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Fruit Flies Get rid of fruit flies with ease

Fruit flies are tiny little flies that are attracted by the fermentation of over ripe, fruits and vegetables, vinegar, fruit juices and yeasts that you might have sitting on your counter in the kitchen or pantry.

If you wish to make a trap to eliminate these little blighters, simply fill a jar with their favorite foods. Like vinegar, over ripe fruit etc. Insert a paper or metal funnel into the mouth of the baited jar. The flies will fly in through the funnel but will not be able to fly out which will help clear out your kitchen of these little pests.

Around your home there are several precautions that you can take to prevent the build up of these flies in your home. Promptly pick up fallen fruit or tomatoes from the garden and keep rubbish bags tightly sealed.

You can use sticky strips hung from the ceiling in areas near the kitchen to help catch fruit flies and other flying insects.

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Works Well Comments By: Drew Ute on 2004-08-08
I just tried this tip. Within 5 minutes, I had about 1/2 dozen fruit flies trapped. I used 2 cups of water, 1/4 cup vinegar, 2 tablespoons of sugar. I used a plastic throw-away cup. I plan to cover it and then dispose of the cup and cover...in the neighbor's trash :) just kidding
Great home remedy... Comments By: Anon on 2004-10-07
I was doubtful, but this works amazingly well. I've been ill and I have never had a fruit fly problem until now. Within just a few minutes, many were trapped in this solution. I feel confident that my fruit fly issues are over.
GREAT TIP!! Comments By: Judy on 2005-07-15
I had my doubts...but this tip worked great. I used a piece of a peach, placed it in a jar and in 20 minutes I couldn't believe the out come.
I HATE THEM! *sob* Comments By: Daniel on 2005-09-02
This contraption works well enough, but I don't want to kill some of them over time. I want to kill ALL OF THEM NOW!! I hate them!! I run around my house in a murderous rampage smacking them with a towell, spraying them, yelling at them, sucking them up in the vaccuum hose. THEY WON'T GO AWAY! *cries uncontrolably*
Easy alternative Comments By: Daniel on 2005-09-04
I tried the tip for my war against the fruit fly and it worked well. I then accidentaly stumbled across the ATOMIC BOMB in my war against them. I left a bottle of wine open for about an hour and went to pour myself a glass and got about 50 in my glass. I left it out longer (with a do not drink sign) and watched as they swarmed, went in and drowed. Same consept, but worked in a flash! Thanks for the tip!
Knats running me out of the kitchen! Comments By: Josie on 2006-01-10
Our bathroom leads out to our kitchen so these pesty knats are making their way into our bath. I left a glass of wine on a top shelf in the bathroom. They swarmed to it and i eventually caught a cupful. I will have to try the bottle of wine (smart -the bottle's neck acts as a funnel), but cheap wine! I'd just like to rid of them for good. Makes my house feel as if it's dirty. HELP!

TipKing says: Have you tried one of those citronella smelling candles. Tends to send them packing! Just a thought

Fruit FLIES Making ME CRAZZZZY Comments By: Milyssa on 2006-08-18
I hate these little pissers....flying around me always , making me feel CRAZY...towels and swatting all the time...DOES not work..I just opened a bottle of WINE....COME to MOMMA.....thanks for the tip...I think this will be FINE....

***EVIL GRIN****

fruity flie attack Comments By: Kate on 2007-09-18
These fruit flies are very annoying,
They travel around like gangsters and the are driving me crazy, because they are so annoying I hope this test I am doing works if it doesn't I will have to take drastic measures.If you have fruit flies just go on to this website and search for a way to get rid of them.

the answer is here Comments By: chrismiss on 2008-06-25
this method does work but i found something better! get a small bowl and put a little wine into it. the cover with suran wrap and poke some wholes into it. the flies go into the bowl but can't seem to get out. if you want them REALLY DEAD, put a dab of dishsoap on your finger then touch the surface of the wine and it will break the surface tension of the wine so they can't land on it and drown.GOOD LUCK. ps-with other pests such as ants, roaches, fleas try orange gaurd. it's all natural and safe to use in your kitchen.also try diatomaceous earth for crawling bugs.
They r driving me mad Comments By: Laura on 2008-09-10
I hate them i have been running around my house like a mad woman ive got blood splats all over my white walls. Its so bad i almost packed my bags 2 go and stay with my mum! But the tip did work as soon as i was pourin vinega in a cup i was surrounded by them! I just hope they dont come back
THEY R EVIL!! Comments By: Fran on 2008-09-24
My house r full of them. They r pickin my head so i will try these tips!!:-)
I hate them Comments By: letti on 2008-10-08
i hate the things i will try the tip. The bad thing about them is they fly towards you like your rotting fruit or something! :@
OMG!!!! They're driving me INSANE!!! Comments By: raemum4 on 2008-10-11
The whole vinegar and wine thing works like a charm. BUT they keep coming back. I have searched my house from top to bottom. All tolled I think I've drowned about 1000 of the little beggars. I am at my wits end!!!
Pest is not the word!!! Comments By: Geena on 2008-10-16
I have had them now for over 6 weeks, they make you feel so cooty, i have had everything out to make sure that i haven't got anything rotting in the kitchen, then i thought one of my kids might have dropped something in the living room and it is festering, i have a glass of wine on the kitchen window sill and although this has caught loads there are still hundreds of the buggers flying around. I want to open the windows so they fly out but then i think more might fly in.....lol they leave you in a no win situation, how can something so small annoy you so much? More than my hubby in fact!!
ammonia Comments By: Anon on 2008-11-09
If the flies keep coming back try pouring ammonia or something like that down your dish sink drains...they fly in there and lay eggs and just keeping coming back into your home.
They are doing my head in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Louise Rice on 2008-12-17
I have had fruit flies in my flat for 3 weeks now and they are completely driving me mad. I have been leaving vinegar in a bowl and have caught 100's in there and also left wine out for them which seems to work. I have had pest control out 3 times and they cannot understand where they are coming from. They have let off 3 smoke bombs which got rid of them but they started coming back almost immediately after so they have set off another 3 but am yet to get home to see if this has got rid of them. I found using windolene a good way to get them as they get caught in the liquid and then you don't end up with blood stains all over your wall. If they don't go soon I think I am going to graudally go insane!
hoover Comments By: Emma on 2009-01-26
i have fruit flies and about to try your method, but i use a hoover to get most of them =]
and it seems to work

lil buggers Comments By: Ron on 2009-07-07
Thanks to walmart and their lack of house plant care, my house is infested!!!! they lay eggs in all your houseplants and hide there until they see you sit down. Malathion all the plants, leave open a bottle of wine and pour bleach down the sink, I wish I could hear them scream I would feel sooo much better.
fungus gnats Comments By: Gavin on 2009-08-13
I,ve been just reading up on the fungus gnat, these little gits look just like fruit flies and live in your house plants. I have a wood burning stove and i think that they have come from the wood that is stored next to it, All of the above methods will work, but i would try getting a pesticide that is especially formulated to kill gnats. should find one at a garden centre. (no Gnats)
within 2 mins i caught some fruit flies Comments By: josephine on 2009-09-12
i put wine and balsamic vinegar and caught loads of fruit flies
wot a waste but seems worth it Comments By: corinne evans on 2009-10-17
i am about to try and drown these little ......... in wine, have noticed when drinking wine theyre all around and have to cover my glass everytime, they can have a glass... well half a glass, an im havin the rest of the bottle
I might have to move! Comments By: Anon on 2009-11-03
I've been doing the whole swatting murderous rampage around the house for weeks and have cleaned until blue in the face! I have no idea where they are coming from. No food is out. The house is clean.Beach down the drains, no house plants, they are fruit flies, not the other kind. The vinegar catches hundreds. But I just keep catching hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds more. It's like slow and steady torture.
arghhhhhh Comments By: pixiem on 2009-11-24
I ave had these god damn fruit flies for over 6 weeks now and am now at my wits end! my house is spotless the traps ave been laid bleach is being sprayed constantly and still the horrible little things continue to fly around !! i have taken to spraying them with pure bleach ! it takes a few down at a time but no sooner have i killed a few it seems like i have a hundred more :S the traps are catching them but not all of them:S it is really irritating me! i ave been taking my daughter to my parents to have her meals as i cant bear to cook in the kitchen!!
if they keep coming back... Comments By: Anon on 2009-12-06
If they keep coming back search your house from top to bottom! We found loads recently and eventually found an old banana in a shopping bag that had been forgotten about and they were coming from that. If there are loads in your house you'll have to get rid of the source of the problem, else when you kill some you'll just keep getting more and more if they still have a source of food.
Wine Glass Crown Comments By: wineglasscrown on 2010-03-01
Check out the wine glass crown that protects your wine glass from gnats


fruit flies get em sloshed! Comments By: elaine evans on 2010-03-03
We had fruit flies last summer. Zillions of them. Fly spray does nothing. In the end I opened the bottle of Martini that no one likes. I decanted it into little bottles all over the house and ok it took 2 weeks but eventually got rid of every single last one of them!! At least they had happy deaths!
fruit flies get em sloshed! Comments By: elaine evans on 2010-03-03
We had fruit flies last summer. Zillions of them. Fly spray does nothing. In the end I opened the bottle of Martini that no one likes. I decanted it into little bottles all over the house and ok it took 2 weeks but eventually got rid of every single last one of them!! At least they had happy deaths!
Wine Glass Crown Comments By: Wineglasscrown on 2010-03-23
Don't waste any wine on gnats and fruit flies.

Cover your wine with the Wine Glass Crown. See it at wineglasscrown.com

even the dog is going bazerk! =*( Comments By: Roslyn P. on 2010-04-22
flies everywhere! Ughhh! I don't know where they are coming from because once I think they're coming from the garbage they come out of the sink drain, then I spot them dead on the freezer & fridge bottom, they come from outside in and they go from inside out. I have a couple bamboo plants.. I changed the fish bowl water.. now trying the wine and vinegar thing.. hoping to God that it works. They are driving me insane.. event he dog is going bazerk. I keep seeing him biting at the air.. lolol poor little boy. =*( next it's off to the store for some citronella candles and stucky tape.
These tips do not work... -Help!!- Comments By: ioana on 2010-06-05
So I put some vinegar and dish washing soap in cups all around the house, it seems to catch a few but not all of them... what do I do? They are making me crazy !!!!
Wine Glass Crown Comments By: wineglasscrown.webs.com on 2010-06-12
The Wine Glass Crown is really the best way to deal with insects in wine.

Check it out at wineglasscrown.webs.com

wine not quite working Comments By: Cathy on 2010-06-13
bought some merlot and put out several cups of it. Put a spot of water w/dish soap on the top as instructed. The flies seem to crawl onto the lip of the container, but avoid actually going INTO the wine so they can drown. Not sure what to do now! HELP! Should I just leave the wine out with no dish soap on the surface?
Saved my sanity by blasting them with Kybosh by BayerGarden Comments By: Anne the Destoyer on 2010-07-23
After nearly a week of going crazy and cleaning galore to get rid of these evil teasers I resorted to a chemical spray called Kybosh Kills by BayerGarden. It has killed the little critters!!! Hurray!!! Good luck ~ hope you can manage to find it or something like it.
Use multiple methods, not just one Comments By: Jacks smirking revenge on 2010-08-04
Using a single methodwill slow them down but to be rid of them all you have to wage all out war on multiple fronts.

� Bleach down drains and cover at night/when your not at a home too. They nest and breed there very quickly.

� Dont leave any food out uncovered, specially fruit. Dont leave food on dishes in the sink either.

� Set wine traps and sticky traps where they congregate, you cant have too many I promise!

� Clean house/kitchen thoroughly and nuke them out with raid, but away from food and pets etc.

� Take out rubbish bags often and double tie them so they are air tight.

They do go but you have to be vigilant and patient, or they just come back. There is no smart bomb or quick fix, and you have to be thorough and use multiple methods.

Wage war...

fruit flies go away Comments By: tosha on 2010-08-30
for years i keep getting these stupid flies in my house mainly kitchen bathroom but i do find them in other rooms around the house although not as many.Absolutley sick of them i dont want to cook as they seem to show up more when i go to cook something.My house is very clean but they return every year,some years are worse than others being that this year they have come back strong.Sick of swatting them,used cider and funnel but about 3 or 4 of them were sitting on the funnel not actually inside the bottle.I hate them they are making me paranoid!are fruit flies yellowish body and reddish eyes.
Little B***tards Comments By: Paul Feehan on 2010-08-31
We have had these little.... (I have to stop myself from using strong language) for about 6 months, I mean seriously, what the f**k is the deal???!!! We recentley moved from our old house 3 weeks ago and I sighed a hugh breath of relief and now there here!!! Im going mad, proper mad! I've noticed that they go for wine and used it to catch the lil dudes before, (although without the funnel trick so the majority have just flown back out again) but now i've come across this forum I dont feel so bad as it shows that were not just dirty sods living in squalar!! I think we should all go to each others houses and stay there until each of the b***tards has been squated and laughed at while in pain on the floor/wall/bottom of trainer in each house - extreme I know but this s**t is really getting me down, My Mrs thinks im a sress head but after reading this im now at peace...Infact..come here lil fly...chh chh chh!!!!! All the best fellow sufferers!
They make me crazy Comments By: Suzanne on 2010-09-27
I am so happy to find this forum. I thought I was the only person with this problem. I have taken all the tips and I have traps set. I hope this works before I go crazy. I have a touch screen computer and they keep flying into it messing up my screen.
Fantastic! Comments By: Barbarella on 2010-11-18
Thanks for that tip. It worked, and that�s all there�s to it.
Don't buy organic soil Comments By: jt on 2010-12-12
If you look on Amazon, some people are complaining about certain organic soils. Organic = no chemical pesticides = more bugs in soil. If you must have plants, buy the cheaper stuff. However, even the cheaper stuff will still have bugs. If the bugs are still in there, risk stinky smells in your house for a few hours by warming the soil in your oven to kill the eggs.

I guess it was the type of gnats I had, but cider vinegar did not work for me. Merlot did.

I finally got rid of my pest problem by just getting rid of my plants.


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