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Pigeons Simple way to keep pigeons away

Pigeons can be a real pest especially is you live in a flat or apartment. the pigeons love to land on railings and their mess can be harmful if it becomes dry and is inadvertently inhaled.

So a simple little idea is to rub some petroleum jelly on the places that the pigeons land. They hate the feel of it. They might even slip off, which might be quite funny to watch.. It will make them find somewhere less slippery to land.

Another more direct approach was suggested in a tip sent into the site. To keep pigeons off your window sills use double sided tape with thumb tacks poking up through the top (the sharper the better) Nails work well also. Those pesky little birds can't stand or sit on your sills anymore!

Visitors comments

This doesn't help me Comments By: Bob on 2004-08-09
Everything I have read is for "normal" pitched roofed houses with eaves, or just about porches. I have a flat roofed house! I can't just smear vasoline all over my roof. There has to be a way.
Too simplistic Comments By: CJ on 2005-06-16
Pigeons sit on several areas right around my roof. It is impossible to smear right around with vaseline or put nails.
Too many pigeons Comments By: Phil on 2006-03-09
I love feeding the wild birds but the pigeons are increasing and driving away the other birds. Short of stopping feeding the birds there seems to be nothing I can do.
Vaseline covered balcony? Comments By: Karen on 2007-07-12
This method sounds effective in theory, however pigeons will roost wherever they can. It may not be adviseable to have a balcony that is covered in thumb tacks and petroleum jelly. I could only suggest hanging objects that move and reflect (such as cds).
waste of time Comments By: helen on 2007-07-15
I rang my local council and was told to shoot them but to inform the police first so they don't think someone is running round with a gun but apparently its legal to do this. Although I think if the council did more about allowing people to cut back preserved trees near to houses the problem wouldnt be as big as it is.
Cruel Comments By: Becca on 2007-11-13
I agree that pigeons may be pesky at times, it is no fault of their won that they have to resort to living on our roof tops because we have built over their natural habitiat.

I tink the vaseline would work well at keeping them away and it wouldn't harm the birds but I definatly disagree and see it cruel to use pins, they won't knwo what the pins are and will land on them, it will be them that they will find out that these are bad, after they have had their feet stabbed and are bleeding, they will have to walk round for weeks before the foot heals and the suffering stops, it's just not fair please don't do this.

Pigeons stay where they are fed, don't put bird seed out. The more they are fed the more they reproduce thus making the problem worse. Spray them with the hose or make alot of noise to discorage them.

They are protected birds in some places so be careful.

Use fishing line Comments By: Steve McBirdwrangler on 2008-11-11
String fishing line parallel and about 1 and a half inches above railings or other favourite perches. The birds don't see it as they attempt land but trip over it on their final approach. It discourages them hugely
The Vaseline worked for me. Comments By: John Adams on 2009-05-18
Had a huge pigeon problem years ago at a large postal facility. Tried bird spikes, fake hawks & owls, even an electronic repeller. Nothing worked. Guy promised to get rid of them of our money back. He just smeared Vaseline on the ledges they nested on & the pipes they landed on before going to their nests. Pigeons disappeared in one week.
Net across flat roof Comments By: Dale on 2009-12-06
To the one with the flat roof. Had a neighborhood gas station with a problem with pigeons always on top of flat roof over gas pumps. Was a nuisance to customers trying to get fueled up. One day they put up a net across entire top roof with multiple poles pushing net up across various locations, like a circus tent. Now, no pigeon problems!!!
Avoid Cruelty Comments By: Sylvia on 2010-05-27
If Vaseline works then why not? However spikes, pins or any other sort of cruelty is unacceptable and shame on whoever suggested it.
pesky pigeons Comments By: LucyNYC on 2010-06-02
I agree the nail and tack trick is very cruel. As disgusting as they are with the mess and the bird nests...I could never do that trick. Will try the vaseline and see how that works. They don't seem to care about CD's. I imagine they have gotten "hip" to that trick! Thank you.
to all pigeon lovers Comments By: Obama on 2010-07-03
it's amazing how cruelty is a big factor for some of you..think about this for a second..pigeons carry fleas, ticks, mites and disease, their droppings can dirty your home, porch, patio and even remove the paint from your car..now picture your child playing in this mess..I say do whatever it takes to get rid of them now..pigeons have no purpose!

Vaseline sounds liek a good plan..but Comments By: Trevor on 2010-07-17
How often does one have to go onto the roof to place additional Vaseline
eff pigeons Comments By: ash on 2010-08-12
They eat all of my dog's food and bathe in her water. Its disgusting im pretty positive I'm just going to sit outside and peg those muthaeffs with my paintball gun :] maybe that will keep them away? ^.^
not feasible for me Comments By: Meenu on 2011-03-07
Pigeons have stopped squirrels(my dad loves them) and crows even coming near our place.
vaseline is not a very feasible solution as it even enters inside my home.

talking about nails, my mum would hate it.

I still can probably apply some jelly in the window sills


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