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Spiders. Keep spiders away with these great tips

Don't you just hate spiders in the house? Rid your house of spiders by leaving a cotton ball wet with oil of pennyroyal where spiders are most often seen! You won't see them any more!

Keeping your outside plants away from the house will keep the spiders from crawling up the siding and in the house.

Make sure all your houseplants are kept in well lit areas so that they don't get too damp and then they will not attract spiders.

Visitors comments

Where to buy pennyroyal? Comments By: Deborah Wagner on 2004-07-29
What is pennyroyal? where can you get this oil?

TipKing Says: You will just have to ask around or do a search on Google. It all depends on which country you live in

AKA squaw mint, tickweed, stinking balm, mosquito plant. Comments By: Marisa on 2005-09-12
Pennyroyal can also be grown in your garden as a general bug deterrent. You should be aware though that Pennyroyal is a highly toxic oil! It causes internal bleeding and death if ingested as a tea or oil. It can kill if less than a teaspoon is ingested. Pennyroyal also works as a household ant and flea repellent just please use common sense, respect the plant, and be especially cautious if you have children and animals in your home.

Horse Chestnuts - Conkers- Spider away Comments By: Anon on 2006-09-22
Spiders hate Conkers, put them in areas of your home Spiders will not be seen again. Apparently it is the smell..
No More Spiders! Comments By: corinne. on 2007-01-13
Spiders hate Oil of Cloves. Put some oil in shallow dishes in windowsills, they won't come near it!
conkers dont work Comments By: shell on 2007-09-30
i hate spiders and have put conkers all round my home but spiders are still coming in
What's a conker? pennywho? Comments By: Randy on 2008-03-13
so the conkers don't work...
and the pennyroyle is just as toxic as bug spray.

I'll stick with the spray. They label it properly and they put it in this cool can that srays it at the bugs, maybe thats why they call it "Bug Spray"? It works!

mint extract Comments By: ktkatz on 2008-04-07
Buy some Mint extract and put some on a cotton ball and put it where they are coming in at. if using out side use a few cotton balls and place around the house. Its safe and it works.
Spider shooer Comments By: James Wiley on 2008-08-25
Mothballs. Ithrow them under my house to keep the Black Widows out from under it.
And in the cabinets in the garage.

Lemon Pledge Comments By: HampshireSpiderHater on 2008-08-27
I live in hampshire in an old house, and we have the biggest spiders you have ever seen. Honestly, i would say that if you laid 1 out flat it would be the size of an average persons hand, tip of finger to wrist. The worst thing however is that they are not the spindly legged kind, they are the kind with thick legs and bodies, and you can see the front 2 little feeler things. I have heard however that lemon pledge is supposed to work, as they dont like the taste. To be honest though, as ours are so big, the cant get under the doors!
hedge apples Comments By: midwest on 2009-07-06
hedge apples dont work
STOMP STOMP STOMP Comments By: mystory on 2009-08-07
Hey girly girls I sometimes the best way to kill spiders is to SQUISH THEM ok just take a shoe and squish it. You would be suprised it actually works really good.
spider traps Comments By: Mabosa ritchie on 2009-09-13
Use a bag of gleenogs soaked in roleo umpha ,it works well and also stops beep beep gatanfas.
conker spray and conkers! Comments By: fudge on 2009-09-25
i have a spray called no more spiders! it has extract of conkers also clove oil. it works quite well,just spray it round door frames and window sils. plases where spiders get. also put a few conkers in the corners of rooms and on window sils. this will and almost definatly get rid of spiders in your home.
Dr Otto Comments By: Otto on 2009-10-10
i put conkers in too. Loads off them, and still a big spider came in :(
Conkers work really. Comments By: Kevin on 2009-11-10
I have recently put conkers all over my house and it's had an amazing effect on my little friends. They hate them and have moved out. I am looking to try an oil for when the conkers are out of season. I thought of making my own spray using oil? any thoughts?
keep spiders away with hedgehog tree Comments By: Linda on 2009-11-14
This is a trick that works put those green hedgehogs on the hedgehog tree below your window on the ground and it will keep spiders away. their very posionous dont let kids play with them cause they look like green balls.
Conkers Do Work Comments By: Steve on 2010-06-21
I heard this story about Conkers so feleing I had nothing to lose I gave it a try, so far no big spiders, a few tiny money spiders but none of those fast large buggers.. i placed one at each window in the bedroom and a couple near the door and so far so good *fingers crossed*
Hairspray Comments By: Stefan on 2010-07-20
Hairspray is effective against spiders, just like hair stiff, so does spiders they stiff and can't breath, while they are choking they are easy to catch and smash ^^
DO NOT KILL! Comments By: airzi on 2010-09-18
Don't kill spiders! Spiders kill flys. Shame all u who kill them. I mean it!
I hate them!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-09-25
I have a phobia of spiders, I have to kill them if they're in my house! Sorry! It's not gonna make a difference to the population of them so I don't see a problem with it! My cat kills any insect in my house anyway, spider or fly, good girl!!
washing up liquid Comments By: peter parker on 2010-09-25
this can get a little messy but washing up liquid is like acid to spiders,just put some where they get in.
But dont pour it directly on them cos thats a bit too cruel

Keep those nasty spiders away Comments By: Bambam on 2010-10-08
I sprinkled ant powder all round the outside of my house and the best spider i saw in my home all yr was a dead one. Even tho they still got in the died before they could gdt across your living room.
its not conkers its chestnuts Comments By: Binsta on 2010-10-13
people seem to thenk that conkers are the same as chestnuts because there called horse chestnuts but they are not the same thing so use chestnuts (Castania sp) for spider repellent which is the oil used in the off the shelf stuff and not conkers.
Vacuum them Comments By: Mary on 2011-01-15
When I see one I get the vacuum out...the attachment boss makes it easy to get then on the walls.
Vacuum them Comments By: Mary on 2011-01-15
When I see one I get the vacuum out...the attachment hose makes it easy to get then on the walls. Stupid iPad spell check thing spelled hose wrong the first time.
Forgetting something Comments By: JuliaGulia on 2011-05-10
You probably didn't make an incision In the chestnuts hey? Try that :)
Here... Comments By: CHELSEAFC on 2011-07-08
1. Lemon Pledge
2. Cotton Ball with Mint Extract
3. Bug Spray
4. (Daddy Longlegs kill spiders and cannot bite humans... Try putting a small amount of those and they should kill all of the spiders in your house...)
5. Clear out your basement wholly and they WILL leave. They hate open spaces. Especially those recluses!!!
6.Hire a professional
7. Buy pestisides and spray them EVERWHERE


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