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Lost Luggage

Don't assume that the name tag on the outside of your luggage will stay on. In case it falls off, have a back-up plan. Write your name, address, and phone number on an index card, slip it into a zip-lock bag, and put it in your suitcase. Do the same for all luggage you're taking with you. The airlines check inside lost bags for ID.

When your luggage is lost, you don't want to waste time stammering, babbling, and groping for details. Write a description of your bag on an index card and slip it in your purse before your trip. Include the make of the bag, color, and size. When you talk with the person at the lost luggage counter, pull out the index card. You'll make things a lot easier for both of you.

Increase your odds of having a missing bag returned to you during your trip. Photocopy your itinerary where you plan to be on which dates and include a copy in each piece of your luggage. That way, someone who finds your bag will know where to find you.

Here is a neat tip to keep tack of belongings that you may leave behind in your hotel. Many hotels give away matchbooks. Just because you don't smoke does not mean that you cannot have a book. Take one from each hotel you stay in during your trip. That way, if you leave something behind, you'll have the name and address of every place you've been.

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Tie a bright colored bandana on your luggage. This will help differentiate your luggage from others.

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