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Beat airport stress In the restroom. Feeling overwhelmed by the long lines and flight cancellations at the airport? Find a peaceful, private spot to relax - a restroom stall. Just sit down, drop your bag, and take a few minutes to calm down. You can even read a magazine. No one will bother you.

Use common scents for air travel. Is it time to sleep or time to be alert? Your nose knows. Drip some lavender or vanilla essential oil onto a cotton ball and bring it on the airplane in an old pill bottle. Sniff it during your flight to help yourself relax and sleep. On the other hand, if you need help waking up just before the plane lands, sniff pine, peppermint, or citrus scents.

Land a quiet spot at the airport. You have lots of time to kill before your flight, but you'd rather spend it away from the noise of the busy airport. Find a gate where the plane has just taken off. Everyone will have cleared out, leaving plenty of empty seats. You can stretch out and snooze or get some work done in peace. When people start gathering at the gate again for the next flight, simply move to another empty one.

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