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Gnats and flying insects. Trash cans and flying insects. Gnats

You will find that mosquitoes, gnats and other flying insects are attracted to your kitchen and trash / rubbish due to the household waste and the items that you are preparing in the kitchen. Generally speaking peelings and rotten food fruit and vegetables are the main culprits.

So to cut down on mosquitoes, gnats and other flying insects around the kitchen and trash cans / rubbish bins, either wash all peelings, the inside of the cans, etc, Or get a zip lock bag and put all scraps in bag, then throw away when full.

Regular washing of your trash can / rubbish bin is always a good idea or at the very least pour disinfectant in there from time to time.

Visitors comments

tier of fly gnats Comments By: nana olga on 2008-03-28
how can i get rid of gnats in my kitchen,w/out use any bug spray?
do gnats bite,it feel like they are Comments By: Esther on 2008-09-02
the gnats are all over my house,i think they are biting me..is that possible?
I have done all of the above,it has been 4 months...what can I do?

Gnats in my kitchen Comments By: Maria on 2008-10-03
I've cleaned all my kitchen cabinets. Can the gnats enter throught the oven vent?I don't have a filter.

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