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Airline seats. Get the best seat on the plane

Make sure you always get the safest and most comfortable seat on any airplane. It's easy -just ask for it. When you book your flight, ask to sit in the first row (the bulkhead) or an exit row. You'll have plenty of leg room. Keep in mind that, in case of emergency, certain responsibilities come with an exit row seat.

If you don't think you can handle those responsibilities, choose an aisle seat in the row behind or in front of an exit row. That way, you'll have some leg room, and you're still close to an exit - but you won't have to open the exit door or direct people during an emergency.

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not always the case Comments By: David - flight attendant on 2005-06-13
The first row of the cabin may NOT have extra leg room and you will not have any storage space down at your feet for carry-on items (they must be stowed overhead at the first row.) And the seats in the row directly in front of the exit rows will NOT recline because of exit requirements (sit up straight for four hours!)
Bulkhead seats have more room, but also babies! Comments By: Elaine on 2005-09-13
I find the most comfortable seats on the plane are the bulkhead seats because of the leg room. One note on these seats(in addition to the confirmation that you can't put things under your seat). many times this is where the airlines put mothers with babies as well as children traveling alone so you can end up with a lot of noise. If you are traveling in a plane large enough for a center section, that allows the leg room and the babies usually won't be next to you.
Great advice Comments By: Andy on 2006-05-10
I think this advice is great. I allways try to sit in a exit row and try to get the window seat so I can use it for support if I want to sleep and it does give me great leg room which is good for me because my knees get swallen when flying and ache alot.

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