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Mahogany wood. Cleaning, Scratches and more

Mahogany wood is beautiful and it deserves to be looked after well. Here are a few tips to help you care for your mahogany items.

Mahogany wood can be cleaned using a half cup of vinegar and a quart of warm water.  Wiping this mixture on the wood and the buffing off with a clean dry chemise cloth you are going to find that your wood will shine nicely!

To cover and conceal scratches on your best mahogany furniture, rub them with crushed almonds where the juices will create the perfect match!

Another way to deal with scratches on your mahogany, walnut or fumed oak furniture pieces, you can take a little paint brush and brush on a bit of iodine to cover the scratches nicely. The darker the wood the more coats you are going to need to 'paint' on.

Water Stains
It you have white water stains on your favorite mahogany piece, cover the area with petroleum jelly and let this sit for about two days. You will notice the whiteness will fade. Just wipe off after the white marks dissapear.

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