HOUSES, LIVE WITH YOUR CATS, REALY, SHIT AN ALL AND THEN AT THE END OF YOUR STAY TELL ME WER'E MAKING A FUSS OVER NOTHING......
Preventing [any more] cats on property. Comments By: Charles on 2010-01-26
In this PC correct day and age, it's weird that cats and dogs have almost the same rights as people . . . this is absurd. I lived in rural Canada for some years and kept horses. Some local dogs kept bothering [horses in the stable!]. I spoke to the city born folks about this - they laughed and claimed this was "country life." The dogs continued to worry the horses for 2-3 more weeks. I shot one of the dogs and brought it to the local RCMP dispatch. He filed a report of "dangerous animal - hazard to livestock." I never saw my neighbour again - nor the last remaining dog. You have to make your own decisions about how to deal with proble animals. Sorry dog - you had it coming.
4 strays won't leave my yard Comments By: Kathy on 2010-01-28
How can i safley get rid of these cats? I've called all sorts of shelters no one will take them. I don't have anyone to adobt them, they are driving me crazy and there not mine.
Have Had Enough!!! Comments By: Peter on 2010-02-14
My property has been trashed by roaming cats for years. My palm trees and window screens are all scratched. My BBQ, outdoor furniture and pot plants around the house have all been pissed on so often the smell is now permanent. Every morning I have to go out and remove up to 3 lots of cat shit from my garden and throw it over the fence to the neighbour�s yard who owns 2 cats. I bought a really nice fence screen for privacy around our pool and it has been trashed by cats climbing up and down it. There were some birds who built a nest on top of one of our pool fence posts and a cat killed the baby birds once they hatched. Reading all the posts it is quite obvious that there is a real problem with stray cats in all communities around the world and that cat owners don�t get it. I am at a loss to understand why cat owners don�t find it a problem that their cats shit in their neighbour�s yards� Oh it�s just a bit of cat shit they bury it anyway�until there is a law that imposes hefty fines for owners of stray cats I can�t see a solution to the problem. Cat owners don�t seem to understand how much stress and anger their cats cause. I bought a trap and have caught 4 cats now and delivered them to the pound and it hasn�t changed anything. I have had enough now and would like to thank all the people who posted on this site with helpful tips to find a solution and the only option for me now is to bait. To all the cat owners who let their cats roam the streets at night you are all a bunch of selfish scumbags.
im starting to hate cats Comments By: tash on 2010-02-14
im sick to death of cats my neighbour has six of the things and other surrounding neighbours have them two, i look forward to cats pooing daily in my garden , i have show car's and i can't even get them out of the garage with out a cat jumping on the paintwork , one cat attually went in my garage and sprayed urine , i cant let my cjildren pkay in the garden as its just vile and i cannot clean it up it makes me sick so i have to leave it yet the neigbour that has the cats seems to think im a nuisance cleaning my car's tbh these cats are making my life a misery
well Comments By: thomas on 2010-02-14
To those who believe cat's have their own rights too ---- have you ever thought of my 2 year old daughter and my pregnant wife? I don't think you really care... you hypocratic evil people!
You lot are nutters Comments By: suzy on 2010-02-16
You lot are crazy - owners cant stop their cats from jumping a fence into someone else's garden - dont you people have lives? Get a grip! there are worse things to have happen than a cat shi**ing in your garden.
From Across the Pond Comments By: Anon on 2010-02-17
Have laughed so hard - Kevin's solution is hilarious. After being gone for two months I came home to discover stray cats took up residence in the hay shed. I am hoping my dog will take care of them. But if not may try his solution.
Don't tolerate them. Comments By: Cats Graveyard on 2010-02-19
I suggest a .22 air rifle, with silencer and laser dot. Watch for the times that the vermin foul your garden, then drop them when no ones looking. Head shots only and .22 at 10ftlbs or above is essential as cats are v tough but a good head shot will drop them every time and avoid the squealing, leaping, etc. Dead cats are easily disposed of in houshold waste. Strike a blow for native birds, rodents, reptiles and amphibians.
Lion Poo Comments By: happygirl on 2010-02-21
� Use Lion poo which you can get from a Zoo as the cats will smell a larger and more dangerous predator and back off!!!! Mix in with compost
It's called common sense. Comments By: Cara on 2010-02-26
I have been reading all the comments on here and I'am disgusted with those of you who can condem people for using any means possible to get rid of stray cats.I have 3 cats and a dog the difference is I also have 3 litter boxes and a fenced in backyard for my pets to do their buisness in. I also clean these areas myself. So for all the bleeding hearts out there that keep saying to go talk to the owners of these cats or to handle it humanely let me let you morons in on a little know thing called common sense. If you own a cat you should clean up after and take care of it yourself you are an adult no one should have to take time out of their day to come ring your doorbell, and tell you that your cat just pissed all over their patio furniture,plants,ect.It's your responsibility I hope you people aren't breeding yourselfs if this is your way of solving the issue.Talking to irresponsible owners doesn't work if they gave a damn in the first place their cat wouldn't be in someone else's yard or they would be cleaning the mess up themselves. To people saying to handle it humanely it's not humane to let your cat wonder on it's own so it can fight and get injured it's self or injure someone else or another animal,it's not humane to not have your unneutered or spayed animal roaming around having kittens that are starving because you can't feed all of them. What's the first thing you tell a child when he or she wants a pet "Pets are a big responsibility"
carol Comments By: sally on 2010-03-01
if you thought anything of your cats they wouldnt run all over the neighborhood to catch some disease or get killed by a car or attacked by coyates or bobcats.
Cara You Don't Make Sense Comments By: Peter on 2010-03-04
Everything you said Cara didn't make sense. You are an irresponsible cat owner with 3 cats! Don�t tell us you know where they are and where they go when you let them out of the house�You are full of shit!! They would jump your fence and cause chaos in your neighbourhood. Unfortunately there are thousands and thousands of people who do not take responsibility with their cats and let them roam their neighbourhoods just like you!!! And thousands and thousands of people get cats and don�t have them neutered. Are you going to tell me you don�t hear the screams at night from cats in heat� wake up you stupid fuckwit! I have been woken up 3 times this week from cats chasing geckos (small lizards) on my fly screen windows scratching and causing ridiculous damage. Every morning I go out and remove up to 3 lots of cat shit from my garden beside my front door and throw it on the neighbour�s car who owns 2 feral cats. I will not go and speak to my neighbour because I know he is a cat fuckwit like you Cara� WE CANNOT MAKE YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT DAMAGE YOUR CATS DO�you are a disgrace to the community and should have hefty fines imposed on you� Or at least get you to pay for all the damage caused. The day you put a leash on your cats to stay on your property or better yet KEEP THEM INDOORS YOU FUCKWIT� we will need to take matters into our own hands in order to protect our most valuable asset�OUR HOMES!!! At first I tried to scare them away�didn�t work. Then I tried catching them and delivering them to the pound� didn�t work. Then I tried pepper, lemon, water bottles, sprinklers, strong chillies� didn�t work. So now my only option is Tylenol! And I am furious that cat owners have forced me to do this because it�s their irresponsibility that has caused this to occur. They are responsible for the death of their cats!!!
Comments By: ALAN on 2010-03-06
My drive is being used as a toilet by the local cats,i went out to the bin to be greeted by the fowl smell of fresh cat crap that made me wrench my guts up.I have dogs if iam caught not picking my dog mess up i get fined so what gives these cats the right to crap all over my drive,i need a solution to deter these cats as iam now getting rather upset with it,PLEASE HELP"!!!!
just leave them Comments By: david on 2010-03-15
if its their poo your worried about just leave them it worked for me dont know how
funnyn Comments By: anon on 2010-03-13
thank you for your funny comments now i know how to get rid of cats. oh another goodie put them in a wheelie bin on garbage day. off to the tip they go,
I understand Comments By: Davina Attenborough on 2010-03-14
All I can say to you people who have written in with your ways to get rid of cats - what goes around, comes around.
If any of you have ever used one of the methods you describe (instead of just trying to act big) I hope the same method is used on you.
Yes, I do have cats but I also have litter trays. My cats have been neutered to stop them straying and I also have put burglar studs on the top of my fence to stop my cats getting out.
What an evil bunch of people you are.

a sticky solution Comments By: the evil gardner on 2010-03-21
place lengths of strong sticky tape about 18" long sticky side up all over flower borders when cats get it on them its hillarious you can then film it and send to youve been framed and make �250 and buy a gun to finish them off
Easy answer Comments By: Wonderdog on 2010-03-21
Caustic soda crystals sprinkled where they poop is brilliant, they will never come back.....
Beware though, it is very potent stuff, and DO NOT use if you have children or dogs, as it is dangerous stuff

Get your own cat Comments By: Rachel on 2010-03-18
We moved into a house recently and our neighbors have about a million cats living in their garage all Spring/Summer long. Whenever they come into our yard, our cat chases them off the property. One of the best deterrent for other cats is to get your own, territorial cat.
Cats and Dogs Comments By: Lynn on 2010-03-19
Cat owners should take responsibility for their pets - you *can* encourage them to do right. Non-owners should appreciate that cats are not the same as dogs - you can't *train* them. I have three cats now. Before these I just had one, who loved next doors garden to do toilet in. We talked the problem through, and I agreed to buy citrus spray, a water gun and supply orange peel all for my neighbour to use. It took time, but problem was solved. I had my current three from kittens, and determined to tackle the problem before it started by designing my small garden to encourage them to do toilet there. I have stretches of deep pea shingle that I rake over and top up once or twice a year as needed, and armed my neighbours either side with squeezy bottles for use as water guns - they are now 10-12 years old, and have no known problems with using other peoples garden. I have found that being pro-active with neighbours makes them willing to help without harming. Now, if only I could find a way of encouraging dog-owners to not just stand there and let their trained pets poo on my drive wthout picking it up after.
cat lovers Comments By: pj england on 2010-03-27
cat lovers who train their cats sound cat lovers who dont. take a second job as polotician their full of sh*t as well
I found a surefire way Comments By: Bud on 2010-03-28
I have a 22 riffle with a surpresser on it and an nightvision scope. It is quite effective and silent. I have only had one cat come back a few nights later but I took care of him aand he is now in a black trash bag along with a few of his pals. A head shot and it is all over no screetching or howling just silence. My yard is fenced so anything coming in and destroying my property is fair game.
cats are murderers Comments By: antun on 2010-03-28
i never had a problem with cats untill not long ago when the mongrel of a cat killed 2 of my birds (in a cage) and five of their babies how can people buy these pesty things and leave them to roam. my son is 6 yrs old and now has claimed a vandetta on the cat we know which one it was but far out if you own a bloody cat keep the pest indoors or locked up like you have to with a dog. i have tried numerous things to get rid of the pest but nothing has worked the only thig that i can think off is next time its on our yard i will start using it as a foot ball if a dog injures anything it get put down BUT WHEN A CAT INJURES ANYTHING NOTHING SEEMS TO HAPPEN
how to keep cats off your yard Comments By: anon on 2010-04-01
Wow!!! this was a question about how to keep cats off your lawn and garden. Not about disliking or liking them..U all took it to the next level and has nothing to do with calling animal control or disliking cats.
Nothing works Comments By: Susan Young on 2010-04-03
I have spent �100s with electronic devices and tried every tip...but alas... i am stuck with a stinking garden. I am very unhappy...i love my garden but no more....If you do not mess on it they killed the wild birds.
cat shit or dog shit Comments By: doggy on 2010-04-08
would these liberal do gooder tree hugger cat lover types like piles of dog muck all over their garden? I think not.
Keep them in,like dog owners are forced to do and deal with their foul smelling deposits yourselves....................
Anyone know of a decent air rifle?

Relocate that sly little fucker ! Comments By: Sam on 2010-04-11
Set a food trap and catch the little pest. Then put it in your car and drive ten miles to another housing estate. Then just let it go , you can stroke it if you want. No animal cruelty here! That hairy little begger will find some other mug that will feed it and it can shit in their garden. Problem solved x
Dont harm them...... Comments By: Puss in Boots on 2010-04-12
I'm not a big fan of cats myself but I wouldn't wish harm one. I agree that cat owners should be made to be responsible for their pets but cat owners typically are very selfish and lazy individuals who care little for the rights of others.
If you do have problems with cats on your property the best and most effective way is to catch the animal and cage it for 24 hours. During this time p** on the animal as many times as you can, it is even better if you have a large family because that cat can be pee'd on more frequently. If you have neighbours who feel the same way encourage them to come over and urinate on the cat too, the more pee the more effective the therapy. If your friends, neighbours, relatives have trapped and caught cats in cages themselves invite them and their cats to a BBQ. With plenty of alcohol flowing this will stimulate your kidneys to produce more urine which can be used to traumatise the animal thus correcting its behaviour (it's great fun too, kids love it!)
After 24 hours the cat should be sufficiently unhappy from the events it has experienced and this will have a lasting effect on its behavioural patterns.
When the cat is released it is unlikely you will ever see it again.


* It is rare but some animals do return, simply repeat the 24 hour process again but this time find some cat poop and dissolve it in a bucket of warm water, then pour over the kitty. repeat this process every few hours.
Not only has the cat learnt something but on the animals return the owner will learnt a valuable lesson too.

Sick People In This World Comments By: Jane on 2010-04-20
I can't believe the things I'm reading. I understand some peoples frustration. However, cats are living beings who feel pain just like humans. If you are capable of torturing or killing an animal, you are a sick human being. Just because some of you can't understand how others can love their pets as much as some love their kids, it doesn't mean it's insignificant. YOU are the selfish ones. I hope someone out there has a humane solution to the problem that will satisfy both cat lovers and cat haters.
Sick of it Comments By: Cat Hater on 2010-04-18
Its ok for these so called cat lovers to harp on about not having cat crap in their gardens, thats coz they are constantly crapping in mine. Cats never seem to do their business in their own gardens, always someone elses. Im getting sick of it.
Ive got a bit out the back which is bark chip and ive just noticed the little shits are using it as a toilet, grrrrr.
im gona start putting stuff along the fencing and ive also started slinging it back over the neighbours gardens. Their cats crap so they can have it :)

Use bleach..but not on the actual cat! Comments By: CatLover on 2010-04-21
If the cat is crapping in one or two particular places, pour bleach there (yes it may destroy the flowers) and the cat will not come back. This may need to be repeated several times.

P.S. wow some of the comments above are ridiculous, thought the forum would help on how to get rid of them not hear so many opinions on cat lovers/haters etc etc.

I only know how to stop them from coming to their spot, but any useful advice on how to stop them from actually entering my garden would be helpful

my town has an ordinance but won't back it up Comments By: Deb on 2010-04-19
I have a neighbor who has at least 8 cats. I have put up with this for years, but, finally as I realized that they kept having more and more kittens I called the police department. I looked out my window and had 5 kittens on my shed. They apparently talked to them, because an ordinance says you cant have more than 3 pets. For a day or two, I didn't see the cats. Then out they came again. I waited almost 6 months, thinking that they probably needed time to find homes for them, then one day I looked out and saw 8 cats in my yard. I saw one peeing on my shed, they have used the sand that was down around the pool as their personal litter box. When I walk out my door, front or back, it smells like urine and poop. I called the police today and was told there was no ordinance that prevents this. I did see our ordinance that clearly states that animals cannot be at large. I'm not sure how they can say this is not a violation of the ordinance. I love cats and have my own, in the house where he is taken care of. I have spent alot of money this year having my yard seeded, which the cat is digging up. I certaintly don't want to hurt the cats in anyway, but I'm at my wits in. This is not right. Just venting!!! thanks for listening (reading)
Smelly Vermin Comments By: Cat Turd Expert on 2010-04-19
I have cats s******g on my lawn also and am just about fed of it. I've enjoyed reading some of the solutions including peeing on them once caught. I wondered whether eating asparagus prior to peeing on them would enhance the experience for the house-rat.

I started dating a women who had 9 or 10 cats - a foolish decision as everytime I went home I absolutely stank and had to shower and wash the clothes I was wearing.

As you can imagine the relationship didn't last long!!

Typically all cat owners are selfish or too bone idle to take the responsibility of owning a cat seriously enough to cater for their toilet needs!!

And unbelievably arrogant to suggest the only way to overcome their pet's s******g on my property would be to get a s**t machine of my own.

How to get the cats stop peeing at my door !!!! Comments By: SavageRose on 2010-04-23
I am sick and tired of the BAD SMELL of the cat PIPI which is spreading in the whole house when it comes to PEEEEE at my door in the EARLY MORNING !!!!
I tried the spray to get them off, it DIDN'T WORK !!! I'M REALLY THINKING TO POISON THEM ALLL ONCE AND FOR ALLLLLLL !!!!!!!!!

KeenGardener Comments By: KeenGardener on 2010-04-25
For those people who suggest getting a cat to get rid of cats is is not an option. I am allergic to them. So I have my neighbour�s cats destroying my vegetables and plants. There are some useful suggestions here which I will use to try to get rid of these horrible animals.
Howitzer Comments By: Roger Gale on 2010-04-27
I have tried everything under the sun, I bought a howitzer canon. I hope this gets rid of them once and for all, but it might knock next doors house down. Does my house insurance cover me?
darn cats! Comments By: anon on 2010-04-29
a cat recently ate my Koi fish. If I see it It's bad new for that cat. Keep it on a leash and in your own property!!
reply to ignorant cat owners(not all cat owners) Comments By: anon on 2010-04-30
I dont dislike cats or wish them any harm,but like most of you is really fed up of all the cat shit in my garden.I am open to any way to try and stop it.To all the blogs from people who have cats and think its ok for them to poo in other peoples garden.espically the one who wished these poor people a disaster I think you are compleatly selfish and ignorant and the world would be better without people like you in it.any decent person would try to prevent their cat straying into other peoples garden and damaging property and plants and shitting where it likes,and if you are aware of it doing it in your neighbours garden u should offer to clear it up.I do agree its not always the cats that are the problem somtimes it clearly is the owners..........
Pussy Lovers Comments By: Tom on 2010-05-03
The reason all you pussy lovers can sit there and say that us non pussy lovers are cruel is because we have friends we can socialise with, and therefore do not need the fake love of a pathetic 4 legged feline. I suggest that if you would like to know how it feels to have one of your pathetic animals sh=t in the area of where my child plays, then I should maybe pop round and sh=t in your garden one bright sunny day.

If you are so delusional as to believe that one of the most independent species, comes back everyday because it likes you then you really need to get a life. If the person 5 doors down from you decide to feed the cat better or more food than you, it would live with them and sh=t in your garden.

Do the world a favour, buy a dog...at least legally you have to clean up its sh=t!

A solution? Comments By: Anon on 2010-05-04
For those of you who have fences, there may be a solution. I have bred birds in outdoor aviaries for almost 20 years and lost countless show/expensive birds by domestic cats causing night panic in the flights and attacking the birds as they cling blindly to the mesh. I have often managed to track the owner down but never got so much as a penny for vet's bills/replacements or an apology in return. I have lost more plants to cat damage than I can care to recollect.

For those of you at the end of their tether tempted to poison cats (easily done with rodenticides, paracetamol or dog flea treatment), it is worth mentioning that the approach is illegal, unnecessarily cruel and ineffective in the long run. A vacant territory will soon be filled by new cats as the owners' replacement feline appears. Rather, it is more effective to dissuade your neighbouring cats from coming into your garden at all - they will also serve to provide a safety cordon to prevent most other moggies from straying through their own patch into your garden.

The idea is simple and cheap and is based on aversion. The first step is to place parallel lines of simple garden wire very taughtly at the top of your fences through eyelets positioned every 15cms or so. This will discourage most cats from walking along your fences and entering your garden as it will prevent them from balancing. It is not unsightly if you choose the thin green variety. You can even grow climbers along the fence so the wires are of some practical use too.

For those cats which do persist despite this deterrent, place similar wires on the inside of the fence at the top (on the side of your property) with extended eyelets - they should stretch outwards from the fence into your garden at an angle for some 45 cm or so away from the fence in three lines of 15cm each. Again, they are not very visible and can be removed later. This will not keep cats out; rather, it will keep them in to your garden if they do stray into it as they will be unable to climb back out. Ensure that you are around for this part of operations or that fresh water is available at all times for the cat if you are out. Next you can catch the offending feline. The easiest way is to give it an obvious hiding place such as a large box in which it can hide when you appear. You may choose to remove the animal and take it to a sanctuary, although this parts the owner from their cat and is unfair. If the cat is microchipped, it will also be returned to the owner very soon and you will be back to square 1. Releasing it into the wild somewhere remote is also unsuitable. The cat at worst will be unable to fend for itself and perish; at best, it will prey on local wildlife. Instead, make a makeshift chicken wire cage on the inside of your box with a closable flap. Ensure that you can close the cage hidden inside the box from a distance using string. Once the cat is trapped, remove the box which concealed it and then SCARE the cat repeatedly in whatever way you see fit. You may choose to soak the offender with several buckets of water filled with ice and leave your dog (if you have one) to snarl around the cage. Repeat the process many times, siting the cage in different parts of your garden. You may then release the cat who will by then be absolutely terrorised and will avoid your garden altogether in future.

Although I am aware that this approach is rather draconian, it is very effective. You may wish to notify cat owners that you will use every means to deter cats from your property before you start, which allows them to take responsibility for their pet ahead of time. I have had several cats over the years but no longer keep them for the simple reason that cats need to roam. Mine lived indoors as I was keen to both avoid them upsetting my neighbours and the cats using my own garden as a latrine. And were they frustrated? Of course: they were unable to behave in the natural ways cats want/need to (my curtains still bear the signs). The thing to remember in this debate is that cats only behave the way they are meant to; they are not deliberately malicious. Indeed, they only become a nuisance if their owners do not take responsibility for them. There are many responsible cat owners - but all are given a bad name due to the behaviour of owners of 'easy-care' pets who believe it is reasonable to allow their pet to roam wild. They may well allow the cat to fulfil its instincts but they are engaging in a behaviour with is not only antisocial: it also places their own cat at risk of being run over or mauled by a dog.

Peter read before you type!!!!!! Comments By: Cara on 2010-05-04
I never said I let my 3 cats outside they are INDOOR cats my dog however goes outside in my fenced in lot,which we clean.Our cats once again are INDOOR cats and we have LITTER BOXES which you can train cats to use instead of others yards.So yes I do know that my cats aren't in others yards, because they don't leave the house. Once again and third times a charm they are INDOOR cats.We have an issue in our community of cat owners who let their cats roam,and they enter into our yard. My point was that my family is responsible enough to clean up after our pets. Why then do the owners of the roamers not have enough responsibility to do the same.
cat crap Comments By: del on 2010-05-06
Cats sh=t where other cats sh=t, so if your neighbours cat sh=ts in your garden, pick it up with a small gardening trowel and throw into their garden. Solved the problem for me!
get rid!!! end of story. Comments By: gnlfc on 2010-05-09
i am sick of walking into my front garden every morning to the smell of cat urine. and then thinking that my neighbour doesnt give a shit about what there cat does or where it is half the time. i wonder if it never comes home one night will they actualy miss it? why is it a dog cant do the things a cat can do. bullshit i say. if your in my garden and i dont want you there, then you are a tresspasser and i will dispose of you how i see fit. if you cat lovers really give a dam about your cats then why the hell dont you listen to the people who are trying to express there feelings. if you choose not to respond then more fool your stubborn arse. yes cats are living things but so are dogs and you wouldnt want them shitting and pissing in your garden. cats beware. my garden is a no cat zone.
Cat Owners Comments By: Cat Parent on 2010-05-12
NOT all cat owners are selfish or too bone idle to take the responsibility of owning a cat, Turd....

Cat or dog owners NEED to be responsible. Don't let your dog run out without a leash and poop on someone else's lawn. Train your cat and supervise him when and if you let him go outside. Give him a few hours...3 or 4 and then bring him inside. If you see him doing something wrong at the neighbor's...teach him not to do it again. Be a responsible pet owner. Don't just let him go out and pee/poop a storm on someone else's property. I wouldn't like it, so that's why I look after my cat and give him a little time outside. I argue with my guy alot about the time he gets outside. He says let him out, without much care and I say he does NOT have to go out and I am very passionate about it. So I give the cat some time out, but I never forget about him and go on with my business. You have to treat your pets like you have kids. I am sorry for those who are having issues with cats and irresponsible pet owners. Find a save solution to end the frustration.

Water will get rid of cats Comments By: grado2003 on 2010-05-14
the solution in an electro-mechanical product called the Scarecrow
(http://www.scarecrowinfo.com). This is a battery powered motion sensor used to control a water sprinkler. When a cat comes within 40 feet of the detector it turns on the sprinkler for a 4 second burst, enough for the impulse-type sprinkler head to rotate 180 degrees. The combination of sound, sudden motion, and falling water startles the cat and chases it away in the most humane manner possible.

Getting rid of cats Comments By: Ivan Pascoe on 2010-05-18
Shoot the sob. 12 guage white out.If you miss then did a hole 8" x 4" place a tarp over hole.Sprinkle Catnip over tarp. When the cat goes for the catnip. It falls into the 8x 4 hole.The fill the dam hole and continue on your way. Results: Got the cat, Buried the cat.Then go after the owner for the work of getting their dam cat. This will work for dogs.If the cat owner complains then ask him to cross over the tarp. Then pour cement into the hole. Soon his slippers will be heavy then take the owner out of the hole and have him walk across the deepest part of a river. PS Should be open season on loose cats and dogs.
You people are sick Comments By: anon on 2010-05-19
Killing cats just cos they do what comes naturally to them? You people must have something wrong with you. Why would you want to harm any animal? They have as much right to live their lives as we do. Maybe animal cruelty is legal in America but here you will go to jail for sadistically murdering an animal. I hope you people reap what you sow.
And I would like to know just how a cat is meant to be stopped from roaming. I'll talk to my cats later, I'm sure they'll understand. YOU SICKOS SHOULD BE LOCKED UP!

cat madness Comments By: sasha on 2010-05-20
To cat lovers
you say that some of these angry people should be sectioned but the present situation is in itself crazy - the craziness lies in the default position of cats being seen as both pets and wild animals that should be allowed to roam free. If cats are wild, they are certainly not endangered, they are more like rats and they spread disease - this is fact, pretty they might be but I know at least two people whose children have lost the sight in an eye through contact with cat shit. So why is it mad to protect your children and your property?
I like cats - theres nothing sweeter than the sight of a cat with her kittens. But children, birds and other wild life are lovely too!
If cats are pets then maybe their owners should take proper responsibility for them. Too often cats are some kind of compromise pet - one you see from time to time but don't have to worry about while your at work for example. In parts of the States and Australia cats have to be treated like dogs - kept indoors or under control ie it means that their owners take them for walks, clean up their shit and properly look after them.
The attitude of some of you so called cat lovers makes me think that your pets are some sort extention of your own personalities, acting out primitive desires to kill things and shit on others peoples territory. The cat hating extremists are only preaching what you practise all the time.

Sick of other peoples roaming cats Comments By: B on 2010-05-21
I am so sick and tired of the bloody cats around my neighbourhood that seem to find it necessary to crap in my yard, dig up my plants and kill the birds nesting in the conifers. I've tried various things, bearing in mind I have a toddler that likes to play in the yard too. NONE of these pests have collars either. I'm tempted to get a trap and just take them all to the RSPCA. OR, let my dog have them next time I seem them in the yard. I don't let my dog crap in other peoples yards and I clean up after him. So YOU out there that don't even care to put a collar on your cat and let it roam to crap and tear up other peoples yards, well don't be surprised when they disappear. I'm at my wits end with trying all the natural rememdies. DOES NOT WORK!!
Boot up the backside Comments By: snowflake on 2010-05-25
how do you stop these creatures from hell I recently moved and began to plant and work hard in my garden and overnight these pests crapped in my flowerbeds I put orange peel down and for a while Bingo Then back with a bloody vengeance, the sneaky sod even drank water out of my can behind my back when I yelled at it it rolled about as if I was playing with it. Then my next door neighbour who is equally affected managed to kick its bottom. Hooray....... Yes you have guessed its come back and brought all its mates who now persist in howling and screaming all night. The government should introduce Cat Licences with an incredibly high cost then see who gets a cat. Finally I am going to pick up these vile pieces of crap that they leave and post them along with the bill for my poor dying plants through their owners doors. After all this is ASB by these poxy mangy felines. Tonight I have put Jeyes Fluid into old yoghurt pots and planted them around my plants and lets see tomorrow If it works I will be back on hear to let you know the success, but dont hold your breaths
'Tis the trapper again! Comments By: Kevin Lewis on 2010-05-28
Hello again my poor, tormented soul-mates! This really is the last time I'm going to tell you people of my cast-iron guarantee of a solution to our mutual feline problem. Re-reading subsequent posts to mine, I'm appalled by the minimal take-up of my bait/trap/cage/urinate/release method; perhaps I need a snappier title! I notice that a poster by the name of "Puss in Boots" has either plagiarised or independently developed a remarkably similar theme to mine, but she (and my libido decrees that a woman is responsible for such a moniker!), appears to be in a woefully tiny minority. In a similar paean by Bart Simpson on leaving Japan, who lamented leaving "her sparkling, whale-free seas", I too feel the oppressive crush of a garden free from the thrill of chasing cats, their turds precipitously hanging from the mothership (even I like that phrase!). But as in all long-term relationships, the excitement evaporates, leaving a calm to descend like a blanket of tranquillity and order. I wonder if some of you secretly enjoy the game of cat and mouse, as it were, of the almost Darwinian struggle between man/woman and our furry inturder (another gem of purposely misspelt linguistic artistry, and it's all free - I really should write this stuff down!). If you didn't, then you would surely have tried my method by now. You'll be unlucky to pay more than 40 pounds for a top-notch cage, and you'll get many hours of video footage that will keep you entertained into your dotage; I swear that nothing is more entertaining than a piss drenched cat almost resignedly accepting its fate after the third or fourth golden shower! If YouTube weren't so puritanical then I could post a video from which you could all draw some positive Freudian transference, and no small amount of succour. If I see no advocates on my next visit I'll surmise that you don't want a cure, merely a chance to whinge, and that my advice, encouragement and innovative wordplay have been as naught. I wait with baited (I've done it again!) breath. Enjoy!

cats are rodents Comments By: nancy on 2010-05-29
cats are glorified giant rats destroying everything in site. they are smely and spooky and are just as destructive as a giant rat. this site gave me some ideas. i will use any means to rid of the pesky things. urine smell is disgusting and my flowers are dead from this cat trampling all over them. i will resort to any means necessary to rid of them. glad i am not the only one that dislike them
I LOVE MY 2 CATS!! Comments By: Lucy on 2010-05-30
I have just spent the past 20mins reading these comments some with a smile & some in disbelief! I have a kitten which has to stay in at the mo & use a litter tray but my older cat does go out to do her toilet which she does in her own garden (mine) I aslo have 2 small children & I keep an eye on them so there is no chance of them playing with poo!! I simply clear the garden myself. Its no big deal & surely there are bigger issues to deal with. Maybe those who have a problem with stray/neighbours cats should get a cat of their own, I'm pretty sure the strays would keep clear of your flowerbeds & then u'd only have 1 lot of catpoo to clear up, or if your lucky none as they may go elsewhere! LOL
death to all cats Comments By: dan on 2010-05-30
hi i have just recently moved to my new home and i have a 4year old son who likes playing with his slide and in his playhouse in the garden and i also have just planted loads of new plants and growing my own veg and rhubarb and i have spotted a couple of cats which have came into my garden and done their buisness and dug up my new plants which i am furious as i hate cats altogether i have tried orange peel which has not worked at all and also cut my hose pipe and put it amongst my flowers and also failed and i have gotten to the point if i catch them again i feel like killing them i know one of them belongs to a family across the path from me and i haven't said anything yet as they always go away and when they come back i miss them by minutes as they go out again now i would appreciate any advice and i have read all your comments and have taken down notes which i pray they will work but enough is enough i say death to all cats as they are rats
eradication Comments By: Anon on 2010-05-30
im am aquiring a .22 and taking care of my neighbor's cats for them. I have a cat and a dog, the cat stays inside. Both are treated with flea and tick treatment and have their shots every year. Now I am getting an increasing amount of ticks in my yard, and with them a new cat. for a long time it was one that i would see every so often passing through, i would scare it when i saw it to keep it out. but it has started to hang out here more and more, with that i observed increased ticks and fleas, and not to mention my wifes hard work in the garden for nothing. now there is a second one, they dont even seem to try and hide the fact that they are in my yard now. last night early in the morning i went out and one was at my doorstep, the other pawing at my shed. this afternoon i look out and one is lounging in the yard. my dog has been attacked and injured. its amazing how we have two pets that none of my neighbors even know about because we take care of them, yet i am tormented because of some irresponsible, selfish person who wants a pet but it too lazy to care for it.

as i said, neighbor, if you wont take care of your pet... i will take extra special care of it for you.

To the people who think cats have the right to do as they please Comments By: Daniel on 2010-06-02
I found this site after searching for a solution to a serious problem, and will try some of the advice- thanks.

To the 'cat lovers' on here- who think it's acceptable for cats to mess anywhere they like- please let us all know where you live so we can all come and do our business all over your gardens day in and day out.

shot umm Comments By: C. Killer on 2010-06-02
Just cleared my garden and seeded it for grass, about 10 cats's use this as their toilet. tried everything, got fed up and shot one with a bb gun. Haven't seen it back. waiting for my misses to head out for the day and gonna pick each one off with a water gun. Cat's are vermin and the owner's are just sad, lonely people that need to get a life. Instead of staying in on a sat night and talking to their furry friends. FACT.
Cat deterent Comments By: Christine on 2010-06-03
I tried the dried teabags soaked in Jeyes Fluid and it really worked. Having put a lot of hard work into clearing my small garden to have pebbles laid, I didn't want the cats coming into the garden and making a 'mess'. I placed a few bags soaked in the Jeyes Fluid at intervals and haven't seen a cat since. PLEASE DO NOT USE NEAT JEYES FLUID as this can cause the cats who are pregnant to have deformed kittens.
Get rid of the cats by... Comments By: Anon on 2010-06-03
Put a motion activated sprinkler in your garden or yard.
Blow an air horn at the cat when it comes in your yard. (thats what I do)
Throw rocks at it.
Capture it with a have a heart trap, and then have it put down.
Save up all the cat poop for a month and then deliver it to your neighbor.

toileting and eating my cats food? Comments By: Katie on 2010-06-04
i have a problem with at least 5 other cats coming into my garden sparaying and pooing, i also have 3 cats of my own 1 being a cat and the stanger cats keep coming in eating my cats food which is getting frustrating and expensive, it's summer and i like my back door open as i have a toddler who likes to play outside, any idea's on preventing them coming into my house?
To those who say cats should be able to roam and poop anywhere Comments By: CatHater on 2010-06-04
why don't I come by your place and pee and poo all over your belongings? Your kids crib? Dear goodness forbid he or she actually be allergic to anything.
I'm quickly becoming a cat hater. Not only am I allergic to them, they are all over the place. I agree with another person, that cats should be licensed and leashed. For those saying "cats should be able to roam", there are MANY dog breeds that were BRED to roam. Shall I let one of those dogs roam in your yard and poop/pee/puke/etc all over your belongings?

If you don't like dogs in your yard, then deal with your danged cats.

Horrible little things Comments By: Anon on 2010-06-06
I also suffer with cats crapping on my lawn and under my bay window. Visitors always comment about smell. I have tried chasing them, throwing water, orange peel but to no avail. When I was shooting cans in the back garden one was walking across lawn and I shot a can right next to it and the cocky little sh1t just stared at me. I couldn't believe the cheek as it just strolled off as I reloaded. I am now a cat hater who feels pushed to the limit to try poison. Going to try chilli with sugared water tomorrow and if that doesn't work it's defo poison time
Sadistic cats Comments By: stan on 2010-06-10
My wife has 2 cats which i detest. If I was to catch and maim a small animal then poke it so it flops around in agony for half an hour before getting bored and walking away to let it die slowly id be locked up.

It amazes me cat owners (who claim to be animal lovers) can be so oblivious to the way in which their cute cuddly pets slaughter the local wild life.

As far as I am concerned the damn things should not be allowed outside. Keep them as pets of you want to but they should stay inside where they cant slaughter the local bird population or shit on other peoples property.

SO SICK OF CATS Comments By: TA Crane on 2010-06-07
We have just moved in to our new house,and everyone has a cat, and they all shit in my garden. Have tried everything.So pissed as I cant even let my childen (aged 2&4) out in the garden with having to go looking for shit. I even found a cat sitting next to my new borns cot. Wot is the point of having a cat, you feed it and then it pisses off, its not even a pet.Its a againest the law if you dont pick dog shit up so it should be againest the law for cats to. If i find hows cats are shiting in my garden i will be giving it back to them. I HATE CATS!!!!!!!!!!
completelt and utterly un-trained Comments By: Michael Rammell on 2010-06-09
Me and my girlfriend have just moved into our first home together. The guys upstairs has 6 cats! (and he lives by himself). I just decided to clear our front garden and put some pots in to make it look a bit smarter and have come out to find cat Sh*t everywhere. Simply disguisting. I've tried all sorts but the only thing i find that deters them is to lay chicken wire down. it looks un-sightly and and i hate it but at least there isn't cat Sh*t everywhere. My other neighbour has even had cat sh*t on his bin lids. The cats don't even cover up after they've finished.I can't believe it! <<++Removed by TipKing++>>
Lilies are Poisonous to Cats Comments By: Sufferer on 2010-06-09
I do hope that everyone heeds the warning that Lilies are highly toxic to cats. The reason why I have planted so many in my garden is because this is my new hobby. It (of course) has nothing to do with the cat cr*p in my garden.
cats..grrrrrrrrrrrr Comments By: Arthur Sleep on 2010-06-10
we hate cats. my poor kids have to look where they are going to play in our own bloomin garden due to cat crap everywhere. i detest cats. yuk. wots the point of them. come indoors with dirty smelly germs,eat, sctatch you then clear off 4a poo in my garden. cats should be banned and hung in the tower.
Surrounded by cats! Comments By: Cat Lover-NOT on 2010-06-11
I am surrounded by cats, they plant themselves in my yard, garden, garage, deck and just about anywhere else they can get into! I have had my own cats in the past but always kept them as house cats! Unfortunately some of you cat lovers prefer to just let your animal roam, caring very little about who's property they are making a mess of!! And don't give me that bull about them being such wonderful creatures...I guess you haven't seen them walking through your yards with baby bunnies in their jaws as the poor creatures screech! Sorry but if I have to choose between a baby bunny and your cat the cat will lose hands down! I don't understand what people get out of having animals that they just set loose to terrorize the neighborhoods...and for you dog owners who thankfully keep their pets in their yards that doesn't mean we can't hear them barking all hours of the day and night! Maybe you can block out the noise but I shouldn't have to!
cats shit Comments By: garth on 2010-06-15
i have just payed 300000 for my new house only to have 3 cats regular use the garden in front of my garden

neighbor awnser is how do i stop them the shit posted through letter box dont go down too well house party this wk end
i cant be responsable for my guests there not my pets

Keep Cats Out of Sandbox Comments By: Shauna on 2010-06-13
My neighbor�s cat was using my kids sandbox as his personal toilet. I didn't want to use cat repellent spray because of the smell and the possible chemicals in my kids sandbox. So I found a motion activated sprinkler that does a great job of keeping the cats away. For more info go to other http://keepcatsoutofyard.com
all cats should be destroyed Comments By: anon on 2010-06-14
i hate them my neigbours cats have wrecked the paintwrok on my show car , they use my garden as a giant toilet so i cant even let my children play out its that bad , i wont have barbaques ib the summer as the smell is just too much , i have a queasy stomach so i cannont clean up after the horrible things , its so unfair that we have to put up with this
Get your own back on cat owners! Comments By: Cat are pests on 2010-06-18
My neighbour�s cats use my garden as a public toilet, day in day out. So, here is how to get them back.

Cats can�t resist freshly turned dirt. They will seek it out and do a shit in it. So, you freshly turn some dirt in an open space obvious to the cat. Place some board in the whole and tip in either anti climb paint or exterior gloss paint and pour it in thick and high straight from the can. Mix in somee cornflower if it is not thick enough. Will stay wet for at least a week.

Then cover with the fresh dirt. When Mr Shitarse comes along for his daily dump he will dig into the nice fresh dirt and get covered in lovely paint. Now he will return to his owners house and cover their carpets in fresh paint too. They will now know what it is like to have to clean up an awful mess after their cat. Continue as required until the owner gets the message that your garden is somewhere for you to enjoy and not a private toilet for their cat.

Worked for me a treat. If the neighbour complains just say what the fuck was your cat doing in my garden? I can put paint wherever I want on my property.


Make Cat Owners appreciate the problem! Comments By: Sian on 2010-06-19
Catch the cat, attach a plastic bag full of its crap to its collar and send it packing to its owners!
Lilles, my new best friend... Comments By: Joe the Gardner on 2010-06-21
Cats fu**** up your garden? Plant some lilies and watch the magic happen. If that dosent work "supersoak the hoe" literally. Mix pepper, hot sauce and some spoiled milk in a let's say, supersoaker and or sprayer and have your due. A true Gardner does all possible to protect what is truly theirs.
Advice of dog flea drops. Comments By: Bruce King on 2010-06-22
Where can I buy dog flea drops - are they available in UK and which is the most effective brand?
they are wild Comments By: elizebth on 2010-06-22
Cats can look after the selve.s they like the out side .and you can not stop them doing what they want give me a dog any time .
trap the cats and take them to spca Comments By: josh on 2010-07-06
trap the cats and take them to the spca.
return to sender Comments By: Mike on 2010-07-09
I love this site. Here in Denmark we have the same problems. I do 2. things: Catch the cats in a trap and kill them (legal in Denmark after warning neighbours once in writing) and 2. Cat-sh*t is catapulted by me into cat owning neighbours gardens!! The cat-owners for 2 years didn�t give a shit really, now I don�t give a sh*t, really!
Kill all rateaters and protect youself from Toxoplasmosis. Comments By: penny on 2010-07-13
All stray cats ruining peoples gardens, food like vegetables, chickens should be killed. They are a disease and the rspca should be jailed for harassing innocent people who are paying high mortgages for their land and property. There is this one sexually out of control rspca nut, banging on our door, and rubbing his penis,in front of my window and putting his mentally unbalanced and unfounded notes in our door.Is this sexual harassment from rspca, when he listens to the hallucinations of benefit scroungers who get tax payers money not only to feed themselves, plus 3 dogs and 5-6 rat eater cats and bird killers.
Why is the british government and the benefit system paying hard working tax payers money for these filthy useless,good for nothing freeloaders!!!
Anybody has any suggestion?
Denmark is a great country.Eradicate all cats.

true colours canada Comments By: Anon on 2010-07-15
what disturbing comments.I own a cat,it goes in her litter box and then goes outside. if any of my neighbours comlain,I ask them to call me, put garden hose on, and I will pick up my Kitty! cat owners have to be responsible! What is the world coming to!!! boo to all the cruel people. you can not be a christian. when God told Noah to build the Ark, he told him to put one Animal of each Creature in the Ark. that must have included a Cat.OPEN YOUR EYES to what is happening on Earth.Global warming, Artic melting,Floods,Earthquaces ect. call your Neighbour talk about the problem. clean up if neccesary with Gloves. Remember if You kill a Creature unnececeraly,You will suffer.Eye for an Eye
Selfish Cat Owners Comments By: Mrs Angry on 2010-07-17
I'm sick of clearing up cat shit from my garden, this has been going on for about 12 years, the person who stated that cat's bury their mess is talking rubbish, if they bury it how come I can see it every day when I go out, today was the final straw, my neighbours cat who normally runs back into it's own garden when it sees me coming was sniffing around in the border that the local cats seem to prefer, it started to run when it saw me, but it stopped halfway between the shrubs that border our garden and the neighbours, just as I was wondering why it had stopped running it's tail went up and it dumped what I can only describe as the most disgusting yellow mess, don't know if it was getting me back for chasing it all these years or it had eaten something it shouldn't and couldn't help itself. Anyway I have now declared war on this cat and the others, instead of discreetly putting the shit discreetly back on their side of the hedge I will now be chucking it over the hedge and I don't care where it lands, this cat has also ruined my gate and 3 fences using them as a scratching post. We are actually quite friendly with our neigbours and inadvertently a few weeks ago while chatting over the hedge my neighbour asked what I was working on in the garden as I do spend a lot of time and money trying to keep it looking nice, I told him I was taking away one of the borders (the one the cats like) because I was fed up of it being used as a cat's toilet, the words were out before I realised what I was saying, but then I thought well at least he knows now what we have to put up with, not that it has made any difference after today's performance. I certainly wouldn't do anything to maim or kill a cat, but I've had enough and will use some of the more extreme measures like the water and sugar with chillies. I've spent a fortune over the years on different sprays and also a sonic alarm which I will admit does work most of the time on the other cats but not the next door neighbours, only problem is if the batteries run out I usually only know about it because of the amount of shit that appears within a day or two. My youngest son was never allowed to play in the garden when he was small until I had checked it first we used to have chips almost to the back door and the cats used it like a giant litter tray, we had to eventually slab it but then they just moved to the flower borders instead! I fully agree with the people who say that cats should be kept indoors or at least trained to use a litter tray in their own garden which they can't get out of. I just wish they would introduce a law the same as for dogs.
These are domestic pets, they shouldn't allowed to wander all over the neighbourhood messing in people's gardens and damaging property. So called cat lovers who think their cats should be able to go wherever it likes are nothing but lazy selfish b******s! who don't give a damn about anyone else and for those on here who think we are making a big deal out of a little cat shit well you come round my garden and clear the mess up especially when the cat(s) have eaten something they shouldn't(or because their loving owners feed them any old cheap crap) see how long you can go without gagging and then tell me I�m making a fuss.

extreme hate of cats!!!! Comments By: anon on 2010-07-18
all you cat lovers mk me sick.i ave a 6yr old daughter with lukemia and has a form of fungal infection in her brain due 2 wen her treatment was intense & this COULD ave bin caused by cat shit.they are vermin and need 2 b treated like wise.we are avin a problem wid them sh*tting in our garden at the moment & are avin 2 kp her in.childrens lifes are surely worth more than 'cats'!
Vandalism Comments By: Anon on 2010-07-20
Having my neighbours 5 cats crap all over my garden, digging up of plants, wrecking my shed roof which was replaced 2 months ago reading some of your solutions has really made me smile. I can so relate to everyones comments if our kids/dogs did the same we would be made responsible There is such a thing as a cat loo and can be put outside!! My horrible neighbour refused to help me re-build my shed after the lastest bout of vandalism from his lot and called me 'tight' when I suggested a 'donation' would be much appreciated as it had cost over �100 to rebuild the roof structure. What a prick!! Have decided to turn the garage into a games room for my son and teach him basket ball with the hoop on the wall adjacent to their TV on their side lol...failing that the mustard on the bum therory really made my day and at this time i'd happliy plaster it over my neighbours backside along with their cats!!!
a cat for a cat Comments By: patrick on 2010-07-20
My neighbor's cat keeps crapping and p"ssing in my 3 year old's sandbox and we dig it up everytime we play so i started taking a spade and taking it to my neighbor's front door step. One day my neighbor caught me doing this and I just told him it's your blanking cat. He yelled back that his cat don't eat no corn, as I walk back to my house with a smile and the shovel over my shoulder.
Cretins Comments By: Mick on 2010-07-21
Its obvious that the problem isn't paticularly with the cats themselves but the owners, Why are cat owners such blinkered cretins.
Cats - Cute and Cuddly but still pests Comments By: Grt - UK on 2010-07-23
Cats - love em or hate em, personally I never liked the things, they sulk, they do things they want to do all the time, can't do any tricks like a dog (before anyone denies this, there are the odd one or two that can but on the whole...). Then they kill other peoples pets and wildlife - not cool. They pi$$ $h1t and scratch where they please. Also they pose a health risk, not only can they spread disease (Rats and Mossies anyone?) but some folk (my wife included) are allergic to their fur. So if there is a cat about I cannot have my patio doors open as I would like. The crap that they produce is not welcome in my veggie patch, I have a wormery for providing my nutrients, I don't want cat crap contaminating my food.
I am in total agreement with anyone that suggests things like - keep the cat indoors (like you would a hamster/gerbil/snake/lizard I bet they all love to "roam" and "hunt" as well) or with this special fencing in your own garden. If found in other peoples gardens then it should be a 3 strikes rule or something, twice return to owner or a shelter with the event documented - 3rd time of failing to keep an animal under control it should be put down (humanely of course).

Pros of a cat:
Some people think they make good companions
Can't think of any more unless pi$$ing your neighbours off is a pro.
No conscience - (how many times does a dog look guilty when caught doing something wrong, now think back to the last time a cat looked guilty?)
Health risk.
Poorly controlled (owners fault not the cats)
Often left to go feral as well.

I am biased but trying to use objective logic. I believe human health and well being and state of mind either outweigh rights of a cat OR should find a way of not letting a cat impinge on the health and well being of humans.

Cats winding my dogs up. Comments By: anon on 2010-07-23
My 2 dogs constantly bark at local cat's who wander around our front garden, driveway and our neighbours gardens. They wind every local dog up and the owners are receiving complaints about their dogs barking, all coming from the cat owners. I used to own cat's as a kid and my parents eventually sent them to a different home after my baby sister copied a cat and buried her own turds in the garden, they also ripped apart any pool we had and pissed over everything. As a result I dislike cats nowadays. There's one local cat who used to sit on our garden fence causing our dogs to jump up and bang against the fencing separating the gardens. The last I saw of this cat was a few weeks ago. It sat there with a look of utter satisfaction watching our dogs trying their hardest to get at it and it didn't notice me walk out of our back door, pick up the rake and jab it off the fence. It hasn't been back since but more and more cats have taken to enjoying our garden which is bad for our 1 year old. We have to make sure there's no cat crap on the garden before she plays and make sure none are hidden around the house when we leave our front door open to pop in to fetch something. It's a nightmare. I've been tempted to leave a warning message on the fence letting cat owners know that we have dogs and that they will rip apart any cat who decides our garden is theirs. Our dogs are incredibly well trained, they just hate cats with a passion.
Cat Haters Comments By: Lorraine on 2010-07-28
Lord, some of you really hate cats! I'm sorry about them messing with gardens and lawns but they are animals. You should do what you can, humanely, to stop them from coming into your yards but hurting them and hating them, too, is not the answer. All of you cat haters and those that want to hurt them are awful! I love animals of all kind, including cats (I have three strictly indoor cats that are extremely clean and tidy) and it breaks my heart to see some of you say things that could endanger an animal..... It angers me and disgusts me that humans, which are suppose to be so much superior, cannot figure out a humane way to keep critters out of your yards....
I Hate Cats Comments By: Pam on 2010-07-27
Our neighbor has been feeding stray cats, I have rock on the side of my home and every morning I go out there the cat shit is there all I pick it up throw it in his year, I am tired of spending my money on other peoples cats I guess Im going to get a BB gun and shoot the hell out of them Im at the point that I dont care what it does to them at all, they have fleas which now have got into my yard and my home now Im going to get rid of them my way the GUN way
The untimely demise of Mr Whiskers... Comments By: Murder MOST Horrid on 2010-08-05
Are you sitting comfortably??? Then i'll begin...

Once upon a time, in the Land of West Midlands, UK; there was a girl who lived with her 4 year old son in their lovely house. Her son played happily for hours in the garden and she tended her herbacious borders with tender loving care, until they were the best most beautiful in ALL the land. Her life was idyllic.....until Mr Whiskers moved into the house next door.

Mr Whiskers despite his saucer eyed, ginger fluffy charm, soon showed his true colours...he lurked in the shadows at the end of the garden...the second fir tree from the left of the knobbly fence post- watching....waiting....then he would implement his devious plan- to launch a relentless poop and shred assault on the poor young maidens perenial shrubs, and the young boys outdoor toys and gravelled play area.

Well...what could she do??? She was distraught. She searched the world(wideweb) high and low for a potion or a hero that would rid her of this dastardly fiend, armed with the knowledge bestowed by some kind and equally troubled forum dwellers she spent days and nights implementing various strategies...cayenne pepper, chilli peppers, white pepper, teabags soaked in jeyes fluid, broken egg shells, boxes of drawing pins, shards of glass, waterbombs full of water and vinegar, catscare cats, sonic devices, expensive stinky cat repellants, jars full of water, motion sensor water jets; she cut up hose pipes, strung taught wire along the fence, planted mint and lavender, spread holly leaves on the floor, layed chicken wire on the floor, generally ranted raved and chased him away but alas to no avail!

She had underestimated his sneakiness!!!! The vile underhanded beast had recruited a faction of the most pugnatious, feline assailaints the land had ever known, and with renewed enthusiasm- they began an attack on both the gravel drive and back garden with a voracity the world had never known.

For every trap she laid, a counter-attack of surprising intelligence, cunning and dexerity was launched...

Well the maiden was at a loss...what could she do...with great trepidation she approached the door of Mr Whiskers humans...but was chased away with a vigour usually reserved for villains- the shouts and taunts of being a cat hater and pathetic and over-reacting echoing in her ears;

So taking matters into her own hands she gently took the rat poison and mixed it in with the bacon and positioned it in view of Mr Whiskers and his scurvy companions...and then she waited...and waited...a scuffling and rustling and a quiet miow... with bated breath she moved closer to the window and looked outside...

Mr Whiskers was proving to be too intelligent for his own good...not only had he eaten all the bacon he had managed to pick most of the rat poison from it and leave it in a fairly neat little pile next to the bowl?!?!?!?!?

Suddenly the girl realised it was all out WAR...time for the very untimely demise of Mr Whiskers and his crones.

Before all of the self-righteous, indignant do-gooder cat owners and general busybodies have a moan about the rat poison, i would like to justify myself.

I USED TO BE A CAT OWNER! I had a very happy 5 years with my rescue cat. I used to spend many happy summers being sprayed with cat-poo infused grass cuttings splattering my legs while mowing my lawn, as due to being a neutered, fairy of a cat he pooped on my lawn regularly...not to say he didnt poo on any one elses lawn- he dis have a favourite spot on my elderly neighbours fave gladioli patch...i was unaware of this- foolishly thinking he was only bestowing his wares upon my lawn- but as soon as my neighbour came and told me he was doing it, i did all i could to prevent him going there- orange peel and all the usual guff- which as recently proved doesnt work, which is why once every 2 days i used to go round her house and do a poop-pick in her back garden. I agree about picking up after dogs- so i figured i should do it for my cat too. This was a reasonable compromise and she was happy with the solution. Although it makes me wonder now about of the other gardens that my cat might have violated- even though he didnt stray more than a garden either side...hangs head in shame
However since my cat died and Mr Whiskers moved in, my garden is now neutral territory for all the cats on the estate. My drive, being cotswold gravel is like a huge deluxe kitty litter tray for them and they do make full use of the facility.

In truth i think it might me Kharmic retribution...all those folks that say an eye for an eye....i reckon they're right- just wait till your own deficating little darling dies- you'll be the new local public amenity for loose bowelled moggies.

So it was with delight that i just mixed in best roast chicken and left over pork, with thick chicken gravey and with a skip in my step and a twitch in my eye joyfully sprinkled 2 x 500mg solpadol paracetamol over the top, stirred it and poured in into 2 seperate bowls ready to put out for Mr Whiskers tonight.

I am hoping his cunning has a limit and that the disguise of the thick gravy will hide the smell and taste of the (allegedly) deadly concoction...oh and what a last meal!

i shall take great pleasure in scooping up the last of his crap and throwing it back over the fence, followed closely by a rather more subdued Mr Whiskers!

I did consider the whole catch and wee on it thing- but being of rather a shy disposition and living in a built up area this was not really practical to put into action- plus as a single parent who has already spent hundred of pounds on anti-cat equipment- another 40 quid for a trap wasnt an option- i have to spend that putting the damage that the cat inflicted to my garden, sons toys, and my cars paintwork right.

Not to mention putting right the psychological damage of having a vendetta against a small furry animal, which saw me sitting sniper style at a bedroom window, blanket around me at 2 am with a basket full of waterbombs filled with cayenne pepper, water and vinegar- my left eye twitching more and more each day.

After 2 endless shit filled years of silent, doorstep stealth pooing and spraying, car scratching, plant and bird murdering, i have finally become unhinged
and i am afraid that Mr Whiskers' reign must come to a sudden and brutal end.

Cat S**t Comments By: sam on 2010-07-30
My neighboure has two cats and feeds strayed cats, this isnt a problem the problem is them s**ting in my garden! I have two small children that cant play in their own garden till this mug has gone and cleaned up the neighboure cats poo! NOT ON...

How about i come and and lay a dump in your garden (cat lovers) and let you clean it up!!! ahhh....

Any idears how to stop this but dont want to kill them ;) ;)

Iv used pepper, spices and things like that but no good!


CAT HATER Comments By: julie on 2010-07-30
I pour white spirit around my front door porch at night they don't seem to like it sick of picking up my neighbours cat shit i chuck it all back in there garden been doing it for 5 years now ready to kill them one way or another
It's simple !!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-07-31
Kill all cats. Problem solved. What use are they anyway ? Pointless animals, they serve no purpose.
cats suck Comments By: griff on 2010-07-31
i like pams idea about the crate but instead of taking them to the shelter i will b droppin them off about 50 mile away. also i now pick up the cat poo and throw it in the owners garden as it belongs to they're cat, but the crate is a good idea, cheers pam. i made tonight this is driving me insane, freaks consider these to be pets, my sister got a cat but its a house cat and thats where it stays, the law needs to be changed and make cat owners responsible for the horrible things, till then its open season ! ;-p
bl**dy cats Comments By: Craig on 2010-08-03
have the same problem in my garden, bl**dy cats, continually clearing up cat sh+t after them, will be giving some of these ideas a go, i like the mustard trick, if i can get near the rotten moggies.
Show the moggie who's boss Comments By: dan on 2010-08-05
I too suffered the agony of 4 different crap dropping moggies using my garden as a public toilet and murdering birds off my feeders,aswell as spooking my chickens. I tempted one into the turkey run and let noel the stag have a word..have not seen the ginger one since. As for others..lured them in with nice words and a smile before zapping 2 with a pressure washer and 1 with a cricket bat. Needless to say..these little gits avoid my garden at all costs now. Harsh..but fair. you have to be cruel to be kind. I also recommend delivering the crap to the offenders owner with the question of how would they like it if my 3 yr old son come and coiled one out daily on their veggie patch and gravel drive? Why should i put up with it?
Idiots Comments By: Anon on 2010-08-08
Cats are people family! They have a home and are cared for by some people. There are plenty of cat friendly ways of stopping them using you garden as a toilet with the stupidness of dropping them off at the spca centre! My cats are tagged so if they were to be dropped off 50 miles away which is completely over the top, I would put you in the boot of my car and drop you 50 miles away from home! I bet your neighbour has to put up with other disturbances from you i.e noise and the such like and the guy who says a pellet gun ought to be shot himself when trailing of his garden, see how they like it!
Various neigbours cats fighting and craping in my yard!!! Comments By: getting no sleep on 2010-08-09
I am absolutely over my neigbours cats. For some wierd reason thay seen to come to my yard. Early of a morning one is under our car with another one going at it trying to fight. There are three involved. I have decided to keep water bombs near the balcony to get them as their owners dont care. Too bad if they get hurt! but my families sleep is more important. Resposible cat owners (like my brother) put their cats away during the evening! CAll me what you want I dont care!!! I pay my mortgage not the bloody neigbours cats. I tried lemons didnt help. Cant wait for my gates to be back on the dog will sort them out.
Return cat poo Comments By: Shaz on 2010-08-10
I am sick to death of my neighbours cat using my garden as a toilet. I came on here for a few tips and am still none the wiser to the best method to use. I will try a few of the methods and see if they work for me. In the meantime i would just like to say that i get great satisfaction in returning the cat poo to its rightful owner. I throw it over the fence and into their garden every day and as yet no one has said a thing.They should just be grateful its not going through the letterbox.
TIP! Comments By: anon on 2010-08-13
just put 2 halves of lemons in your yard and your sorted, they hate the smell!
Vermon Comments By: Jack on 2010-08-18
I have spent the last 10mins reading some of the comments and the answer is there is no solution to stop cats fouling our gardens and property. lobby your MP and demand something is done to stop this vermon and irresponsible pet owners who know this is happening and just dont care.
mr whiskers lives to fight another day Comments By: murder most horrid on 2010-08-19
after deciding against the whole covert poison and kill operation...a little too much for my delicate consitution, i have decided to make my peace with the whole situation.

I had a bit of an epiphany last night while watching yet another programme on 3rd world countries and street children etc etc, and figure that I have a home...a nice home which is big and clean and filled with nice things, luxuries like hot water, TV, internet etc, with a drive way for my CAR- a nice car. I have money...not a lot, but i do have some- enough to buy us not just nessecities, but luxuries like wine and KFC and chocolate.

Whilst it is very irresponsible, selfish and anti-social of the cat owners to allow their cats to deficate everywhere they choose, and i do still get incandescent with rage when i have to go a poop-collecting...i also realise there are far worse things in the world.

If i lived in africa, i'd probably be starving, living in a hut, and running away from the neighbours cats. An lion poo is a lot bigger than your average cat poo! lol

I live in the hope that acceptance will win me some kharmic brownie points!

I work my a** off to keep my house and to keep it maintained Comments By: Keep cornwall clean on 2010-08-19
I work my a** off to keep my house and to keep it maintained. We all cant live the life of riley.... i work 2 jobs to keep a roof over my head. i live in a small house with a front garden, I live to keep my lawn trimmed and fence painted but everyday when i get home from work on my perfectly cut lawn right in the bloody middle of it is cat sh**!! This is everyday.I cant afford cat repellant so just pick the shi* up. I dont see why i should do this and dont know which cat it is. its driving me crazy.... When i find out where this cat lives i will collect as much s*** as i can from my dog and put in on there lawn, Lets see how they bloody like it after a long day at work! Talk about putting me off my dinner.
Re:Why have a pet if you don't take care of them? Comments By: My on 2010-08-20
That's the most ridiculous comment I ever come across! If people do not have the sense to look after their kids then they deserve getting ill by eating/sticking their fingers in cat feces and if pregnant women are that stupid so they pick up cat feces with their bare hands and get infected and loose their baby-quite frankly that is down to their own stupidity than nothing else!

Its disgusting to read some people's views on creatures that are not humans ...We are NOT above nature and can not tame nature or any other creature that is not human. Just deal with the fact that we are not alone on this earth and learn to share it with everyone (including cats who don't act like humans).

Get rod of them...how? Comments By: Ricky on 2010-08-20
tea bags, hose, pepper, ak47! what a hell! besides shooting the cats and their owners nothing else seems to work... what is the final resolution?
mr whiskers lives to fight another day Comments By: murder most horrid on 2010-08-22
after much soul searching i abandoned the poison and launch plan some time ago and have decided to just make my peace with the situation.

I suppose there are worse things in the world. As it is i have a nice house, with nice things in it, i have a car and not a lot, but enough money to buy luxuries like fast food and wine and chocolate.

I watched a program the other day on starving third world countries and it kinda put things into perspective. If i lived in those places no doubt i would have more pressing things to worry about than cat poo....not that that makes it ok- i'm still fuming about the whole thing, but what can i do? Until a law is passed then there's bugger all anyone can do except suck it up and get on with it.

Cats are PESTS Comments By: Eddie on 2010-08-22
Cats are a total nuisance. It's about time people learned to relate to other people so they don't need props for their feeble emotional outlet.

Cats crap everywhere in my garden. They've ruined trees with their pee & scratching. They kill birds for fun, not food. Why on earth do the authorities not control the cat population. Nearly everyother house in our street has a cat. They fight at night too making a hell of a noise. Streets ought to be limited to 1 or 2 cats maximum and cat owners should have to pay a licence like dog owners.

DO NOT USE CAYENNE PEPPER Comments By: Leah on 2010-08-22
Mistakenly people assume that cayenne pepper to keep cats out of your garden. The worst thing you can do. Cayenne pepper does not keep cats away. Instead what it does is it gets in their noses and they will literally scratch their faces apart. It is the most inhumane and cruel thing anyone can do!
Seems like a big problem Comments By: Julie on 2010-08-23
It sounds like none of these cats are neutered. Males shouldn't spray if they are neutered.

And I'm surprised at the amount of outdoor cats.

I live in the country and feed and spay/neuter all the cats that end up on my property. But they all bury their poop under two large pine trees in our yard.

A co-worker has this cat that she used to feed and started shooing away once it started spraying. Now it poos right outside her door everyday as a revenge. I was trying to find tips on here to keep it away and I think some of those solutions (other than killing the cat) are worth a shot.

And please before taking dangerous measures tell the neighbour with the cats that you will do it if it continues. Then at least its their decision whether they want to put their cat in danger or not :P

Wow we have a toilet free garden after 2 years of putting up with cat mess Comments By: louise on 2010-08-24
We have suffered from our neighbours (3 cats and another litter on the way) and also surrounding neighbours cats using our garden as a toilet for over 2 years, not very nice when you think i had to picked up aleast 25 bits a month x`s that over a year and i can honestly say i hate cats (though i would not hurt them). We have tried everything under the sun and have now come to the stage we are not prepared to take it anymore. Our last resort has come to putting up a 3.5foot plastic mesh fence border above our 6ft fence all around our back garden from 1 fence to the other also including back gate, so there are no gaps/holes for them to climb through/up as its not solid enough for them to climb, and to our joy we have now had a two week toilet free garden. To my greatish please was our cat loving next door neighbour hates it and he was out in his garden placing up/down when fixing up and after a few words from him and my otherhalf i think he got the message. I only hope now he has the pleasure of a loving cat toilet garden..and many years of what we have suffered, though i doubt it as some other poor neighbour will probably encounter what we haved.

Just incase you would like to know what we used is the same orange plastic fencing you see along highways/builders but of cause in green to match our fence, cost �22 for 50mtrs plus treated 1inc wood nails to secure.

Cat Shxt Comments By: LAB on 2010-08-24
husbands urine in a spray bottle..Spray over soil ( not plants) IT WORKS....
How to make sure cats dont use your lawn as a bathroom Comments By: Desperate on 2010-08-25
does anyone know ways to make sure that my neighbours cats dont use my yard as a bathroom. I like animals but would prefer they dont use my yard as their personal toilet. Its disgusting and i have children.. HELP PLS!

people? Comments By: marianem on 2010-08-29
All you cat haters out there and the inhuman cruelty you have all shown,when do you start on people or children,its well known people start with being cruel to anamals and work there way up to humans,but from some of your comments you would be to gutless to front a human, I have never read terrible things in my life,GO TO THE OWNERS NOT THE ANIMALS THEY ARE DOING WHAT YOU DO ONLY YOU HAVE TOILETS!!! they are doing their normal things,you disgusting lot certaily are not
This May Sound A Little Strange Comments By: Matt on 2010-08-29
I have the same problems that everybody else seems to have, I.e cats doing there business in my yard... there is about a dozen of them on my street, but anyway time to get on, I was walking down my street one day to see a cat doing its business on someone's lawn, then outcomes another cat from nowhere and scared it away before it did anything, about 10 minutes later I see the same cat doing it on my lawn and walks off, so I thought about getting myself a cat (which I did) and no cats ever did its business there again, ERM is it possible that they don't do it on other cats TERRITORIES??? as apparently there very clean animals.
get rid of your unwanted cats Comments By: johna on 2010-08-29
i have found putting carpet gripper rods on the top of my fence and then painting all the tops of my fence with anti-climb paint has solved my problem, it surely gave the cats paws a little sting and made it think twice about jumping into my garden again, and for the black grease paint it had on its paws, hopefully it went back to its owners house and spoilt they lovely cream rug, haha. payback is sweet.
To ALL Comments By: Kat on 2010-08-30
Well, to Carol if I knew where you lived, I would come and dump all the cat pooh in your Garden that I have in mine, after what you wrote.. That was terrible and to the person with the Greyhound.. Let it out, if it kills another cat so what, thats what dogs do, they will soon stop coming in your garden, and lets face it if the cat owner gets angry tell her she should have trained her cat - or took it out on a leash, as cats should be shouldnt they also...
Another letter to write all of you is to David Cameron, so that the law states if your cat is out and poohs on someone elses property then you can fine that neighbour who's cat it is... I would...
I will try some of the stuff other people have mentioned, but if it doesnt work then I would put down poison or something, as at the end of the day, it is my property, and your cat... You cat people bang on about how much you love them, then look after them, letting them roam about unattended isnt is it.. By law you should leash them, so if you dont, then what goes around comes around..

Sorry cat owners Comments By: That's Mr. Anon to you on 2010-08-30
I agree with the others on here who say you do not have the right to allow your pet to damage their property. It's your cat, it's your responsibility to control it. No different than owning a dog.

And it's not just the nuisance of cat poop left behind, there are people like me who are allergic to cats. If you cat owners were allergic to cigarettes, how would you like it if a neighbor who smoked stood on your porch and lit up every day?

Has anyone tried anything that's worked? Besides rubbing mustard on their butt?

Fight Cats Comments By: Animal hater 101 on 2010-09-01
I hate animals all together but to get rid off all my neighbourhood cats I bought a vicious savage dog that eats anything even small children I advise you all to do the same, once all the cats are eaten and the neighbours quit buying more put the dog down you might as well do it this way your house already stinks and it's the only legal way I can see!
HAHAHAHAHA Comments By: Samuel on 2010-09-03
YOU GUYS ARE SO RETARDED!! If this is making your lives miserable then you lives can't have been that good to begin with.
SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS Comments By: louise on 2010-09-03
Happy with the sweet smell of success, our garden is still poo free after erecting a large green trellis like-mess all around our garden, though i`m also very very happy to say, not to sure of the sweet (or should i say smelly) smell of success from our cat lover owners next door, as i heard a tiff between them about whos going to pick the cat poop up....I`m smiling all the way.
Cats are the Devil's own pet - WAR! Comments By: pov on 2010-09-06
Wow, thanks for the hilarious comments, therapy, truly, and so good to know I am not alone in this.

I found this site after I experienced a 'final straw' moment with an ugly cat today. I have always felt a deep 'cat rage' which rises up within me against those evil, un-housetrained, felines who choose to do disgusting poos and wees in my garden.

As I child I have happy memories of my Dad flicking the poo back over the fence with his spade to the neighbours who owned the cat, and I indeed do the same.

A while ago, after I saw a cat doing a poo under one of my trees and staring at me nonchalantly as it did it, I decided enough was enough and bought a motion sensor which emits a high pitched noise whenever one of those vile creatures entered my garden. It actually worked for a long time but then the device broke.

I hadn't had too much trouble for a bit but lately it has really kicked off again and I am not going to stand for it!

I would put motion sensors back out but I now have a really lovely house bunny and he likes to run around the garden every day (he sometimes does a few dottles in the garden but they are innocent, non-toxic and in his own garden!!).

Tonight, I saw a cat doing a massive and revolting poo in my garden and I managed to throw a stone at it as it leapt back over the fence. I will chuck the poo back over later but i didn't fancy doing it then and there as it was vile.

My poor bunny could not run around outside because of the demon sh*te left by Satan's pet.

I have officially now declared war on all cats which come into my garden. Enough is enough.

What on earth possesses cat owners to think that it is ok to let their cats do this. How totally selfish. I am guessing they think that it is someone else's problem. Yes, they are right, but they have made it our problem and collectively they are responsible for misery of millions up and down the country. How utterly selfish.

I am tempted to perch my buttocks on the adjoining fence and drop a crap into the garden next door but I have decided not to as the fence is quite flimsy and things could go horribly wrong.

Henceforth I am going to do the following:

Continue to chuck the poo back

Get water balloons and fill them with vinegar and have them ready to throw at any cat.

Follow Kevin's marvellous advice and get a cat trap, bait it, capture any cat which enters it, incarcerate it for a number of hours and urinate on it repeatedly to traumatise it and teach it that it shall not come in my garden. I will enjoy this very much. Thank you Kevin. I may invite my sister round to do this also as she is plagued by cats in her garden.

I am also going to research to see if there are motion sensors which hurt cats ears but which do not affect innocent house bunnies. Earlier research this evening found that cats do hear higher frequencies than rabbits so I may be in luck.

Right, I am going to say goodbye now and head to the internet to by a cat trap.


They're only Cat's Comments By: Cat-Owner on 2010-09-07
Cat's do not have the sense to understand that they shouldn't go in a particular garden because it belongs to someone and it will annoy them, this is their nature they bury their toilet and they do not see the world as 'People's Garden/Property' it's all one big place to them, I have had the same problem with my neighbour who have actually hurt my Cat before just because she was sitting in their garden, they say that she goes to the toilet in their garden, which may be true, but I have even offered to clean it myself if they tell me but they won't have it and just threaten to hurt my Cat if she does it again even when it's other peoples Cats they just assume they're mine and complain to me, the fact that they actually have hurt the Cat before just shows what cruel type of people they are and too dumb to understand that they are just Cat's that is their nature and you can't stop it because thats just what they do and I will not keep mine indoors because it is cruel and if an owner is offering to clean it why make it into more of a big deal, If you are going to live in an area where domestic animals live that is just what cats do
Cat poo can you help Comments By: Anon on 2010-09-10
Does anyone know if you can shoot cats on your property legally?
B*****d cats Comments By: BigT on 2010-09-22
I hate the B*****ds.
You can shoot every f***ing one for me.
I caught one in my house once, a piece of 2x2 over the head did the trick.

For those who want to get rid of(and not complain about people disliking) cats, I was told that builders lime in your yard will keep them out because the lime burns their pads.
Has anyone else heard this and does it work?

fkn hate stinkin cats!!!! Comments By: milza on 2010-09-15
my neighbour knows their cat craps in mine and my other neighbours gardens and finds it funny! some people just don't care as long as they're not havin to clean it up! everyone has a right to keep their property mess free by any way they see fit! this is obviously a huge problem for thousands of people all over and there should be laws against cats messing in public just like there is for dogs as someone said before if a dog owner does not pick up their dogs mess they are faced with a fine same rule should apply! there should be somewhere to report cats messing and being pests so that cat owners would be more resposible people!!!! i am getting to the stage where i'll do what it takes to protect my little boys health out playing in his own garden!!!! :)
cats crap Comments By: Maria on 2010-09-16
The best way to stop this is to pick the crap up and throw it over the fence where it blongs after a while the cats start to get the idea, and you can then find out how the ownner then feels when their garden stinks, WHAT happened to litter trays and training cat where to go.
A SURE REMEDY Comments By: Cruel But Effective on 2010-09-18
I have a method that is 100% effective. Antifreeze! Just put out a little treat thats been soaked in it. You wont have to worry about those pesky stray cats using your garden as a litter box anymore.
why Comments By: ANON on 2010-09-21
why so aggressive? they are just animals - they do whats natural to them - I might hate my neighbours baby because it cries throughout the night - intruding on my sleep/space but I wouldn't kill it. talk to the owners - call the pound - i guess if the owners keep having to collect their cat from the pound they might acknowledge a problem. Also cats can be house trained - to use only one area in their owners garden (like a litter box inside), maybe try catching the ca and rubbing its nose in its mess each time - eventually it will be trained to go else where.
If desperate try putting a plastic clear bottle of water in the garden - it seems to scare them away.

Minions Of Satan Comments By: Anon on 2010-09-23
I too believe that cats are merely the agents of Satan walking the earth.My neighbours cat is some stupid breed which means it is going to grow to three times the size of a normal domestic cat. So I would assume will its turds. I will be trying out some of the suggestions here. I have some Lemon Jeyes bin powder and from what I see here, that could definitely be a winner!
Lots of ways to try - without killing Comments By: Back to the SOLUTIONS, please on 2010-10-07
I have read this entire blog and I think it's been a great place to vent, but we need to get back to the solutions. I made a note of all the things people have tried and who said it worked. Here they are in no certain order.

* www.gardeners.com Item # 31-954
Cat Scat Mats, Set Of 5
* Cold tar soap
* Citrus oil sprayed after mixing w/ 2 cs. water
*White pepper
*Powder glass\
*Mix water and sugar, boil, add chili peppers
*Orange peels
*Coffee grounds
*Plant Coleus Canina - annual plant
*Egg shells
*Liquid fence brand cat & dog repellant
*From Home Depot - Critter Ridder repellant
*Caustic soda (dangerous to other animals and children, though)
*www.catscarer.co.uk emits a piercing ultrasonic sound and in doing so safely trains cats not to enter your garden
*if you know the owner, talk to them and try to resolve
*if you don't know who owns the cat or it is surely a stray, trap and return to wild or shelter many miles away

I plan to try every since one until the creature finds a better place to go. If none of them work, I will trap and bring to a shelter. I never even SEE the one that thinks my new home is his/her toilet!! Good luck, everyone. I know how you feel, but I'm determined to find a solution that works.

Responsibility Comments By: Mike on 2010-10-07
I had the same problem with cats in my yard. I resorted to hunting them out with small rocks/large pebbles thrown at their feet. I really like the pellet gun idea. The issue is that we have a law against loose cats...but when I called the authorities, they will not enforce the law. The cats lived in my engine compartment of my truck (hearing a cat scream at 5am when you are going to work really urks me...one day I think it will get caught in the belts (yet another way to skin a cat)). I think I am going to look into live capture cages and try to find someone who will (legally) take them...or just relocate to a far location if not. Anyway you may think I am cruel but my wife was pregnant dealing with this which is a health hazard. I myself own 2 cats that are indoor and are allowed to come outdoors only at my heals. And yes my cats both listen to commands (though one listens much better than the other).
CAT POO Comments By: Jaime on 2010-10-06
My neighbour has 4 cats & they use my garden as their toilet. I HAVE confronted my neighbour & nicely explained that I have 2 young children who like to dig in the garden & we CHOOSE not to have pets, so I don't think its FAIR that I should have to constantly clear up cat poo......her response.....'there is nothing I can do about it'! I have tried pepper, cat repellent, starfish, water & every other tip on how to keep them out, even resorting to carpet grip around the top of my fence & they are still sh*%%*ng in my garden. She has since told me to squirt them with water......I have a life, go to work & school run etc, I don't have time to sit waiting for her cats to come in my garden......me telling her to keep them in didn't go down to well. If it was dogs, I could report them to the council......cat owners are so arrogant & irresponsible
i hate cats Comments By: daniel on 2010-10-08
I tried to keep them out of my yard. they go to the north side of the house and crap and pee.... i tried pepper and moth balls but i dont think it is working.. So i purchased a high powered bb gun.. my yard has a 6 ft fence and its hard for the cats to climb it.. so i fill their butt with b b pellets while they are trying to exccape... but they are so stupid they still come in the yard.. so many of my neighbors have cats.. i dont know of any one who keeps them tied or in the house..
I HATE CATS!!!!! Comments By: wits end on 2010-10-10
I have bought a house 6 months ago. My partner and I have finished refurbishing the inside and decided to do the outside. We have laid a new lawn and had no problems but as soon as the little grass shots appeared the bloody cats are swarming in to dig them up and crap every where. I bought those citronella sticks but they dont work so I am going to try cayenne pepper. If that doesnt work I will get my partner to dispose of them the old fashion way!!!!!
Possible solution? Comments By: Stefania on 2010-10-10
I ve tried everything.I rent a lovely house with a gorgeous garden.I shouldn't have to spend money on the garden but it was worth it,we made homely and it's lovely whenever the weather allows to enjoy it.now I ve tried citrus sented sticks,b&q powder repellent,chopped garlic and super hot chilli powder,vinegar,chopped lemons,jase fluid.nothing works! Would spikes on the fence keep the cats away?If any of you has tried this remedy can you tell me if it works?thank you (http://www.livesafe.co.uk/Prikka-Strip_webpage.htm)
Animal cruelty Comments By: Jay on 2010-10-13
Wow, there are some ignorant comments on here.

Think about it for a second: if YOU can't figure out how to protect your own garden, then how are cat owners supposed to communicate to their cats where they can and can't roam/scratch/go to the toilet.

That fact is, you can't train cats like you can train dogs. AND cats can jump higher.

Cats will roam. Make your garden unappealing to them and scare them off using unpleasant but ultimately safe means. You don't have to turn into the kind of serial-killer-in-the-making who kills animals because they lack the sense to use judgement and understanding.

A new one to try Comments By: Back to the SOLUTIONS on 2010-10-15
I spoke with more people and have a few more ideas. The best one seems to be TIN FOIL. Roll it out, stake it into the ground or secure it with rocks. Apparently, cats don't like to walk on it. Also, I put cat scat mats (plastic grids with plastic spikes) under my mulch and it worked - only the cat went to the other side where I hadn't put them. I can't afford another $60 USD to do that side, so I'm going to try the foil.
Ignorance Comments By: Sarah on 2010-10-20
I cannot believe how ignorant you cat haters are! Every animal has the right to live and a cats life- like big cats, birds, deer, whatever are creatures who roam and stay within their territory. They should be allowed to roam-that is their nature and if someone has a problem with excrement (which is normally buried) then have a word with the owner- LIKE AN ADULT. Don't mistreat any animal simply because of an odour or having to clean up- talk to the owner. I am going to report the worst offenders of animal cruelty on this forum to the animal welfare rights and rspca, etc. as you are sub-human, ignorant and extremely detestable as people. I cannot believe thar you people exist and have nothing better to do than complain about an animal that behaves in the same way as birds, any wildlife. The fact that they are pets does not mean they are brainwashed into acting in a human way-they still have their characteristics and traits. If you cannot understand what I have said then you are selfish and more stupid than you already sound. Yes, cats are pets- but they have the right like any other creature to move about. If you cannot talk to the owner regarding the animal leaving excrement in your garden then I assume you have no social or communication skills- in which case stay as stupid and detestable as a human being as you are.
I loveeee cats in my garden Comments By: Barry on 2010-10-21
As a single disabled man I find it very hard to get out although I have a great passion for animals due to my disablility I can neither have one or visit the zoo as there are too many stairs I cannot manage. Therefore seeing a cat in my garden is like spotting a lion in the jungle a total pleasure! I welcome all cats, any shape, any size and any colour. Love to all my baby cats out there... You know know who you are xxxxxxxxxxx
To cat loving Comments By: Ev on 2010-10-25
Suddenly my garden has become very attractive to several neighbourhood cats who prowl about trying and often succeeding in catching the birds that come to our trees and feeders.

Whilst not advocating cruel solutions I am hopping mad. Why are people allowed to own these furry unlicenced weapons of mass destruction that cannot be tamed,trained or confined to their owners properties?

Cat Owners - you chose to have your cat or cats. I choose to have wild birds in my gardens and to not have cats. Why should I have to resort to ugly, expensive and time consuming solutions to keep my garden clean and safe. You are apparently free to purchase and fecklessly launch your unguided missile moggies onto the meighbourhood in ever increasing numbers never mind the distress and damage they cause your neighbours.

Your rights are getting in the way of my rights and our rights. I can only assume that you envy your blessed feline sabateur who can continue doing what comes naturally and cannot be stopped because you are not there to take responsibility. As far as I'm concerned if a stray "pet" dog gets taken to a pound, then a free-ranging "pet" cat should be, with perhaps a hefty fine for the owners in either case. Then soon there would be fewer cats

You deserve it Comments By: Haha on 2010-10-28
Cat's seem to be naturally attracted to dullards that don't like them. Most of you are bringing this upon yourself :D
Orange Peels Comments By: Jenna on 2010-11-01
Has anyone ever tried to bury orange peels in their garden to keep cats away? A friend told me it works??
It works Comments By: Anon on 2010-11-06
Go to your carpet shop and buy a lot of wooden carpet grippers, with small nails in them. Paint them black and bury them 1 inch in your flower bed, you can also use cut rose bush branches. Mouse traps works well. I am not cruel, but I would not want my grandchildren to get an eye disease.
Seriously Comments By: Aero on 2010-11-07
I have lots of cats - we have recently had a new neighbor move in next door and has been doing some yard renovation - my cats seem to have found his yard a perfect toilet and he is understandably upset - the more he picks up the poo the more they go there......I am working on it the best as I can being a single mom with 3 boys and I would never allow anyone to mess up my yard either. So I understandably want to work with him to get them to stop going there.

Thinking it is okay to harm cats - just because they poo in your yard - IS WRONG - and I know you wouldn't shoot kids who walked in your yard either - you would be put in prison - so to tell others to shoot them IS NOT OKAY!!

I am going to try some of the suggestions you all have made here - but I am not sure anything is going to work - since my cats seem to know that he keeps cleaning up their litter box for them. They have two litter boxes in my house and they do not want to use their yard - so they go next door.......

I am trying - but I am not sure what to do at this point.....

I didn't domesticate them so don't blame me Comments By: Aero on 2010-11-07
But since they are now domesticated - we as humans ("the superior being") need to take care of them......regardless of where they go or what they do. If you didn't want them to be domesticated - why do it in the first place? I love cats - I take care of them - just as I do my children and my dogs. You people who think you have the right to hurt, abuse, torture, maim, kill or harm any living creature that is not vermin or a bug - are WRONG!!! What is wrong with you people.

They didn't ask to be born, but they are alive nonetheless. They have to live, eat and yes poop and pee just like you do. They do their business just as all animals do. Cats are more like a wild animal needing help to feed and be loved just like you are but regardless - the law states you cannot hurt, abuse, torture, maim or kill an animal - unless you like jail......so anyone who suggests hurting someone elses animals - just try it with mine and see what happens.

I have owned my house for over 15 years Comments By: Aero on 2010-11-07
and longer - now a neighbor moves in and complains about my cats crapping on his dirt yard - his side yard is dirt - he is complaining - then put some grass in it idiot - maybe it won't look like a big cat box for them. I was here first and so were my cats - you didn't have to buy the house - so move back where you came from and quit complaining to me........seriously the rest of you idiots who think it is okay to hurt an animal - should meet the same fate you claim is a solution to "your" problem.....cats are here to stay - so are all animals unless we kill them off as we have done with so many other animals - they have a right to life - just as you do. They have to eat - just like you do. Thereby having to poop - just like you do. The only difference is - they could care less that your yard looks beautiful - BECAUSE THEY ARE ANIMALS and free to roam and live as animals - you don't want your children's children's children going to the zoo to see the last cat do you? Just as man has done to so many other animals on the planet!!!!
HatersSuck Comments By: TooManyHaters on 2010-11-13
I don't trust ANYONE who despises cats or dogs. You have hate and anger issues. Just note that when you die, the world will become a slightly nicer place for the rest of us =)
Cats Comments By: Fred on 2010-11-19
I have tried several ways of trying to stop cats shitting in my garden. It has cost me a bloody fortune SO its time to get serious
Cats Comments By: Fedup and ruthless on 2010-12-14
Would cats crap on the surface of a brick wall? I really do appreciate nature and animals but these are pets and therefore of no value in the world of nature. Animals should be wild and subject to our hunting instinct.
Get a life and some human friends, kill anything that shits on your property and puts your childs health at risk.

cats aare dirty, and there owners are too. Comments By: adniel on 2010-12-20
My next door neighbor is so dirty her cats just roam the streets and there is nothing that can be done. I am so angre, upset is just not a strong enough word, she make me hate cats. If there was a way to collect them and take them far far away from this area, she just don't care what they do. If the police would give out tickets, with largefinds the owners would be more responable for their animals. I am ready to beat her butt, with her dirty, nasty self. The germs cats carry in their poop is bad for humans. I am ready to pass law to stop caat owners to stop this. I hate them and it is because of their owners.
getting rid of cats Comments By: KENNY on 2011-01-01
I have found that putting chopped up starfish from local harbour does the trick, fishy smell attracts them they eat the starfish and slowly wonder off, 50 yards later it keels over and never to crap on my garden again. If you cat lovers don`t like it then tuff s**t don`t let them loose near my house, and if that does fail AIR RIFLE or a good kick to the head, This may sound nasty but so is toxoplasmoses to any of my kids. In a nutshell "ERRADICATE ANY CAT THAT STEPS FOOT IN MY GARDEN"
Hilarious Comments By: Arfur Moment on 2011-01-11
I haven't laughed so much in years. thanks for bringing tears to my eyes. Brilliant!
Color them Comments By: Anon on 2011-01-24
Take a paint ball gun and when you shoot them in your yard not only does in scare the crap out of them it leaves non toxic paint on them that gets all over the owners home and belongings. This has dramatically helped when I was paint balling them. Paint ball guns are used to shoot people as a sport so it is non lethal way of taking out your aggression on them
Meoooow Comments By: Dean on 2011-01-12
hi guys, trying spraying the soil/ area around with vinegar. It puts the cats off. Of course, if it rains you will have to spray it again. Another way is to get a stray bottle filled with water and if you see the cat, to spray at it. It may seem cruel, but it's better than carting it off to the nearest shelter. Spraying it doesn't work overnight but the cat will soon get the message that it's not welcome.
YUCK! Comments By: Dogs Only!! on 2011-01-12
I have the same problem with the neighbors cats using my garden as their personal toilet. I have but moth balls in the dirty around my plants. It seems to worked so far and I haven't found any presents lately. If I find presents in my garden I will scoop it up and put throw it on the neighbors doorstep. I am tired of cats running a round. My dog has to be on leash and I clean up my dogs presents. Now if I could do something about the neighbors that are so noisy and all their kids....life would be so wonderful.
Cat Mating Season Always Seems To Start at my Bedroom Window at 4 in the Morning Comments By: Indie on 2011-01-16
I don't have the problem of cats repeatedly pooping in my yard all the time, as most of you do, but my problem is arguably worse: cats always fight/copulate in my front yard in the wee hours of the morning and wake me up from my beauty sleep. And their rituals are ALWAYS accompanied by repeated loud meowing (like a mating call) up to an hour on end, and loud screeching when it's all over. There is a female cat in the neighborhood that always keeps her "boyfriends" around, and when 2 or more male cats show up, things get ugly.
I have tried spreading my own urine in the yard and it somewhat works. I tried throwing some chili powder around but I doubt its effectiveness because I'm guessing you'd need to coat the ground with powder in order for it to work.
I've kept an open mind to all the suggestions on this page (and some have made me laugh) but I definitely do not want to commit any physical harm to the cats. I just want to get them the hell off my property at night.

I feel your pain Indie Comments By: Over It on 2011-01-18
I too, get woken up every morning at 3am by stupid cats screeching at my bedroom window, mating or fighting, whatever they are up to. I have two small children and pregnant with a third, so sleep is precious to me (and my youngest son sleeping is the bassinet under my bedroom window).

Oh, and pooing near my front door and other manicured gardens. I run a business from home, so having a foul smell at my front door greeting my clients is highly embarrasing and unprofessional, but I can't seem to solve the problem! All too often I have found my hands in cat-poo while gardening which scares me as I have been pregnant for the most part of the last three years, and thankfully I have not been a victim of toxoplasmosis but the threat is there!

Have tried talking to the neighbours about their problem rats but they don't seem to care.

I had to laugh at Kevin's take of catch-and-kiss (catch-and-pee)...but don't think I have the confidence to try this myself! lol

I plan on trying tin foil and orange peels next, hopefully this has some effect! I really only want to try something that won't harm my dog or kids, but if it gets any worse I must admit I've considered paracetemol in a bowl of milk....that's what 4 years of dealing with this does to you!

Cats aren't the problem on this page Comments By: Rich on 2011-01-22
I am a cat owner. Not by choice, my girlfriend bought one, then when we broke up the little devil stayed with me.

I have to say I'm not their number one fan but reading some of the comments on here just makes me like her more.

It's an animal for God's sake they don't know any better. It's in their nature to chase and kill birds, and if their in your garden....take it as a compliment! It means they like it.

As a human being you should know better! We don't own the planet, we just live here.

People can be real fools.

My cat is like my child... Comments By: FEDUP on 2011-01-31
And as such I treat her as I would a child and actually care for her. This means she doesn't go outside and doesn't destroy others' property. She's 11 years old and hasn't been sick ONE time so I don't give a damn what "cat lovers" think about it.
Anyway, I've moved next door to the neighbor from hell and her 20 cats are an absolute nightmare. We have one indoor cat and a nine year old son. Don't we deserve to live without fear of catching something? Doesn't my son have a right to play outside? I never in my life thought I would say this, but I'm to the point where I'm considering a shotgun. Our wooden porch is soaked with cat urine and there are feces on the sidewalk (a sign that at least one of the 40 is sick)and all over the yard. We shouldn't have to live like this just because someone else is too stupid to know how to properly love and care for a cat.

Pets stay inside or are leashed/chained up period. Comments By: TheLaw on 2011-01-28
If an animale is walking around outside it is NOT a pet, It's a stray as noted by the legislation in my area and probly yours aswell, The notion of letting your pet out is at YOUR risk. I have a cat and it is an indoor cat, ALL the strays I find on my property are treated as wild animales and I take the same measures that I would for a possum, skunk or anything else. So keep your pet safe and keep it on a leash or open the door and say goodbye, Its your fault, you the owner make the choise to let your pet go free.
Help!! Comments By: Bunny on 2011-01-30
I am a cat lover too. Last year Feb I found kittens that were a week old and brought them home. I have two males and a female. The female had an eye defect and lost one of her eyes, but other than that they've been really well, until now.

When I found the kittens we had just moved into a new home. This home was once a dumpy old place and stray cats including the neighbour's cats roamed there. So they claim it as their territory.

My cats, all grown up now have been hurt a few times by these cats, but never anything major. My cats are however, very timid and do not know how to fight back!

So two weeks ago, one of my cats was injured severly and an abscess had formed on his back...we've spent thousands of rands at the vet...he is now at the stage where he has lost complete control over his bladder and bowel function. His tail is going to be amputated because it is dislocated from his body and he has had to have 3 surgery's to control the huge abscess. He is on the strongest antibiotic on the market, which has the side effect of stunted growth. The vet has given us till the end of this month for his condition to improve, otherwise he will have to be put down.

Last week my female cat was attacked. She had a bite wound on her belly which the vet said was as deep as into her ribcage, and it also turned into an abscess. The vet says she will be fine, because it was detected early.

Now I ask...how do I keep the stray cats and the neighbour's cats out of my yard? My cats love the garden and they DO NOT go into anyone else's yards. I keep them in the house at night, but still my kitties are getting hurt! And they're not even a year old yet. PLEASE HELP!

You people are pathetic Comments By: Voice of animals on 2011-01-30
I'm sorry I thought cats were defenseless animals, you lot make them sound like some sort of garden terrorists. A little perspective please!! The outdoors belongs to the animals just as much as you and I.
VICIOUS KILLERS Comments By: S.CLARKE on 2011-02-02
I woke up this morning in tears to find my lovely tamed white,,redeyed rabbit ripped to shreds by these vicious killers that are called cats..i'm so sick and fed up of these stray cats i did not want to result to this but i have no other choice but kill them myself..my 2 kids are still trying to get over this devastating act,God forgive me for what i have to do but i have reached the end of my rope w/ these vicious killers..s
CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Sandra Guildford on 2011-02-05
I love animals but not when they come and poo or live in your shed for over a week!! My neighbour has now three lovely cats. I have been told to go to the local zoo and my some lion poo that should scare them!!!. Other people have suggested to buy hot chilli powder (cheap tesco brand ) will do as they do not like it on their paws. Alternatively human wee or a water gun!! Oh I will have fun this summer watching the little *********.
Tried and tested method... Comments By: Doh on 2011-02-07
I too have had severe problems with cats. Living on a large council estate, theres loads of cats that go around in "gangs" annoying the hell out of everyone. It got to the stage where it was so bad my girl friends house cat couldn't even go outside for a run around. I purchased a �20 bb gun (plastic air gun)to deal with them. You unload a few rounds at the cats in question & they wont be coming back...trust me. Plus it doesn't injure the cat...it just scares the hell outta them as a plastic bb gun will barely pop a balloon. Sounds harsh I know but cat lovers really have no idea what a nuisance outdoor cats are.
hunter killer Comments By: pauly one ball on 2011-02-15
ok all the cat lovers can moan and cry about how the cats have rights and can poo freely bla bla bla -i wonder if a cat just decided to play on their brand new factory fresh car would they still think the same- I DIDNT THINK SO .. . muppets. anyway i have two methods to get rid of the cats. 1 as said on here a few times a live trap[cat trap] and 2 my .22 magnum with a silencer:] thats right im going to get the little feline in my sights and whip its head off with a hollow point. you see i didnt just waste 20k on a new car for some dirty hairy good for nothing creature to scratch up costing me money. so i dont mind wasting 20 or 30 cents on a bullet to save my paint work.. let the hunter become the hunted ha ha ha ha ha ha [thats my evil laugh by the way]
Target Practice Comments By: Puss on Boot on 2011-02-21
My wife feels that I have a problem, as I become enraged when I see a cat mooching across my lawn, preparing to unload. I stow away rotten fruit and launch them like incendiaries toward the defecating beasts. I know that this is not a humane deterrent, but it make me feel slightly better. I do not wish to harm the cat but simply terrify the bejesus out of it and thus put it off entering my property again. I have been advised that a good alternative is to purchase a cat and have it tied to a leash in the garden to deter other cats. I�m getting one today!
How ignorant can you be? Comments By: Jessie on 2011-02-21
I have to say that I know there are some ignorant people out there, but wow. Do you really think that people have the right to trap and have killed any animal that comes into their yard? Animals have just as much right as people do to live on the Earth. If you ever read the bible, you would see that God left responsible for taking care of the Earth as well as its animals, plants and life. Having an animal killed for any reason other than for food is a waste and a sin. Well, the old saying is true...what goes around comes around.
Cat defication Comments By: furry bazouka on 2011-02-27
Been living in a rented house for over a year and when we moved in, the one of four cats, 2 houses down had been using the front and rear garden. After many attempts they have been scared off the rear garden but kept using the front as there litter box. I've had it, so I put some food down with twice the human dose of laxitive, didnt see the cat for a few days with the hope that he just exploded when at home and the owner having to clear it up, but it came back. the next thing Il do, is a catch and release scheme, so it will have a long walk home. if not then rat poison it is, and a shot gun in a field, just for my pleasure. If a wild cat came on your property in africa, you would be able to fire a warning shot, then blast it to hell and have a BBQ and sell bits to the orientals. I've also considered an electric fence, barb wire and drawing pins. Maybe in neverland i'l plant a minefield but the UN stopped that fun.

How to get rid of neighbor's cat tauntin my indoor cat! Comments By: Fed up on 2011-02-27
I have a cat that stays indoors all the time. Never goes out. One of my next door neighbors, who's never home, has an outdoor cat that comes over to our house, climbs on the window sill and taunts our cat. Whenever this stupid cat comes over, our cat gets into a frenzy, pees and shits on the carpet, etc. When I've banged on the window where the cat is, the cat actually hits the window back! I managed to spray the cat with water and got rid of it for a while, but now it's back again. I'm totally against guns, but I'm ready to shoot this cat. I'm really fed up. I love reading this page; around here everybody "loves" animals and a lot of idiots take animals a lot more seriously than humans. I'm going to staple some barbed wire on the window sill next week!
Karma Comments By: Puss on Boot on 2011-02-28
Being realistic about this, nobody wants to hurt cats but cannot any of the cat owners understand that there are simply too many cats wandering the streets / gardens, doing their business anywhere that they please? Not acceptable!

I have young children who play in the garden, not to mention that we grow our own vegetables. I constantly find cat faeces in the flower beds and these faeces can be very toxic It is possible to contract toxoplasmosis in different from these faeces. Severe forms of toxoplasmosis are dangerous because they may cause damage to the eyes, brain and other organs. I will not accept that risk for my family.

So cat owners, do you expect me to accept this or react by trying to keep cats off my property? However I see fit. Knowing cat owners however, you are most likely to accept risking the health of your family over your precious pussy! BRAIN DEAD!

This is not a site to deter cats its a bitch site Comments By: Beverly muir on 2011-03-02
A lot of good tips but why so much moaning ?? I have two cats I have a garden and I have a dirt tray but it doesn't stop your cat from going else where to do there business
and for those of you that don't like cats CATS do have there uses they rid the place of rats and mice, so the person saying they get someone into get rid think of the child your hurting because it could be there pet.

god and animals Comments By: chris on 2011-03-03
People who say animals shouldnt be harmed because of a reference to religion, Wasnt Jesus a fisherman? hasnt fishing led to low stocks of fish in our sea? Hasnt religion caused more wars in the last 200 years. so are peoples lives more important than animals. If god exists where are the dinisoaurs in the bible? The cats still poop on my lawn and I will be trying caustic soda next.

stray cats! Comments By: bob on 2011-03-05
I also live next to someone with 7 cats they let them roam the area. They are strays that they feed and let go into their house. I've tried mothballs, mouthwash, orange peels, citrus oil, hot peppers, myself urinating around the perimeter, borrowing a dog for a weekend. I put up a fence around the yard, I fenced in under my porch, I installed doors on my porch... needless to say I've incured some expense from this DAMAGE. Its been 6 years of this! now im noticing that their habets have changed and over the past 2 years since I've removed their litterbox areas as they now spray the basement windows and the tires on my car.

Im at the point now where im ready to leave bowls of antifreeze for them but i just cant do it. I cant harm any animal, not even a stupid cat.

I can't put the motion sensing automatic sprinklers because they come during the day and the mailman won't be impressed with that one.

Can someone please help? What else do i need to do other than trapping and driving them 40 miles away? I also havent tried coffee grounds yet.

By the way, when i leave in the moring for work, i drive around the block and return home only to find 3 cats sitting on my porch, They know i don't like them and they stay away when i'm at home. When i drive by they satter.

To any cat "owner" reading this, If you want an outdoor pet, take up bird watching. If i had 4 dobermans and they were sitting on your car you'd be yelling up and down. And if i was urinating on your car every morning you'd call the police. you are very selfish and inconsiderate!

sick Comments By: austen on 2011-03-08
some sick sad people on here i suppose when you have got rid of the cats you can start on all the other animals that might crap in your gardens foxes,badgers,birds or maybe the vermin where theres no cats mice and rats ,if you dont want cats in your garden move house you sad twats
Fu************ing Cats!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Cat hater on 2011-03-12
I've had problems with cats pooing in my garden for the past two years. I am at my wits end. It's time to fight back. Yes, keep chasing the dirty little f***ers away, but don't stop there. Chase them all the way back to thier owners home and take a massive dump on thier veggy plot and see how those inconsiderate arseholes like it!!
CATS Comments By: tomtoot on 2011-03-15
Having read so much on this bulliten board and had the unsavoury experience of cats in my garden - I am of the opinion that the only way to treat a cat is to attack it.
Firstly with a hose, secondly with a deterent spray, thirdly to trap it and dispose of it at an animal refuge - and finally send it to cat heaven

Cat Blaster Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-15
After some time being bothered by persistent cats, I have taken to keeping a water gun filled with a mixture of old chilli oil and vinegar by the door. When the moggie enters the garden, I wait until it settles itself under its favourite bush, where I hang the bird feeders, then I rush out and give it a soaking, some of these kids super water pistols are cheap and very efficient. I have tried plain water and dirty water, but the oil mixture is really good. There is a long break between visits now seemingly.
Actually the thrill is in the hunt, I don't want it hurt, I just want it to choose somewhere else.

shoot them Comments By: julie on 2011-03-15
They are vile stinking creatures and my children cant play out in their garden which ive spent alot of money on because these so called creatures have left their mess all over. and to top it all they cry outside my house all night long.
Cats are a nuisance Comments By: Tracy on 2011-03-15
First of all to Carol, you have no right to say what is important to people in their lives. I hate cats but i do not wish to hurt them. I just want them to stay out of my yard. I can't stand the smell of their urine. Carol, I can only imagine with 6 cats how 'great' it must smell at your house. I agree with Lucy as children are beautiful and cats are a nuisance. I also agree with Simone - this would make a great book. Honestly Chopsy you couldn't be more wrong, take your own advice - use your brains. Thanks for the pepper idea Julie, I shall try it. Cat lover, you can't be serious about moving home because of a cat. The cat I am having trouble with is a stray. I have had enough of scratches on my car and rubbish all over my yard and it scaring my sons rabbit. I work full time and why should i have to come home and take care of someone elses responsibility. It's a joke. To all cat lovers, what are you doing on this site anyway??? Thanks for the good ideas and the laugh people.
Cat clean up Comments By: Jon dog owner on 2011-03-16
I have a neighbour that has 2 cats & have asked them to clean up after there pets. They refuse so I have started throwing it back into there garden. I should not have to do this but, when it lands on their car or drive what choice do they have but to action this( as does a none cat owner), i fix my car damage from the little joys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Giving it back! Comments By: Debby on 2011-03-17
It is true cats bury there crap but caught the neighbours cat crapping by some plants and trying to cover it with leaves! When I eventually get out into the garden to clean up the garden I don't want to be picking up old leaves and a handful of crap too ... Even though I would be wearing gardening gloves I still don't want cat crap on my gloves! So went out into the garden a day later with a cheap plastic drinking cup and stick and flicked the crap into it and then promptly placed it on their side of the fence and threw the cup away! If I wanted to clean up cat crap I would buy my own cat! Will be buying some moth balls and carpet strips and place them strategically around the garden ... oh and a spray bottle!
cats it! Comments By: happy chappy on 2011-03-19
Why the hell should we move?they are someones pets,people are SUPPOSED to take care of their pet.I have spoke to my neighbour about her cat coming in my garden,nothing,I took it to rspca,nothing,I've put up fencing spent MY money on keeping the rat out,nothing till one day,it hissed at my baby,I calmly walked over to it and kicked it into the heavans,never seen it again.Lives glorious.
i hate cats Comments By: It stinks on 2011-03-22
i used to love cats until i got my own house with a garden. I live in a terraced house and there must be 5 or 6 local cats and several of them like to poo in my garden. They usually just do it in the same places and never bury it. It does make me very angry. I have tried chile powder and sprays you can buy from garden centres etc but nothing seems to work. The only solutions are to 1. Get you own cat. 2. Perhaps wait around with a high powered waterpistol or air gun and shoot the buggers, but I dont think I could be wuite that cruel and its probably illegal.
3. Transfrom your garden in to a low maintenance zone with harldy any places that cats would want to poo and is they do poo you can see it easily and get rid of it - perhaps by throwing it back over to the garden where the cat lives.

Shouldn't be MY PROBLEM!!! Comments By: ENOUGH ALREADY!!!! on 2011-03-19
To all you idiots like 'Cat Lover', I don't want cats in my yard, so I don't own any cats!!! Birds, foxes, squirrels, mice, or anything else that craps in our yards isn't an irresponsible neighbor's pet that they let roam the entire town, BUT YOUR CATS ARE!!! Even if it's a feral cat, it's probably the offspring of 'owned' cats sexing other 'owned' cats and making feral cats to terrorize the neighborhood and crap in our yards!!! Cat Lover, you suggested WE sell our houses and move? REALLY??? You want us to pack up our stuff, find new jobs, take our kids to a new school, say oodbye to all our friends, buy a new house, and MOVE because YOUR cat needs to roam? Are you seriously THAT twisted? Apparently you are, because now you want me to aquire lion feces as well. WE shouldn't be the ones to have to go to a zoo to get/buy LION POO to get rid of your cats in our yards. REALLY??? You actually want me to drive all the way to a flippin' zoo that has lions, and ask them to give me LION POO, and then drive home with it and put it in my yard? Great, so now I've got one 10-pound crap in my yard instead of a hundreds little craps. That's just genius. Or, you want me to wait in my yard until your cat comes by, and then sit there and STARE AT IT??? REALLY??? That's how you expect me to deal with YOUR cats in my yard? That's just how I want to spend my nights and weekends, camped out in my yard waiting for your cat to come by so I can threaten it by gazing into its creepy eyes. Awesome idea, bimbo!!! Oh wait, no, ok, I'll just go out and spend MY MONEY on a bunch of stupid things like cat statues, black rubber hoses, spices, water bottles, moth balls, sprinkler systems, aluminum foil, barbed wires, balloons, and all the other stuff that YOU want ME to BUY to keep YOUR CATS out of MY YARD!!! If I end up in a mental institute, it won't be from wanting to hurt cats, it'll be from my own family who call the men in the white coats to take me away because I'm hiding in my yard all day with a pile of lion poo and a rubber hose waiting to stare at cats!!!



Bloody cats Comments By: Chris on 2011-03-21
ok cat lovers...

So we can do the following i your cat craps in our yard

Buy a cat - No thanks I now hate the little gits
Get over it - No, why should I, any animal which craps on my proprty is a pest!
Ah well, cats will be cats - yes they will and upset people tend to get fed up of it (it's human nature) don't blame them when they damage your cat!
Sprays, detectors etc. - Done it, but thinking about it, why should I have to foot the cost!!
Cat proof your garden - Why should I, you cat proof your bloody garden!!

The cat belongs to you, if I wanted a cat I would buy one, don't make it my problem
I hav just poured a load of extra hot chilli powder over the area getting crapped on, I hope it works and the gits never plague my plants again, if it does not work I will be buying some nice chicken stuffed with paracetomol. My thinking on this is that the cats are NOT my responcibility i.e. would you let your dog or cat play near a main road or motorway? if so when some one drops your beloved pet back to you (flat mate :) it is your fault as the owner for not keeping it safe!
I really would prefer not to hurt the cats but with two kids which can no longer play before I clean someone elses crap off the lawn/garden I have run out of patience.
For all you cat lovers out there your cats are your problem not mine, deal with them or we will!!!

Sick of your cat Comments By: Sick of your cat on 2011-03-21
Why are we bad people just cause we're sick of other peoples cats. People on here saying spray them with water and you wouldn't call a adoption agency for the neighborhood kids! Really not the same. If you love your car so much keep it at home. I hate cats and so why should I have to deal with your cat. If my dog was in your yard all the time you would think it was ok to call the pound so I say call the pound on your neighbors cats. Hopefully they won't think about checking there till it's to late.
arrrrrrgh!!!! Comments By: vexed. on 2011-03-22
My neighbours got a cat and we are stuck in cause it won't go away. My children are terrified and can't play with their outdoor toys. It was scratched toys furniture and the trampoline we got them as a present was trashed 2 weeks later. I am at my wits end we don't have soil just a hard concrete floor and most solutions involve soil etc. I can't even hang my washing out cause the cat shreds it and I have to keep all my Windows shut cause it can jump in. My children are terrified. And getting the pushchair out is impossible some days trying to fight the cat away from my door. I work and pay my mortgage for this?????? Please someone help. I am terrorized. My neighbours won't do anything and they are very suspect people who I don't really want to fight with I feel completely stuck. I need something that will work on stones. Not soil and something that won't harm my children.
Any responsible cat owners planning on helping me out.

bloody cats Comments By: Maria on 2011-03-24
I dont hate cats I just want them to stop messing in my garden . my husband works hard trying to keep our garden looking nice .then when my grandchildren come I have to tell them not to go into the garden in case they pick up cats mess . I think the best way to deal with them is to lay poison on some meat and let the bloody things die
.No I dont hate cats just the one that keeps messing we dont have cats or dogs there should be a law made that if your neigbours cats mess your garden they should be fined

get a grip people Comments By: greg on 2011-03-25
The world has gone mad! Kill em, poison em, do it slowly so they will suffer more?in fact kill the owners? Really?? My dog is perfect, my dog is this that and the other? You all belong in mental institutions if you believe that killing things is a real answer to your problems.
Let me give you some back ground and reasonable suggestions to handle cats.
I have two children who play in our garden, we have two female cats which they love.
Cats have been round all our lives, you are used to them, you know how they operate. Cats HATE water. There is no getting away from it. Get your hose pipe when you see them and give them a good soaking, if you catch them do the same. They will not come back for a while, and if they do. Do it again (it will deter them and will not hurt them, surly better than killing them?).
I�m a responsible person, and in my life we have had two dog�s (both liked chasing cats, but neither knew what to do when they caught up with them) so all the stories about my dog will kill them if i let it in my neibours garden, is just talk, likely hood is the cat will smack it in the noise and the dog will do little about it. There is nothing wrong with this either, because if your dogs are as nice as you say they are they will of be well trained and well natured and know it is wrong to bite? If your dog will eat next doors cat, i hope you don�t have kids cause it will eat them too!
My cats are as trained as they can be, we have a flagged drive and i notices the cats were not pooping anywhere as there was no where for them too, so i took up a flag and put sand there, they love going there, it affect no one else and as a result my cats may nip in and out of gardens a little bit but do go the loo in our garden,
If i ever see them going the loo else where i pick them up and take them to the flag that has been taken up, easy.
All this said, i cant rest my hand on heart and say they have never pooped in my neighbours garden, if that is the case id happily go and pick it up for them.
I speak to my neighbours a bit, and they say our cats are no issue, so im happy with that. They also have collars with bells on them, and i can�t remember the last time either came back with one.
The problem cats are do different to anything else in society, its the problem few that give a bad name to the rest. Just like certain dogs and humans a like.
We have a male cat live near us, it wees all over our garden and it stinks! It even got in our house one day and weed in my little girls play kitchen, i was not happy, so when i saw it i soaked it with water, it came back and i managed to get it to run for cover in our bushes, then sprayed the hose in and it aint been back since. They problem is it has irresponsible owners who should have it neutted (can�t spell it, but you know) then it would not go running round spraying looking for female cats.
So the minority ruin it for the rest, you horrible people should think a little more. Next time you do something wrong should we poison or kill you for it? Next time your dog is off the lead and runs off to poop in the long grass and you don�t see it so cant pick it up. Should we poison it? Surly we should cause kids could be playing hide and seek there the next day? Next time someone cuts you up on the road we should kill them too? Its easy to say the words, think about the actions? Next time a cat pees, poops in your garden wet it? Give it a fright and watch it run like hell, would you come back? Probably not?

get a grip Comments By: laura on 2011-04-07
For gods sake..... get a grip most of you!

I have cats....they hardly go more than a few meters, i dont think they mess anywere cause they always come into the house to use the litter tray.... when out playing! They wont mess anywere but in it!

Try and follow the cats and see where they go back to, if they look 'owned' just go and tell there owners of your distress! If they apear homeless try and capture the cat and take it to a rescue centre.

problem solved!

But poisoning it , harming an animal or hurting it is just ridiculous....its just natures instinct to mark there territory for gods sake.

Im sure more than half of you have wee'd somewere when desperate that you shouldnt have!!!!!!!!

There is a dog by me that barks all day, it annoyed me so i went and told the owner..... shock horror! it aint outside barking all day anymore!

..... and not forgetting the lil girl who broke a garden vase of mine on accident...... what should i have done....poisoned her???


Neighbors cat is spraying on my porch and my children's outside toys! Comments By: Meshelle on 2011-03-26
We recently purchased a new home. Our neighbor's have a cat that apparently stays outside. It has sprayed shoes that were left on our porch, my door mat, and my children's outside play toys. Anyone who has had to get rid of cat urine odor knows it isn't an easy task. To make it even worse for me, it isn't my animal! I don't have animals, but if I did, I certainly wouldn't let it be a burden to others. I don't want to step on the toes of our new neighbors, but I am not sure what else I can do!!! Any suggestions?!?
Damned Cats! Comments By: Ian Knapton on 2011-03-29
The next door neighbour has 3 cats, he doesn't allow them inside because they pee on his bottom step, so I have to suffer them crapping in my garden, ripping my shed and gate post to pieces, I've tried the electronic cat repeller and the foul smelling granules, tried throwing water at them but they are too fast or have made their escape before i get to the bucket, i am sick of picking up cat poo out of the garden, and don't want the grandchildren getting ill from it.

So this summer it's drastic measures, I'm going to snare them and give them the biggest dunking in a bucket of water they have ever had, and if that doesn't work then they will just have to stay in the snares, I am absolutely sick of these vermin, all these cat lovers saying what lovely animals they are.

If you don't own one then you just become their toilet, dirty little scrouts and that's just the owners.

f ****n Cat murdered pet turtle! Comments By: Anon on 2011-04-01
Our pet turtle of 10 years was killed by our neighbors piece of shit cat, when I found the turtle , the cat had crapped next to it, leaving his calling card. That stupid cat is always in our yard shitting, destroying,etc.. I never did anything drastic to stop it but I am going to get serious revenge on that bastard cat!!!!!
disgusting Comments By: , on 2011-04-04
I have found cat poo on my front door mat twice now...the cats spray up my door and on just about everything else. Its disgusting. I'm sick of them using my property as a toilet. I think they poo in our property because we dont have a cat. How unfair is that? My daughter picked up a bit of poo I had missed (have to check the garden before playing)thankfully I saw her straight away but had to deal with it and I am 5 months pregnant. Cats are disgusting animals not 'clean' as most owners will tell you. They think they're clean because they don't poo on their own doorstep do they?? no they poo on mine instead. Great.
Scarecrow WORKS! Comments By: Derek on 2011-04-07
The SCARECROW motion activated sprinkler system is 100% effective at keeping unwanted animals out of your yard/garden.
Visit www.contech-inc.com to find a retailer.

Thank you All Comments By: stiz on 2011-04-07
Thank you everybody for a few chuckles as well as some great ideas for eliminating unwanted cats in the yard. I may try some if my own idea does not work- and yes- I tried the nice talk approach three times. I intend to fill a bucket with water and add a nice amount of commercial dye- maybe red. It won't harm the animal, BUT since the cat is sometimes indoors- it could do a nice job on her carpet as well as uniquely color the cat. Ever clean up dye?? It spreads and spreads and spreads.
A bit extreme??? Comments By: Janet on 2011-04-08
I have a cat but also suffer because of other people's cats. I keep mine in and she's happy to be a lazy house cat. It is annoying but please don't poison them. I have to admit though, I have had a good laugh at some of the solutions. The AK47 is the best. Thanks for the mothball idea. It really does work.
As a cat owner Comments By: anon on 2011-04-25
As a cat owner, i apologise for any offence my cat may have caused you people. Come on though, training a cat to stay in your own garden and having the right to kill them for not knowing where to poo. You people make me sick. I would clean it up myself if the neighbour came round and asked, that said, throw it over the garden fence.
YOUR BOTH WRONG! Comments By: catluvr4evr on 2011-04-25
You are all a bunch of idiots. I rescue homeless cats, most were someones cat they did not fix and end up raoming to the point of homelessness, then I get to save them. TO you discusting cat killers, trappers...You appall me and should be put in jail for animal cruelty. For cat owners who let their pets outside, you too are idiots. A cat is like a child. You make them stay inside. My cats, most were homeless roaming around. I make them all stay inside and they are totally fine with it. "My cat gets upset if I leave him inside?" That is ridiculous. PLAY WITH YOUR CAT!! keep him happy and he will have no need to play outside. I know, I have more experience with animals than any of you!
advice or moan site? Comments By: A. on 2011-05-11
Rating for the tip 5, rating for some of the comments and moans, below zero!

I thought the purpose of original post was to advice. Few comment below were following the idea, but then comes the moan...
Come on people, get a grip. Stop moaning. And if you frustrated why don't you open a moan on cats blog and got there

Cat Rage! Comments By: Moggy in my sights! on 2011-05-01
Thank you so much everyone for making tears of laughter roll down my face. I particularly liked potato catstory!!!

I am so glad to find that there are people like me out there... I HATE cats!!! We've recently moved house and have just got our garden into shape and hey ho... along come the crapping cats using my lawn and my flowerbeds as their toilet! My 'Cat Rage' is such that it is not an infrequent scene to see me bolting out of the house like a crazy lady in my pjs, flapping and shouting at my crapping tresspasser.

I currently have 3 enemies - 2 are scared of my 'crazy lady' routine and run away (*after* they've crapped all over my lawn and dug up my plants, of course) but one is a defiant beast, it stares me down, it has no fear. Only yesterday it was sitting on the fence which separates me and my neighbour, eyeing me up as I watered the plants it had probably just crapped all over. I did my crazy lady run at it, even taking off one flip-flop and flapping it at it, but it just stared me down. I could hear the little boys who had been playing in the garden start laughing (yes, crazy lady run is accompanied by various kinds of roars, hisses and barks, you know the sort!). Defiant moggy didn't flinch and continued to stare at me; this is war, I thought. I picked up some small pebbles and threw them at the fence, below where the cat was sitting (come on, I'm a girl, I couldn't have hit it if I'd tried!). The stupid thing thought it was a game and looked to see where the pebbles fell. Defeated, I trotted inside to get some sympathy from the hubby. Turns out that next door's little boys had also run inside to do some tale-telling of their own. When I finally returned outside to try and face down my opponent one final time, just as I picked up the watering can, Mr Catlover Neighbour himself propped himself up on aforementioned fence and proclaimed "I DO NOT TAKE KINDLY TO PEOPLE THROWING STONES AT MY CHILDRENS'CAT". Cat Rage turned into Neighbour Rage: not good. As expected, he said it wasn't his cat digging up my plants, and then threatened to report me. (To the RSPCF, I can only assume? (Fences)). Anyway, short of catching the cat and getting my husband to pee all over it (something I think he'd be quite keen to do, actually), I think I'm going to to have to try and channel Cat Rage elsewhere.... perhaps I should turn my efforts to try and get rid of the neighbour instead?

Anyway, what I'd really like to know is this: has anyone actually been reported for scaring/threatening cats??!! ...I do rather enjoy crazy lady routine! :)

car engine Comments By: frustrated car owner on 2011-05-12
My next door neighbour has a cat and it keeps going into the engine of my car and pooing in it, scratching all the leads and basically trashing the inside of my engine. I've had to have it repaired 3 times now. What can I do?????
little bastards Comments By: KUKU on 2011-05-07
To all you 'cat lovers' you are in denial. If its a pet keep it. do not let it stray into other people's gardens and homes. how is it your pet if you rarely see it. what pleasure do you get from an animal that actually spends most of its tiem in other people's gardens? My garden looked like I was actually growing cat shit this morning. its unfortunate i do not know the cat owners because if I did i was going to have words today. the animal knows no better its the stupid owners who want to pretend to the world that they love anumals and yet they leave the dirty work to others. I will try the pepper but i fear i will be forced to take drastic measures if this carries on. KEEP YOU DIRTY LITTLE ANIMALS IN YOUR HOMES. ENJOY YOUR PETS AND THEIR SHIT. IF I WANTED A CAT I WOULD HAVE BOUGHT ONE MYSELF.
bloody cats Comments By: Anon on 2011-05-07
This site is hilarious!!! I was crying myself laughing at the comments! My partner & I have this same problem and have a few ideas- buy a pet lion, collect lion poo from your local zoo and put it round the garden for a while, spray hose pipe at it. Good luck getting rid of them everyone!!
Cat crap Comments By: shay on 2011-05-13
our neighbours have about 10 cats and none are desexed and thier all inbred the babies are now having babies and daughters having babies to fathers its just pathetic how some people can just let thier animals be like this some people need shooting. i have a cat myself and hes desexed micro chipped and vacinated we have security cameras and at night we can see nothing but thier cats crappy every where in my gardens and peeing on every thing my front yard smeels we have tried every thing we are now going to try carpet rods in hope of them standing on them they crap on my lawn and my kids can not even play outside in front yard i have asked owners to lock them up at night hahaha what a joke no wonder people poision cats. i have complained to council and rspca and nothing can be done. if all else fails im laying traps and catching cats and taking them to pound if they are in my yard and catch them to bad for who ever owns them. my cat is locked away at night like local councils here say is law. i am not a animal hater ilove animals and have them myself but no 1 should have to live with that feral smell
Hello Kitty Comments By: Maggie on 2011-05-17
Briliant forum :) I'll use some of these ideas and leave feedback afterwards :) Thanks for good advice.
coleus canina Comments By: anon on 2011-05-18
this doesn`t work the demon cat next to me just dug it up and crapped all over it!!! waste of money
Fed Up in Ny Comments By: Gold Dust Woman on 2011-05-25
I've been smelling cat feces in my garden for far too long. I had to sprinkle baking soda over the mulch chips because the smell hits me in the face as i come out. Don't know if that was smart, but i clean cat crap everyday, and there are too many of them...not to mention people are feeding them, but then the use my yard as a litter box, not right. The girl comes for Catch, Nueter Release but when she comes back it seems like she's bringing more cats to our block? Doesn't make sense, i used to like cats but it's like Cat City over here. I've tried Pepper, coffee, until I found out you have to sprinkle every day.

Guess I just have to water down the area every morning and night, see if that helps. I've seen them walk across my sidewalk so the water doesn't seem to bother them, who knows.

For the posters who think we don't have lives, or we are mean, try smelling cat spray, urine and feces and letting the smell hit you in the face as soon as you open front door. Or feel uncomfortable to invite people over because it's an embarrassing odor. The smell actually makes me sick, and I gag. Not to mention gets stuck in my nose....can't open windows.

Also, I read that cayenne pepper could hard a cat, which is NOT Good. The poor thing could gauge it's eyes out...even if it happened one out of every thousand cats, that's not right.

cat vigilante Comments By: who cares on 2011-05-28
wouldn't be nice to have a roaming cat vigilante group that will eliminate street cats in the night( catch it and move them in a secret location...or simply )and the longer they do it secretly the cleaner the gardens will be of their poop!
Never to return Comments By: Cats, Mans Best Friend on 2011-06-04
Best solution for you, the owner (if it has one) and the cat!
1. Buy a Cat Trap and bait.
2. Set Trap and catch cat.
3. Scare the daylights out of it all around your property for short spells over a couple of hours (while it is still in Trap, preferably during the day).
4.Release cat unharmed but lightly mentally scarred.

Note: Most cats hate water, being growled and hissed at and being trapped. Please be humane, try to judge its stress levels so that you don�t over do it, remember that the cat doesn�t understand the problem but will catch on pretty quickly.

Best cat cure Comments By: Happygardens on 2011-06-05
Your own Urine left for two/four weeks in a closed jar with a few kidney beans then mixed with 1/4 malt vinagar and shaken well. Pour on the soil you want to protect. Your hate making it so much you will understand why it stops cats ever comming back. Infact you will find the offending neighbour will sell up and move as well
Maybe this helps... Comments By: mishki on 2011-06-08
I find what works best is to keep a thick pair of gardening gloves around and sneak up on the cats. Some are so cocky and smug that they don't run away. I either give them a lashing with said glove or put on the glove, pick up the cat, shake it a bit and fling it. Problem solved. It's kinda fun to measure how far you can slingshot these foul beasts of hell.
They suffer nothing more than confusion and bruised ego (don't throw them at walls or fences; they have to land on their feet)and toddle off in a daze. I may or may not have thrown a plastic deck chair at a cat while drunk, but that doesn't really work.

Is it really that hard to just talk to people? Comments By: Tammy on 2011-06-11
If a cat is tearing up your yard and you know who the owner is, couldn't you at least talk to your neighbor before doing something drastic? Everyone on my street has cats and most also have gardens, but none of us have ever had a problem like this.

However, if someone told me my cat was messing something up I would take responsibility for it. I would also work on fixing the animal's behavior if someone actually came to me and said the cat (or dog for that matter) was bothering them.

I mean I understand calling animal control if no one knows who the cat's owner is or if the owner simply does not care after you tell them your concerns. But if my cat was taken and no one even bothered to talk to me about it beforehand I would seriously be upset.

If you're neighbor doesn't know what to do when you talk to them, suggest neutering. It's the tom cats that make that awful smell (not to mention they are more agressive and mischievous) but neutering will help that a lot.

You could also keep a spray bottle handy (set it to the stream setting to give it some power) and just give the cat a good squirt when you see them near your garden. Plain water works just fine on my cats, plus if you yell at them as you spray them they will most likely run away.

Cats generally do not like confrontation or being sprayed so it's likely they will find a new, quieter place to do their business. Just keep it up for a few days and be consistent.

If you don't want them in your yard at all you could always just make a lot of noise when you see them to scare them off. Cats absolutely hate loud sounds. Stomp, clap your hands, yell at them, or come out of the house banging on pots and pans if you have to. Just be humane to the animals and have at least one talk with the owner is all I ask.

I hate cats Comments By: Cat Terminator on 2011-06-12
These unwanted and uninvited stinking little beasts are a pest. We are investing a lot of our time in keeping up the garden and backyard and to make it feel like home. We have now managed to keep the cats at a safe distance from our property. The solution is simple and inexpensive: a slingshot and chickpeas. Its amazing to hear the cat crying when hit. Even when I miss and hit the fence, the cats are running away quickly, as if the devil was after them. And they remember very well a backyard that is not safe to shit in because there will be punishment.
Sue Them.... Comments By: A serious person on 2011-06-13
If you guys are continuously out there buying products ($$$$) because your neighbor's cat keeps destroying your property you have to sue them. It only costs 150 dollars in some states to start a cause of action against them. Do your research. If the cat has scratched your kids you can sue them for strict liability. They are liable for any injuries their animals inflict on another human being. If they are destroying your property and they know it, then sue them for that. You don't have to hire an attorney, just go to your local small claims court and a court clerk will be there and should help you get the ball rolling. It's as simple as going in and asking a few questions. Do your research first. But once you do that, they will tell you what form to fill out and you should be set. These people do not care. This is not a matter of whether you get a lot of money or even win. It's about letting them know you are serious and what they are doing IS ILLEGAL. They cannot allow their cats to trespass on your property. A lot of people don't know this, but you can sue them for this sort of behavior. It is well worth the money to give you peace of mind. There are some people who have been captive in their own home for YEARS. That is unfair. Do something about it, there are legal ways of dealing with the OWNER not just the cat.
HOW IS IT FAIR!! Comments By: Niknak on 2011-06-14
How is it fair that my little cat can't go into our garden because of a nasty mix bred cat!! it stalks him,it sits and watches the house waits for me to open the door and just blatently goes in and attacks out cat , I leave a window open in the kitchen so our cat can go out if he needs to.The cat has come in and attacked my daughter in her bed , she has scars!! I went and spoke to the owner and was told shut your f*****g window then !!! Why should i have to keep my windows shut to keep her cat out , I am at my wits end with this cat now and need a proper solution !!
Help with pesty cats! Comments By: Jen on 2011-06-16
Bitter apple works great to get a cat to stop scratching anything like furniture a shed or a porch. You just spray it on and off they go. Only problem if it is outside you may be spraying a lot due to weather conditions. But the cat usually remembers the spot and won't return. As for a garden if you have planters fill them up with pine cones. Cats hate pine cones and won't use the planter as a toilet. Otherwise I suppose you could get a dog that would help emmensely. :)
TIME FOR ACTION Comments By: sandie on 2011-06-19
Just spent ages reading years of comments about cat s***t I too am plagued by these bloody pests. Why do people want a pet that they can feed, stroke and love but let it do its toilet wherever the cocky little shit wants. I pick up around 5 or 6 dollops of this a day despite yoghurt pots with Jeyes etc etc. Why dont we ask for the government to get owners to be responsible for their pets by getting them to own a licence and then when we once again have to don trowel and peg for nose we can go and get the owner to clean it up but of course we will probably get the usual denial.
The cat trapper speaks once more! Comments By: Kevin Lewis on 2011-06-20
Hello everyone. Not having visited this site for a while, I thought I'd drop in with the vain hope that this thread would have begun to dry up by now; how sadly mistaken was I? So many posters appear to be ignorant of my previous cast-iron, harmless cure that I'll not bother reiterating, only to suggest clicking Edit, Find, and typing "Kevin" into the search box to glean the almost priceless advice proffered by me with regard to keeping your gardens cat-free, and your collective sanity intact. In a time of national financial austerity, at least we can keep the feral cat management industry afloat, whilst raising the happiness quotient of the "plagued by cats" section of the country!
Please give my cure a whirl; I promise you'll not regret it.
As I've got the floor, I'd also like to touch upon a few of the points raised by the less rational cat defending members on this forum. As I've previously made plain, I'd never advocate harming any living creature; I'm an animal-loving vegetarian after all. But to equate those misguided souls, who through desperation, have mooted the possibility of injuring or killing miscreant felines with injuring or killing errant children is infantile. If next-door's children were climbing my fence to defecate in my back-garden, I believe that video footage confirming the fact together with a call to the proper authority would result in said children being rightly taken into care, and likely prosecution of the parents would surely follow. No such system is in place for the owners of cats that freely roam and vandalise property of neighbours. Similarly, if a wild animal, whether it be a fox, badger, or hedgehog enters my garden and behaves in a manner that I find anti-social, then I'm afraid that's the natural world at work, and I've little choice but to accept that by owning a garden I'm tacitly impinging on a wild animal's freedom to roam in search of food, or a mate etc. That is wholly different to someone choosing to own a domesticated pet, but eschewing the responsibilities entailed by that choice. Cat's are more or less wild animals that return to an owner's home because they receive regular food; there's not the loyalty that a dog demonstrates with its unconditional devotion to a pack-leader, and the fact that a cat may be more anthropomorphically intelligent to our human-centric values, is neither here nor there. Essentially, when any animal is taken under the roof of a human, they become pets, and their owner acquires certain responsibilities for the care of the aforementioned creature. One of which is to care for them at all times, as you should a child. It's intellectually unsustainable to compare cats with children if in the next sentence you freely admit that your cat should be left to roam all day and night, and to fend for itself, then to expect others to indirectly care for it. If you cared that much you'd keep them indoors where they don't run the gauntlet of cars, dogs, foxes, other cats, and I'm ashamed to say, spiteful humans driven to distraction by the anti-social habits of your rarely seen, rarely cared for pets.
For goodness sake just get a chinchilla, or a rabbit, anything that doesn't hunt for sport and prevented birds landing in my garden for years. Anything with the temerity to spend any time in my back yard was immediately set upon by a pride (trust me it is appropriate) of cats from next door. Birds, frogs, mice, hedgehogs, nothing was safe from an hour or so of torture from these supreme hunters, until I heard their distress calls and shooed away their tormentors. Luckily, my cat problem has evaporated since I instigated my bait/cage/urinate method, (see above) but I'm sure that when the next litter is unleashed upon the wider world, I'll have to start all over again. If I bought a tiger, and it hopped over the fence, killed all of your cats and then shat a four-pounder on your lawn, would you really accept my plea that it was only doing what comes naturally? I think not.
As I've said, I'd never harm any living creature, from ants up to elephants, but when some of you wish harm on some of the contributors to this forum, you lose the moral high-ground so quickly that I can almost hear the thud as you hit the bottom of the barrel (please forgive my metaphor mixing).
Please take good care of the animals in your lives, and never hurt them intentionally; they deserve our love. Just take care in the animals you choose as pets, because some creatures aren't suited to domestication and cats would be at the top of that list if I wrote it.
I'm sorry to be so serious for once, but I'm truly troubled by the entrenched views espoused by both sides and realise that the gauche stabs at humour in my previous posts have been worthless to the mirthless. (I've still got it when I need it though!)
With love, yours truly, as above.

Cat Lovers Are NOT Animal Lovers Comments By: Woodsman on 2011-06-25
Don't, for even one moment, fall for the song and dance about cat-lovers being animal-lovers, they are anything but that. They don't have ONE concern about any other animals nor even other humans. Cat-lovers are just like cats, the only thing they care about are themselves.

Their TNR (trap, neuter, release) programs are a dismal failure too. A smokescreen and time and money waster. Don't let anyone try to convince you otherwise. Do a search online for the truth about all TNR failures. Cats are an invasive species. Bred by man for man�s purposes through selective-breeding, a form of genetic engineering. They are NOT an indigenous species anywhere on the planet today and have NO PLACE in nature. They have NO natural predators due to their bold patterns in their coats. Bold stripes and patterns are a universal symbol to all wildlife EVERYWHERE, from insects, to all life in the ocean, to all life on land, that that animal is toxic or uses other hidden defense mechanisms. Wildlife won't go near them, even if starving. Cats have no more right to be out in the natural world than some genetically engineered insect that, if released out into nature, would destroy all wildlife. JUST AS CATS DO. A cat destroying wildlife is NO MORE NATURAL than if someone was raising piranha for pets and then dumping a tank of them into your bath with you in it, or in local swimming areas, or in your backyard pools. Piranha as pets deserve the same freedoms as cats, don't they? In fact, this would be even more natural than putting cats everywhere--the piranha haven't been genetically engineered through selective breeding to make them unique from all other fishes.

These invasive-species cats that are released outdoors will still be decimating the food-chain for all native wildlife. If you feed a TNR cat-colony they kill even more wildlife. A well-fed cat kills more animals than a starving one. They don't stop killing other animals just because they're no longer hungry. The healthier they are the more they kill. It's what they do, it's what they are. Lousy little killing machines, nothing more.

It's not just the loss of bird populations either. Feral cats and farmers that let theirs roam free have decimated the natural food-chain in my woods. The resident foxes, owls, and other predator animals no longer had a food source. The feral cats maimed and mauled all the smaller animals for use as live play-toys, all dying a slow agonizing death, senselessly destroying all animals that other native wildlife depended on as a food source. The native species all starved to death. That's what cats do to ALL native animals.

There has also been research done to prove that cats are now spreading their potentially deadly Toxoplasma gondii parasite-disease to wildlife even in remote areas.


When disposing of cat carcasses now, be sure to bury them deeply enough or incinerate them so no other wildlife can become infected by them from eating the cat-meat. Wear gloves while doing so to protect yourself as well. Women who are pregnant can have their child born with severe neural birth defects (microcephaly or hydrocephaly) or miscarry or be still-born; or those with compromised immune systems (taking anti-rejection medication for transplants and skin-grafts at ANY time during your lifetime) can be deadly if you have contracted this disease. People with HIV may not be able to be kept alive by drugs if they contract this cats' disease.

I live where it is perfectly legal to defend your property and animals from destruction by others' animals. I lost count after dispatching the first 20 vermin with a good .22, outfitted with laser-sight and zoom rifle-scope. I didn't have to waste even one bullet, making this solution highly economical as well. 5000 rounds of .22's on sale for $15, that's 3 dead cats per penny! No further costs, ever. Think of how many dollars and hours of your lives that you have spent trapping, transporting, calling, complaining, restoring damaged property, et.al. ... and still all the problems that these useless cat-lovers have caused remains. If your aim is good this is far more humane than methods that "humane" societies use. Instead of dying a slow death by animal-shelter methods they don't even know they've been shot. It is now the preferred method for disposing of feral cats in many states. (In fact, shooting is too good for them. By all rights, to make things perfectly even, they should be made to starve a slow death, just like they caused to all the predator wildlife. Or maimed with entrails hanging out to die a slow death, just like they did to all the prey they destroyed and never ate. But I'm not as inhumane as cat-lovers and their cats are.)

It's time to give cats and cat-lovers the same consideration and respect that they have for all humans and all wildlife--that means NONE. Don't waste your time arguing with disrespectful, inconsiderate, and ignorant cat-lovers either, as I stupidly tried to do for years. Just do what needs to be done and there'll be nothing to argue about.

This year owls and foxes have returned to my woods. Through a large effort of my own, including raising and releasing native mice and voles to help repopulate some of the species that their useless cats destroyed. Their lousy cats are finally gone. But I'll shoot again on first-sight the first chance I get. The rewards for ridding one's land of ALL cats and restoring the native wildlife population are far too great.

If you don't have approval from your local law enforcement to shoot them like I did then you might be interested in a far more effective cat management program than TNR. It's called SSS -- for Shoot, Shovel, & Shut-up. It's now popular worldwide and "legal" everywhere. It may be the only thing that saves us from this ecological disaster that all the spineless and ecologically-ignorant law-makers have created. The drastic problems that cat-lovers have created by their blatant disrespect and lack of consideration for their environment, all other humans, and all animals now requires drastic actions by all those who actually care. It takes real strength of heart to do the right thing.

If you don't live in an area where a firearm can be used legally (or you don't feel comfortable using the popular country-wide SSS program--Shoot, Shovel, Shut-up, this beats TNR all to hell in effectiveness) then I offer another humane method to counter the myriad problems that disrespectful and inconsiderate cat-lovers cause for everyone and all wildlife.

Google for: pot mod laser. Get these blue or green lasers for about 5$-$10 off of ebay. You can easily increase their output to 100mw or more. I find that filing a small hole in the side of the barrel makes it easier to reach the potentiometer than disassembly and risking ruining it. I also found the blue lasers are more powerful than the green ones when pot-modded, lighting a match much more quickly.

Anytime you see a cat off of an owner's property use a pot-modded laser on it. If you blind a cat in one eye they'll lose their depth perception, unable to hunt as effectively. If you blind them in both eyes they'll stay home near their food dish. This is instant and painless. It's even more humane than declawing. Plus the cat owner can still lavish all the attention it wants on the cat, even more now that it's staying home destroying the owner's property instead of yours. This method is also anonymous. In daytime nobody will even know it happened or who did it -- for those of you who don't want to confront the inconsiderate cat-lovers. Just treat that laser carefully at all other times so you don't harm the vision of any other life out there or yourself. (Google for high-power laser precautions.)

I keep one in my pocket for those cats that are too difficult to shoot cleanly with a .22. I don't like to see any animal suffer. If I can't get a clean shot then they get blinded.

Though to be perfectly honest, just blinding them will not solve the problem with them still over-breeding nor spreading their diseases through their feces on everyone's yards and gardens. However, blinding a difficult-to-shoot cat can make it easier to get nearer to them for getting rid of them permanently. So this method can still be part of your arsenal of tools to get the job done right.

Here's a little insight to help you further understand the root-cause of the problem. Now you'll know EXACTLY why cat-lovers do what they do. It really has nothing at all to do with their concern for cats, nor even the lives of anyone nor anything else, quite the opposite.

Human Territorial Behavior By Expendable Proxy

I have come to the inexorable conclusion that the vast majority of cat-lovers and cat-owners that let their destructive invasive-species roam free, and especially those that defend the rights of feral cats to overtake public property and wildlife areas, are only (cowardly) using cats as a proxy for their own territorial behavior. Not unlike uneducated inner-city youth that will disrespectfully and inconsiderately use loud music to stake-out a territory for themselves. As long as they can have one of their possessions defecate in another's yard or destroy their property, animals, and wildlife, and the yard-owner not have any recourse; the cat-owner owns that territory. It's time to put a stop to them using their "cute kitty" excuse for usurping and stealing others' property. If they want territory they can buy it just like anyone else. Instead they're using underhanded, disrespectful, and manipulative means. By putting (and sacrificing) live animals in the path of their envy and greed. Again proving why they don't care about cats nor anyone else at all. Cat-lovers only really want your lawn, yard, or forest while making all others and all other animals suffer for what they can't have nor own. Bottom line--they want to control you and your property. That's ALL that "cat-lovers" are really after. It's why they don't care at all if their cat nor any other animals, nor even other humans, get harmed by their goals and (lack of) values in life.

talk to the owner Comments By: anon on 2011-06-26
the best way to stop cats crapping in your garden is to get one yourself. cats WILL NOT crap in their own yard and if you get a tom cat and get him spayed it keeps other cats away.
Reading the comments on here is disturbing. Cats are protected by law and it is illegal to scare harm poison etc one.
If you are having problems with cats in your yard speak to the owner, most owners will appriciate your concerns. You can buy sensors that deter the animals, and i suggest if you have potted plants put plastic netting (available from garden centres) over your soil as cats dont like things diggin into their feet, and they do not like wet soil.
Im one of the understanding owners, i own a cat that used to go outside along with about 20 cats who live in our area and my neighbour told me she thought mine was using her garden as a loo to which i told her to tell me if she saw my cat and i would clean it up and i gave her a spare poop scooper incase i was not in. my cat no longer goes outside since she had an accident and as it turns out it wasnt my cat crapping in her garden but thats besides the point.
Carpet rods do not work.
Its illegal to put glass or sharp objects in your soil or walls,
its illegal to shoot a cat.
its illegal to poison a cat and as a owner im not about to mention things that will kill a cat as i know what will since mine has been to the vets for a similar problem when the house was being done.
some of you may hate cats but remember some people hate kids and dogs. for example there are a lot of dog owners who let their dogs crap in the street and dont clean it up and people stand in it. it isnt only cat crap that can cause diseases.
Lots of things work to deter cats but like us humans every cat will react to it differently. some cats hate orange/lemon peels or anything citrus and some will like it. some cats like water and others will stay away from the water bottles some people put in their soil.
there r plenty of humane ways to deter cats and for the idiots who say they would trap a cat then drive it 50 miles away from their garden how would u feel if someone did that to your dog or child.For those of you who have dogs you'll understand how much we love our pets so next time you want to "kill" a cat think how you would feel and i suggest before you try anything drastic you look into the legal ramifications.
Oh also there r some plants that cats just love so try and not put them in your garden, try spikey palms or plants instead as they still flower and cats wont sit on something spikey (would you?)
and a word of warning. if you speak to the owner and they want to be a prick about it under no circumstances threaten to hurt/kill/poison their cat as you can and will be arrested for criminal damage with intent as a cat is that persons property and if they report you t the police they will come and arrest you. they no longer caution you under equal rights.
good luck with your fight against cat poo and i hope you succeed withou having to harm the animal.

talk to the owner cont Comments By: anon on 2011-06-26
oh and before any of you start on me, i am a responsible owner of a cat, both have been spayed/neautered. both stay inside. i actually redid my garden last yr and put planters full of compost out with no plants to deter cats from my neighbours part of the garden into mine which seems to have actually workedn and i just change the compost every few months. i fully understand y you get annoyed by cats if you dont have one as i have the same problem with a dog in our street who is let off the lead on walks n craps in my front garden, ive spoken to the owner and got told t sod off n clean it myself, so its not just cat owners who can be irrsponsible.
i hate spiders but even thou there r several hundred spcies tht can kill you i dont kill them i catch them in a glass and put them outside. oh also are any of you aware that it could also be a urban fox doing it so if you see crap thats biger than most and above soil it may be a fox.
i do agree that all cats should be neutered and that owners should be responsible for them but unfortunately like some dog owners this is never going to be a resolved issue. some people just shoukdnt have any pets.

Oh, and one other thing that I need to ask all TNR advocates and feral-cat caretakers ... (though they never answer these questions, for ANYONE). Don't be shy, TNR people, any of you are free to answer any of these questions for once in your lives ...

Once you have claimed ownership of these cats through your actions, do you carry enough liability-insurance for all the damages YOUR CATS will do when you release them? Or for all the health-care costs YOUR CATS will cause to all humans with all the diseases YOUR CATS now carry? Like Toxoplasma gondii, which becomes a lifelong illness once YOUR CATS infect a human with it. Or, should one of YOUR CATS contract rabies during its lifetime because you were unable to trap it again to vaccinate it. How many $MILLIONS in liability insurance do you carry if one of YOUR RABID CATS should bite a human? How about anyone who has lost business due to YOUR CATS running off customers because of the diseases they spread everywhere? Like what happened in Miami where YOUR CATS spread hookworm on all the beaches where YOUR CATS defecated. Can you repay everyone for their $MILLIONS, if not $BILLIONS, in losses of health, life, business, and property?

Are you doing all of this completely irresponsibly without regard to the health and welfare of any other animal nor human life? Do you even know what the charge is if YOUR CATS are found destroying endangered plant or animal species? If so, have you considered you could be thrown in prison for a long long time for all of this criminally irresponsible behavior of yours?

You might want to start thinking about these things. Your actions DO have consequences, and those are consequences that you may not enjoy ... for the rest of your miserable, unthinking, uncaring, inconsiderate, and wholly disrespectful cat-loving lives.

Cat Poo remedy Comments By: neighbors need manners on 2011-06-29
I've found that just keeping the garden wet keeps them away-they like to scratch in dry sand and dirt and the mud deters them. Moth balls are also mentioned as a remedy and they also help keep rodents away. It would be nice if people left posts on how to curb the behavior instead of hateful comments about animals in general. It's not the cats fault-it's your jerk neighbors who are at fault for not taking proper care of their animals.
kepping cats of your garden Comments By: martin flann on 2011-07-10
i went to the local garden center and got a plant cauled a scardy cat plant it does work and not had any cats on my garden for 2 to 3 wks now thank you.


Cats owner are irresponsible too Comments By: Katy on 2011-07-04
Please do not threatening people here. Poisoning or killing cats is illegal, but defend your property isn't. Most people keeping cat as pet are simply irresponsible, cats can't control themselves, but why don't the owners get a bag of cat litters or get a cat toilet trainer kit? Because they are just selfish and cheap guys, they want a pet but don't want to spend their time and money. They don't want to spend any money to buy cat litters or trainer kits and they don't want to spend time to walk their pet. That's why they have cat as a pet, they'd rather let other people pick up their cat's feces. If they have a dog, they'll have to walk the dog and pick up their dog feces on the way. Cat owners are just selfish, they never think about others, that's why they let their cat out there ruin other peoples' property. So I don't think talk to the owner will solve the problem. Furthermore, even if you talked to the owner, they might say "oh, sorry, we will keep an eye on the cat, if you see my cat do that again, tell me and I will clean it up" then IGNORE. I don't think that helps.

Last week I cleaned out about 40+ cat feces in my flowerbed and every time I opened my door the terrible smell floats in. I think I might try using a watergun to repel the cats,or the cat repellent products. But once again, why do I have to spend time and pay for other people's cat.

Hello Kitty Comments By: Hello Kitty on 2011-07-09
Get Off gel from Pets at Home - briliant.
I've also bought coleus canina plants (on EBay: item number 170639963497 - highly recomended). After a couple of days the cat came and dug a hole between the plants (I've planted 7 in a row) but didn't do his business. I think the cat dug a hole as the plants needed some time to settle and maybe it wasn't smelly enough for a few days. However, after digging a hole these monsters sniff the ground before doing their thing. The cat must have smell the plant and went away which was enough for me. After a couple of months the plants became really big and I haven't seen any cats in my garden since then but I've also used Get Off gel a couple of times (1 bottle is enough for quite a big garden). I use Get Off gel rarely now, just to finish the bottle and the plants are getting bigger and bigger :) These monsters don't bother me any more!!! I'm soooooooo happy.

All Loose animals (with or without an owner present) Comments By: broncolvr99 on 2011-07-20
I cannot believe some pet owners allow there pets to roam and poop wherever they want without picking it up! Our neighbor has a large brood of cats that get out and use our yard as a toilet.(the smell from their house isn't pleasant either we can't even open certain windows!) YUCK! If I did crapped in their yard I would be caged in jail! So YES the animals should be caught and treated accordingly. Also DO NOT allow your pet to poop on others property! I have a dog and he doesn't poop in our front yard yet everyday I have to pick up someone elses dogs poop! RUDE! There are laws for this stuff and people need to call the proper authorities and deal with it. OR find out whos pet it is and kindly return their deposit on their front porch! BOTTOM LINE if you own a pet TAKE CARE OF IT or don't get one!!!!!!!
Cats keep jumping on my swimming pool & clawing it... Comments By: Cats or Pool? on 2011-07-26
We recently noticed our pool kept deflating, till we caught the stray cats drinking from it, we keep patching it up, but cats don't stop jumping on the rim & putting its claws in it, I put water in a bucket far From the pool, keep them away, but they're still doing it, what can I spray around the pool without hurting my baby when his in the pool, I dnt want to kill them either, my boyfriend feeds them & that don't help, ive patched it up so much its rediculous!!
sick of other owners cats Comments By: sick of cats on 2011-07-28
I have 3 cats of my own and they are inside cats. Resently we have a cats comming around at the window getting my cat frusrated and spraying. I'm tired of this. I've tried the roses and the cayenne pepper. The pepper worked until it rain. Now because of that cat my cats have fleas so i have to deal with that too. I wish owner of pets would keep them inside unless you leave on a farm your cat should belong in a house not outside. I could use some help on getting rid of those cats.
COMMIT YOURSELVES! Comments By: Katie on 2011-07-29
This site should be closed down for cruelty to animals. I am appalled at some of the postings;absolute idiots...frightening to know such deviats exist!!!!
From the US Comments By: katie on 2011-07-29
This explains it is this the UK?
lazy peoples pet Comments By: mk on 2011-07-30
cats are the lazy in considerate persons
pet the law needs tightening up on them
not likley though with all the other problems this country faces.

Finally rid of the cats Comments By: stiz2003 on 2011-08-01
After reading many posts here and trying out various suggestions I just about gave up. Nothing worked, or it worked just for one cat. We have many feral cats and irresponsible pet owners. The hose? I tried for a month. By the time I got out there and unwound it the cat bolted. I tried the pepper, and even went so far as to buy caustic soda (but didn't use that.) I was fed up with the cost of this fiasco and the aggravation. So I invested in a trap- YES it works, it's easy and it's effortless! In one month the trap was out only three times and I got three cats! A nice long ride in the country and I am CAT FREE!
For those who suggest talking to your neighbor- give us credit! We already tried that. They dont care and never will care. That is why the problem exists in the first place.

Fixed the cat problem!! Comments By: Greg on 2011-08-05
Someone in the military told me cats hate the taste of a sponge! I didn't believe it but it worked. Its been 2 weeks and no more cats! All you do is cut up a sponge into balls the size of a quarter and then dip them in tuna or sardine oil. They are attracted by the smell but once they get a taste of the sponge they never come back. I cant believe it.

Hope this helps.

Cats Urine and pop Comments By: william Boom on 2011-08-06
Please use this easy method, peel oranges skin a disperse around the areas that are accesible to your cats visitation
idiots Comments By: idiots on 2011-08-08
killing innocent cats is not right neither is blinding them with spray you freaking morons...how would you feel if someone sprayed you in the eyes..which you deserve...some people i tell you heartless
NOT ILLEGAL to kill a cat! Comments By: Woodsman on 2011-08-13
Why do you cat-advocates always bald-faced LIE SO MUCH AND SO OFTEN? If there's ONE thing I have learned in all of this: If a cat-advocate is talking then they are LYING. They've never failed to prove this true.

I suggest YOU look up laws across the land. Shooting cats is one of the MOST HUMANE methods available and is even a more humane method when done right than terrorizing trapping and animal-shelter methods. One moment they are happily stalking defenseless animals to cruelly torture again, the next they are dead and don't even know what happened.

Get any .22, or CO2 air-rifle that shoots at 700 fps or more and use pointed vermin-pellets for better penetration. If using an air-rifle then go for an instantly fatal chest-shot instead of a head-shot. The slower projectile speed might just bounce off a cat's hard skull. I would highly recommend that you also outfit your firearm with a good illuminated-reticle zoom-scope with a large aperture for use in dusk to dawn conditions when feral-cats are the most active. And to also outfit your gun with a laser-sight for precision aiming. A laser-sight will allow you to aim precisely even in the dead of night when you can't even see your target through the scope. You'll usually only get one shot each when ridding your land of cats with a firearm, make it count. (By using a laser-sight and good scope I've not wasted even ONE bullet yet.) If you miss that cat may never return and it'll just go off spreading more diseases, torturing and killing more wildlife, and breeding out of control somewhere else. These accessories will also ensure that the animal dies a swift and painless death.

If there's one thing I can't stand is to see ANY animal suffer (even cats) -- unlike *ALL* cat-lovers that love nothing better than to have all wildlife tortured to death by their cats.

TNR and cat-advocates are not only cruelly torturing cats, but also all wildlife they inflict their cats upon. Their cats literally clawing the guts out of any wildlife to use it as an agonizingly and slowly dying twitching play-toy for their cats. And as soon as all the "fun" has drained out of their play-toy, they go on and find another one to torture. This is no different than if cat-owners went to a pet-store and bought canaries and hamsters then threw them at their cats to watch their cats tear them apart for their amusement. What about all the native predators that depend on all those animals for their ONLY food? Their cats cause all those animals to SLOWLY STARVE TO DEATH. TNR and cat-advocates' cruelty to animals knows no bounds.

It's all pretty simple: Shoot cats to STOP all the cruelty to animals that is being caused by cats and their criminally-irresponsible advocates.

Comment in response to Pam Comments By: Neil on 2011-08-25
You can not have any children.

You do not realise the problems associated with cats fouling especially in our children�s play areas. I am fed up with cats fouling in my garden; I have two alarms and still can not keep them out. I have three children and even found cat facieses on my children�s climbing frame.

Wake up get a grip think of the children, and not the cats especially when the owners obviously do not care, or they would keep them in there own gardens.

Cats carry and can cause some serious health issues.. Are you aware of that?

Why also do dog owners have to be responsible for cleaning up after?

And cat owners do not say that cats like to roam, because dogs were the same before we domesticated them. .

Time for owners of cats to be fined for allowing there cats to foul in gardens and streets.

Law on cats Comments By: Justin Taylor on 2011-08-30
Having read some of the comments here, some people are going down a dangerous path. Their ideas might be illegal, so before proceeding, best course of action is to find out what you legally cannot do.
A couple of useful links:
For UK

how to discourage cats Comments By: Ian Stuart on 2011-08-30
get a child's water gun and shoot the cat with water, even cats that like water will go away. btw remember the biggest polluter of the garden is humans.the biggest killer of birds ANYWHERE in the world is humans.
Poisoning cats will pollute (poison) the ground that cats are buried in. and will poison the environment and birds that many people are going on about.

re: Comments By: Annie on 2011-10-23
My new neighbor brought in her cat and feeds the other cats, so now I have a yard at night filled with cats and cat poop, so I made some sauce and will keep on making it until they no longer like it here. I used pepper powder, vinegar and will ad tar soap and tea to this mixture as I hate cleaning her cats poop up, plus it draws flies all over my yard.

I have to say that one area I added this mixture too they have stayed away from pretty much. I think it is rude of people to allow their cats to roam free and pee and poop and fight around other peoples homes, keep them indoor and buy a pooper for them, you are just to lazy to clean it is all. My dog is quiet and poops in her own yard, I am sure you would hate if she pooped all over your yard.


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