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Give your luggage a colorful makeover. Wrap some brightly colored electrical tape around the handle of your suitcase before you check it in at the airport. That way, even if another passenger has the exact same suitcase and grabs yours by mistake, he'll realize he has the wrong one. You could also braid some brightly colored yarn and tie it around the handle.

Another idea to stop your suitcase looking like everybody else's is to transform your bland bag into a work of art. Paint flowers, stars, or any other design you can think of on your luggage. You can use stencils to make the designs or just express yourself freehand.

Using these tips you definitely won't grab the wrong bag at baggage claim anymore. No passenger will take your bag by mistake, either. And no thief would think of making off with such a unique piece of luggage.

Here's a cool way to pack your carry-on luggage. Instead of a regular bag, use a small cooler. Pick a sturdy one with straps for easy handling. When you reach your destination, you can take out your toiletries and valuables and pack the cooler for a picnic or day trip. That way, you don't have to buy one of those cheap foam coolers that you throw away after a day's use.

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