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Bugs and pests Moles

If moles are a constant problem you can take defense and make them move on to another yard or flower bed. You will need to mix caster oil and some liquid detergent (either dish liquid or laundry detergent) and mix this together until you have reached a whipped like substance. Put this over areas where you have been seeing the moles.

Treating your lawn for grubs and worms will help moles move out of your flower bed as well.

Most home stores do sell a mole pellet (not sure what is in it) but they say this works as well.

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juicy fruit Comments By: thekidsmom on 2007-06-14
hey we had moles terribly bad stomping mole tracks daily anyway someone told me to buy juicy fruit gum and stick it in the track anywhere they will eat it and cant digest it ... no more moles

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