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You don't need to travel with a baby to carry a diaper bag. Use one as your carry-on when you fly. It's a great way to store camera equipment or other valuables. It also has plenty of outer pockets you can use to store your itinerary, snacks, or loose change. Besides, it's much less likely to he stolen than a normal bag.

Buffer fragile items with Bubble Wrap. Take a small roll of Bubble Wrap and some masking tape with you on vacation. You can wrap the fragile item that you may buy and put them in your carry-on bag.

Protect important travel items from rain and dirt. Make sure you bring a resealable plastic bag to hold your passport, binoculars, camera, film, and maps.

When you go on a trip, pack an empty wrapping paper cardboard tube, cut the roll so it fits in your suitcase. If you buy a poster of the place you're visiting, you can roll it up and store it in the tube. As an added bonus, you can roll your clothes around the tube when you're packing to keep them wrinkle free.

Spend less time rummaging through your bags for your earrings while you're on vacation. Carry them in one of those lipstick cases with the flip-up mirror. You'll know where they are at all times, and they'll stay safe during your travels.

Use felt to store earrings safely. A quick trip to a fabric store might help you pack for your next trip. Buy a small square of felt, and use it to transport several pairs of earrings. Just poke the earring posts through the felt, and fold the felt over them. Poke another pair of earrings through, fold it over, and so on. When you're done, you have a tiny roll of felt with a variety of earrings safely stored inside. Slip a rubber band over the felt roll so it doesn't come undone.

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