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Flies. Deter flies from your garbage

Garbage, trash or rubbish. What ever name you choose it is still going to attract flies. So read on for a couple of simple tips to keep flies away from your garbage:

Keeping oranges around your home and around garbage cans will prevent flies from coming around. All you have to do is take an orange, make a little cut in it, and the citrus smell is going to keep the flies away.

Hanging bunches of cloves around where your garbage cans sit is going to deter flies from the garbage.

Visitors comments

Oranges to ward off flies? Comments By: Anon on 2005-07-18
I hate to be the one to spoil this little trick but I tried this this several times and the flies seem to love the oranges, maybe because I'm from the south but anyway it didn't work for me.
flies love oranges Comments By: Leasia on 2008-11-09
fruit flies especially love fruit...this doens't work!
Question Mark (?) Comments By: Whoever wrote this article is stupid on 2011-07-24
This makes no sense. Sugar = flies, and oranges = sugar, so therefore oranges = flies.
NO! Comments By: anon on 2011-08-15
Flies will be attracted to fruit, you should remove this tip.

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